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Friday, July 1, 2011

Mazda 3 2010 Sedan Interior

images of the Mazda3 Turbo Sedan Mazda 3 2010 Sedan Interior. 2010 Mazda MAZDA3 Peoria, AZ
  • 2010 Mazda MAZDA3 Peoria, AZ

  • lvgc
    03-09 04:31 PM
    Contributed $25 to the FOIA efforts. (Unique Transaction ID #6JK77604MG882923U)
    In reference to: S-3NA946199E0787312

    Contributed $475 so far to IV.

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  • jsb
    08-26 01:09 PM
    On my 485 receipt, I have RD as 7/20/07, ND as 9/13/07. But when I check my case online, it has 9/12/07.

    I had called TSC yesterday and the rep kept telling 9/12/07 and TSC is processing 8/30/07. I told her I have the original receipt in front of me and it says 7/20/07 and not sure where you are getting 9/12 from. She said "Oh I am sorry, I was looking at the incorrect place". She later gave me a SR # and took all the info. The funny part was she even refused to open a SR telling the date was 9/12.

    Not sure whether opening a SR now will help but trying does not hurt and it is FREE !!!! Hopefully the officer looks at my file and then approves it.

    If you look at my previous posts on this thread, you will get clear picture of what happens. TSC did receive your application on 9/12/07, although USCIS received it on 7/20/07. They entered your data on 9/12/07, and sent out notice the next day. For the two months, it was perhaps lying somewhere with several thousand other applications no one wanted to accept. Mine was received on 7/2/2007, but entered in the system on 10/11/2007.

    TSC doesn't care where your file was until they received (and agreed to accept it), which was on 9/12/07. So they say, they (TSC) received it on 9/12/07. Unless somebody has instructed centers to place physical files where they should have been based on the mailroom RD, it is very unlikely that they do anything but place in order they received them i.e. for your case, place your file behind those received (by TSC) on 7/11/07. It is not good, but that's what it is when they say "we process cases in order we receive them" (note that here "we" means the center, not USCIS)

    It is unfortunate that it works this way, but there is no other explanation to what happens.

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  • 2010 Mazda3 S sedan long-term

  • ujjwal_p
    08-21 07:02 PM
    Many guys here worry too much, just relax and live a peaqceful life. Jus think this, we are highly educated and would defintely be able to make a living anywhere in the world, not just US. Don't worry tooo much and think others have no work and want to fool you guys.

    Just my 2 cents......

    lol.. well said dude.. you may already know, but happy news digests better.. i dont know if what you are saying is true or not, although I wouldn't be surprised if it is true given what we've seen before. anyway, when you come up with something like this, you trigger massive defense mechanisms of people who are refreshing iv/cris every few minutes. so u shudnt be surprised by the responses.

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  • as12343
    07-17 07:38 PM
    Thank You All!!


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  • 2010 Mazda MAZDA3 Mobile, AL

  • harish28
    04-05 02:38 PM
    Hello everybody,

    I'm a new member and i joined this forum today because i'm stuck in a knot. I am a Master's Student and i'll be graduating this May 2007. I have applied for my OPT which will start from 04 Jun 2007 and will end by 04june 2008. Now the next day after i sent my OPT forms to the immigration i read the news about the H1 general quota being filled already on the first day. I am really confused now.

    Here is where i need your help, any prediction or idea when the Master's quota would be filled this year? Is there any way (website or something) that we can keep trck of the number of H1 application vacancies available in the Master's quota.?? Till what date so you think i should have a company file my H1 if i have to get into the MAster's quota this year?

    These are the three questions that i seek the answers for...

    Well if in case i am not able to file my H1 this year i can do that next year but the prolem is on the 5th of June 2008 my OPT is going to end and then till Oct 2008 i'll have a status problem. Any suggestions on what i can do and what are my options?

    Any help and suggestion from anybody would greatly help me in deciding my future and your comments would be highly appreciated. Waiting eagerly for a response.

