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Friday, July 1, 2011

2000 Audi S3

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  • deecha
    07-20 07:05 PM
    this is my first post...
    I've seen most of you guys are indians, I admire you for being so organized and brave, and also for getting skilled enough to be sucessfull anywhere.
    I'm not in the IT business, I'm not indian, I don't have special skills nor advanced dregrees. I'm just a regular guy who has worked all his life to achieve what he got. Since my degree is a 3 years old, I did not qualify foe EB2 even being in a managerial position for over 10 years.
    I was waiting for the opportunity to file my family's I485 and then my company was bought and I was laid off on jun 14th.
    I've been 6 years in this country, I have 2 american born kids, I've paid a lot of taxes, I have a house mortgage, a car loan...
    Now I'm out of status and worst of all, everything on the GC process is lost.

    I don't think it's fair, I've never done anything illegal, but I'm not ready to leave the country. I need to sell my property, don't know what to do with the car, my wife is on her MBA thesis, I just can't leave.

    I'm telling all this not because I want you to feel sorry, but to create awareness that it's NOT on your hands being legal or illegal. You're in others hands: your employer, USCIS, the adjudicator officer.

    So don't judge others just because you have been lucky enough to maintain your status...

    Good luck to you all in your I-485s

    VZLAN, Ah! I can't return to my country since I am Venezuelan, and I don't plan to raise my kids under communism.

    I am really sorry about your situation. While, it is true that there is a lot under USCIS' adjudicator's control, we need to give it our best try and exhaust our options before we give up. I think that being Indian, IT and skilled (I am all 3 !) does not have that much of a bearing on one's life situations and connection to green card being approved. Case in point : I went through a rough time myself (see beginning of the thread) and even paid the price (divorce, heartbroken) for taking a chance. However, everyones situation is unique.

    If you can post details of your case, then someone from here is sure to be able to give you some guidance. One last piece of advice, there is no substitute for a damn good lawyer who can get you the results. It might not come cheap though. There are instances of people having accrued unlawful stays beyond 1 year and lawyers having gotten them their EB based green cards later through CP using tricks such as waivers etc.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.

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  • logiclife
    07-09 12:45 PM

    Additional threads are confusing members.

    Sorry I have to close this thread as this has many wrong posts having wrong message and zipcode.

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  • GTGC
    03-09 03:48 PM
    Just contributed $50 -Transaction id = S-98L182225B618081N

    Lets get to the bottom of the mess called USCIS!

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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 02:51 PM

    From FTD.COM


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  • little_willy
    09-07 11:19 PM
    Friend - Why don't you wait till 9/18 and have this discussion. Oh, hold on, by that time, the rally will be a huge success and you won't be around here to show your face. Strength is in numbers and you will see the power of immigrants on 9/18. If we could reverse a visa bulletin with a rally of 350+ members and couple of hundred flowers, we will be headlines with 10000+ rally. This is going to be a historic event and why don't you take our side and be part of history instead of being an anti-immigrant cry baby.

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  • thomachan72
    12-07 07:59 AM
    Saguar, this is not a simple issue and we cannot just this as an independent event. Yes these people are here ilegally but what do they do; work. Yes they work for meagre wages and reduce the price of commodities which would otherwise need to be imported from elsewhere. Now we have heard that due to some of the raids innocent children were torn apart from their parents who never came back from work. children came back from school to learn that they will never see their parents again. whole towns, churches and communities cried out in anguish when such events happen. The pain is tremendous. when you allow a problem to get so deep rooted into the society often the best way to handle it is to first accept it and then plan carefully. You cannot suddenly start deporting a minor fraction of these folks who have indeed contributed to the economy directly/indirectly. You can import cheap goods from other countries but people are now realizing that it is better to import labor and have work done here. This raids and intolerance has an element of hatred mixed in and it is not only about "law". Churches came forward to hide and protect the children who were affected by the raids. shouldn't the children be evicted too??


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-20 09:49 AM
    Following up on my previous post. Here is the format for the ad and the affidavit. We went to the DC embassy to get the name changed and they have next day (business days only) passport-by-mail service. I don't think they have same day service.

