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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • zerozerozeven
    12-08 02:02 PM
    i sent my comments on on how the immigration system needs a overhaul

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  • Green.Tech
    05-23 03:05 PM
    Excellent discussion!

    Folks - We have gained a lot of ground with these calls as evident by singhsa's post...Please continue to call...For those who are on the fence, please pick up your phone and call now...10 minutes of your time spent now will be worth it in the long run...

    Stand up for yourself!!!

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  • srikondoji
    05-24 01:06 PM
    This will not pass.
    However, if programmers guild is proposing such laws from H1-B aspirants, then why not propose similar proposal for each and every tech worker?
    Let us see how many even will vote 'yes'.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    04-28 07:23 AM
    Dang! I need to hire a secretary to track all the stuff that N-400 needs :(
    I can't afford a secretary, which is why I am taking the trouble of knowing the process in advance.


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  • smisachu
    12-20 08:59 PM
    Hi Guys. I am trying to take an appointment in Jan. The earliest I can get is 11th in Kollkata. I have booking to travel to US on 26th. After listening to the delays here, I am confused where to go for stamping or return with AP.:confused::confused:

    Please advise; guys who have been through stamping recently. Appreciate your feedback.

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  • h1techSlave
    07-10 02:50 PM
    As per our lawyers, right now USCIS is in the process of entering our applications in their system (for date of receipt and such). There was a memo from USCIS saying that they will be done with the job of data entry by August 1.

    From August 1, we can expect either rejection or acceptance of the actual application. The hope is that a court/congressional intervention before August 1 will change the USCIS action of rejection into acceptance.

    Flowers to Condi; any body?



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  • shankar_thanu
    07-17 02:15 PM
    I understand DREAM act is not related to EB issues. What I meant was, just like how DREAM act is being added to an unrelated bill, we should work on adding things like 'unlimited STEM visas' and 'recapture unused numbers' to other bills and get them passed.

    IV core will need lot of support to do accomplish this, hope at least some of the folks who got into IV because of the july fiasco contribute funds.

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  • rheoretro
    09-14 10:36 AM
    The objective here is to add members; to acheive that we need get to the places where they go.

    1. regularly visited websites

    I am not saying we should advertise in Indian sites only. I am saying advertise in the sites where immigration applicants visit regularly.

    Grocery stores & company HR sites are obviously other means to get attention of the immigration applicants.

    Absolutely, I agree with you. Please help us out! Thank you!


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  • pappu
    02-06 01:18 PM

    I didnt know you have such doubts about the efforts of IV and its goals.

    Anyways, have you every picked up the phone and called us to ask us what we are doing at that moment? What we did last week, what's our plan next week? You know, there is a phone number listed at several places on the website. That phone never rings. Oh yes, never. So who come you never seek answers where you can get them?

    We have told several times, that we dont have time to keep everyone in loop about everything we do in DC, including every time we meet some staffer or someone. Sorry, that's just how it is.

    Last week, Aman was in DC on Thursday and Friday (Jan 25 and 26) and had meetings with 3 senate staffers who work on Immigration. Then he went to India, then he came back straight to DC monday morning and since yesterday, he has met with 2 more staffers, our lobbyists.
    We are also trying to find out about the schedule A rumor and if its true, to have the recaptured visas go to all categories not just schedule A.

    So there, you have your update? If you want to know more, then call us on the phone.

    And this update is the kind of update we dont usually post on forums. This is mundane advocacy stuff. Find me one organization that gives hour by hour update of what they are doing.

    If you dont trust us, what are you doing here. Why dont you join the "bash IV" party at immigration portal and enjoy criticizing the arrogant IV core and its stupid blind followers. I am sure you will find many enlightened fellows like over at portal who are smart enough not to follow or believe in IV.
    Well said Logiclife.
    Calling us in not the solution. After you call us and get an update, tell us how you can help us and then actually help us.
    Purplehazea, lets see if you now step up and come forward to help us in our efforts instead of ranting about us.
    If you are one of those members that were once part of IV and either got banned or left because you felt we are working against your interests, then you were never part of this community and effort. This is a genuine effort and a lot of people's careers and personal lives are affected due to the greencard problem and we are genuinely trying to fix it. If you are trying to spread a negative message urging people not to contribute and posting negative remarks, then you either are not affected by retrogression (and so you dont belong here) or you are so naive that you are hurting your own interests by posting negative remarks on other forums.
    Lets also see how many members are willing to come forward to actively work for IV and also contrbute for the cause.
    lets also see how many H4s come forward to volunteer their time for this effort. We are on H1s and find it hard to manage our jobs and IV work. H4s can be a great asset in our volunteer efforts on various fronts.
    lets see if there are any H4s who can commit to meeting each and every lawmaker in their state. Lets also see if there is any H4 in DC area who can commit to spend some hours daily meeting staffers in various DC offices and doing the running around work that some core members do by travelling to DC on their own money and use up their entire vacation time.