    Mazda 3 2010 Sedan Interior. Mazda3 Interior
  • Mazda3 Interior

  • gk_2000
    04-15 01:43 PM
    Do you know why all arguments against F1 to GC are moot? It's because US does NOT view it as misuse. They are talking about not letting the students go, and stapling GC's to certificates. Do you think there will be any result from fighting that sentiment?

    This is another rant idea and it is wasting everyone's time. I request all to pls stop bumping this thread on that count


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  • kumarc123
    07-11 11:07 AM
    Dear Mr. pascal,
    Given that you are the super moderator, how can you even hint that EB3 vs EB2 reflect skill level of employee - don't you know by now that category is determined by "job's Requirement"?!!!!!!

    Also your stereotyping of all EB3s as 3 year Indian degree holder is the most unfortunate - I only hope that rest of the IV leadership is not made up of that crappy idea.

    For the record, I hold US Master's degree and am really offended by your comment and your view point.

    For the rest of the members reading this topic, this is exactly why being EB3 on IV is becoming more frustrating by the day... especially when the super mods posses such views...

    I am sorry forthis is wandering away from topic, but everyone including super mod mr. pascal has done that on this thread.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Nss you really have some problem for which you should seek professional help. I am EB2, but I don't go around wining, why I am not EB1, yes the word is winning. I told you yesterday, we didn't make the system and yes I will take the credits for being EB2 because I worked diligently for it, taking student loans and working professional job.

    And that job title crap, take it somewhere else, because if that was the case there wouldn't be any Masters or PHD level education, neither there would be STEM. Give credits to our fellow members who come here and work diligently to gain higher education.

    And yes, I am sure lot of people will concur with me, the Indian body shop companies, who bring a lot of people from India, abuse the H1b system and file green cards. The EB3 category is a abyss of applications filed for these type of cases.

    Next time when you want to argue, keep your facts clear and handy.

    Lets drop this topic now, as it serves no purpose. The reason some threads focused on EB2 was because,

    1. Number of people stuck in EB2 is higher 2004-2006
    2. The back log can be cleared only when, the retrogression can end, I think the cake story didn't make sense to a lot of people.

    Lastly please don't post anymore EB2 or EB3, because personally I don't care about that and neither should anyone else. The only way we can bring about this change is through unity and working diligently towards our goals.

    All those people who are winning about EB2 or EB2, do some more constructive, how many people did you bring in to IV recently?
    How many friends and relatives you called yesterday?

    That is how we will will! don't let the divide and rule beat us again, we all read out history books.

    My request to administrator is to please bar membership to people who have such bad views, as it will not help to serve our purpose. NSS if you think we are creating a problem for you EB3 and not listening to you guys. You are more than happy to leave and fight your own battle.

    It is easier to complain, than to work patiently to bring upon a change. Don't break IV spirit.!

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  • sheela
    08-26 08:52 AM
    I guess My interview didn't go as expected.

    1) I reached the office an hour early.
    2) After waiting,they did security check and let us in
    3) Then the lady who was assigned my case, came and took us into her room
    4) Oath, etc
    5) She then started asking for Birth cert, Marriage Cert, kids birth certi, 140 approval copy.
    6) Then she pulled a file (which was labelled DOS Visa bulletins) and spent around 15 mins on Oct 2007 bulletin.
    7) Then asked us who filed your did your self or your employer did..we said employer.
    8) Then she said, something is not right..per Oct 2007 bulleting Visa's are unavailable so yours was not filed properly.
    9) Then I said, ours was filed in Aug 8th 2007. She insisted the receipt date is oct 2007..then we showed her our 485 reciept.
    10) Then she thanked us and started looking at Aug 2007 visa bulletin. and said, even then in Aug 2007 EB2 was U, so yours was not properly filed.
    11) I told her, There was an interim Memo released by USCIS that they will accept application until Aug-17 2007 based on July 2007 visa bulletin
    12) She said she will look at DOS bulletins
    13) After 10 mins she said, she cant find any such memo..and said, since there is no evidence with her, she has to deny our case based on "Improper filing when PD was not current"
    14) Then I said, if PD was not current, wouldn't TSC return the application denying on the spot? Why would they accept the application?
    15) She said, you would think so..but they accept many we are told to verify all the time
    16) THen said, she believes us but for process, she needs evidence and said she will look into further and then make a judgment.

