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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Acura Tl 2010 White

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  • JazzByTheBay
    02-25 03:10 PM
    Let's get started on this push - it's a win-win solution for all concerned.
    Attempts can be made to include the provision to file I-485 if priority date is not current (or make it such that it automatically applies... given this change).


    Good one, Change to workflow should not be an issue, but we should have IV core support and reasonable to pool of money (not peanuts) to make this a success. I would recommend to run a funding drive, specially for this effort once IV core endorses this effort. In day to day life, Everything begins with $, you get what you pay for and nothing is free.

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  • hpandey
    11-30 02:34 PM
    Sent 100$ via Paypal.


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  • Pallavi79
    04-11 01:22 PM
    1. they have country limit for diversification. >> us(culprit) immigration is broken.
    2. substitution labor >> desi employers(culprit) sold it.
    3. my employer did not file for GC because layoffs couple of years back. >> general public are culprit. they caused our employer to get loss.
    4.other employers filed GC for other people. >> other employers are culprit. they filed GC to retain their employers.
    5.EB2 category : if they do not exist, I would have got spillover visas.
    6.EB1 employers : employers are filing in EB1 category for the same skill set as mine
    7.EB2 employers: employers are filing in EB2 for the same skill set as mine.
    8.Dollar : Seriously. Dollar is a culprit. Last year Dollar value is less. So many foreigners are able to afford dollar and they filed for investor visa. Without that I would have got spillover visas
    9.140 portability : many people are porting 140, PD from previous employer to new employer. They are able to retain old priority dates than me.
    Any others??
    How can I get GC with all these things.

    Folks, this is for your information. not for the argument.

    just kidding. :)
    How about stopping the disscussions which divides the community.

    I can understand the frustration of long wait for GC. The fight is for immigrant and non immigrant visas. Everyone(individuals like you and me), desi employers, desi MNCs, american companies wants to play by rules. The system is not fair. thats the reality.

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  • vandanaverdia
    09-08 04:57 PM
    I couldnt agree more.
    Lets channelize our energy to what holds MOST IMPORTANCE AT this time & that is getting more people at the rally.


    Acura Tl 2010 White. 2010 Acura TL 3.5 Mobile, AL
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  • chintu25
    08-26 09:33 AM
    I guess My interview didn't go as expected.
    20) I told security that, we had finished our interview and officer forgot to return our I-94..they insisted that we shud take infopass and they wont allow anyone to go back..I had to really argue with them (I decided I have nothing to loose..anyway 485 is screwed and so stood there asking them to let me in)

    21) After consistent nagging, the security guy took our passports, interview response letter(After interview if your app doesn't get appproved they willgive a kind of reciept saying u attended the interview..blahblah) and went in


    Thats v Brave of you bordering on desperation and frustration....But anyways it worked out and thats good . Congratulations again and it is a matter of a few days for you. Do not forget IV

    Also , This made me think of a shayarithat fits you right now but maybe not the rest of us ...Here it goes

    : Woh Mazaa Kaha Wasle Card mai.....Lutf jo Mila Intezaar mai :D"

    Translation: (The fun in getting the card is dismal..... compared to waiting for one)

    Guys take it in light Humor .....

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  • kumarc123
    07-10 03:21 PM
    Chanduv23 First - let me say I respect your outstanding and active contribution on this forum very much. Having said that, I'd say, you both conveniently missed the point in my post.
    I am not arguing about who is ahead in the line to get the non-existent cake - please read my post once again and point it out to me where I said anything in such regard..

    Frustration comes from the point that all the discussions take tone that all IV efforts are to help EB2 category alone. It is becoming frustrating for EB3s to keep reading posts and participating in actions when everyone keeps portraying IV effort as EB2 only effort.

    I'd request you both to please read my post again.
    All I have said is that message need to be made stronger that IV effort is for all EB community.

    By responding with who's ahead in line type of comment you both are just ignoring the situation that already exists as of today on this forum wrt EB categories. I'd venture to say that if at all you're making that feel of eb3 left out even worse than it already it.

    Apologize if I have offended anyone and will gladly take that red dot for speaking out my mind.