    If you do any of the above, then come back and tell us what to do and what not to do. Give us all your ideas and suggestions and ask us to execute them for you. Then tell us that we are arrogant etc etc. Then tell us that you can do better than us and lead all of us. We are very open to this.

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  • ars01
    07-18 11:01 AM
    I don't know why but we tend to be satisfied with lsmall benefits...
    I agree with you "something (EAD and AP) is better than nothing"
    But i bet you will find your self in the same situation of agony and endless waiting for the final Green card.
    I bet most of the people don't use your ead and AP as it puts you in a gray "Adjustment of status". They are good to have though. But you will painful it is to decide to use them or not..

    What i want to say is that being able to apply for EAD and AP is not the end of the will be stuck in a depressing situation waiting for the final green card.How do i know? .. I went through it...waiting for GC for the past 4 years.

    I dont know its FBI or its just the USCIS incompetence but waiting in the final stage is horrible. Every time you travel you are scared...AP as for as my lawyer goes IT does not guarantee 100% entry in to the country.

    After you apply for AP its only 1 year H1 increments.

    What i am saying why dont we try for the overall improvement of the GC processing. Why dont we be firm about not wasting the GC numbers and recapturing the unused numbers.

    We had a small revolt (peaceful way) and its successful.We dont want to stop there.


    I hope you guys are with me..looking for your comments
    I agree. The short term relief will be short term. After a year or so we all will be frustrated with the delay in getting GC as that point we will already be tired of renewing EAD (and Advance Parole??) every year. We must work on capturing the unused visas. Otherwise the feeling is correct, no GC for several years after filing.

    USCIS allowed filing but there is no guarantee they will open those envelops and starts working on that. They have a good excuse and that is called THE BACKLOG. I think we should suggest Dipa Nair to make a move named "The Backlog" and I am sure bollywood in India can do a nice entertaing job for that as well.



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  • krupa
    04-09 03:31 PM
    I too had soft LUD's on Mar 26 and 27 and thereafter continuosly from 30 mar 2009 to 3rd Apr 2009 (total 7 days), this happenned after my reply to 485 RFE.

    I didnt apply for EAD/AP or no other applications are pending except 485 . Recieved date is Aug 2, 2007 and My PD is NOV2004/EB3

    Nembrask service center current processing date for 485 is 15 Aug 2007 , Looks like they are going through all the files in the order they recieved and pereadjucating each case else deniel letter.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    12-09 11:13 AM
    I read about your intense desire for GC and was thinking to myself... is GC something that someone has to be so very obsessed about? But after reading about your ordeal on this thread, I am starting to see why this is such a joyful time you in you life. Congrats!!! And I wish you all the best ... hope you will get to taste the better fruits of life now after having gone through so much crap.

    This is a standing testimonial of the kind of negative impact this broken, fu**ed up immigration system brings to the life of individuals. Core IV team, I think we should package this person's story and use it as an example of how bad things can get in this system and publicize this incident. Maybe mail his story to all the incoming senators and house reps and make them see the kind of shit every single person undergoes in this system. This almost makes Abu Gharib prison system look like a Christmas fete ... atleast they KNOW the kind of crap they will have to endure each day. With the US immigration system, you never know what they will hit you with next.



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  • misanthrope
    10-03 02:24 PM
    Well, you supported gctest by saying that EB3 consultants work for sleazy, body-shopping companies which clearly implied that EB3 consultants are third class and sleazy. Why don't you just retract the original post of yours and the reds will disappear?

    Here is what I wrote.
    Well, I don't think gctest is against EB3. He is against consultants from sleazy bodyshopping companies, which is right.

    Tell me how did you deduce that I am saying that EB3 consultants work for sleazy, body-shopping companies and IMPLIED that they are third-class.
    There is NO logical connection. It is actually YOU who is telling me that those consultants are third-class and that is visible in the quoted post above.
    After this financial sector meltdown, many big brains may end up working for these sleazy firms to save their H1B, which is NOT wrong. It's again, the choices that you make. I am sure most of them would have other options too.

