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Monday, June 27, 2011

sketches of birds

images sketches from great bustards sketches of birds. sketch dove 02
  • sketch dove 02

  • gjoe
    12-07 11:31 PM
    Two thumbs up to whoever came up with this idea. I would suggest some of us should apply for jobs in his administration since we already have our EAD. We can submit our resume on the site.:)

    wallpaper sketch dove 02 sketches of birds. Birds have face too,
  • Birds have face too,

  • abhijitp
    06-18 08:16 PM
    I have started taking printouts of the instructions and handing it to people - hoping that will increase the probability of them calling.

    Great idea. Thanks for doing this. As we know from our admin fix campaign, our own members sometimes do it as soon as you hand out a hard-copy!

    Also folks please don't feel shy to speak to these reps or their aides. On the other hand, please know that they respect you a lot for taking the time to call them and let them know what you feel about an issue.

    sketches of birds. Mold Sketches - Birds
  • Mold Sketches - Birds

  • maine_gc
    07-11 05:54 PM
    Please Pm me your e-mail address and ph number so that I can send you the phone list and explain the data.




    just now sent you a PM. Send me the details


    2011 Birds have face too, sketches of birds. Bird Sketches. 15 Aug
  • Bird Sketches. 15 Aug

  • GCBy3000
    11-16 02:24 PM
    He is not talking about Indians, rather he talks about H1b in general. Since India does not have equivalent social security system, US Govt and Indian Govt did not sign any contracts. Other countries like Canada / UK / AUS have mutual agreement between them and US for transferring the social security paid in US to be transferred to their home country if the alien returns to the home country.

    Even Indian Govt (P.Chidambaram) I beleive is working with US Govt to get these SS paid by Indians who have returned back to India. Since the US system and Indian system does not allow with the current rules and regulations to transfer the amount, it is stalled. may be down the line even India would work with US to get these amounts back.

    I heard something like this, but not sure: If you decide to move back to India, you can fill out a form and submit to INS/IRS which states that you will never come back to US for any reason. If you do it, they will pay your SS money back. I dont know anymore about this.

    I agree. this kind of slander should be fought. Not only SS, but Medicare, Unemployment, and Federal state and city taxes.
    Besides getting benefit from taxes, we cannot avail of any of the other benefits (SS, Medicare, Unemployment)
    A lawsuit should shut them all up, and also show we are not weak or helpless.
    We are not slaves, and unlike illegals do not have to beg for mercy. After suffering the entire immigration process, to hear lies like this should not be taken lying down


    sketches of birds. sketched one of the irds
  • sketched one of the irds

  • ThinkTwice
    07-12 10:08 AM
    We should update the question in the poll and make it specific only for people who live in and around of bay area, else the 'no I cannot attend' will be from all IV members who have no way to attend since they dont live in the bay area.

    sketches of birds. sketches for today.
  • sketches for today.

  • sobers
    02-22 01:34 PM
    indian outsourcers have not intrerest in GC- why should they? After GC they lose their stranglehold on the employees...all they want is more H1Bs...

    And on this issue too (h1B), they may actually end up hurting themselves, given the current climate in the US. Its too bad (and really unfair) that our issues are usually linked with the H1B issue...:(


    sketches of birds. irds sketches
  • irds sketches

  • purplehazea
    02-01 04:59 PM
    Amazing, I think we are the most self critical group of human beings on this planet. Unwilling to acknowledge and boast of the right things we do and predisposed to criticising ourselves when things are not PERFECT.

    2010 Mold Sketches - Birds sketches of birds. sketches from great bustards
  • sketches from great bustards

  • casinoroyale
    02-11 01:26 PM
    I did paid consultation to find answer to this question with murthy office. As per them, one can do transfer and extension of H1B even after using AP as long as the current I-797 is still valid.


    sketches of birds. Baby and Birds
  • Baby and Birds

  • raghuram
    05-08 10:29 AM
    have also used IMG/Sirius for my mom.100k with $100 deductiible.
    Is this company not recommended? How do they compare with others? Please clarify.

