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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Macaca
    09-27 05:46 PM
    Bill Would Protect Frosh on Immigration ( By Jennifer Yachnin | ROLL CALL STAFF, September 20, 2007

    House Democratic leaders are drafting a resolution designed to inoculate freshman lawmakers on the issue of immigration, despite concerns from within their own Caucus about reopening debate over the contentious topic.

    According to several freshman Democratic lawmakers in attendance at a weekly breakfast meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), Members were told to prepare statements on the resolution, which will endorse laws already on the books that prevent illegal immigrants from participating in taxpayer-funded programs, such as Social Security or food stamps.

    In a draft of the resolution obtained by Roll Call, the measure expresses the sense of the House "with respect to the importance of upholding federal immigration laws and ensuring the integrity and security of the borders of the United States."

    In addition to the language on public benefits, the draft resolution also contains provisions calling on the executive branch to enforce laws on voter fraud and border security.

    But one House lawmaker, who asked not to be identified, said some senior Members have objected to the proposal over concerns that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to limit the scope of the debate. The House largely abandoned plans to pursue a comprehensive immigration reform bill earlier this year after the Senate failed to cut off debate on its own version of the legislation, effectively killing the bill.

    Majority Whip James Clyburn (S.C.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Md.) began work on the resolution earlier this month in response to repeated Republican efforts to force votes on immigration on the House floor through the use of procedural amendments.

    "We're trying to figure out a way we can do this and maintain party unity on the motions ... without making it a crisis," said one Democratic lawmaker, who is a member of the Whip operation.

    Although one Democratic lawmaker, who asked not to be identified since plans have not been finalized, said the measure could move to the floor as early as next week, a House leadership aide said it is unlikely to be that soon.

    To date, Democratic leaders have not demanded that Members vote against all motions to recommit - a procedural tool that can be used by the minority party immediately before a vote on final passage of a bill - unless the amendment contains language that would shelve the legislation.

    "I've resisted motions to recommit unless they're substantive and then I'll vote for them," explained Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.), a freshman lawmaker who has faced attacks from the National Republican Congressional Committee for votes against some GOP-authored amendments on immigration.

    "It's frustrating to me," Walz added, criticizing the amendments as political footballs. "I'm appreciative that our leadership lets us vote accordingly."

    But that policy led to some confusion on the House floor in early August during a vote on a GOP-authored amendment to the Agriculture spending bill to prohibit illegal immigrants from accessing certain federally funded programs, with nearly 20 Democrats initially voting in favor of the proposal.

    Republicans allege that the Democratic majority mishandled that vote, resulting in the defeat of the measure. GOP leaders assert that a tied 214-214 vote - rending a defeat - announced by the Speaker Pro Tem was inaccurate and that the motion had in fact passed 215-213 as Republicans changed their votes.

    But Democrats dispute that version of events, noting that their own Members were changing votes on the House floor, resulting in the final tally of 212-216.

    The dispute prompted the establishment of a select committee to investigate the vote, which is scheduled to hold its first meeting this morning, and produce an interim report Sept. 30.

    Republican Rep. Tom Price (Ga.), who has sponsored similar amendments addressing the use of federal funds to assist illegal immigrants, including a measure that failed Tuesday night on a federal housing bill, expressed interest in the Democratic proposal.

    "I'd love to be able to talk with them about it and work on it," Price said. He could not say whether such a measure would deter him from offering such amendments in the future without seeing the details of the bill.

    "When I talk to folks at home they want to know why we're not including this language on every single piece of legislation," he added.

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  • kaisersose
    07-17 05:25 PM
    This incident opened my eyes and prodded me to move my fat ass to do something about this.

    I just made my first contribution of $100 to IV.

    Gandhi once said "Make your contribution, however insignificant you think it is. In reality, your contribution makes a huge difference".

    Like he said, our little acts when combined become a formidable act and can accomplish a lot. I would suggest others make contributions too - especially now when everyone is excited - before you get back to the usual reticent state. let us not try to ride piggyback on some else's efforts.


    Contributed $100 to begin with...More in future.

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  • raj2007
    02-12 12:13 AM
    This issue is discussed before.chk this

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  • looivy
    09-26 03:08 PM
    Has anybody who filed I-485 on July 2nd to Vermont Service center directly recieved his/her Receipt notices.



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  • piyu7444
    04-28 05:12 PM
    Contact Shirley Wu at Rubin Kaplan. She is the one who helped me with my gc process although company paid for it but she is good.....I dont know about $ but atleast you know she is good and just do a google search and you can call them.

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  • ms3das
    06-29 06:49 PM
    Thanks for your repsonse.which office did you get the visa stamperd?i am going to Chennai.


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  • Macaca
    06-19 07:30 AM
    House Delays Thorny Energy Issues ( By John J. Fialka, The Wall Street Journal, 19 June 2007

    WASHINGTON -- Facing a tight deadline imposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leaders of the Energy and Commerce Committee postponed until the fall House debates on several controversial energy issues, including tougher standards for automobile fuel efficiency.

    It wasn't immediately clear what impact the House move toward a simplified, less-controversial energy measure will have on the Senate version of the bill. The Senate is scheduled to debate auto-efficiency standards and a mandate for coal-based liquid fuels on the floor this week.

    Rep. John D. Dingell (D., Mich.), chairman of the House committee, and Rick Boucher (D., Va.) chairman of the subcommittee that is preparing its energy legislation, jointly announced they will focus on less-divisive issues, including energy-efficiency standards for appliances, improvements to the nation's electricity grid and incentives for use of wind power.

