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Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • eb3retro
    12-19 12:38 PM
    Another member from CA has joined this challange. The member has contacted me and I have just now spoken to the member. The member wants to stay as an annonymous donor. So far he has contributed $1500 over the past few months. This member has pledged to pitch in with some more money when the total contributions from other members reach the 30,000 & 60,000 dollar mark. Specifically, he will contribute $250 more when we get close to $30,000, and another $250 for the $60,000.

    Apart from my earlier contribution, I would like to pledge another $20 if we reach $30,000 and $20 if we reach $60,000. I am sorry guys i am on a tight budget but still want to do the best I can. And I hope you guys will agree every penny counts for the tough journey we have in front of us next year.

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  • santb1975
    11-30 03:42 PM
    Everyone - Please come forward with your contributions

    Sent 100$ via Paypal.


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  • chanduv23
    02-02 02:19 PM
    According to a specialist on immigration forums "Mr UnitedNations" the unused visas are directly being used for EB3 ROW , I am not how he knows that but maybe thats what is happening.

    Maybe EB3 ROW being a diverse group is being given more precendence than highly subscribed countries.

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  • deecha
    07-21 07:58 PM
    Hi, Please let me know your thought on my situation. I was on H1 thru Company A. I don't have pay stubs for the last 3 months of 2005 since i was on bench, but got the salary that is mentioned on LCA in pay stubs till end of Sept. When I asked my employer to pay me for the time on bench he said that he has paid the LCA salary and doesn't have to pay.
    So having said that, am I in Status or Out of Status?

    I would think that you are out of status for those 3 months, because one of clauses of the of the employer-employee relationship, governed by your employment contract, was violated (by you not being paid.)

    Your employers ability not to pay, is not your fault. If/when you file for your 485, have your lawyer draft up affidavits to this effect. I am not a lawyer, consult a good lawyer for the best advice.


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  • potatoeater
    08-12 05:01 PM
    How did you get the job? Can you send us the name and contact information of the recruiting firm please?

    I decided to move to india now. I have I140 cleared and having a permanent job. But enough is enough!
    I started looking openings at india 2 weeks ago and most probably will get a offer from a US financial giant having IT shop at bangalore.

    I think this is right decision at this time.

    Any suggestions/feedback guys?

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  • gc_check
    04-14 08:11 AM
    Even if you assume there are 3000-5000 labor subs that chocks up the queue, it might have benefited the ones with a 2003 PD like yourself. But for others (beyond 2003) , it is not much of a help. A visa recapture would benefit the community at large.

    Even if you consider 3000-5000 labor subs, not many of those are "sold" labors, many of them are legal ones. labor subs were all legal until some companies started selling those.

    Hi.. I'm not discussing whether labor subs is legal or not. Prior to July 2007, the law & regulations allowed to utilize the labor cert, that was certified for a Alien with a diff Alien, provided skill, edu... etc matches. Though it is legal, the amount of mis-use led to sunset of the program after many many years of existence.

    My argument is that Labor Sub, does impact PD movement significantly, Also most people I know with PD prior to 2002 , except very few unlucky ones most got their GC. Also in July 07 rush, many who had already filed 485 with PD 2003 and early 2004 also got approved.
    I know there were lots of approvals from Backlog Elimination center, but unless you work for a very good company, I doubt you will still be stuck with the employer from 2000 just for the sake of GC. When the dates were current, many moved to other companies, If you were here in US during late 2000 and 2001, that was not nice year for IT / Tech. Now where did all these old PD's pop from. Definitely sub has a big role to play. As I said in my earlier post, nothing can be done abt. this.

    Visa recapture and visa increase seems to be the only option that might help.... and most member now know what it takes to get there... $$$$ and more $$$$$ to lobby, etc...


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  • nanilb
    07-17 08:24 PM
    Great Job. Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!