    As far as the lawsuit is concerned, just like all the other IV efforts, I'd gladly participate in it.

    Another possibility should also be investigated and that is re. selective enforcement of zeigler memo by some DOLs.

    This is from your direct quote
    I tend to agree.... nowhere in the past discussions IV seem to have cared about EB3s. It is more frustrating to see this situation sincce Eb3's have been suffering for longer with no hopes what so ever.
    And anyone trying to implicate that EB3s are less skilled are plain wrong - we got in EB3 limbo due to large corporations doing things by book (or for plain long term commitment out of workers).

    Either way, IV leadership needs to re-iterate and re-emphasize at least once that this is not EB2 fight only but EB fight in general. IV discussions simply have gone EB2 biased only for too long.

    Your intentions may not be as crude as your words. But every word speaks for itself, from these words I gather your are quiet frustrated, and I can very well relate my problems with your's on that matter. But I really know how to read and write and understand the implication of different words.

    Don't take it personal but there is a famous phrase out in the world
    " A man is as good as his words" Choose your words carefully, we all need to educate ourselves about using right words when fighting to change this system.

    One of the reasons why EB2 got little bit more highlight because, the number of candidates stuck in that line is higher and please don't ask me how much. If the load on EB2 section reduces, who ultimately benefits? Yes! EB3.

    So lets not fight EB2 war or EB3 war, lets all fight together for one cause and only one which is to, bring a change in this system.

    Take Care


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  • kewlchap
    08-20 01:11 PM
    Are you folks opening a Service request before taking an Infopass appointment? When I visit the site, it says that it needs an SR number. Am I missing something?

    2010 2010 Acura TL Sedan in West Acura Tl 2010 White. Used 2010 Acura TL Car Black
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  • leonimish
    07-06 04:37 PM
    Delivery On: Tuesday 07/10/2007
    Delivery To: The Honorable Emilio T. Gonzalez
    Director U.S. Citizenship and Immigratio
    WASHINGTON, DC 20314-0001

    Gift Message: Thank you for giving us Hope for few hours on July
    1st and taking it away. We enjoyed the ride and the pain. Wish you all the best for future Visa Bulletins.

    Sweetheart Mixed Rose Bqt $24.99

    Discount: ($15.00)
    Service Charges: $13.99
    ---------------- ---------
    Subtotal $23.98

    Total Charge: $23.98


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  • DD_1977
    07-06 06:11 PM

    Your order number is 1183761155. Please keep this number handy until you receive your order. You may also want to print this page for future reference.

    Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

    Thanks for giving us hope for few hours
    on July 1st and taking it away (I-485 Reversal). We
    enjoyed the ride and the pain. Hope
    USCIS recovers from its insanity soon.
    - A Legally admitted Resident from the country of Gandhi.

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  • das0
    04-05 06:08 PM
    Great question! Actually i do have the same question. Can anyone offer feedback here?

    i will call a Immigration Office at USCIS tomorrow on this.


    1. If USCIS get <= 20k on April 1 (sunday), 2 and 3, all US-MS petitions are guaranteed to be at least processed ??

    2. If UCSIS get > 20k on April 1 (sunday), 2 and 3, then i guess, all 20k+ numbers with receipt date including that date when USCIS officially announce H1B-US_MS cap reached, will be under random lotter??


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  • amitjoey
    02-02 03:35 PM
    Visas are divided equally -country wise quota - no country can have more than 7% of worldwide quota. Countries like India, China, Mexico, Phillipines that have more professionals in the USA. So these countries get retrogressed. EB(Employment based) greencard applicants from these countries have to wait.
    Rest of the world (ROW) EB2 (ROW) do not have to wait, their dates are current.

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  • brij523
    07-17 10:04 PM
    Although I am out from this GC fiasco, I would say IV team did heck of a job which requires salute from everyone who are reaping the benefit.


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  • swede
    09-08 09:42 AM
    Sherman is just some teenager, trying to throw some crazy ideas he has, at IV, and see if they stick.

    Sherman, I'm glad you are trying to find answers by talking to IV. Though, you have a lot to read up on about immigration.
    US has always had strong immigration. That is why US is where it is today. It would be impossible for any country to grow that fast without immigration.

