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Saturday, June 25, 2011

world map labeled with countries13

images Click around to zoom and see! world map labeled with countries13. following World War II,
  • following World War II,

  • Leo07
    12-01 05:04 PM
    Lottery is good...

    Just to play a devil's advocate..
    Lottery could be targeting the same set of audience that already contribute by other means. Potentially the over-all amount may not get bigger...

    New way of steady income by means of donations to IV...a new avenue would be ideal.

    If we are to loose any of the efforts that pappu has mentioned in the agenda....just for the lack of money...That would be painful

    wallpaper following World War II, world map labeled with countries13. Europe Map
  • Europe Map

  • idolthoughts
    06-11 02:44 AM
    wow i have been gone for awhile but thanks to who ever ripped me a new one for my linux idea jerks lol IT WAS JUST AN IDEA DAMMIT!!!

    world map labeled with countries13. CIA - The World Factbook
  • CIA - The World Factbook

  • deleteuser
    07-17 04:30 PM
    I don't know why but we tend to be satisfied with lsmall benefits...
    I agree with you "something (EAD and AP) is better than nothing"
    But i bet you will find your self in the same situation of agony and endless waiting for the final Green card.
    I bet most of the people don't use your ead and AP as it puts you in a gray "Adjustment of status". They are good to have though. But you will painful it is to decide to use them or not..

    What i want to say is that being able to apply for EAD and AP is not the end of the will be stuck in a depressing situation waiting for the final green card.How do i know? .. I went through it...waiting for GC for the past 4 years.

    I dont know its FBI or its just the USCIS incompetence but waiting in the final stage is horrible. Every time you travel you are scared...AP as for as my lawyer goes IT does not guarantee 100% entry in to the country.

    After you apply for AP its only 1 year H1 increments.

    What i am saying why dont we try for the overall improvement of the GC processing. Why dont we be firm about not wasting the GC numbers and recapturing the unused numbers.

    We had a small revolt (peaceful way) and its successful.We dont want to stop there.


    I hope you guys are with me..looking for your comments
    I am wondering about the same question. Recently, I read about the portability rules and they are so unspecific that I am not sure I want to take advantage of them. Not even Mr. Shusterman could give an assertive answer in his Q&A session ( He said you should not renounce your job two days after the 180 have passed, but when is the right time? I am getting more and more confused and depressed about this whole situation and about finding the right moment to decide whether I still want this.

    2011 Europe Map world map labeled with countries13. The Mmamabula deposit is said
  • The Mmamabula deposit is said

  • shahuja
    02-06 09:30 AM
    i just called DOS. He asked for my visa type and passport number. He said "your visa has been issued in Jan. Call the New Delhi consulate and they should let you know if it would come through mail or do you need to go pick it up"

    what happens next ?? how long after this stage it takes to get the visa ?? are there any other checks that could be going on ?? ONCE DOS approves are there any other agencies like FBI, KCC doing some other approvals as well ?? if you know what happens next let me know..waiting for posts..

    so now i know I am not stuck due to PIMS and DOS cleared and approved my visa in Jan..what else then ??


    world map labeled with countries13. Henry Kissinger, at the World
  • Henry Kissinger, at the World

  • santb1975
    06-03 03:06 PM
    Keep calling

    world map labeled with countries13. Update the map as conflict
  • Update the map as conflict

  • cool_guy_onnet1
    06-15 09:39 AM
    I have an appointment with Murthy's attorney next week. SInce we have limit on PM I would suggest making a yahoogroup thread and include those in the same boat. My PD is Sep 05 EB2 India . it's pretty bad for me :-) Getting married next March (just need to find the gal - kidding ;-) )
    Lets talk with our respective attorneys and separate attorney's personal benefit from this.
    Ofcourse, all the Attorneys will tell you NOT TO DO CP SINCE THEY CANT CHARGE THIS Matthew Oh GUY and others want you to do 485 so they can milk more money out of you.
    Email me at and I would setup something for "485 kawares"

    To raaj2007, just getting an EAD does not nullify your H1, but if you use EAD you loose H1. Go and check with your attorney. If you use EAD you cannot enter US using H1 or H4, you have to use Advance parole.

