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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chrysler 2009

images Chrysler 2009 post card by smileyreilly Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid
  • 2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

  • Daisy
    04-12 06:02 PM
    I have sent my story to again.

    wallpaper 2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid Chrysler 2009. but Chrysler LLC is
  • but Chrysler LLC is

  • srinivas_o
    03-09 01:19 PM
    Just now donated $50 throuhg paypal (even though pledged for $25)..

    Chrysler 2009. pic of Chrysler 2009
  • pic of Chrysler 2009

  • thomachan72
    04-11 08:48 AM
    your immagination/calculation might be what?? Havnt we seen a lot of posting about what mischief is being done by a handful?? why do we spend our time on analysing that? IV shouldn't be a website where I log in in the morning and find what all mischief is happening or happened or will happen. There are mischief makers and let the law deal with them. we are a group of straightforward individuals who wish to concenterate on fighting the injustice of the extreme delays. If there was a mischief the USCIS is supposed to catch them and fix it. it is not allowed to delay yours/ mine just because a few others did something wrong. Please concentrate on today and tomorrow. Plan for a new line of action and we will join.

    2011 but Chrysler LLC is Chrysler 2009. Chrysler 2009 SEMA cars 4
  • Chrysler 2009 SEMA cars 4

  • vin13
    02-26 03:26 PM
    Realizeit....great idea.

    Can IV admins, Realizeit and team, plese come up with an action plan from various replies on this thread and post it on IV's front page so that we can start working on it and contributing towards it?


    i think you make a good point. I would like to see this on the front page about the developments. The front page could have all the projects that are being considered at this time. This will be more effective than going through the forums.


    Chrysler 2009. Chrysler crossfire 2009
  • Chrysler crossfire 2009

  • sammyb
    11-19 05:15 PM
    It is good for health as well

    just curios to know ... do we have decent response... if not then lets set a $ target to meet by 11/21 COB and see what is the outcome of that ...

    Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Hemi V8 Engine
  • 2009 Chrysler Hemi V8 Engine

  • santb1975
    11-28 05:43 PM
    have to PM gsc999


    Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Sebring, Back
  • 2009 Chrysler Sebring, Back

  • prouddesi
    11-19 12:14 AM

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner lets take the time to thank IV for all the successes we have had so far and for all the hardwork that has been put into this cause. Let's make a Holiday contribution to IV. Please join me in this effort. Let's all contribute. Cheers

    2010 pic of Chrysler 2009 Chrysler 2009. Chrysler 2009 post card by smileyreilly
  • Chrysler 2009 post card by smileyreilly

  • pak
    03-07 05:13 PM
    from file: y09.pdf

    Major volumes of pending applications at the end of January 2009 include: 1,417,978 I-130 immediate/all other petitions; 620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status; 286,701 I-765 employment authorizations; 190,238 I-90 green card renewals/replacements; 163,015 I-821 temporary protected status; 147,951 I-751 remove conditions spouse jointly/waiver.
    May be useful...


    Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Aspen hybrid
  • 2009 Chrysler Aspen hybrid

  • GCStatus
    09-18 11:51 AM
    Are you guys anonymous? Why is the admin asking for your phone number? Didn't you fill in your actual name, phone number to reach you in case IV needs your help.

    You have to be willing to help if you want to lead.

    Do you actually even read what we are typing here before assuming stuff

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  • mpadapa
    09-18 12:14 PM
    Admin, please close this thread.

    What value does this discussion add to solving the retrogression problem?


    Chrysler 2009. hair 2009 Chrysler Sebring
  • hair 2009 Chrysler Sebring

  • chanduy9
    07-06 12:46 PM
    Can we hit the magic 3 figures????

    I think it is gonna be a slow hit...

    Guys help your self by sending the flowers....


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  • 2009 Chrysler Sebring Touring

  • sanjose
    08-11 09:41 PM
    WTF..... i'm so damn ticked off now.

    Eb3-I has been just hung out to dry.
    Everything else keeps progressing. Bullshit obama govt isn't doing squat for the immig reform bill too.

    I'm fine with Eb2-I progressing, but shouldn't there be something to move Eb3 too. Its crazy to think that folks in Eb3 with dates of 2002/03 are still waiting while Eb3 folks from 2005 are now current.

    because they spent those 2 years getting additional academic qualifications such as masters etc., you should have listened to your parents when they told you to study well.. didnt you play cricket then ?


    house 2009 Chrysler 300C Hemi Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid:
  • 2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid:

  • ram_nara303
    03-06 02:11 PM
    I will contribute 25$. Hope we get some green light at the end of this GC tunnel.

    tattoo 2009 Chrysler Hemi V8 Engine Chrysler 2009. 2009 / 2010 Chrysler 300
  • 2009 / 2010 Chrysler 300

  • h1techSlave
    03-08 02:24 PM
    I think there will be a seperate payment system for this collection. The people are still working on "How to pay for this specific initiative".