    Immigration today versus 100 years ago are very different.
    100 years ago, the only requirement to get into the US was that you were not too sick to work and then you got your green card within 3 to 5 hours(!).
    Today, you need to have education, a job before you even get here, your job has be verified that no American can do it instead, you can not be sick, you have to prove you or someone else has financial means for you to live here, you have to be fingerprinted, can not committed any crimes in the world and more and more. And on top of that you have to wait 5 to 10+ years to get a GC.

    I recommend a trip to Elli's Island i New York. It was fun to hear Americans awwing when they heard the poor immigrants back then sometimes had to stay at Ellis Island for weeks, when they were sick. Comparing a few weeks to the years(!) it takes today, I think many would easily pick a few weeks wait over 10 years wait.
    Not everything has improved.

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  • rockstart
    09-29 10:03 AM
    All these happend to me on NWA and Lufthansa as well. It is just that day and time.

    I have worst experience flying Gulf Air. I have never again used that airline. They treat you like bad and only way to get your rights is to fight and create a scene which I cannot do so best option is to avoid that airline.

    I had recent experience with continental the flight got cancelled but the staff was good they immediately gave me tickets to Virgin Atlantic (which was earliest departure) but I had Advanced Parole and so could not take VA. Then I asked if I can get Qatar Airways and they did not ask any questions immediately booked me qatar. So my experience with continental at ticketing desk was awesome but the staff inside was not that great they were just Ok.

    I feel Qatar is the best airline to fly. I prefer that one for now.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-16 11:25 AM
    If you flip the pages you would know who started all these.

    I did have some respect for your words though

    Yes please do flip through the pages and confirm. I stated what i felt MS education and EB2 qualification. No amount of study will take the place of experience. This is what i felt and i will not back down from your EB2 crowd to say that. Now your response was flaming and i responded back

    Whether you have respect for me or not does not make any difference, the fact is i have lost all respect for your words.

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  • kams
    06-20 09:51 AM
    I just spoke to Indian consulate, NYC. The procedure to correct the last name is very simple. All you need is an Affidavit from the person (Signed in US, saying that you are correcting your name.), 4 photos and a copy of 797 or Visa. No need of advertizements, or Indian affidavit.

    Please note, this is applicable only if,

    In your passport Surname is Blank

    Given name has <first name><last Name> (and all spelling etc are correct)

    and you want it to be corrected to

    Surname <last Name>

    Given Name <First Name>

    They will issue a new booklet with corrected name. It's same day service in NYC.


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  • himu73
    07-07 04:48 PM
    Where is this address on USCIS web site. I cannot find it .Can someone post the link . I want to verify before I send the flowers

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  • ganesha
    12-04 05:45 PM
    This is ridiculous. Just trying to blame a good Sherrif.

    I am from AZ and Sherrif Joe is the best and the whole country should be proud of him.
    He is doing the job which is supposed to be done by Federal govt and ICE, trying to take care of a border state county.
    Well you always have critics when you are doing a good job or he wont keep getting elected again and again.

    I'm from AZ too but that's besides the point. We are definitely not discussing if Sheriff Joe is the best or not. Being humane is what most people are talking about.

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  • amitjoey
    12-19 01:05 PM
    Just sent in my contribution

    07-05 01:09 PM
    Thanks to all those who sent flowers! Won't it be nice if they got 100's of flowers and that it becomes a famous news in the media!!

    If the mainstream media catches this, it'll be great! It has the potential to go viral!

    Can we set a target of sending flowers from 500 people! and then do a media drive on it!!

    What do people say?

    We need your help to get 500 people. Please send the flowers and spread this to your friends.


    11-29 01:33 AM
    I got this email from one of the So. Cal IV Members after requesting for donations for local chapter activities. I thought this was interesting and should share with Everyone

    ************************************************** *

    Great to see the so cal members contributing....(3 days)

    ($10*10members) / Total members(100) = 1 dollar/member (and would surely increase)

    Whereas in IV website (2 week)

    $1185 / 25000 members = 4.7 cents/member

    Just a thought..... its TRUE......

    ************************************************** ****

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