    Adding to the replies to other post

    (i) I heard after filing 485 I could change employers? Yes or no? If yes, then which state would I be in? (EAD, AP or none)?
    Answer - You can change employer after 180 days of pending 485 using AC 21 and you would be in EAD and use AP to enter US
    (ii) After filing 485, do I HAVE to get my wife into US before the dates retrogress again?? Whoa never heard that...are you sure?
    Answer -Yes, if you dont, you would not be able to file for her if the dates retrogresses again, also to file 485 for your wife , she should be in US at the time of filing 485.
    (iii) Is there no step after 485 filing that I can keep postponing to not let 485 approve (like delaying 485 fingerprinting multiple times) so that I can let 485 approve only after I am married and can bring my wife in?
    Answer - No, you cannot postpone it on your own will. But if your marriage date is before 485 approval (even one day) and tour wife could not make it to US, she can come to US using follow to join process. That process is also available if PD are current. In that scenario you ask USCIS to send US consulate in India to send a notice that the principal applicant's 485 has been approved and since the marriage was before 485 approval, she should be called for Interview at the US consulate in India and given the immigrant VISA, The Follow to join process is like Consular Processing.

    Hope I answered your doubts.


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  • Travel diary

  • english_august
    07-12 10:00 PM
    This is the press release prepared with help from the Core. Please send it out to your friends, journalists and other contacts.

    Best of Luck for the rally.

    2010 CIA - The World Factbook world map labeled with countries13. Click around to zoom and see!
  • Click around to zoom and see!

  • vbkris77
    04-26 10:03 PM
    Hello TNMan, If L1 guys is doing a H1B duty and if you can prove it, sue TCS and talk to DOL. You won't need GC trust me. They will pay a lot.. and pls. help us by creating one more thread on this subject exclusively.. Don't hijack an important thread like this...

    But forum, Pls. get back focus onto the main topic..


    world map labeled with countries13. Maps. Click to enlarge images
  • Maps. Click to enlarge images

  • Chanda
    08-12 12:59 PM

    hair The Mmamabula deposit is said world map labeled with countries13. the GDP of countries to US
  • the GDP of countries to US

  • Macaca
    11-19 02:07 PM
    The ONLY reason for CIR derailment was public opposition generated MAINLY by Lou LIAR DoGGs & Associates. Thus, there is no reason to believe that countering their effort should have lower priority then ANY other activity.

    Programmers Guild, numbers USA, ALIPAC, zazona, are the 1st to blog at EVERY immigration site. Numbers USA is already there at Bill Clinton and Obama Agree: GOP Will Make Immigration an Issue ( & Programmers Guild is at Senators Want International Students to Stay Longer ( 6421181ab8a). They are not doing it for NOTHING.

    It is not possible to win every battle with them. At the same time it is not good to ignore every battle.

    The problem is that this takes time. Also, the arguments have become deeper and require good understanding of issues based on reading. It is Immigration 401 now. Most IV agruments have moved to middle school and will soon move to pre-school.

    Also, benefits of confrontation are hard to quantify and will not be IMMEDIATE. It will always be work in progress.

    I had ignored the H1B argument since it did not affect me. I have started paying attention to it recently, which takes time. Excepting for 3+ provable arguments against Indian Consulting companies, all anti-H1B arguments are G A R B A G E. You can see the contradictions in an article if you read it carefully; some paras are contradicting. You can contradict the others by quoting other articles.

    However, Programmers Guild keeps on spreading LIES at every opportunity. They are not doing it because it is useless!

    In short, please learn how to learn.


    world map labeled with countries13. Central Europe according to
  • Central Europe according to

  • SGP
    04-15 05:03 AM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD MORNING GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Dear IV Members,

    If you believe that your success depends on your immigration process - whether it's the ability to file I-485 earlier or to get green-card and citizenship sooner or whether it's the ability of your spouse to work - then you have to believe that your success somehow depends on the success of Immigration voice and these 170 volunteers in DC next week.
    As you may know, we are just one more week away from hosting Advocacy day in Washington DC where about 170 members of Immigration Voice will conduct nearly 250 meetings with offices of Senators and Congressmen. Such events cost money. If we have enough contributions, we can spend as per our budget of nearly $ 50,000. If not, we will have to cut back on the event spending and reduce the magnitude and size of the event.
    If you are not coming to DC next week, please do your part and contribute funds to Immigration Voice. It not only finances the event properly, it instills pride and confidence in the members who will be there in DC that there are thousands of willing supporters behind them who could not be there physically but are 100% with them in their determination and resolve.

    For background click here -> Announcement about April 2011 Advocacy Days (
    Contribute to Advocacy Event on the Capitol Hill ( (All one-time contributions will go towards organizing the Advocacy Days event)

    hot Henry Kissinger, at the World world map labeled with countries13. And in this last one we see
  • And in this last one we see

  • abhijitp
    06-06 04:38 AM
    I am sorry I haven't done it either. I am gonna get this done tomorrow. I am deeply buried in work right now (hope you will trust me on this given the time of the day now;-) but this action item is way too important to miss out on!!!

