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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • SKK2004
    06-03 06:43 PM
    Called all the numbers this afternoon.

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  • quotes about life and love

  • amitga
    02-02 11:27 AM
    $50 is too high. I know big communication American company who bring people here on $35 per day. That is even below the minimum wages.

    I know even Accenture brings people on B1 visa @ 50 dollars a day

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  • ThinkTwice
    07-19 06:29 PM
    I will pledge and once decided about how this is going to be done I will pay.

    Thanks Husker !

    We are getting started out as a new thread towards this administrative costs.

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  • cpolisetti
    04-18 01:30 PM
    I don't understand why so many are not coming forward for contributions. It is just 25 dollars. This is way less than what you have to pay for EAD/AP renewal or nothing compare to if the applicant and spouse are able to apply i485 during the retrogression, then the spouses will get EAD faster and they can earn lot more than 25 dollars within an hour. In all respects this will be the best solution if we can accomplish this. It will be easy only when we are all united and behind such a wonderful group of IV members.

    I also request everyone to post a message after you contribute. This will keep this posting on top and motivate more people to do the same.

    I Have done my part of contribution .


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  • quotes on life and love

  • franklin
    07-11 12:45 PM
    Sorry- I think it is already being addressed. My bad.

    Yes, it is. However, California is hot and tech companies are a bunch of dorks in jeans ;)

    All kidding aside, we are preparing to be as smart as possible, whilst surviving a 3 hour march in 90 degree heat

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  • quotes on life and love

  • WaldenPond
    03-13 11:03 AM
    You are partially right.

    One thing I know for sure - you know how to copy paste and repeat the same post again and again :)


    Please be considerate towards members spending time to fix issues that affect you and your family. At the time when english_august posted, these was some problem in the application. I know this because the message I posted just before english_august was also repeated 2-3 times. Kindly give others benefit of the doubt before cherry picking their faults.

    You are already enjoying the benefit of filing 485/EAD/AP in July-07. Atleast be considerate towards people who contributed their time, energy and resources to - in lot of ways influence the outcome of July visa bulletin.

    And if you or H1bslave et al don't see any value in IV, then why do you visit this website and why do expect updates?


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  • MetteBB
    06-08 09:12 AM
    well... since my entry is in there is really no need to wait till the 30th. It will surely win ;) :lol:

    On a more serious note... there havent been alot of entries lately. Perhaps give ppl one more week and then end it?


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  • shree772000
    10-10 12:15 PM
    If you are not in india, then you are somewhere to earn more than you do than in india. So investment is safe if you can afford to invest in that property without a loan. If you are taking a loan you are getting ripped off. STOP there.

    to me agricultural land is next to investment in gold. agri land always holds value(sale value) or appreciates over time. Always you can get decent return by farming something there. So my belief is you always get 6%+ return on investment over short/long period of time.

    city properties are just a ripp off. So get only one property if you want to live for yourself.. Investment of say 50 lacs on a flat(condo), may give you a good rent. But for how long? and what % of interest you pay on that loan? And what will the aging affect be on that flat!!...
    that way land | house is better choice!

    To me below are investment items first the highest safety + return(decreasing order or preference)
    1. gold(other precious metals)
    2. treasary bonds../govt assured accounts
    2. agri land(either in india or US, in is labor is higher)
    3. city independent houses
    4. select mutual funds
    5. stock market
    6. Condos

    I concur. The order will vary a little bit depending on market for shhort term gains. But for current market I think this order makes sense and also for building a long term low risk portfolio.


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  • validIV
    03-30 05:42 PM
    I never got any LUDs but got a denial on my 485 after going through the AC21/NOID stuff way back in August, 2008.

    There could be some background processing going on.

    Is there are pattern to these LUDs?

    What steps did you take after the NOID on your 485? Just curious in case it happens to me.