    IMG is good plan and recommended. IMG has comprehensive coverage plan that provides much better coverage than the fixed coverage plans.

    Even look at the previous post from hope_4_best. They paid everything for a claim, except of course, the deductible and coinsurance. Also, look at the experience from jgs_res, they paid in his case also. Therefore, it seems that they have a good history of paying the eligible claims.

    hair Bird Sketches. 15 Aug sketches of birds. sketch and draw irds and
  • sketch and draw irds and

  • langagadu
    01-15 04:19 PM
    I have just seen this in CNN, is Bush talking about legal immigration?


    sketches of birds. FoxKitSketch1 0507 Sketches
  • FoxKitSketch1 0507 Sketches

  • longq
    02-11 05:17 PM
    By doing what you are suggesting

    c) you only benefit EB-2 India/China (at the expense of EB-3 ROW)

    So, you make no difference whatsoever to huge number of EB-applicants (b), and you benefit (c) at the expense of (a).

    I hope you see that this is not a good solution for the majority of EB-applicants. With this kind of cannibalization, the only people who have any incentive to stay with IV would be EB-2 India/China.

    We have to work to increase the size of the pie here, and not engage in a zero sum game.

    This is completly wrong statement. Actually, it is otherway. The EB3-ROW is currently enjoying at the expense of EB2-India and China. It is enjoying not only in this year. It is happening since 2005. If you have doubt, please visit DOS website and anayze the statistics right from 1999 to 2005. Furthermore, all the AC21 numbers (about 150,000 unused visas) that was captured in previous years (1999-2001) that came from unused EB2 and EB1 numbers. Theoritcally, these numbers should have been used to reduce backlog in EB2 first, then it should go to EB3. Since no one cared about this, EB3-ROW was free riding in EB2 numbers despite heavy demand in EB2.

    Everyone knows that EB3 is heavily retrogressed compare to EB2. No doubt about that. The only solution for this is to increse the numbers. Everyone is working hard. However, it does not mean that one should ignore how DOS/USCIS mis-interpertinng the law and doing harm to EB2 Indians and Chinese. No one here is to sacrifice for EB3-ROW. Fighting to eliminate retrogression and understaing the correct interpretation of law and rule is totally two different issues. Please do not confuse between those.

    hot sketched one of the irds sketches of birds. Pencil drawing.
  • Pencil drawing.

  • vbkris77
    03-10 06:21 PM
    CIS awhile back reported that they only have 60K I140 applications pending. So 125K I140 applications can't be pending..
    My understanding is VSC and CSC are working on H1B and NSC and TSC work on I140, I485s.


    house how to draw ird shapes sketches of birds. A set of sketches of irds
  • A set of sketches of irds

  • prashanthg
    08-19 01:13 PM
    Please tell us what these poll numbers mean.
    How many eb3-I are pending? How many are going to get approved every year if there are no spill overs?
    My priority date is Sep-2002. What time frame am I looking at here?

    tattoo sketches for today. sketches of birds. Pencil sketch
  • Pencil sketch

  • Jaime
    12-11 03:56 PM
    I put mine in, let's go for more than 100 and don't forget to "bump" this message so it stays at the top!



    pictures irds sketches sketches of birds. Moon Bird - sketches
  • Moon Bird - sketches

  • hopefulgc
    03-13 09:34 AM
    could you please post the link to it. I can't find it. thanks

    dresses Pencil drawing. sketches of birds. Sunflower Drawing Exercise
  • Sunflower Drawing Exercise

  • rajagopal_04
    12-22 01:53 PM
    My wife went for H4 visa on Dec 19. I booked flight ticket on 28th. So it seems like I need to postpone the date by at least a week.

    Your comments are welcome...Thanks!!


    makeup Baby and Birds sketches of birds. how to draw ird shapes
  • how to draw ird shapes

  • pbojja
    06-12 06:12 PM
    I believe that there is a great flaw in the way the USCIS allocates VISA NUMBERS among EB1, EB2 and EB3 which is very much evident and if we can stand united we can get something done.

