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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics

images The Rosetta Stone rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

  • ps3539
    05-11 03:33 PM
    Put suggestion on Immigration Secretary's website to move back substituted labors according to substitution dates (I-140 filing)

    wallpaper Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphic Text of Rosetta
  • Hieroglyphic Text of Rosetta

  • acecupid
    08-11 05:47 PM
    I see so many posts about people correcting names in passports. Just wondering once you change your name in passport, doesnt it get inconsistent with the name in visa and other US documents ? Did anyone get US documents corrected based on name change in passport ? I believe once you make correction in passport, to make any changes to name in visa or US documents you need a US court order for name change otherwise there will be problems in H1/ EAD/ AP extensions. Anyone with experience please advice.

    rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone has been in
  • The Rosetta Stone has been in

  • santb1975
    11-18 06:53 PM

    2011 Hieroglyphic Text of Rosetta rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. the “Rosetta Stone” proved
  • the “Rosetta Stone” proved

  • pmb76
    09-11 06:46 AM
    reedandbamboo, sweetjungle, bawa,
    Please refrain from using the terms "Indian legal immigrant community" in your communication with OMB. IV represents the skilled legal immigrant community in general and not immigrants from only one country. Doing this defeats our own cause and divides us. As a matter of fact I know several people who belong to EB2 ROW whose PDs are 2005-2006 and they are still waiting.
    IV was established to represent legal immigrants from all over the world. Please do not indulge in such divisive campaigns. You have been warned.


    rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone in the
  • The Rosetta Stone in the

  • seekerofpeace
    08-21 03:53 PM
    I understand JSB.

    But question is how long is comes down to sheer luck and chance which pre-adjudicated cases USCIS considered recheck and which they don't.

    Also they may simply deny looking into my case even if preadjudicated by the ND of I-485 receipt being outside the window.

    But again why are we trying to reason.

    In the "Ask a lawyer" Ms Reddy mentioned USCIS is sending RFEs to all cases for possible preadjudication....and since she does not mention that multiple RFEs are impossible, I assume any preadjudicated case can get an RFE so the very term preadjudication is meaning less if it needs adjudication again.

    And since you are putting time frame...and window of opportunity is far and few in between so essentially preadjudication is not a confirmed ticket to Greenhood.

    My 2 cents.


    rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone: the Key to
  • The Rosetta Stone: the Key to

  • logiclife
    06-17 02:20 PM
    Be Unreasonable & a cause of progress, not just a beneficiary.

    Hello everyone,

    I will explain the title of this thread in a minute (the unreasonable part) but before that I would like to share my experience in DC last week during, before and after lobby days.

    A few weeks ago, when Aman called me to join him in lobby days, just like many others, I was having a difficult time scheduling vacation days off from work. I somehow convinced my boss to let me take those days off and finish the work in the weekend prior to June.

    The Airport pickup:

    When I reached the Airport, Aman and Pratik were there to pick me up. And this is where it got funny and really hilarious. The car was a compact rental car and it was full of printers, laptops and folders -- all in preparation of lobby day. There was barely enough place to sit in the car. After shutting all the doors tight (we really had to compress the luggage and force the door shut) we started driving towards the hotel. And the dome light would not shut off. So everyone outside can see a car full of luggage, printers and people packed like a can of sardines. Fortunately Aman knew the way to the Hotel and we could go there without having to stop for directions.

    Preparation and training on Sunday:

    Sunday was hectic, busy, tiring and very very interesting. I met a lot of new people on Sunday who had come to DC for the first time. And it felt really really good to reconnect with people who we had met earlier in 2007 rally in DC and the earlier rally in San Jose in July. Just felt like I had met my friends from college with whom I spend 4 years. The kind of relationship and chemistry that we have is impossible to describe in words. Crisis and calamity have a way of creating bonds that last a lifetime. We all may get green-cards in next 1 year or maybe 10 years. But I will remember the people I met in DC twice and in San Jose for the rest of my life. And I am sure others feel the same way. These are the people who were sitting on the laptop scheduling lawmaker meetings and connecting members to appointments till 4:00 AM on Monday morning and then back to work by 8:00 AM. We ate whatever was ordered or whatever we found in the hotel. There were people printing business cards in one corner. Others were printing the drop-off material for lawmakers, preparing neat folders for meetings. There was training and mock-meetings going on in another corner for people who had never been to the Capitol Hill before. There was so much purpose and so much goal-oriented motivation in the room, I felt really glad to have not missed this even one out of 3 times we done this both in DC and in San Jose.