    17) We had no choice and we were over the interview. we were little disappointed though

    18) After coming home, I realized she took all I-94s and we got panicked..because if 485 is getting denied and I-94s are gone, how do we prove our legal status, so we thought of going back..then I thought, if have to go anyway, then I should take a print out of Interim Memo

    19) I went back an hour later with the print out
    20) I told security that, we had finished our interview and officer forgot to return our I-94..they insisted that we shud take infopass and they wont allow anyone to go back..I had to really argue with them (I decided I have nothing to loose..anyway 485 is screwed and so stood there asking them to let me in)

    21) After consistent nagging, the security guy took our passports, interview response letter(After interview if your app doesn't get appproved they willgive a kind of reciept saying u attended the interview..blahblah) and went in

    22) Came back and told me to go in since the officer wants more details from you (I thought this was a miracle)

    23) I went inside, and after a while officer came back. We apologized and told her that we came back for I-94s..she said they will retain and wont return..We told her that we are not using EAD and we are still on H1B..she said she will give back..
    then she asked, I am sure you didnt come back for I-94 alone, did you get any document?

    24) We showed her the memo.

    25) She read that and said I am glad you came back..this clears everything out..I will run this by my supervisor and will see if we can adjust status today

    26) We waited for 2 hrs and then she took us inside.
    27) Asked our passports (to stamp...really)

    28) Then she looked into the computer to get the visa #.
    29) The we noticed a changed in her face and then she quickly turned into a folder of current VISA bulletin..we again.
    30) The officer said, per visa bulletin u r current and ur PD is dec 2005..there is no reason for system not to allocated a visa #..
    31)She tried for 10-15 mins and finally gave up..said she cant stamp in the passport without allotting the visa number..said sorry..I cant do anything..I will follow up with DOS ppl and will let you know in a week or so.

    32) The reason she gave is, when she tried to allot the visa, she got a message, "cut off date not established". I have no idea what this means.

    hmmm....still keeping fingers crossed..this is nothing short of a car race.


    This interview EXPOSED how un-informed and careless and whimsical are IOs in handling cases. MEMO should have been framed on their desks/mind....we don't have to remind these guys. In one moment they can deny as important a petition as AOS and just in a flash second they can approve it. They won't make any effort to dig out relevant info. It is like fliping a coin...plain luck when it comes to GC.

    God BLESS all those current...Amen!!!


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  • meridiani.planum
    09-16 11:33 AM
    IV Admins... why has my thread been closed?
    Is this what we stand for now in a free country?

    this is not a free speech issue, please dont trivialize the 1st amendment.
    You are allowed to express your views without fear of persecution, but the IV forum is maintained by IV admins and they have the right to delete whatever they want.
    Free speech means you can go start your own: and no one will stop you. It does not mean that you can post whatever you want on any forum and people must leave it as-is.

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  • cableching
    08-21 06:41 PM
    Also, you mentioned in one of your earlier posts- That you have received 3 EAD cards for 2 people!!!:D

    Originally Posted by cableching
    Today I rceived someone else's EAD. We received three EADs, one each for me and my wife and another adressed to me with EAD inside being some one else's.
    Weired ways of USCIS!!!!

    I shall call USCIS and notify them of this.

    I did notify them. First I called USCIS and told them about this, they opened an SR and after sometiem I received some bullshit response for the SR.

    Then I took an Infopass appointment to return the EAD (Someone else's). Then this IO was at the counter, she was stunned to see omeone else's EAD and the response for the SR I had opened. I asked her, if they had sent a new EAD to the other person, she said no and thanked me for taking the pains to take an appointment to return it back. That day also, I aksed her about our Namecheck status.