    After carefully observing the trend in VISA approval and VISA bulletins, It is a reality that EB3-I is not moving and at the same time EB2 and EB1 are moving fast in relative terms and probably may even become current ( EB1 is already current ), But one thing USCIS is clearly not considering is the Priority Date, which basically means that they are not giving a damn thing about how long the person from EB3-I is waiting for. Here is my suggestion and some of the IV representatives need to analyse what Iam gonna say and see if they can stand up. Being an EB3-I india myself, i totally agree that EB1 and EB2 should be given a weightage and some preference over EB3, but I dont agree to what USCIS is currently following, EB2 With priority 2006 getting ahead of EB3-I with priority date 2001. This is ridiculous and to even think about it, it just sounds stupid. What they can do is , They can move the Dates in both Categories while giving preference to EB1 and EB2 first.

    Please dont jump up & down before i complete. Iam just giving you an example of how things should work and how they can move dates forward for all 3 categories while maintaining that EB1 and EB2 gets preference over EB3. Let us ignore Eb1, since it is already current. Now Coming to Eb2, the priority Date is 2004 for them.Ideally speaking, They should not move them ahead until atleast EB3 reaches 2004. But once Both EB2 and EB3 reaches the priority date of 2004, Obviously EB2 gets the preference over Eb3 and EB2 will start to move ahead but not by much, let us say 1 year. Now, Clearly, EB2 is still given the extra preference over EB3 but at the same time, we are maintaining the priority dates between EB2 and EB3 as close as possible so that the system is not totally unfair to EB3 filers. I think, as one of the un-biased Organisation we should stand up against this unfair treatment in general. I hope even EB-2 will understand what iam trying to say.

    let me know if iam making any sense. If am wrong, also let me know. So that i can get a better understanding of things and correct myself.

    Not sure whatz ur point , But here is the deal EB2 has more numbers because of roll overs from ROW and EB-1 and they are ahead of EB3 .

    If we talk about ridiculous things here are some

    ROW EB2 - 2008 can get a green card before Indian EB2 -2004
    Counting Dependents under Employment based
    CIS wasting Visa Numbers even when they had 500 k pending applications

    girlfriend Pencil sketch sketches of birds. ird sketches
  • ird sketches

  • knnmbd
    06-07 12:58 PM
    I am married too, but i only said that there are other easier paths aswell.

    Regarding working late, i am a fulltime employee with H1-B and never came to office before 10:00AM and stayed after 6:00PM and never ever worked weekends. Mine can be an exceptional case, but what iam saying is, your relationship with your manager is important. This can make a lot of difference in your lives.
    As long as you deliver what is expected of you, you can even work 4 days a week and get paid for 40 hrs per week.

    I don't know, if we are deviating from our main discussion agenda started by LogicLife.

    I disagree with Logiclife on immigration to the U.S( or to any other country for that matter) being a right. All that would have made sense when the "new world" was discovered and does not hold any water in today's context.
    Also, we get paid for getting the job done not working hard. So just a claim of being the most hardworking "class" of prospective immigrants will not cut it.

    hairstyles FoxKitSketch1 0507 Sketches sketches of birds. barn swallow sketch
  • barn swallow sketch

  • jessie1981
    07-17 01:10 PM
    i am with you. we should request that USCIS recapture unused visas!

    07-18 02:27 PM
    i called a couple of times spoke to Inf officer at NSC ,

    && she told she was not aware of cases where NSC has created rejection letters and sent them also she added they just completed june filers and will be starting to proceed with JULY .

    Now reg. my processing times:

    Applied Jun 30
    Receipt Jul 2 9:54 : FedEx
    status : On Hold ?
    Checks : Not cashed Yet

    She also adviced most probably i should receive some kind of communication before end of july !!

    01-08 03:39 PM
    Visa Bulletin for February 2010 (

    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 22MAY05 22JAN05 C C
    3rd 22SEP02 22SEP02 22JUN01 01JUL02 22SEP02

    No Change for EB2-I or EB3-I.

    Thanks for posting, only hope for movement seems to be in the last quarter. However lets not give up, we should be hopeful and something good will happen in the last quarter.

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