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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jaguar Xj6 Series 1

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  • vicks_don
    04-11 09:19 AM
    WASHINGTON � U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced an updated number of
    filings today as the counting of H-1B petitions received on April 2 and 3 continues. On April 3, USCIS
    announced that it had received enough petitions to meet the congressionally mandated cap for fiscal year
    2008 (FY 2008) and that it would conduct a computer-generated random selection of cap-subject petitions
    filed on Monday (April 2) and Tuesday (April 3) to determine which cases would be accepted for processing.
    As of April 9, USCIS has determined that approximately 119,193 of the H-1B petitions received on April 2
    and 3 are subject to the FY 2008 congressionally mandated cap.
    USCIS received on April 2 and 3 a total of approximately 12,989 cases requesting an exemption from the FY
    2008 H-1B cap because they were filed on behalf of aliens holding a master�s degree or higher from a U.S.
    institution. USCIS can now announce that the cap of 20,000 on these exempt cases remains open and that
    USCIS will continue to monitor these filings.
    USCIS will provide regular updates as the processing of FY 2008 H-1B cap cases continues.

    Is this the final number or interim number while the counting is going on.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 10:44 AM
    How do I make payment specifically for this?

    I am working on it, will discuss with Pappu and get back to you.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 11:33 PM
    If the majority of us are happy with the draft #3 above, lets move on to the next step:


    1) Ombudsman
    2) USCIS Director
    3) NSC
    4) TSC
    5) CSC
    6) VSC
    7) Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and the Immigration sub-committee(?) (SOMEBODY PLEASE VERIFY THIS?)
    8) Charles Oppenheimer? (THIS NEEDS VERIFICATION .. anybody know his exact designation/title ? IS HE WITH DOS?)
    9) President Bush

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  • dtekkedil
    07-05 04:11 PM
    Just an idea, if someone can spend some time near the office videotaping flower arrivals, we can do a piece on youtube. It can potentially get more media attention if the media does not catch up immediately.

    Good backup plan!

    But anyone video taping the USCIS office can get arrested... security issue u see! Someone could setup a camera pointing at the entrance. I do not know the legality of that! If this could be done without harm... then it is good!


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  • u.misc
    12-04 02:40 PM
    Disgusting, Sheriff Joe is monster. Perhaps he came from family with no respect for women.

    On the lighter note, if I were a judge, here's what I would do with Sheriff Joe if he was trailed:

    1. Perform sex change operation on Sheriff Joe and install a womb.
    2. Perform artificial insemination on Sheriff Joe using the seed of big man like Undertaker, Shaq or Khali (so that offspring is a big baby).
    3. On term, shackles Sheriff Joe and make him go through the pain of giving birth. In the process don't administer epidural or perform C-Section.
    4. Don't repair any damage done to his body parts after delivery.

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  • ragz4u
    05-17 11:50 AM
    We have a very good opportunity to get our stories delivered to the powers that be by Hi-tech industry CEOs. They are looking for a story for the same

    As per their email,

    The most compelling story would be someone who was working in the U.S., who had made significant contributions in research, intellectual property creation, or who had started a company (or had plans to) and then was forced to leave. If they had then gone elsewhere and started a company, applied for a patent, etc., this would be most compelling to policymakers who still naively believe that highly-skilled foreign nationals take American jobs instead of creating them.

    The person whose story we use could remain anonymous or be attributed, according to their preference.

    I know a lot of you have sent us stories but if someone feels that their story fits the criteria, please email me urgently at

    Please note, you can remain anonymous here.


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  • sanjay
    02-25 01:00 PM
    Is IV only for those who have filed I485?

    I gave my opinion and people gave me lot of reds. There is a majority here who already have EAD and have filed I485. You people do not care for those who are less fortunate and struggling in the early stages of the process. If July 07 had not happened, all of you would be asking for I485 filing option today.

    By giving reds to people who disagree you will drive people away and make IV only for those who have filed I485 and not for the entire EB immigration people.

    Dude, why are you worried about Red dots? Every one has a right to express his / her opinion on a public forum. As you expressed yourself here, others had expressed their consent by giving you red/green.

    You have every right to express yourself and forget about dots. It's just a color.

    Do you really care?

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  • anjans
    08-25 02:46 PM
    EB2 for india and China is U as of Aug 21st..maybe that's why..see my post in a seperate thread


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  • bskrishna
    07-10 12:08 PM
    reading page 10, looks like there were about 22k certification from India. It does not tell you which category. so inferring from that is just a guesstimate..

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  • pak
    03-07 05:13 PM
    from file: y09.pdf

    Major volumes of pending applications at the end of January 2009 include: 1,417,978 I-130 immediate/all other petitions; 620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status; 286,701 I-765 employment authorizations; 190,238 I-90 green card renewals/replacements; 163,015 I-821 temporary protected status; 147,951 I-751 remove conditions spouse jointly/waiver.
    May be useful...


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  • a2006
    04-12 12:59 PM
    USCIS do have some checks and balances for the subst labor cases, so its not a staright approvals for the lab subst cases. their might be a possibility few lucky ones get off the hook, but overall USCIS can weed out the dubious/fraudulent employer petitions.

    Sub labor is not the only reason guys, its just the country cap which is limiting india EB-3 and EB-2. Most of the H1Bs like us coming to us ends up applying for GC, now look at the number of H1Bs coming each year from india and the total number of GCs available for india. Their is a huge gap in these numbers, so unless they remove the country cap or recaptured unused VISA numbers from the past years, we dont see any relief.