    I was happy to see her at the counter today, as she was very nice and help the last time and was hopeful that she might help me with the namecheck status with an Infopass appointment.


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  • Immi_Chant
    02-28 12:26 PM
    We can make it at 9:00 if it helps our friends from West coast.

    Thanks QASlueth, Newbie2020 and others for the update on the schedule.


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  • mjdup
    12-19 10:11 AM
    ..adGurkha and others who have contributed and taken up anurakt's challenge...we will reach the goal..


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  • matreen
    07-17 09:04 PM
    I respect the efforts done by IV for whole community to come out of this real time problem.

    inthe begening people were saying something about IV updates as it appears to be false but IV proved that they were right and accurate and I think that makes community to trust IV.

    I would l like to say a big time thank you to IV to make all the faces smily.



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  • hsingh82
    02-25 04:09 PM
    �A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.�

    ~ Lao Tzu (570-490 BC), Famous Inspirational quote by the Chinese Founder of Taoism.

    Recently all of us in the IV community were thinking and worrying about what the future holds for skilled immigrants in this country. Day by day things are getting tougher! All of us in IV community (including the leadership) have different ideas about how to approach the problem. Under the IV leadership, we have a set of declared priorities and our lobbyists and community are working for those. Even when we work for those stated goals and priorities, we have to reevaluate what is feasible in the changing environment.

    In this increased protectionist environment, Re-Capture, Country Cap Elimination and Immigrant Visa increase seems difficult if not impossible. So, I would like to propose a SMALL STEP, which would provide us HUGE BENEFITS and at the same time satisfy all stakeholders (including anti-immigrant community) as this is the least controversial method.

    Some of us may say that this won�t work. Some of us support a big-bang theory. Some others argue for the already stated goals and priorities from the IV leadership team. I agree with all these groups of our brethren, but at the same time, I urge each and every member of our community to give a serious consideration of this proposal before shooting it down.

    Please do not use this thread to point fingers at one another. Always remember, when you point fingers at someone, three of your fingers are pointing towards you and one stays neutral. Please try to avoid statements like the following in your reply to this post to encourage serious and productive discussion:

    �Why didn�t you update your profile with all information?�
    �What have you done so far for the community?�
    �Did you participate in these so and so initiatives of IV?�
    �You are a line cutter who used substitution�
    Etc etc etc�the list goes on.

    We have far more things that unite all of us than the few things that divide us. So, let us focus only those things that unite all of us. If we are united, we can easily solve all our differences. As AR Rahman said, always we have the option of choosing love over hate.


    Our main concern with respect to GC journey is the UNCERTAINITY! I am sure all of us worried at least one time �What happens if my 485 gets denied after all these years of waiting?� Many of us here are expecting a GC wait time of 2-12 years. So, a denial at the end would be little bit disheartening.

    The normal processing time of a 485 application ranges from 4 months to 12 months. For all the retrogressed countries, this would be 2-12 years. All of us, who are in the Adjustment of Status category, are legally allowed to stay and work here in the US. So, in no way we are additional burden to the country. So, all the shackles on the GC applicant and family during the years of retrogression period are not beneficial to anyone in this country and it is not protecting anyone�s job. These shackles just inflict pain to the GC applicant and family � that's all - nobody is benefitting from this!

    So, if we can work to obtain Adjudication of all I-485s irrespective of whether the country is retrogressed or not � we have a solution. As per the INS rules, an immigrant VISA cannot be allocated outside the numerical limit. If the country is not under retrogression, the applicant will get his GC. If the applicant�s country is a retrogressed one, instead of obtaining the Green Card, I-485 processing-status could be changed to a new one such as �Adjudicated � Pending Visa Allocation� (meaning: Adjudication completed, Visa allocation pending). So, in essence, when the VISA numbers are available, then only the person will get Green Card. But at the same time, the applicant and family can feel the relief � No need to worry about RFE, NOID, MTR etc, because the 485 is already approved and it is in a Pending Visa Allocation status. So, in the case of all these retrogressed countries, the actual allocation of Green Card may take 2-12 years time depending on the availability. This option will go well with the protectionists.

