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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ford 3500

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  • Macaca
    02-04 06:50 PM
    Who can sue them? A non-US citizen? An organization?

    A US Citizen can ask for a PIL??

    USCIS gives a rats ass to US citizens. I know cases where they have told US citizens (caucasians) to f*ck off. They have changed their tone these days but the message is the same. I saw a posting at some US web site that politely asks US citizens to f*ck off.

    Any one can sue them. The question is : what will you get? What did Khanna get?

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  • leong
    09-08 12:32 AM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer� for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.

    you are such a crying babe... rednecks like you should go compete in the farm picking potatoes. Geee.. where did you learn your manner?

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  • dudes2006
    02-02 03:23 PM
    I need to add my daughter's last name to I-485 and subsequent AP. Do I still need to have US court order for doing the same once her passport has correct last name ? How much time does the US court order take and what is the cost ?

    Please share if anyone have experience adding the last name with USCIS and how long does it take ?

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  • Macaca
    07-17 08:56 PM

    I just hoped that you are not like our always teary eyed Indians!


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  • wandmaker
    12-02 11:42 AM
    go9459: Thanks a lot, you raised the bar.

    santb1975: Try to post a running total end of every day. I was thinking to donate $50 for every $2500 raised through this thread. Last donation must have touched first $2500, here you go with my 2nd $50 thru paypal. check my PM for limits and details.

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  • desi3933
    08-27 04:41 PM

    Someone gave a RED and left these comments...


    Just gave you green.


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  • ksrk
    08-22 12:51 PM
    Just like with individuals, we tend to place trust on organizations and instituitions based on their past behaviors / actions. It's obvious we have very little trust on USCIS.

    I think there is some misunderstanding on the memo bein discussed.

    I'm still betting USCIS has a (reasonably accurate--- give or take a thousand) tally of pending India / China EB2 I-485s that match the available GC visa numbers which have to be used up before Sep 30th. All they have to do is assign visa numbers before September 30th. It is quite possible for them to process the applications and assign the visa numbers at the end. Most likely approvals will come well into October.

    Well, that's the way U and I would do it, so no visa numbers are wasted. It remains to be seen if the UscIs has more cooks than just U and I! ;-)

    Ah, TGIF! ;)

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  • ragz4u
    04-19 12:40 PM
    Bump ^^^


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  • kumarc123
    07-10 03:23 PM
    Hey you guys - ask not what someone else can do for you but what you can do for someone else...didn't JFK say something like that ;)

    You are ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that all the forums mention EB2 and very little attention is shed on EB3. I wonder why! Is it because EB2 recepients are more actively involved on IV? Or because EB3 recepients are quieter? Both these situations lend themselves to the bias towards EB2. And ultimately lead to one thing - more being done for EB2. I am EB2 and believe you me - I'm not complaining.

    Sadly though, the number of EB3 applicants is many many times the number of EB2. So, there's something to be said for participation and having your voice heard. It is no wonder then that we as a group are dismal at having our collective voices heard - we don't participate like our lives depended on it. And in this case our entire lives depend on what's going on...

    So, instead of bickering and blaming, why don't we awaken the giant that is EB3 India and China and have them participate as well...maybe we'll be able to kill many many birds (country limits, DC rallies, contributions to IV and lobbying activities, phone call campaigns, letter campaigns...) with just one stone....just thinking out loud...that's all...

    Any ideas?

    Read your paragraph and you will understand who is complaining, the focus here is to get together as one whole EB community.

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  • cgs
    08-12 08:32 PM
    Here you can get all: (

    Thanks for the link. I was able to locate my case details. :-)


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  • pr02
    06-20 11:00 AM
    Thanks for the detailed answer. I think I will get this done after filing for 485. I have to get the passport renewed next year any way. May be they can do both at the same time.

    Following up on my previous post. Here is the format for the ad and the affidavit. We went to the DC embassy to get the name changed and they have next day (business days only) passport-by-mail service. I don't think they have same day service.