    The next two days:

    Over the next two days, I went to about 7 meetings in the House and Senate side and had very very interesting experiences, mostly positive. I cannot share the details of the response for each office as this is a public forum, but I can tell you that having been to DC about 6 times now since 2006, there are Hill Staffers who know many of us and even remember our names. Our conversations do not begin with introductions, but where we left off in our last meeting. More than 60-70% of the offices of Congressmen and Senators know about Immigration Voice and know about the issue. Some offices may have newer staff and not know, and that's where education helps.

    Every single day consisted of going to the Hill from the situation room, (I mostly took a cab, I am lazy that way even if its only 4 blocks), coming back, getting some work done, going back to the Hill, accompanying someone if they are alone in the meetings (it helps to have 2 or more IV members go to a meeting). We worked till 11 PM mostly, and got about 4-5 hours of sleep each night. And that is true for everyone who was there. EVERY SINGLE one. Walking between the office buildings (and they are big) and walking a few times back to the Hotel also made some of us realize (like me) that how out of shape we are physically :):)

    And now to the UNreasonables:

    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
    George Bernard Shaw
    Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 - 1950)

    Every single person who came to DC this time or the time before, or who came to San Jose rally has been told by friends, family and colleagues "Why are you going to DC, let others go, take care of yourself, all problems get fixed eventually, Congress will take care of it".

    They sound very reasonable or try to convince you that they are the reasonable ones and you are being unreasonable by going to the Capitol and working on your cause.

    The truth is...yes, we may be. But we are the ones who will eventually make a difference. If you read the quote from George Bernard Shaw, you will realize that the reasonable men and women will sit around and talk about us, save their time for family and leisure and comply themselves to the system. They will comply themselves to a system that keeps in hanging without a green card for 20 years. They will never be capable of ushering progress.

    The unreasonable ones, the ones like us, who contribute to this cause in various forms, are the gifted ones. We are the lucky ones. For we have the wisdom and the strength to do the unreasonable and get the world to comply to our point of view.

    And flower campaign, the DC rally -- that got bulletin reversed in 2007,
    the popularity of removing per-country ceilings in the offices that exist today and didnt exist before --

    All this a work of men and women like us who are unreasonably resilient, who will not listen to the advise of reasonable men who sit on the sidelines and refresh the Visa Bulletin page every first friday of every month 20 times a day.

    But to those who get it...I have one more quote for you, a final one, I promise:

    "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
    Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

    I wish the problem of greencard backlogs get cleared soon, but if it doesnt, I will do this a 100 times again and with same or more passion, determination and purpose. Our energy and determination would outlast and outlive the intertia of Congress.


    rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone (if a bit blurry
  • Rosetta Stone (if a bit blurry

  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-09 11:33 AM
    Please edit your first post on the thread to include my post and update your post to start this action item. We do not have much time and need to move fast. USCIS took 4 months to reply to the letter and gave us only 1 month to reply. We have already lost a few days.

    How to change headline of Poll type thread?

    2010 The Rosetta Stone has been in rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone
  • The Rosetta Stone

  • belmontboy
    04-15 09:52 PM
    And you call yourselves a US MS educated with that Trash mind and mouth of yours. Now why would US want to give preference to this sad specimen of man hood i will never understand

    Likewise my dear.

    If you can be here why shouldn't I be??


    rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Greek, Demotic, and Egyptian
  • Greek, Demotic, and Egyptian

  • japs19
    08-14 02:18 PM
    Application reached 7/2/07

    Lawyers told me yesterday (8/14/07) that she got all 4 receipts. All checks were also cashed today.:)

    hair the “Rosetta Stone” proved rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone is part of
  • The Rosetta Stone is part of

  • conchshell
    07-10 09:52 PM
    A law suit may be our last resort, however I am not convinced that the time to use the option has come. However, its not wise to overlook an option. I would say lets start compiling a list of facts which potentially can be used to file a lawsuite. Please be innovative and think hard what causes you to file a lwsuit. Lets evaluate all such stances, and get them verified by an attorney.


    rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Text of Rosetta Stone I
  • Text of Rosetta Stone I

  • kate123
    03-06 03:49 PM
    Responded :)

    Add me for $25

    I sent the email to the 'Country Cap' focus group, lets see how many responds...