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  • mbawa2574
    11-02 11:29 AM
    I would like to share my experience and it may help some people here.
    My H1 was sponsored by company A when I was working with them on OPT. I paid $3000 for H1 filing and attorney fees and company A gave me the H1 approval notice only after I signed an agreement that I would work for atleast one year with them.
    Afetr 1 month of my H1 approval, I got a better job offer from company B and I got the H1 transferred. I notified my client and company A who threatened to revoke my H1, take me to court etc etc. They also withheld 4 weeks of my pay.
    After joining company B, I filed a complaint against company A with DOL that they withheld my salary and also they demanded H1 fees from me. After 2 weeks of that complaint, my salary was deposited into my account and DOL was looking into my complaint about H1 fees. This case finally got resolved last week after about 18 months, when DOL finally persuaded company A to pay $3000 back to me.
    I would request everyone who is a victim of these blood sucking employers to
    take every possible action against them. There's a very little chance that they would go to court because they are themselves involved in gross irregularities.

    Hats off to you. We can clean these bodyshops if everyone follows this path.


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  • trueguy
    11-04 04:03 PM
    What do you think is the percentage of EB3 -I, who entered their info in this poll?

    That is the million dollar question :) and I wish we knew the answer

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  • santb1975
    02-01 02:08 PM
    I am planning on sending some question so the Hillary Clinton Townhall. I will check in with the experts before I send them in

    Employment based immigration is a very small part of legal immigration.

    Here is a break down of legal immigration #s for 2006 according to Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, published by Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) (available at Spotlight on Legal Immigration to the United States ( By Gretchen Reinemeyer and Jeanne Batalova | Migration Policy Institute, November 2007).

    1,266,264 immigrants were granted legal residence in 2006.

    159,081 immigrants who received green cards through sponsorship from their US employers accounted for 12.6% of all legal permanent residents.

    However, 87,702 (or 55.1%) of the employment-sponsored immigrants were spouses and children of principal applicants.

    The share of employment-preference immigrants has varied between 3.3 percent (59,525) in 1991 and 22 percent (246,878) in 2005.

    The other categories are family preference (802,712), refugee + asylee (216,454), Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 + parolees (43,546) and Diversity Lottery (44,471).

    Employment based immigration is legal. However, it may help to add legal to the title.

    Employment based immigration is skilled. I think employment based immigration includes cooks, priests, .... They consider themselves to be skilled just like everyone else!

    If you just ask for improving legal immigration, they will improve family based or asylum.

    As some persons learnt yesterday, legal immigration has very low priority as compared to undocumented. Similarly, employment based immigration has no priority in legal immigration!


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  • Mayday
    03-30 07:49 PM
    I am sorry guys, but I was only able to read through the 1st page; and there are a lot of dumb answers and advises.

    The best you could do now - go to immigration lawyer. Take a $100-$150 consultation and clarify all answers and the following strategies:

    Alex, you did not do it well coming to USA without employer consent, so he has some defense. If you sue him he will argue that he DID NOT ask you to come; or even more ASKED NOT TO COME. if this was the case, it will be cheap for you to just pack the belongings and leave before you are here for 6 months; as staying longer will make you ineligble for any visa for next 3 to 10 years.

    If you both agreed on day of arrival before and you came on day agreed and then was asked not to come to work - you can sue the employer at least for the cost of transportation. You can also sue him for money he must pay you until he officially fires you from work - because what he currently does is "bench sitting" - which is also not legal for him. So until he officially notifies you that he fired you, he must pay.

    If you paid for H-1 fees then you could also try to file a police report on this matter - if the total of fees is less than what you paid then an employer could be responsible for the difference, and you can suspect that all he wanted is to rip you for these money (fraud). This will be especially true if his company profile does not match your skills (he is a restaurant and you are a doctor for example).

    If you leave the country it will be very hard and expensive for you to sue him. So try changing to B2 or consider leaving the country and coming back later. Bad thing about going to B1/B2 status is that you claim you are going to leave the country afterwards; but you can actually change B1/B2 status to H1 but you should not mention you are going to actively look for another job as it is against your claim about leaving country after that.

    Another your mistake is to look for H1 transfer. Since you never worked for any company on H1 you are not eligible for this type of petition. But a new employer can file a new petition and reference your approved but not yet used H1B approval so that you do not need to be counted, and on premium processing they will be able to get response in 2 weeks. It is as simple as transfer but it's not a transfer and most companies will not be able to do that without an attorney.