    Actual correct name: <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>
    Current Name on passport: <first_name_pp>
    Name in US docs (Visa, SSN, Drivers Lic.):
    <first_name_us> FNU _OR_ <first_name_us> <first_name_us>

    Format of the ad we placed in Indian newspaper (TOI) and local US newspaper:

    I, <first_name_pp> AKA <first_name_us> FNU AKA <first_name_us> <first_name_us> d/o <dads_name> R/o <indian_address/us_address> have changed my name to <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>.

    Format of Affidavit from India (on Rs. 10 Non Judicial Stamp Paper):


    I, <first_name_pp>, D/o <dads_name>, R/o <indian_address>, do hereby take oath and solemnly declare as under:-

    1. That I have declared my name as <first_name_us> <first_name_us> earlier.
    2. That I have declared my name as <first_name_us> FNU earlier.
    3. That now I want to change my name from <first_name_pp> to <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>.
    4. That in future I may be called as <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name> for all purposes


    Verified at <city_name> on this <date> that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


    The deponent above is the person whose name is being changed. Since my wife was here and the affidavit was to be made in India, my mother-in-law signed on my wifes behalf know what I am saying... (ah! the things you can get done in India)

    We found out at the embassy that we could have used our India issued marriage certificate (which had my wifes correct name) and avoid doing all this. Placing the ad, getting the affidavit and posting it to US all took a total of 1 week. We went to the DC embassy early on a Friday and we got the passport with the name changed via mail by Monday.

    Another friend of mine got the same thing done via the mail-in service. It took him 2 weeks to get the passport back.

    Hope this helps.

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  • eb3retro
    12-18 07:06 PM
    can we make this thread a sticky on the top..


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  • omardalian
    04-16 08:36 PM
    Do you guys have any updates on the MS quota? Last I heard was that they had 7000 left. Not sure if its still the case.

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  • abhijitp
    11-19 01:46 PM
    In my opinion keeping donation options from $25/- upwards to whatever max value within One time and recurring categories would be inclusive startegy.
    Currently we are turning away the members who want to donate but who can not afford and/or do not want to donate $ 100/- and upwards.

    My personal theory is that who is really willing to donate $ 100/- and upwards and can afford is going to donate that handsome amount even if we keep $ 25/- option.

    Now Ball is in court of core.

    I beg to differ. IV is not turning away anyone. What stops someone from contributing $100 once every 10 months?
    The issue is something else.

    In order to contribute even $10, you need to:
    1) be convinced about the cause of IV
    2) be convinced this organization means business!
    3) give up the "penny wise pound foolish" attitude

    (1) This should be easy for those who were unable to file their AOS applications in July/August 2007, because one of IV's primary goals (abolish retrogression) should then be your goal.
    This is also easy for those who filed their AOS, if only they realize that "working on AC21/EAD" is not as much fun as it seems, you really need the Green Card to live and work the way you want!

    (2) is a proven fact, and most of us are already enjoying the benefits of this!

    (3) Finally, people feel overwhelmed by the thought of donating $50 or $100 to IV but they are happy to spend much more on gasoline, phone-calls, and drinks. You make no difference to your quality of life when you spend $50 on gas and $100 on food when you go sight seeing on a weekend. But when you donate that money to IV, you are supporting the one and only grass roots organization that means business when it comes to fighting for your own quality of life!

    It's like investing in a "credit score" monitoring product for a year before you actually apply for a loan!

    If that analogy makes sense, please please realize you need a similar strategy for your green card, and contribute to IV.

    Preferably, sign up for recurring contributions, as this is the one thing that will help IV in forecasting and planning.
    If nothing else, write to a core team member and let them know you will pay $N1 over N2 number of months.


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  • abalu400
    07-21 12:54 PM
    First, deecha, and VZLAN you are brave men..hope you get through. When the immigration system is so arcane, you cannot blame yourselves

    next, I am in a similar 'somewhat out of status' position myself. i am filing for i-140/i485

    I have been with the same employer since Jan 2004, and have every pay stub since then. However during some time in 2006, the company was in deep trouble, management takeover etc. and we were only paid for time spent on a major project (which was the cash cow). Because i was not directly involved in it, I was paid at about 50%, but every week, which lead my final W2 for 2006 to be around 76% of the total on the LCA. I looked at my paystubs and the total weeks at less than 100% is 5 months.