    I am sorry, I can live with reds but I will not be a conformist.:)

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  • walking_dude
    11-21 11:21 AM
    Contact -

    Sample Letter

    Dear News Editor(s),

    As a WWJ 950 listener and an immigrant living in Michigan, I am concerned about the negative impacts on immigrants by the airing of your show "WWJ Business Breakfast" with Mr. LOU DOBBS, which is scheduled to air on Nov 29 between 8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

    Mr. Dobbs is known for his strong views against immigrants, including considering immigrants to be responsible for the spread of incurable diseases such as Drug-resistant Tuberculosis, Leprosy etc. From past experience on CNN, he is also highly likely to blame the current crisis in Auto Industry to the so-called "importation of cheap labor from third world countries".

    He is known to make exaggerated statements such as "Four hundred thousand H1Bs granted in a year" where as facts show otherwise. As per government figures, federal government awarded 124,096 H-1B visas in the fiscal year ending October 2005, the most recent annual totals available. That includes renewed visas, which don't count against the annual cap. These dramatic exaggerations distort the reality and provide a falsified alarmist view of the situation; which works against the interests of Immigrants ,businesses and American economy.

    In the interests of fairness, you should also air the counter-views while providing coverage to such strong one-sided views. This would provide a balanced coverage to your viewers.

    In the absence of such unbiased coverage, Mr. Dobbs verbal attacks may provoke physical attacks against foreigners as well as any foreign-looking persons by misguided elements provoked by your show. If such incidents do happen, please understand that your network will be indirectly responsible and liable to the foreigners affected.

    As a concerned party I would like to know -

    1) What action your network is taking to provide coverage of the other point of view, in the interests of fairness?

    2) What action is your network taking to ensure that Lou Dobbs verbal attacks on foreigners do not translate into physical attacks on foreigners living in Michigan?

    3) What action is your network taking to ensure that Lou Dobbs doesn't use exaggerated falsifications to justify his views. providing your listeners a wrong picture?

    Appreciate hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,
    Phone: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
    E-mail :



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  • willgetgc2005
    11-15 02:17 PM
    It indeed is nonsense. You give money where you cant get any benefit.
    Oh well, I guess that is OK.Then they trash you saying you have not paid.
    Then they say, you have not paid so get out.

    Fun stuff ?

    Why do people spread the false propaganda that H1Bs do not pay taxes? This is utter nonsense.

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  • cooldude0807
    09-17 11:46 AM
    Hope they get to HR 5882 before the lunch break!!!


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  • webm
    02-26 03:28 PM

    Meanwhile, my lawyer today emailed & confirmed that the h1b will be valid even after using AP to travel and one can also renew or transfer the h1b. Even after the current I-94 expires obtained using AP, if one has still valid EAD or H1B I-797, he/she will be in status. However she also said that this is tricky situation and she could not find any CIS memo.


    Now I see no reason why anyone should NOT use AP to travel. Why should ANYONE waste money and time for restamping and take a small chance???

    However as "Ramba" said in post# 27, it is still a small chance as no one knows what is exactly the CIS rules.

    I agree..

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  • ilikekilo
    03-03 08:41 PM
    I bought Patriot America by img global for my parents. We had to take my mother to ER. The total claim was close to 10k and to my surprise imgglobal did pay exactly as whatever it said. It is not a pre existing condition. Based on my research, nobody covers a pre existing condition.

    The advantage of using the american, comprehensive policy is, the hospital took the insurance card, no questions asked. Send me a PM if you want more details as it was really painful in the first place to go to ER, let alone worry about insurance.

    good to know taht img is decent...however iam not sure how many months tehy took to take care of that claim..we still have cl\aims from december...

    thanksjgh for ur post..

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  • somma
    11-01 04:53 PM
    I would love to go back to my country i.e India but the problem is there are already tons of people in there and I seriously think they are more brilliant, intelligent and hardworking than me.

    If I go back I would be burden to that country so I prefer to stay back with my lazy and un-motivated attitude and also the environment suites me for getting me laid every time I need one.

    04-07 01:36 PM
    I am settng up tea stall at Asian Festival(just for fun) , i will give all my profit to IV. Approx. 20,000 people visit the festival so i should be able to make atleast $200-300 profit with my tea stall.

    Also, i am sending my $100 contibution by money order

    12-13 02:40 PM
    Was this the first attempt to get to USA? OR

    were you working in USA and went for a visting to INDIA?

    I was on F1 (to OPT to H1b) and planning to visit india in January,. I have to go for stamping.

    I was on L2 here and went to India for H1 stamping. I have EAD and AP thru my spouse AOS sponsorship. Since I want to retain my H1 status I went for H1 stamping. No questions related to job..more about my spouse AOS..officer told me visa is granted and it is almost 1 week and no change in passport status on vfs site. I am bit worried..i will call consulate tonight..

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