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  • ak_2006
    06-10 12:22 PM
    I am extending my donations for one more year. It�s almost a year I signed up for monthly contribution.
    I could not go to DC ..but I will continue my support through funding. I sent mails to local senators.
    Kudos to everyone who participated in the DC advocacy event. Core IV is really deserved to be appreciated from bottom of our hearts.


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  • angelina
    07-17 07:29 PM

    Thankyou for standing by us.

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  • rxk2303
    08-10 01:11 AM
    Dude if u didnt have I94 how did u you work all these days?

    u should have got your I94 in chennai if u went for chennai

    let me make it clear

    as per my under standing if u didnt apply for change of status,then your h1 papers didnt have i94 attached with them when they were first released,they might have asked you to go for chennai for stamping

    which u didnt am i right?

    make your self clear buddy

    As i said earlier, i relied too much on my employer as istated to him in the first place to do a change of status Visa. They didn't do it, and as i was under the impression that i didn't have to go to India to get it stamped, i didn't leave the country so far and worked all these days. The ugly thing is that even my employer didn't ask me to go to India and get my Visa stamped in India, but he did find projects for me and produced pay slips all the time so far. Now, i found out the mess i am in, that too because i was ready to apply for I-140 and I-485 together. The immigration attorney who is preparing my I-140 caught my out of status situation and all the hell broke lose. Is there a way to seek an adjustment n my status from INS based on the fact that i was eligible for Chnage of Status from L-1 to H-1 in 2005, but mistakenly, i got a H-1 that was supposed to be stamped? Would they consider any such cases? Is there any example of anybody whoever did it???

    And even if i leave the country now, would i face any problem in next three years, if i attempt to come to USA on a new H1 next year, with a new Visa?

    Please provide me some advice if anyone knew any situation like this before?

    Thanks !!



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  • ilikekilo
    09-08 08:36 AM
    Yes,, they did...
    Our forefathers travelled to the promised land in ships that were full of rats, without food or water. Several of them died while trying to reach here.
    Once here on the promised land, we had to fight our way to create a free society that you are dying to be part of. America is land of entrepreneurs.
    And any one that don't have an entrepreneurial spirit is not welcomed here.

    What do you have to bring to the table? moment of silence for your great please wake up and look around you to see whats going on...if people choose to deliberately ignorant and shoo way the reality, not even those souls of their ancestors can help them....

    We can go all day back and forth about who is who and who is what and all..however eod this is a land of immigrants and thats how it is built and thats its it has become a cliche...if u cant beat them join' tehm..

    Live and LEt live is all i saY, nothing more...nothing less.. no one has to justify anyone about thier existence, that being said I would rather go use my valuable time for something else...

    thank you

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  • pappu
    03-10 09:47 AM


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    09-08 01:39 AM
    Just before ending, one thing I would like to say to sherman and zazona types.. Please go ahead and do what you have to do; have the strangest notions in your mind about numbers in the rally, we not succeeding etc.. We will prove you wrong in every sense of the word. We will do what we have to do! Amen..

    just read about ur rally. won't we all see how many of u show up. u r job stealers and u are guilty to cause job desctruction in america. so ur scared to show up. u�ll see that no more than 5-10 job stealers will show up. u guys will all be shipped to siberia, that is where all stealers should be sent.

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  • arbhaat
    11-11 05:23 PM
    Do you want to let a illegal nanny dictate your situation? Your unfortunate situation because you hired a illegal nanny which resulted in your child get beaten up further mess you?

    Thant's just a substance-less argument guys.
    The question is whom do you want to be dictating the terms of your life? - (illegal) Nanny, your (legal) immigrant status in the foreign country or your own set of values/principles/views? take a pick.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 06:42 PM
    Can some one provide me a template that i can send?

    Should briefly cover the actual issue and also the idea of sending flowers.

    Please send me a private message if i missed this in the other threads.