    Actual correct name: <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>
    Current Name on passport: <first_name_pp>
    Name in US docs (Visa, SSN, Drivers Lic.):
    <first_name_us> FNU _OR_ <first_name_us> <first_name_us>

    Format of the ad we placed in Indian newspaper (TOI) and local US newspaper:

    I, <first_name_pp> AKA <first_name_us> FNU AKA <first_name_us> <first_name_us> d/o <dads_name> R/o <indian_address/us_address> have changed my name to <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>.

    Format of Affidavit from India (on Rs. 10 Non Judicial Stamp Paper):


    I, <first_name_pp>, D/o <dads_name>, R/o <indian_address>, do hereby take oath and solemnly declare as under:-

    1. That I have declared my name as <first_name_us> <first_name_us> earlier.
    2. That I have declared my name as <first_name_us> FNU earlier.
    3. That now I want to change my name from <first_name_pp> to <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>.
    4. That in future I may be called as <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name> for all purposes


    Verified at <city_name> on this <date> that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


    The deponent above is the person whose name is being changed. Since my wife was here and the affidavit was to be made in India, my mother-in-law signed on my wifes behalf know what I am saying... (ah! the things you can get done in India)

    We found out at the embassy that we could have used our India issued marriage certificate (which had my wifes correct name) and avoid doing all this. Placing the ad, getting the affidavit and posting it to US all took a total of 1 week. We went to the DC embassy early on a Friday and we got the passport with the name changed via mail by Monday.

    Another friend of mine got the same thing done via the mail-in service. It took him 2 weeks to get the passport back.

    Hope this helps.

    thanks a lot buddy................ really appreciate your help..............

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  • eb3retro
    12-19 12:30 PM
    Only 9% away from my first $500 contribution as part of the pledge..... this forum is so slow.... I thought that by today noon I have to shell out $500...but doesn't looks the case...
    Oh I forgot ! This forum is used to slow processing ...let it be GC or Contribution..... doesn't surprises me..... Our fraternity is used to slow things just like GC .... come guys /gals ..... show some speed....

    come on guys let us prove anurakt is wrong, may be our gc processing slow, but not our efforts to solve it. please pitch in. Contribute generously so that Anurakt spends his $500. Its still not noon in PST. Let us make this happen.


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  • npatel
    04-25 08:05 AM
    I completed my MS in Computer Science from US around 6 years back, was on OPT for a year & thereafter moved out of US and came back to my home town. Have been working here for 6 years now as in the software field & have now applied for H1B under masters Quota. Was wondering if I am eligible to apply under this quota as I am neither a fresh graduate nor have any status in the US. Also, my lawyer has only filled out the I-129 form. Is there any special form that needs to be filled out to be considered for Master's quota?
    Please reply�

    You are eligible to apply under masters quota. There is no special form for the masters cap. However, lets hope that your attorney has checked the box of h1b for "US Masters" and send application to USCIS with ATTN: H-1B U.S. Masters Cap D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • shukla77
    09-14 01:32 PM
    can we have a poll as part of this thread? simple poll with the options "Yes" if sending the letter and "No" if not. We want to make sure that there is significant participation from IV members in order to see some results..

    Good luck.


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  • newbie2020
    02-27 02:15 PM
    I corrected it . it is on 3/4/09

    Wednesday is 03/04/09. Let me know if you meant tuesday or wednesday.


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  • wandmaker
    02-25 08:56 AM
    Good one, Change to workflow should not be an issue, but we should have IV core support and reasonable to pool of money (not peanuts) to make this a success. I would recommend to run a funding drive, specially for this effort once IV core endorses this effort. In day to day life, Everything begins with $, you get what you pay for and nothing is free.


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  • arrarrgee
    07-05 12:04 PM
    any reason y we are sending these flowers?? On the line of 'Lage Raho.' (An Indian movie where the protogonist preaches non violence and sends flowers instead)...

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  • jetflyer
    04-15 08:46 PM
    View Post
    While they a burden to US for 2 years and add nothing to the economy during the same 2, years a H1B contributes to the economy in form of taxes (SS, medicare State and Federal Tax)

    Can you refute that ?????

