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Friday, July 1, 2011

Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011

images 2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. Honda#39;s East Liberty Auto
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  • pappu
    12-18 07:29 PM
    Sorry that I had to wait this long to contribute. Been tight with my debt and payments and also secretly monitoring this board and praying for your success. My first contribution of $20 was sent via paypal.

    I personally feel that not a lot of people out there know about paypal or are just too scared to transact online.

    It would be awesome if a portion of the money could be used to start a mailing campaign via snail mail by including a contribution plea letter along with a form that can be filled and mailed with a cheque to IV. Just like those credit card offers. Obviously to all the registered members.

    Also, psychologically, when you navigate to the contribution page, the list of contribution amount options starts with $100. And then all the way to the right is the "other" option. It takes time for the eye to get to the "other" amount option as a result of which an anonymous/interested user navigating to the page sees contribution amounts in multiples of $100 thereby creating doubt/hesitation without realizing that you can choose the "other" option to contribute in smaller numbers. It would be great if you could put in a blank text field first and then the other options with multiples of $100.

    Just my 0.02 cents.

    Keep pushing and for all you guys watching in the sidelines watch "Gandhi" - the movie, for inspiration. Seriously!

    Even if you don't contribute, walk up to Blockbuster or go online on Netflix and rent the movie out.

    IV is doing a tremoundus job. I have been watching and waiting silently until I saw the movie "Gandhi".

    I know many of you single non-immigrants living alone don't have to shop around for Christmas. I know I don't because my family doesn't live here. So maybe you can gift IV with a small contribution.

    Maybe you can skip a carwash this month (for all those living in the south, i.e.) and do it yourself and send in the money to IV. Small drops of water make an ocean. So don't think your contribution, however small it may be, is not going to help.

    If you really don't have the money to contribute, atleast buy a $1 greeting card and a $0.39 stamp and send it to IV thanking them for fighting on your behalf. Its that simple.

    Good luck and god bless.
    Thanks for your contribution and appreciation for the work IV and its members are doing.

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  • abhijitp
    11-29 05:08 PM
    Signed up for $50 monthly recurring contributions.

    Together, we can do it! Go IV!

    That is awesome, thanks!

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  • 2010 Honda Civic Si Sedan

  • swamy
    11-21 07:40 AM
    you are welcome!

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  • 2012 honda civic si sedan,

  • desi3933
    09-18 09:47 AM
    Are you one of the admin or you know their secret locations?

    This is very rude and conveys what kind of person you are.

    It is amazing what frustration can do to a person. Get a life!


    Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. 2012-Honda-Civic-Si-Concept-
  • 2012-Honda-Civic-Si-Concept-

  • gc_desperate
    07-08 01:15 PM

    Order # FNN1076143

    Deliver on: Tuesday
    Jul. 10, 2007
    Delivery by: FedEx�, DHL� or UPS�
    Deliver to: Emilio T Gonzalez
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20529
    Occasion: Sympathy

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  • jsb
    10-07 02:19 PM
    hello guys, i just went through all the 6 pages but still am confused.
    This is how my name appears on my passport:
    First name- ______(blank!)
    Last Name- Ravneet.
    one every US document including SSN, License, Job, its listed as FNU Ravneet.

    I am on F1 visa, working on my OPT. My student visa just expired but my OPT-EAD is valid till june09. I feel very embarassed when asked" how do u say ur first name", I need to have it changed, could somebody tell me step by step the process involved.
    I can drive to NY consulate and have my passport changed, but then how to change every US document, I mean would a expired US visa be a issue? My EAD is valid and I am legally in status. Please guide!

    It is clear that FNU stands for First Name Unknown. Question is why did you allow this to happen even in your first document. Perhaps for passport you didn't bother because it is blank, but letting FNU appear as your first name in a document does not make any sense. First thing should be to try for the passport office, and hope that they will correct it based on whatever your documentation (school certificate etc) can support. Perhaps it might be that what is shown as your last name, is in fact your first name, etc.