    For 2004, 2005 and 2007 (on course) I am on course for my full salary. Also I got a bonus and stock options as the project took off and we are all in a better shape and my 2007 W2 should be higher.

    Before 2004, I was a student on a F1 (MS degree) with one h1 in the bad days of 2002. However, my change of status was on the dot.. i.e. i got laid off on a friday and i filed my change of status to f1 the same day. My h1 visa was stamped in 2004 in India. My H1 was extended in early 2007

    I am filing a self-sponsored I140. So, my question is:

    1) Should I wait for 2008/whenever to file my i485 and hopefully show one year w2 and try to see if that goes through?

    2) Try to convince my employer to pay me the back wages for 2006 (they may agree) in lieu of some future pay cut or paid out vacation or trade my stock options. File an amended return with a new 2006 W2 (what are the risks of an audit??)

    3) Try to wait till 2008, stamp my visa extension and then file for i-485 showing only 2007 w2.

    Please send me your perspectives.

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  • GCStatus
    09-17 11:36 PM

    We would like to pass the baton to you. Its not "my" website. You are free to take it. Kindly let us your a number to reach you and we will start the transition process.


    BTW, no one is telling you the credentials, just letting you know that your rude posting about Admins hiding in a secret place is not appreciated. You cut-past one post, what about your other posts. Do you want me to post them here? Now lets get back to "ownership" and "rudeness" debate because it always turns out that way. You can say anything and if Admin responds, all of a sudden Admin is showing attitude, Admin is rude, freedom of speech, Ist amendment, Admins is dictators, Admins are like Hitler etc etc . Nothing new, we have seen this story repeat countless times.

    And one more thing, you are busy and others have all the free time in the world. Is that right?

    B]Please post all my e-mails here and tell me where i am rude.[/B]. This is getting funnier.

    Secret location - its like a joke coz i didnt get response for 4 or 5 e-mails.

    I want to know my derogatory language here. Bring it on, bring all e-mails.


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  • pappu
    12-18 07:29 PM
    Sorry that I had to wait this long to contribute. Been tight with my debt and payments and also secretly monitoring this board and praying for your success. My first contribution of $20 was sent via paypal.

    I personally feel that not a lot of people out there know about paypal or are just too scared to transact online.

    It would be awesome if a portion of the money could be used to start a mailing campaign via snail mail by including a contribution plea letter along with a form that can be filled and mailed with a cheque to IV. Just like those credit card offers. Obviously to all the registered members.

    Also, psychologically, when you navigate to the contribution page, the list of contribution amount options starts with $100. And then all the way to the right is the "other" option. It takes time for the eye to get to the "other" amount option as a result of which an anonymous/interested user navigating to the page sees contribution amounts in multiples of $100 thereby creating doubt/hesitation without realizing that you can choose the "other" option to contribute in smaller numbers. It would be great if you could put in a blank text field first and then the other options with multiples of $100.

    Just my 0.02 cents.

    Keep pushing and for all you guys watching in the sidelines watch "Gandhi" - the movie, for inspiration. Seriously!

    Even if you don't contribute, walk up to Blockbuster or go online on Netflix and rent the movie out.

    IV is doing a tremoundus job. I have been watching and waiting silently until I saw the movie "Gandhi".

    I know many of you single non-immigrants living alone don't have to shop around for Christmas. I know I don't because my family doesn't live here. So maybe you can gift IV with a small contribution.

    Maybe you can skip a carwash this month (for all those living in the south, i.e.) and do it yourself and send in the money to IV. Small drops of water make an ocean. So don't think your contribution, however small it may be, is not going to help.

    If you really don't have the money to contribute, atleast buy a $1 greeting card and a $0.39 stamp and send it to IV thanking them for fighting on your behalf. Its that simple.

