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Monday, July 4, 2011

Audi Rs4 Avant 2011

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  • vparam
    09-08 10:15 AM

    Sorry but do not want to be a damper... But this thread does not give me the right feeling. I have been a member of IV i think from dec 2005 and contributed quite a few hundered dollars and just like this organization as a simplistic, good non-profit orgnization with good intentions....

    But in this thread we see a taunt... which is more like we will not have numbers in DC and then some triades...

    So far whenever such type of hate comments are posted, I have noticed that the IV core/ Super moderators either close the threads or blacklist the user....

    But in this case we see periodically (i think a couple of times) that super moderators are only making comments that we need to prove numbers so join the rally....

    Sorry to say this but i feel either this stage managed ( the triades) or super moderators/ IV core are taking advantage of this thread.... Both I feel are inappropriate....

    If I am wrong in what i have stated - My apologies to Supermoderators / IV Core.... But If I am right then I think personally it is a sad day since it lowered the image of IV in front of a great admirer.

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  • diputhomas1
    10-24 07:20 PM
    Hi Friend,

    When you corrected your surname in the passport,did they issue a new passport with a new number?


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  • angelfire76
    02-25 06:56 PM
    The implications here are

    1. USCIS cannot review the 485 application any time after it's been adjudicated and issue the physical card as soon as a visa number becomes available. In the light of fraud being rampant in the immigration system and given that the validity of an application is a sample at that time and economic circumstance, it's not easy to impose such a restriction on the adjudicators

    2. Green cards are technically for a future job, whose description has been provided in the labor petition. In one way the RFEs issued during 485 stage is to ensure that this definition is not violated (ideally i.e.)

    3. It will be perceived as a "whine". Given the freedom that EAD and AP provides to the recepient compared to the work visa, I don't know how sympathetic lawmakers will be to your cause.

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  • va2000
    07-17 08:31 PM
    Thank you very much IV team.


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  • ps57002
    09-08 07:10 AM
    Just put up more flyers, printing more to hand out at a huge local event being held at temple near my place....we will be successful...i know it.

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  • GTGC
    08-26 08:32 AM

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience at USCIS.....but that was brave of you to fight back!

    I think you should write to the not let this go, we've got to bring to attention the horrors of dealing with USCIS at every stage of our immigration journey. I think there is a call scheduled at 2:00 pm today with the Ombudsman office and USCIS.

    What happened with you is really unacceptable.....we follow thier rules and they are unaware of the rules and announcements they make......if USCIS were a company listed on NYSE they wouldnt survive a day.


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  • harish28
    04-05 03:14 PM
    Thanks for all the responses and suggestion. All your suggestions mean one thing my filling the H1 this year is near to impossible. well i understand the situatiuon and now i'm in a state to plan my moves.

    Firstly can i take my OPT back and continue my current masters?? I sent the forms on say 1st of April..

    Sencond, Is this an option that i file my H1 with some firm next year (2008) and after my opt expires join for a Masters/PHD course get a F1 status so that i can stay in the US, then when my H1 comes to act on Oct 2008 can i take that and withdraw from the Masters program and also change from F1 to H1??? Is this possible coz this is what i might plan to do.....

    Please help me out. Thanks againg for the responses..

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  • ngaheer
    12-19 03:53 PM
    Contributed my $50.00 just now.

    Trying to bring 2 more members to the IV.


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  • pappu
    12-18 06:38 PM
    Thanks babu.(sbabunle)
    the current number is 8

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  • jsb
    08-19 02:05 PM
    Thanks. Fortunately I have my I-485 approved more than a year ago and it was adjudicated and approved in one go.

    The review of the cases progresses as per RD in pre-adjudication
    Your profile (above) says that you are at I-485 stage, so I thought you are waiting for approval.


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  • mohanty999
    08-17 05:54 PM
    Since your file is at TSC, there is an email address that AILA members have to request that your file be processed once PD is current. Contact your lawyer and ask him to check AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08103067, that's where the procedure is outlined.

    I asked my lawyer abouT this and she said that in a recent AILA liasion meeting, TSC told AILA that they now have an "automatic sweep" process to determine which applicants have current PDs and therefore this email process is no longer required. Has anyone else heard the same?

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  • go_guy123
    04-10 10:45 PM
    I think you have to wait until you defend your thesis. My guess

    You gets Masters Degree after you finish all the requirements and that
    includes your thesis defence.

    Then only you are eligible for the 20000 US Advanced Degree quota

    After you finsih your defence, you submit the revised doc etc for archiving and when eventhing is done the
    registrar's office receives all clear signal from department and then issues you a provisional degree letter stating that
    degree is granted to you (thats when you have done your degree )


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  • oliTwist
    02-02 06:36 PM
    Hey guys,

    I am also in the same boat. (well kind of similar). I am "AOS Pending" or EAD status now and want to change the name (First Name, which is lengthy and getting cut in the EAD card and other cards, so want to trim it or make is simple).

    I see that SantaClara County City Court has this site explaining the process Probate Court Name Change For Adults - Superior Court, Santa Clara County (
    Has anyone done this? Can we use this name change decree to change the name in the pending records (like 485 Application, EAD cards, DMV, etc... and also our Passport )?

    Has anyone done it?

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  • GotFreedom?
    08-11 11:14 AM

    Lets hope for the best in the next VB.


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  • Milind123
    09-07 10:54 PM
    After hearing this, do you think our folks will sit quiet. We will do whatever it takes to makes sure that American jobs stays American.
    By god grace , we will make sure that Strive act does not pass. Especially, the portion that talks about employment based category.

    Now what did I do wrong? OK, ok tell your folks that I will be traveling by econ class.

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  • abhijitp
    11-27 02:29 PM
    you can also use donations at in paypal for any amount.

    So just go ahead and contribute to the one and only organization that is working extremely hard to bring relief to YOU!


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  • krishjack
    07-05 03:37 PM
    Where do you get the special coupon?

    send flowers for 9.99 with a special coupon


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  • ravise
    08-11 10:37 AM
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 08JAN05 08JAN05 C C
    3rd U U U U U

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  • bhav4u
    08-14 01:12 PM
    sent june 29th according to lawyer would have been received on june 30th. So not sure if its june 30th or july 2nd.
    have not received any receipt yet.

    sent I485/765/131 /NSC :-(

    02-02 09:04 PM
    50,000 unused visas were given to Schedule A in 2005. When the bill was first introduced the unused visas 100,000+ was supposed to go to EB3 since there was retrogression in just EB3 category and Schedule A was part of EB3.

    After debate for a few days 50,000 of these were allocated to Schedule A and the EB3 retrogression was forgotten and never been fixed since.

    Hope this doesn't happen again.

    There are around 100,000 unused not sure if anyone takes UCSIS to court if these can be reallocated.

    UNUSED VISAS WERE DUE TO uscis INEFFICIENCY!!! Make sense if they make amends.

    12-03 05:00 PM

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