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  • bombaysardar
    07-17 08:12 PM
    abolish per country limits on EB visas will back fire us because of diversity issue. We should propose some thing where there is no controversy to reject and that's is recapture 200K visas and EAD/APO for 3 years

    There is no per country limits for importing goods, services or Finance? Why for skills????

    All that the country requires is Skills. Color shoudn't matter, nor should race.

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  • addsf345
    04-13 02:17 PM
    USCIS do have some checks and balances for the subst labor cases, so its not a staright approvals for the lab subst cases. their might be a possibility few lucky ones get off the hook, but overall USCIS can weed out the dubious/fraudulent employer petitions.

    Sub labor is not the only reason guys, its just the country cap which is limiting india EB-3 and EB-2. Most of the H1Bs like us coming to us ends up applying for GC, now look at the number of H1Bs coming each year from india and the total number of GCs available for india. Their is a huge gap in these numbers, so unless they remove the country cap or recaptured unused VISA numbers from the past years, we dont see any relief.

    Please donate to IV and help lobbying for the admin fixes or the laws which going to help us in the long run.

    I am no expert but here is what I think.

    by concentrating energy on spilled over milk, why not work towards recapturing unused visa numbers? It has been done in past successfully. It is in huge numbers, guess around 300-400K or so.

    while wasting energy on 2-3K or may be 5K lc sub cases will do no good for everyone. visa recapture will solve problems for most of the community.

    take your pick. its no brainer!!!

    LC Sub is long gone. Those who *legally* got pre-2001 may already have gc by now, and its not going to affect them anyway.

    Think in a professional manner and do what provides the most benefit.


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  • thesaint
    04-17 10:36 PM
    I applied on April 2nd under advanced degree with premium processing and have not yet got a receipt. Anyone else in the same situation?

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  • Gravitation
    07-05 12:59 PM
    Thanks to all those who sent flowers! Won't it be nice if they got 100's of flowers and that it becomes a famous news in the media!!

    If the mainstream media catches this, it'll be great! It has the potential to go viral!

    Can we set a target of sending flowers from 500 people! and then do a media drive on it!!

    What do people say?


    Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid
  • 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

  • vinerva
    08-26 12:08 PM
    Is it 2 PM PST or EST?

    I am not sure ..I think it is 2PM EST

    hot 2012-Honda-Civic-Si-Concept- Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. behind the Honda Civic
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  • arrarrgee
    07-06 05:24 PM t_Rose_Bouquet.htm

    Not trying to stress on the price...but just a question ...can we get it for this price ? less thatn 10 ? I am not able to see any under 30 $

    Basically might be better to send 2 for 10$ rather than 1 for 20$ ....or say 5 for 10$ rather than 1 for 50$......

    guess the quantity if let us know where you can get cheapest so we can send more....

    I think the idea is quite good....we are on indiatimes and so many desis here read indiatimes and the awareness is going to increase....

    all the best to all of us -:)


    house Photo: Picture 22 - 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan Zoom In Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. 2012 Honda Civic Si, HL,
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  • ruchigup
    08-20 01:37 PM
    I have canceled 8/24 appointment and plan on taking appointment during first week of September. Los Angeles USCIS have plenty slot available, so taking it easy in taking appointment.

    Sure will post my experience.
    Hi ruchigup: Could you please update on how your infopass appt went on moday. My attorney said that we could take infopass even now, they(IOs) might keep our case in the queue ready for review for GC in September. But, not quite sure if they (IOs) would really do something abt it in August.

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  • ireddy
    03-10 10:18 AM
    (Unique Transaction ID #79T902699R5105627


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  • 2012 Honda Civic Si sedan

  • santb1975
    11-26 11:56 AM
    you definately kept our hopes up with your contribution.