    So generally I would advise you to use "attorney locators" service as you would pay much less for first consultation with an attorney then or could afford 3 consultations with different attorneys and choose the one who is actually willing to solve this case. You have two lawyers involved: immigration lawyer and labor lawyer and most probably you would need two of them. One to resolve your H1 issue with a new employer if you risk to stay and continue looking for a job, and another lawyer to sue your employer for transportation and probably first month check.

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  • gaz
    09-17 02:01 PM
    and there are 11 amendments and speaker wants them to be sent to the chair of smith stalling
    go zoe go...push this through ...

    i'm using realplayer


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-25 09:05 PM
    I have sent money using icicibank's M2I service . Usually they take 5 working days to remit the money(atleast 8 days to transfer). I made four transactions last week(mon, tue, wed, thu) and they already remitted the money using low conversion rate.

    It just took less than three days to remit the money this time. Bank deliberately did this just to steal money from me. I have lost more than 35 paise per dollar and it comes close to Rs 10,000. This is ridiculous and its a big robbery.

    How do i get my money back? How do i make a compliant about this bank? They have no one to assist me over the phone.

    What to do now?. Rs 10,000 may look too small for us. But how can we let banks to act like a criminals.

    Any help/suggestion/comment?

    LOL..this bank is a POS..its just our fate that we still end up with these bank ppl..I wish sometime we in India get better and BIGGER banks than ICICI.

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  • B3NKobe
    06-08 09:09 AM
    ben, you still want to wait until the 30th?
    Iv got so many entries for this comp, Im starting to think ill have to cut the dead line short? I can always make a new iPod Skin battle later on as im sure people enjoyed it.

    What do people think? end the battle now or wait till 30th?


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  • sbabunle
    02-09 05:53 PM
    The closed or cancelled cases will be minimal now since all the 45 day
    letter is completed . I think 90% or more of the pending cases will be certified.

    If LC substitution is eliminated a lot of LCs will be timed out.

    Let's go by the published percentages.....
    21% closed + 11% withdrawn + 2% denied... = 33% fell off the wagon..
    Let's assume that the same trend holds.....
    At the end BEC ....out of 360K approx.....240K certification would come out....Margin of error let's bring the number down to 200K.......
    Assume 1.1 spouse+child each principal....
    That make total 410 K in the line just from BECs.....This is a conservative estimate...

    The main problem is that 7% country quota hits too quickly for India/China...Then ROW remains current and USCIS would keep processing ROW as they keep coming...Where as we India/China keep waiting for the overflow to occur.....

    There is no solution but to increase the total numbers...

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  • SGP
    04-14 06:19 AM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD MORNING GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Dear IV Members,

    If you believe that your success depends on your immigration process - whether it's the ability to file I-485 earlier or to get green-card and citizenship sooner or whether it's the ability of your spouse to work - then you have to believe that your success somehow depends on the success of Immigration voice and these 170 volunteers in DC next week.
    As you may know, we are just one more week away from hosting Advocacy day in Washington DC where about 170 members of Immigration Voice will conduct nearly 250 meetings with offices of Senators and Congressmen. Such events cost money. If we have enough contributions, we can spend as per our budget of nearly $ 50,000. If not, we will have to cut back on the event spending and reduce the magnitude and size of the event.
    If you are not coming to DC next week, please do your part and contribute funds to Immigration Voice. It not only finances the event properly, it instills pride and confidence in the members who will be there in DC that there are thousands of willing supporters behind them who could not be there physically but are 100% with them in their determination and resolve.

    For background click here -> Announcement about April 2011 Advocacy Days (
    Contribute to Advocacy Event on the Capitol Hill ( (All one-time contributions will go towards organizing the Advocacy Days event)

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  • Bloomington
    12-13 12:09 PM
    will you be a member? I would propose we charge a mere $25 fee for registering and then monthly contribution of say $25. Then we run special funding drives for lobbying when ever required. Will you be a paid member to come out of GC mess?

    Please participate in the poll.

    No...Because this is FOREM a please where people express their opinion ….if you commercialize .will loss purpose. Not a good idea.

    06-10 08:58 AM
    I don't really care....unless there is a K-award for it...haha :lol:

    11-14 10:19 AM
    Ha haaa - so Lou meet and greet events ehh. He chose the location because of the auto industry slowness - he can get more followers there.

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