    hot The Rosetta Stone in the rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The trilingual Rosetta Stone
  • The trilingual Rosetta Stone

  • jayjawan
    05-06 10:08 PM

    As you know cap reached on 30thApril for Masters, can we assume applications that reached on Sat and Sunday(28th,29th)non working(non business) days are safe? or will the be considered to be reached on Monday and hence come under lottory?



    house Rosetta Stone rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta stone (ca 196 BC)
  • The Rosetta stone (ca 196 BC)

  • freedom2007
    03-24 07:50 AM
    Im going to India on vacation for 2 months. I could not get my passport corrected in US as I need to travel to India in a week.
    What is the procedure in India for getting this corrected ? Would i need the Newspaper clipping from Local US newspaper here..? I was not sure of this. Please help me.

    tattoo The Rosetta Stone: the Key to rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone Recreation:
  • Rosetta Stone Recreation:

  • nixstor
    04-10 03:29 PM
    04/10/2007: USCIS Updates 2008 H-1B Cap Status as of 04/09/2007 - Surprise, Surprise, and Surprise!!!

    Somewhat very good news. It turns out the total FY 2008 H-1B cap cases which they received are not 150,000 nor 133,000. The total number is 119,193. Accordingly the odds of winning in the lottery will be only 2:1.

    For U.S. advanced or higher degree cases, they only received 12,989 and the H-1B for these people is still wide open and they can file the petition now.


    In the very fisrt line of the AILA document it says that the counting is still on


    pictures Rosetta Stone (if a bit blurry rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • The Egyptian Hieroglyphics

  • psagarn
    04-16 12:19 PM
    What exactly do you mean to do? Throw in your ideas and nothing will be spared...

    I was watching TV the other day and saw an infomercial from National Association of Realtors promoting some kind of reform for home finance. They had interesting stats like "Home ownerships contributes ~ 2 trillion USD towards nation economy. So anything that promotes home ownership should help economy come out of recession". I am thinking if we can gather some useful stats around how much NRIs (non-GC holders from US) have invested in Indian Real Estate and how much of that could have been invested here in US (and other numbers like these), and then use them to convince those in power that an expedited GC process for those who want to be a part of main stream US resident population would help US economy.

    dresses The trilingual Rosetta Stone rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. what the Rosetta Stone is
  • what the Rosetta Stone is

  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 09:37 PM
    Why? u looking for men..

    And you call yourselves a US MS educated with that Trash mind and mouth of yours. Now why would US want to give preference to this sad specimen of man hood i will never understand


    makeup Greek, Demotic, and Egyptian rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone
  • Rosetta Stone

  • GCStatus
    09-17 07:29 PM
    I thought this was already addressed just yesterday. I don't have the time to find the link.. could you try doing a search on this.

    Are you one of the admin or you know their secret locations?

    girlfriend Rosetta Stone Recreation: rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. { Photo: The Rosetta Stone,
  • { Photo: The Rosetta Stone,

  • BECsufferer
    08-12 01:02 PM
    I can jump around in joy and happiness as my PD is current under Sept. VB. But I am sure it will retrogress next month to pre-2004 ... till than I have 29 days of joy!

    "Dil ko khush rahkne ke leye, Galib yeh khayal bhi accaha hain"

    EB-2 I, PD Dec 2004.

    hairstyles Text of Rosetta Stone I rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone at the
  • The Rosetta Stone at the

  • santb1975
    11-26 11:56 AM
    you definately kept our hopes up with your contribution.

    Contributed $100 just now. Google Order #626789966911111

    Thanks IV for all your efforts

    08-11 11:39 AM
    My PD is May 2006. I applied for I-485 in September 2008 when my date had become current. Subsequently got married and now waiting for my date to be current again so I could add my wife.

    I had given hope and was not preparing for anything and hence have India trip planned (wife 11th Sept - 1st Nov and I'd go for the month of October).

    Given the latest movement, now I think to be safe I should do all that is necessary that in case dates move forward enough for October, I should be able to add my wife to my application. If there are any comments/advice around this, please do let me know.

    Also, what would be the things to get ready for her? I hope it'd be alrite that she will be in India while we apply for her I-485?

    Thanks for all the advise!

    08-21 04:24 PM
    We have been fooled so many times in the past with the predictions of the visa allocation being over etc. I would take this with a grain of salt.

    Whenever someone starts the thread with a line "A friendly IO told me blah blah blah" response is *YAWN*

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