    I should look before i type :-). Or get a coffee before i log on to the net.


    pictures 2009 Chrysler Sebring, Back Chrysler 2009. Archivado bajo: Chrysler
  • Archivado bajo: Chrysler

  • RandyK
    12-03 11:53 AM
    I posted this infomation on a different thread not knowing this one existed.

    Order Details - Dec 3, 2007 10:54 GMT-05:00
    Google Order #646521193097764
    Shipping Status Qty Item Price
    Not yet shipped 1 Contribute 100 $100.00
    Total: $100.00

    dresses 2009 Chrysler Sebring Touring Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Town amp; Country
  • 2009 Chrysler Town amp; Country

  • Leo07
    12-02 08:53 PM

    I think it will reach 3k by end of tomorrow...if it falls short around 50...I'll add tomorrow night same time.


    makeup 2009 Chrysler Aspen hybrid Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler 300C Hemi
  • 2009 Chrysler 300C Hemi

  • GCStatus
    09-18 12:05 PM
    GCStatus and MadhuVJ:

    Looks like you guys have decided to fight with Admin2.

    To some extent, Admin2 deserves this punishment. He spent just little 60,000 US dollars to fight for all of us. Yes, it is Sixty Thousand dollars. Whenever he goes to DC to meet lawmakers and/or Lobbyists, he spends money from his own pocket for stay and car rental. He desrevs so much beating from us for spending so much time, money and enegry for the community.

    Even Pappu should be punished for spending too much time on this site wihtout concentrating on his day job.

    If you both are logging from SAME company, though you are using different laptop/desktop, the IP address polled will be same for external though you have different IP internally.

    If you guys have worked on DC rally, you would have come to know the great spirits of Admin2. One day he called me at 10.30 PM when I was almost sleeping to request me if I can attend an immigration meeting in Princeton University, NJ. I was sleeping and he was making calls. Who would have been benefitted? YOU and ME and NOT Admin2.

    There are already several threads with EB3/EB2. All of us have our own day time jobs. Let us knot focus on fighting among ourselves. Let us not even fight with USCIS. What we want is that lawmakers and USCIS should understand our problems and make them realize that US will benefit by giving us GC's and not vice versa.

    In the past 2 years, I have just 50 postings. All of them are either confirming calls to law makers or contributions. This I am writing to plead you stop these fightings. We have had enough in the past 2 years.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Please try to understand. We are not fighting. He just thinks we are same when we arent. We are here for the same cause. We want to be united. I dont know what these red and green dots mean but all i know is from 4 green it has turned into 4 reds. Its unfortunte.

    girlfriend 2009 / 2010 Chrysler 300 Chrysler 2009. 2009 Chrysler Sebring LX
  • 2009 Chrysler Sebring LX

  • black_logs
    12-20 09:52 PM
    We are really thankful for your contributions. Let me remind all the members here, every penny you are paying to IV is accounted for. All the expenses incurred by IV members for traveling to DC for various meetings are all non-billable and are borne by themselves. There are few core team members whose personnel expenses have gone beyond 10K. I believe each of you can very well understand their need for green card is no more or less than your need for the status. So everybody, I repeat, everybody, please come forward and contribute.


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  • 2009 Chrysler Sebring Picture

  • nixstor
    04-06 01:13 PM
    In that case I would say go for PhD. Directly file GC under EB1 - no hassle no retrogression :)

    Myth: Phd's do not automatically qualify for EB1

    Fact/Reality: Lot of Phd's on the forum are in EB2.

    08-20 01:42 PM
    InfoPass. (
    select language
    Click Make your appointment button
    After inputting zip code
    I select the 4th checkbox "You need information or other services "

    I suspect you must be selecting the first checkbox that sounds like more logical choice, but I have taken appointment using the above procedure last year, it works.

    Are you folks opening a Service request before taking an Infopass appointment? When I visit the site, it says that it needs an SR number. Am I missing something?

    08-25 03:10 PM
    Aug-07 bulletin :

    After consulting with Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Visa Office advises readers that Visa Bulletin #107 (dated June 12) should be relied upon as the current July Visa Bulletin for purposes of determining Employment visa number availability, and that Visa Bulletin #108 (dated July 2) is hereby withdrawn.

    Actual July bulletin:

    Does anyone have this USCIS link?

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