    Contributed $100 just now. Google Order #626789966911111

    Thanks IV for all your efforts

    dresses behind the Honda Civic Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. Photo: Picture 27 - 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan Zoom In
  • Photo: Picture 27 - 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan Zoom In

  • jetflyer
    04-15 08:46 PM
    View Post
    While they a burden to US for 2 years and add nothing to the economy during the same 2, years a H1B contributes to the economy in form of taxes (SS, medicare State and Federal Tax)

    Can you refute that ?????

    Your turn ...........

    PlainSpeak...F1 are not burden to US, they pay big college fees for the education.

    You know who is real burden, thats H4 visa holders like you. who have nothing to do. they just sit home eat and fight.

    you are a classic example of burden to the society.. you are spending all the time here and fighting with everyone.

    if anyone starts talking about anything, you just come and start fighting.



    makeup Civic Si Sedan 4d Folsom Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. Photo: Picture 22 - 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan Zoom In
  • Photo: Picture 22 - 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan Zoom In

  • shana04
    08-25 04:13 PM
    I guess My interview didn't go as expected.

    hmmm....still keeping fingers crossed..this is nothing short of a car race.


    I wish you good luck and hope you get your GC.

    My friend, how did you get this interview chance, is it infopass or ????

    My PD Jan 2005
    RD: July 18 2007
    ND: Sep 10 2007

    girlfriend 2006 Honda Civic Sedan - Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. 2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan
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  • amitjoey
    06-16 12:44 PM
    I was one of the guys from MI that redds777 hosted. I must say I can't thank enough for the hospitality he and his family had shown us.

    Also I know a couple of other DC members who hosted outside folks. Thanks to them also.

    Ajay and his family hosted us. Thanks a lot to him and his family.

    hairstyles 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Civic Si Sedan 2011. 2011-honda-civic-si-sedan-
  • 2011-honda-civic-si-sedan-

  • theperm
    07-17 07:21 PM
    Hey IV guys ,

    It`s great news for all the people who can file & who have already filed on july2nd.
    Thanks IV for being so persistant. You guys have my support.

    Not to undermine the current development , it is good news for tons of people including me, but the true victory will be when retrogression ends & all the backlog centers are cleared. All skilled workers (& sometimes their stay at home spouses)don`t have to wait for yearsssssss to get a GC.
    & no before I get brickbats thrown at me I am not being pessimistic or a spoilt sport, I just feel that this gc mess should stop & skilled ppl shouldn`t be harressed by having to put their lives on hold for such long periods.

    09-05 08:35 PM
    format looks good.
    best thing is to go to
    and post it there.
    Lets start doing it from Monday.
    we Still have time.

    Because many of us the green cards the fire got extinguished. I am ready to write letter to Zoe. Can the following be the rough draft ? Also, does anybody have the address where it can be sent ?
    One more thing, if you think this thread will become very long editing this letter, feel free to use collaboration by visiting the link and editing the letter. Please keep a local copy also just in case some mischievous element wipes it off.

    Dear Zoe Lofgren,

    Once again we wanted your help in getting the broken and unorganized process of green card streamlined. In July, 2008 USCIS announced that the people with priority dates upto June 2006 are eligible to have their I485 applications processed. When the time actually came to process them.

    1. Instead of processing them according to the priority dates, they started processing them randomly (although the claim is that they process them according to received dates which is neither true not justified even if it was true) causing people who have been waiting for years(Many of them since 2003 or 2003) to not get their green card and the people who had their priority dates as late as 2006 were issued the green cards.

    2. In the middle of August, they unofficially put the processing on hold (no official announcement to prevent the situation/lawsuit as the last year).

    3. The customer service is totally inconsistent in giving individual answers. We get different answers at different times and most of them are either incomplete or unsatisfying. They also direct us to write letter to the service center directly which results in the response asking us to check website or call 1.800 number none of which again inform the real status of the case. In other words, it is a never ending loop.

    Please help us in resolving the problem as you did last year.



    04-08 08:15 PM
    ive heard that the masters quota got crazy full coz lots of student used desi consultants to get mulitiple employer petitions and flooded the masters quota:mad:

    Could you please post a link?

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