    Hold on... we are still working on the draft. Hopefully we can have one out by the end of the day tomorrow

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  • ganguteli
    02-25 09:01 AM
    I now see why you got a red.
    So basically you are also supporting this " If I am in INdia now and waiting for H1 visa, then start a campaign that everyone gets a H1 and then you worry about filing 485. You all have H1s and look at me".
    Please see the good thats being discussed here and participate in it.

    In the bad economy if everyone can get EAD it will help more. All we need is an admin fix to allow filing of I485 and get EAD benefits


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  • fatjoe
    08-22 12:27 AM

    Your case may be preadjudicated.....(if at all that is actually true)....yet it does not stop USCIS from sending an RFE for anything especially it has been over a few months since they last saw ur case....and once an RFE is issued you again go back in the list and the wait continues to next year when the window again opens for a short time.

    It is absolutely nonsense that preadjudicated cases are in a pile waiting for visa number...this is from my attorney....USCIS can issue n number of RFEs.....and each time it is issued it furthers the chance of green....


    How do you know if your case is pre-adjudicated or not. Could we call USCIS and ask the representative about this?
    PD - July 2004 - EB2
    I-485 RD - August 17, 2007 - TSC
    I-485 ND - Oct 16, 2007
    Is there a chance that mine pre-adjudicated? I attended the interview on Jun 25, 2009. The DAO asked me for various docs and I provided all those. Is there a chance of getting RFE still?

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  • gk_2000
    04-15 09:03 PM
    Hey belmont Guy and Jet Lee, can you take a crack at my question?

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  • roseball
    05-07 12:55 AM
    I think they are counted as reached on Monday (Apr 30) and hence have to go through the lottery selection.....

    09-11 09:10 PM

    Thank you for your patience. Here is a short piece I wrote that I will be emailing to digital2k. In the meantime, I am posting it here for your FEEDBACK AND PERUSAL.

    Please DO SOME FACT CHECKING for me .. for example, the dates, time frames, etc.


    Around the second week of each month, a welter of activity breaks out on the online forums of Immigration Voice, a non-profit organization set up by employment-based legal immigrants in the US. Users on the site vie with each other to predict the cut-off dates for the next month�s Visa Bulletin. These dates dictate the hopes and lives of thousands of legal immigrants and owing to their sheer numbers, Indian and Chinese applicants make up the overwhelming majority of those who wait in line for employment-based US permanent residence.
    Since 200x, barring a few anomalous months, the cut-off dates have largely languished between 2003 and 2004. While the annual limit of per-country allocated visas for Indian and Chinese applicants are exceeded by the number of applicants, the problem is compounded by the ongoing inefficiency of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This inefficiency occurs at many levels of processing:
    1) Slow processing times often leading to wasted visa numbers that expire at the end of the immigration year.
    2) Lack of transparency throughout the process.
    3) Lack of customer service in spite of regular ramping up of immigration fees.
    4) Random movements, spanning months and sometimes, years, in the cut-off dates of the monthly visa bulletins.
    5) Lack of communication between the USCIS and the Department of State (DOS) (the agency that sets the visa bulletin).
    These are some of the most glaring inefficiencies that law-abiding, tax-paying immigrants suffer throughout the lengthy process which more often than not spans a minimum period of five years. However, the most egregious of the USCIS�s faults is the apparently complete cluelessness as to the number of applicants pending in their database. It boggles the mind how an agency of such import is unable to give a definite figure to the number of applications remaining to be adjudicated. That the United States, the most advanced country in economic and military leagues, can�t account for its legal immigrants speaks to the need for more highly-skilled immigrants to improve the status quo?

    02-04 06:50 PM
    Who can sue them? A non-US citizen? An organization?

    A US Citizen can ask for a PIL??

    USCIS gives a rats ass to US citizens. I know cases where they have told US citizens (caucasians) to f*ck off. They have changed their tone these days but the message is the same. I saw a posting at some US web site that politely asks US citizens to f*ck off.

    Any one can sue them. The question is : what will you get? What did Khanna get?

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