    Please donate to IV and help lobbying for the admin fixes or the laws which going to help us in the long run.
    True, and from 2000 to 2003, the h1b quota was increased to 195,000 to accommodate the IT boom. All the petitions that got stuck in BEC's and name checks have to come out at some point. These number gets multiplied by at least 2 because of the dependent visas. So with limited visa numbers and country quota we are stuck unless some relief happens!!!
    There is no point in trying to blame somebody for these issues.

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  • sanjay
    08-20 02:30 PM
    I just talked to a NSC representative and he told me that my case is sent to extended review. Now what is this extended review?

    Well, what annoys and confused me is that when I took Info pass day before yesterday she told me that my case is with IO. And now NSC rep is giving me another version called extended review.

    Don't know whom to believe.

    Does anyone here had same exp.


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  • ujjwal_p
    12-04 03:25 AM
    Hi all:

    Thanks for all your advice and understanding. I could not post earlier as we were busy following up the case with the authorities. I have two lawyers on board and a wonderful, unexpected, child abuse NGO person helping us deal with the situation. Most importantly, the baby is in perfect condition after having everything scanned and reviewed with two pediatricians�.it is possible, as one person helping us mentioned that the rough handling may appear exaggerated on the video bcos low resolution cameras sometimes exaggerate slower movements into sudden and forceful movements (I don�t fully understand)- which is also ok w/ me as my child having been safe is more imp to the minimum she will be deported and barred from entry, or likely fully convicted and behind bars...from what I have heard till now, we will likely not be penalized as there are some protection and immunities in these cases for those who testify (and most certainly INS will never be involved)�and at most there may be some fines�
    ....and to some others who have misread a few things I mentioned: a/ the baby did not remain with the nanny for even a second after we suspected something fishy b/ we were not saving money with this nanny: 350$ (plus food, commute, and phone cards is above average here even for a legal worker. Also we selected her after observing her (and earlier another nanny) at home for 2 weeks with the baby while my mom-in-law was there and all of us had felt for some reason that she was the better one��..and to everybody with kids: no matter how much you trust your nanny, however well referenced they are- use a nannycam�.you may amazed at what you see�.there is something about having the whole house to yourself with an infant that makes some people crazy- so that their suppressed anger/envy and whatever else is hidden comes out on a poor speechless baby.

    Nice job man. I can understand this can be tricky given the immigration hoops that we have to jump through. But as the father of a toddler myself, I must tell you that you did absolutely the right thing. Its not fair, not to you and your wife, your kid nor to other little kids, for that person to have been freely roaming around. The people who inflict that kind of physical abuse on a little baby need to be taken care of without regard to other factors.

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  • santb1975
    11-16 08:44 PM


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  • Student with no hopes
    06-16 08:03 AM
    I, unfortunately could not make it to DC, however, I would love to hear more about what was done in DC and the kind of responses IV got from the offices...... I am positive there are thousands of members who wanted to participate in the event and could not do so for unavoidable reasons - and if the participants could post their experiences, it will give us a better idea and make us feel that we are a part of the efforts too (many thanks to those who have already done so - it is inspiring).

    Please share your thoughts with us. Thank you.

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  • bigboy007
    05-10 11:18 PM
    When did you come to US my friend ? did you ever were in the posts and discussions that went through all the years reg SUBS ? Atleast search on internet you will see whether is idea is BRAND new or old enough ?

    How can you think of USCIS going back to something that doesnt exist any more (Fraud is diff story) , Admin Fix is for something that is existing, and in hands of USCIS. per law ppl ported dates and it is valid at that time.. Per law ppl can still port dates from EB3 to EB2 or earlier dates in the same category. Admin Fix cant back date the LAW. Simple common sense. You can keep clogging ... Instead we can work on the same energy for Recap.

    Are you going to followup with USCIS that It shouldnt let ppl port from EB3 to EB2? L1,L2 Getting quickly ? I dont want to waste my time on EB3 Vs EB2 Vs EB1 Vs L1 Vs L2.. Lets aim at one thing that helps all and its a jackpot that is achievable for us...

    I am reviving this old thread because it was created by me, and it is highly relevant now. I predicted last month that EB2-I will become "U" soon, and it has happened (almost).

    The quick way out of this mess is to ask CIS to move subst labor folks back in the queue. That will ensure that both EB3-I and EB2-I will move forward to July 07. Most of the labor substitution took place in that month itself.

    This is an admin fix and does not require any new legislature. This is an idea whose time has come.


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  • amaruns
    03-06 02:02 PM
    Voted yes.

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  • AlexPeng
    04-23 07:37 AM
    Dear All,
    I have Singapore Permanent Resident. Am I eligible to apply for H-1B1 Singapore visa?



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  • gauravsh
    08-12 03:03 PM
    I decided to move to india now. I have I140 cleared and having a permanent job. But enough is enough!
    I started looking openings at india 2 weeks ago and most probably will get a offer from a US financial giant having IT shop at bangalore.

    I think this is right decision at this time.

    Any suggestions/feedback guys?

    12-19 03:25 PM
    I forwarded the link of this campaign to 4 of my colleagues.

    12-19 08:05 AM
    Just contributed my second $100

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