    "This procedure . . . was discussed with the speaker, and she understands the rationale for proceeding this way," the two Democrat leaders said, "so we can rapidly work on a bipartisan bill that can be signed into law."

    The turnaround by Rep. Dingell, who has defended Detroit automakers against fuel-saving standards for years, comes as automakers have launched a nationwide lobbying campaign to water down proposed tougher auto-efficiency standards. Rep. Dingell promised to return to the issue in the fall, when the committee is also planning legislation that would regulate carbon dioxide and other emissions that scientists say are accelerating global warming.

    While the Senate appears to be pressing ahead, it could face filibuster threats on the auto-efficiency standards and several other items, requiring 60 votes to overcome, a margin that may not be attainable. "One of the questions being discussed is which body goes first with some of these things," a House aide said.

    "We have decided to proceed with provisions that represent consensus," Messrs. Dingell and Boucher wrote. The energy subcommittee is scheduled to assemble its new version of the energy bill this week, and the House could debate the completed bill after the July 4 recess. Earlier, Speaker Pelosi (D., Calif.) had asked for an "Energy Independence" bill by July 4.

    The House committee also deferred discussion of a low-carbon-fuel standard, similar to California's, which would mandate increasing use of ethanol and other fuels that result in lower CO2 emissions. Another postponed issue is a change in federal law that would block California from establishing its own CO2 emissions standards for vehicles.

    The two committee leaders said they were postponing debate because the issues "are complex and difficult."

    Democrats are deeply split, with representatives from auto-producing states fighting tougher emissions standards, and the California delegation and liberal factions pushing for them. Coal-state Democrats and environmentally inclined Democrats are on opposite sides over coal-to-liquid fuels, which would emphasize diesel and jet fuels made from coal, a fuel the U.S. has in abundance.

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  • ivar
    11-17 10:22 AM
    Dear friends,

    I was just checking my H1b extension status and it seems that it got approved (3 weeks time). while looking for my H1b extension status i happen to find the link below,

    USCIS: National Processing Volumes and Trends (

    It gives the processing trends by month based on trends or volume of application processed. This dashboard is for all applications forms submitted to USCIS, you can select form type, office and chart type. Data can also be downloaded in CSV raw format for analysis.

    My appologies if you guys already knew about this.



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  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-08 11:13 PM
    I think you need to reapply for H1 again (unless you are transferring your visa category to H4).


    I wanted to know that suppose i withdraw my H1 ,
    then does it means that my H1 is gone?

    And if i want to have H1 again if future (say next year) , will i have to go through the lottery again?

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  • saro28
    10-22 08:44 AM
    You don't need a transit visa for London. Couple of days ago my friend went via London with AP and expired visa on passport.


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  • newuser
    01-14 10:23 PM

    Search for "Green Card" as the keyword also

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  • sss9i
    09-28 03:12 PM D D


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  • chintu25
    08-15 10:05 AM
    Any one knows how to post poll please do so ASAP

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  • logiclife
    03-17 11:58 AM
    This topic is the most discussed topic in last 1 year.

    Please use this thread for reading already posted experiences and asking new questions.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-17 12:40 PM
    Surprising. I was watching the pageant with my wife and three daughters (I think these competitions are probably mostly aimed at women viewers and not men). During the interview segment with the last five contestants, Miss Oklahoma was asked her opinion of SB1070. The Arizona Daily Star summed it up: Arizona's controversial new immigration law hit the pageant circuit Sunday when a 2010 Miss USA contestant was asked about SB 1070. Miss Oklahoma USA Morgan Elizabeth Woolard told judges she supports the new law, which requires police enforcing another law to verify a person�s immigration status if there�s �reasonable suspicion�...

    More... (

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  • Shevchuk
    04-25 12:19 PM
    Use special packer - BoxedApp Packer (


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  • kumar_77
    02-28 09:07 PM
    First check if the check you or your company sent for H-1 fees got cashed , if so see behind the check ( normally banks post scanned copy of check ) the Receipt number will be written behind the check ..hope this helps

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  • Circus123
    06-28 06:51 PM
    Can someone advise on this please ?

    It is kinda urgent :)

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  • H1extension
    11-11 06:11 AM
    Hello Forum Members -

    My company has applied for my 8th year extension (3 years) based on my LC and I-140 that was applied in CA. (My LC and I-140 have been approved). But during my 7th year, I moved to NC state with the same company/department. The LCA for the extension includes both CA nad NC work locations and NC residence address.

    Will there be a problem with extending the H1 using the I-140 that has been approved for CA? Will USCIS question why I am in NC when the I-140 shows a CA Address?

    Please let me know your opinion.


    12-06 02:04 PM
    Hello ... Please, answers my question

    My 6years of H1 expires on Apr'2011. Company A filed for perm, perm went to Audit, Got 7th year extension which expires Apr'2012
    Later, moved to Company B, got Change of Employer approved until Apr'2012.
    Now I am going to India and need to get stamping. Will I have any issues in getting the visa stamping for 7th year? Please advice.

    Both Company A and B are very big companies and I am direct employee not a contractor.
    I have the CompanyA's perm screenshot and email, but don't know what its status, as i left the company and I am not in touch with them

    Thanks in advance

    Steve Mitchell
    February 24th, 2005, 05:00 PM
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