    Your turn ...........

    PlainSpeak...F1 are not burden to US, they pay big college fees for the education.

    You know who is real burden, thats H4 visa holders like you. who have nothing to do. they just sit home eat and fight.

    you are a classic example of burden to the society.. you are spending all the time here and fighting with everyone.

    if anyone starts talking about anything, you just come and start fighting.



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  • DCQC
    07-17 07:19 PM
    I would like to Thank you for being a savior during this time of distress for thousands of you. Greatly appreciate all your hard work and efforts for teh job well done. Let us continue to work together to get the outstanding immigration issues fixed so we and the future aspirants will have a smooth ride towards permandnt residence.

    Good night and good luck!

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  • paskal
    07-11 12:54 PM
    Off topic, but I'm confused in figuring out the standards for closing topics in this forum. I've seen threads with much lower tone, fewer personal attacks and cleaner language being called useless bickering and closed.
    I don't mean anyone personally, and I can be wrong, but to me it seems like if the people involved are not moderators and expressing reasonable argument against an IV goal or IV practice it's quickly a target for closing. While if a moderator is involved and has enough supporters to overpower the other party, the thread is kept open with no problem even though it's the same level of bickering and insult exchange.

    hey bfadlia,

    how goes life with you? its human to see things through personal lenses. when you are involved in a thread and want a discussion you (or i) will always feel it is a target, if it gets clsoed....
    personally i hate closing threads. i give tons of warnings and keep stating...i will close...but rarely do :-)
    in this case, the effort is to bring the thread back to the original discussion, in deference to the original posters.

    we seem to succeed intermittently....until we are thrown back OT :-)

    hope it's a sunny warm MN weekend!

    ps at the same time moderators are human too...and i don't think there has been much overpowering here, last i noted, i was the one apologising :-)


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  • genius
    05-13 07:52 PM
    If my wife who is an MBA finance from Mumbai, currently working as a corporate banker with one of the top 5 banks in the world comes to the US on an H4 & decides to do a CPA certification, can she work on OPT until the H1B quota opens up next year???

    I received an RFE too,but within 2 weeks of submission of my appln.I have already submitted the reuqested RFE.DO you know whats next?Is RFE a normal procedure?Is there any kind of risks,if you get an RFE?Please let me know.
    I guess 13 days after the receipt of notice is a bit too long.I guess you should contact the INS ,incase your RFE notice has been lost or something.

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  • enqueued
    08-14 02:13 PM
    To NSC.

    No LUD on my I140. It remains as is.

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  • oliTwist
    02-25 10:56 AM
    I am ok with this idea. At this point, I am ok with anythign..SOmething is better than nothing ....

    07-05 10:01 PM
    I think that the IV core is aware of this campaign. They are not against it, as far as I understand, though obviously, there is no direct endorsement from them either.

    I think this is a great idea to get media attention - something different and unique, and media always loves these things. The only thing that can doom it to failure is lack of enough numbers.

    If we go and tell a journalist about this campaign, the first question we will be asked is, "how many flowers are you talking about?" and if our answer would 50 or 100, then the story dies right there. 250,000 affected skilled immigrants and only 100 of them are enthu enough to send flowers - well that's no story :rolleyes:.

    So the only thing I can say is that at worst, this action will do you no harm and you will be out of 30-40 dollars. But at best, this can give us a media spotlight - and I think it is worth it.

    Well no one wants to spend $20 to contribute to IV but ready $30 for flowers and post it to Gonzalez :)

    The idea that core wants to float is to have an effective campaign under the IV umbrella. Please come up with more innovative ideas and discuss with core.

    09-07 10:23 PM
    I think he is telling the truth. Otherwise we would have almost 100% attendance for the rally. But it does not seem like. So, i think we "so called higly educated and qualified" need to think about it.

    Maybe so. He like many other people (esp. on TV) has a hidden agenda in his message. Why does he want you to contact him thru email? I for one stay away or get swayed by anyone on this board esp. if it their second post. All I can say is good marketing, sorry but tough luck.

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