    Good luck and god bless.
    Thanks for your contribution and appreciation for the work IV and its members are doing.

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  • realizeit
    02-25 12:58 PM
    Dear QASleuth, I have contacted Pappu and asked him to discuss this among CORE and provide us an official IV position. Once we hear back from Pappu or CORE, we can proceed further.

    Regarding what I am planning to do: If we get IV CORE's support, I will try to organize a group from St Louis MO to work on this. But we need an excellent bunch of folks from the DC/NY area who can actually meet folks at the capital and get the ball rolling. All others who are far away from DC/NY area can form small regional groups to raise funds to support the DC/NY group which will drive this effort.

    We should do something only after IV CORE's analysis of this issue and a legal feasibility study by immigration/constitutional attorneys IV can access.

    QASleuth and others who would like to do something: Please don't wait for any action from my side. You can form regional working groups now itself. Just form members of 5 and discuss this and stay in touch.

    I am new to this whole effort as anyone else here.

    Once again friends, as I said earlier: "We have far more things that unite all of us than the few things that divide us. So, let us focus only those things that unite all of us."

    So, please refrain yourself from pointing fingers at someone else and attacking someone personally.

    I am hoping realizeit is in the process of contacting IV core and will update us soon. If not, realizeit please update as to what you are planning on doing.

    After IV core gives us the go ahead, I think we should take your offer on the bridge call.

    I would also suggest, not sending any mails yet to Ombudsman till we form a plan of action.

    Ofcourse, still eagerly waiting for desi3933 to get back to us with cold hard analysis to set us straight :)

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  • starlite
    07-21 12:00 PM
    I am new to this forum, so I am joining this tread.

    I worked up nerves to consult with the forum.
    Please read my history and answer questions below.
    Your non-judgmental and objective answers are greatly appreciated.

    I first came to the US on a tourist visa when I was 15 years old.
    I was out of status when my parents couldn't act fast enough to change my status. However, I faithfully maintained my status once I reentered with a student visa.

    So here is the history:
    Dec. 1986: Enter the US on a tourist visa (age 15)

    June 1987: Out of status from the tourist visa for 10 years

    Sept. 1996: IIRIRA 96 passes-- 3yr./10yr. reentry bars apply effective April 1, 1997

    July 1997: Obtain I-20 for school, leave the US and return to home country (age 26)

    Aug. 1997: Reenter US on a F-1 visa

    Oct. 00: Initial H-1B

    Oct. 03: H-1B extension

    Dec.04: RIR filed (priority date)

    Sept.06: RIR approved

    Oct. 06: H-1B (7th year) extension

    Jan. 07: I-140 filed (pending approval)

    July 21, 2007: Preparing to file I-485 with the same employer since 2000

    So here are my questions:
    Q1. The way I interpret the law is that the 3yr./10yr. reentry bars apply when the law went into effect starting April 1997. Is that correct?

    Q2. If so, would I have to worry about getting the I-485 approved?

    Q3. If not, should I filed for I-485 at all?

    Q4. Any suggestions or possiblities to consider?

    Thank you.

    12-19 11:44 AM
    Just contributed 50$ through paypal.
    khodalmd, here is another one...only 2 more to go....

    12-18 09:06 PM
    Good job folks, there's still 2 hours in ET and 5 hours in PT for the day to end and I'm hopeful of reaching the magic number of 46 members contributing by end of tonight, if you are on the border and unsure about contributing...please read on...otherwise click on the "contribute now" button ..

    I attended the "conference in Boston" earlier this month to which three core members had flown in and had the first hand opportunity to discuss with them. The dedication and resolve they showed approaching key people in lawmakers office was just so inspirational. Specifically, the way Aman was talking to individual IV members without taking anything for granted. None of it was for individual cause but for the entire team which means "you". So the best we could do is help the group financially and provide the means to approach for more stronger lobbying efforts. Let's be real, at the end of the day, money talks in the senate ! and we all can contribute little by little and provide the backbone for us and incoming let's do it folks, please step up...all required is $20 per member...

    OK, I'll shut up now...

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