    Thanks Santb1975 and everybody else who is making this happen!


    house readers around the world. world map labeled with countries13. Think Quest [2],
  • Think Quest [2],

  • signin241
    07-26 09:21 AM
    I'm getting married in August and my wife will be here in Sep/Oct. My PD is pretty recent - May 2007 EB2 (India). I'm planning to file my 140/485 (concurrent) and maintain my H1B for now and also bring my wife on H4. As long as she wants to be on H4, I'll maintain my H1 and once my PD comes CURRENT again, I'll file her 485.

    Now, I've heard that my 485 won't be approved before my date is CURRENT again. Once the bulletin releases and if my date is CURRENT, I'll send my wife's papers to USCIS immediately. But it seems like I can get FP notice even before my dates become CURRENT. That case, my FP and other stuff might finish early and my wife's late. Does this affect her case in anyway as there is every chance that my 485 gets approved early and hers late. Will she be "out of status" because of her 485 pending and mine approved.

    What do you suggest ??

    tattoo Update the map as conflict world map labeled with countries13. Maps. Click to enlarge images
  • Maps. Click to enlarge images

  • smuggymba
    01-11 03:20 PM
    thank u thank u thank u..... please pray for me..... it might work where dos has has failed since sep-09, just 19 days away..... i promise to not bother u after i get my gc.... did i rub u the wrong way in the past

    seriously dude, you're a time waster. I have seen only a couple of posts where you have advised members without abusing, denigrating them or wasting their time by your useless comments. I have asked you many time to either help or stay away but you seem to find pleasure in digressing the topic and wasting time. I hope you're gone for good and don't return with a fake ID after you get your GC.

    When I first saw your profile, your PD was different, now it's EB05, which makes me believe that your avatar is bound to haunt this website for years to come in one ID or the other. Anyway best of luck.


    pictures Travel diary world map labeled with countries13. Transit Guide Forwarding of
  • Transit Guide Forwarding of

  • B3NKobe
    06-05 08:24 PM
    hey B3NKobe, have you submitted something yet?
    Nope - I will, the deadline is 1st July, iv got plenty of time.

    dresses And in this last one we see world map labeled with countries13. the Second World War.
  • the Second World War.

  • Vexir
    06-02 02:19 AM
    Introducing the Apple iBOY. Wish I could have spent more time on it, but I'm too lazy ;).

    Edit: I just realized this is not really a skin... more of a modification. Is it legal? If not, I'd like to have this entry voided so I can try again hehe.

    :lol: I love the concept but I don'th think its legal.


    makeup Maps. Click to enlarge images world map labeled with countries13. readers around the world.
  • readers around the world.

  • like_watching_paint_dry
    08-15 01:10 AM
    Take my example (and there are thousands like myself)....came to the US 8 years ago, spent 5 years working day and night to earn a PhD on a low (barely sustainable) stipend, got FIRST job saw decent money for the first time 6 years after I came.

    Not sure about you, but a lot of the people enrolled into the doctorate program in the 2001-2004 time-frame out of necessity. They could not find a job after their masters and decided to go for the quals as a fallback. If you did actual research, you should have enough publications and acclaimed research to get you into EB1. If not, well then there's no need to cry in self pity here because you are getting exactly what you deserve.

    girlfriend Maps. Click to enlarge images world map labeled with countries13. The following maps were
  • The following maps were

  • trueguy
    06-17 03:58 PM
    Do we have any agenda for EB3-I?

    Participate in IV actions. Call the lawmakers.

    hairstyles Central Europe according to world map labeled with countries13. this failed state
  • this failed state

  • hope4gc
    01-22 11:41 AM
    One more question for now
    Do i need to apparoach an immigration lawyer and a CPA for setting up a company?
    I have PMed you with some questions you have asked

    11-16 07:33 PM
    Calling all members who got approved in October 2009
    Please see thread

    10-03 12:31 PM
    You want me to come here and argue with people who can barely speak/write good english? People who defy the basic tenets of an argument.. (attacking the person as opposed to attacking the argument)?

    I urge all to read "The story of my experiments with truth" by Mahatma Gandhi (if you haven't already). While in a prison in South africa.. he spent his time in jail making a leather shoe for the white supremacist who put him in jail. This is the prime example of loving the person but fighting the ideas he stands for. This was also depicted in the move-- "Gandhi my father"

    You can call me names, give me reds.. but you all know that I am standing for my rights and for what is fair.

    I faced a similar opposition when we spoke against labor substitution-- fast forward 3 years.... do we all agree that labor substitution was damaging to EB immigration?

    Did anyone notice that GCTest's only interest was to start a fight between EB2 and EB3 folks.

    See how he opened up a thread and threw a match to light the fire so that everyone starts fighting amongst themselves and he did not post again in his own thread .

    United we stand and divided we fall. This is true since life started and will be true until the end of time.

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