    If the status of the 485 application is �Adjudicated � Pending Visa Allocation� and the applicant�s country is a retrogressed one, S/he should be eligible to obtain 3, 4 or 5 year EADs with travel benefits associated. Also, the applicant should be able to take any job after 1 year of the status change date of the status �Adjudicated � Pending Visa Allocation�.

    I believe the above proposal is a small step in the eyes of the protectionists where as it is a big leap for all retrogressed country applicants. We may be able to achieve this using administrative fix or an action from the Executing branch, as this won�t change the annual GC quota of 140000. Apart from this, this will encourage all those skilled immigrants to invest in American economy within 1-2 years of filing AOS application. At present most of us are sending our money to our home countries as our situation is so uncertain. This effort will definitely help the ailing economy and will serve as a boost to the housing market.

    Whom should we approach to get this done?

    Ans: Hillary � Yes Hillary Clinton. She is the number 1 friend of people from China and India, who is in the current administration. Her department is also in charge of the 140K Visa numbers, Travel related visas etc. If we can get support from Compete America, prominent members of Indian and Chinese communities in US, Ambassadors of China and India to US and approach Hillary, we will be successful. Hillary may be very much pleased to start an initiative to achieve this, as she has a chance to influence 700K+ Indians and Chinese immigrants in US, in a very positive way. At the same time, politically this won�t create much problem � Status quo will remain the same � even after such an administrative fix. There is no net addition of immigrants to this country.

    With Hillary�s support, if we approach Janet Napolitano, we may have a solution.

    Remember: �A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.�

    So, once we obtain this admin fix (first step), then we will work to obtain the Allocation of GC issue for all those folks who are waiting to get the GC allocated.

    Every progress starts from a dream. So, if someone would like to call this a dream, please feel free to!

    Smart thinking.... excellent idea!!!!!!!! Looks like so many people are impressed by it that IV DB server is having issues when I try to submit the reply :)


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  • sledge_hammer
    03-09 07:57 PM

    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: Unregistered)
    Subscription Number: S-5G551032T2232245F

    dresses Model: MAZDA3--I--SEDAN Mazda 3 2010 Sedan Interior. MAZDA 2 SEDAN AND HATCHBACK

  • rkumar18
    07-17 07:53 PM
    Rep. Lofgren Applauds Resolution of Visa Bulletin Debacle

    Washington, D.C. � Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) issued the following statement in response to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff�s planned announcement on adjustment of status applications.

    "The Secretary of Homeland Security in a phone call today informed me that a solution to the Visa Bulletin fiasco has been found. The Department of State will issue an August Visa Bulletin that permits the filing of adjustment of status applications through August 17, 2007, at the current fee level, which will be accepted through that date by the Department of Homeland Security. I�m pleased that a reasonable solution has been reached. I will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that both the Departments of State and Homeland Security follow through properly with this plan."


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  • madhuvj
    09-18 11:40 AM
    Dude, Why dont you call me at 412 915 9526.

    Just because of your false accusations, people have started thinking iam faking my identity. This should stop. Are you hearing me or not ? Why dont you go and check your website logs for activites in the last couple of days
    and see from which IP Address, GC status is sending those messages. Find out the location from where he is sending messages. Dont spread false news.
    I want you to make it clear in the forum that MadhuVj and GCStatus are different people.

    Hope you first fix this issue, you created.


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  • dipsangel
    07-17 09:31 PM

    My request to all of us (potential immigrants), please do not forget this phase. This should always be remembered as our victory with integrity. Even when we become green card holders or citizens at later stage, we should always support a great cause like this. We have to support our fellow immigrants as well.

    May God Bless Us All.

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  • mayflower
    12-19 08:05 PM
    I'll do my bit to spread the word about IV.
    Just sent in my first $50. :)

    12-18 08:15 PM
    i contributed too

    03-09 12:21 PM
    $25 donated via paypal

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