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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • anilvt
    08-12 12:50 AM
    I am planning to bring in my father in law in oct08...he is diabetic and 70+

    anybody, who has similar scenario ...

    i would like to pay more and get out of trouble of dealing with the claims

    please suggest

    Many thanks for all you have posted and helped the community

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  • sweet23guyin
    01-17 01:05 AM
    Came across this

    Any one comment on these kind of plan?

    Thanks always.

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  • renjuzone
    07-17 01:11 PM
    signed too. most ppl have no idea how racist he is! he will surely be flogged alive if he ever lands foot in mexico, china or india

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  • roseball
    04-18 04:03 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Got Green cards and Welcome notices for me and my wife .
    Surprisingly no uscis e-mail and online status is still "initial review"

    Our journey in short :

    How long in US : 10+ years

    First Labor in 2002 . Changed job in three years before approval of labor
    Second Labor in 2004 . Approved in 2007
    Filed I140 and 485 - in July 2007

    Since then I was enjoying EAD / AP with no complain .

    I donate to IV now and then , but for some reason only once (for few days) got access to IV-Donor Forum . But always had a faith that IV is doing good work .
    From non-donor IV forums and other forums I noticed that USCIS are transferring leftover Visas to other EB categories . I waited to see some thing coming to EB3 but ......nothing came .
    My Lawyer told me that I can port to EB2 and it is a normal a process.

    1. New Perm
    Filed in Feb and approved in 10 days ( Prep work takes 3 to 4 months before filing )

    2. EB2 I140 (TSC)
    a. Filed in March - Premium Processing
    b. My Lawyer sent interfiling letter along with I140 filing
    c. Approved in 7 days (A# and Priority Date retained)
    d. Same week got Green Cards and Welcome Notices:) - Super-fast Approval
    e. No email and no updates on USCIS website

    Not sure about the USCIS and Lawyer fees . My company paid for every thing.
    Hope every one get the desired freedom asap and don't have to wait like me for 10+ years

    Wish you all the best everyone who is waiting for GC.


    Congrats!!!. Mine was approved in similar fashion as well last September without any interfiling letter (EB-2 I-140 and 485 approved concurrently at TSC, New employer EB-2). Enjoy the freedom.


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  • sgaur_1977
    07-18 09:36 PM
    from the July bulletin
    Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed Separately
    AFRICA 35,500
    ASIA 7,750
    EUROPE 23,000
    OCEANIA 1,800
    SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 2,500

    Unless they reject/disqualify 30k Africans and close to 20k Europeans I don't see the diversity here. Notice Asia, the most populous continent has a measly 7k. But thats a different argument for another thread.

    I think increasing the total amount of visas per year is what we need.

    The numbers above are for DV visa and not EB..The reason Africa/Europe has a higher number because these places are not "principal sources of current immigration". Cap for DV visa is 55,000 per year

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  • legitimateh1b
    01-20 09:55 PM
    I dont see how genuine consulting firms will be affected by this. Those who employ people on H1B with genuine clients will be OK. Only consulting firms who bring/hire H1b employees without any project will be impacted. In my opinion this will help avoid the benching practice...

    Did I miss something?

    You did not miss anything. Those affected are bodyshop people who abuse the system. This memo is really good for those of us who do not support abuse. If these abusers get kicked out at POE and their I140 and I485 are denied, it may make more room for those of us who have not cheated the system. If my application is in Q behind these abusers, then I surely want these guys kicked out.


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    10-19 07:30 AM
    The link from PDF file doesn't work. Could you please send the right document?

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  • WaitingForMyGC
    05-25 02:43 PM
    What a postive way to start, AKP? Why they want to increase H1b fees to$5000 to fund their college scholrship program..dont they have any other way to fund it. who is here with the begging bowl.?


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  • prashanthg
    08-19 01:53 PM

    Total Pending applications :700,000 after Jul-07
    EB3 : 385000 (at 55% of the total)
    EB3-I: 115000 (at 30% of the 385000)
    # of pending apps before Sep-2002: 11500 (at 10% of 115000)

    EB3-I quota per year: 2940 (at 7% of EB-3(42000))
    Years before my priority date becomes current: 3.9:mad::mad:

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  • baburob2
    02-22 12:58 PM
    This is the agenda for Bush's agenda to India

    He outlined his plans for his forthcoming visit to India and Pakistan. He said India and the US will be holding extensive dliberations on five broad areas:

    Defeating terrorism.
    Promoting democracy.
    Improving economic ties.
    Health, environment and climate control.
    Nuclear energy co-operation

    there is an agenda on Improving economic ties . Will it be possible to touch base with the corresponding Indian representative on the above meeting to stress on removing retrogression. This would be a good platform to include the idea bcos of higher visibility and more negotiations possibility.


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  • dallasdude
    10-08 03:31 PM
    Looks like things are going down there now.. due to Current American economy status.

    India facing ripple effect of global crisis, will act fast: FM

    I agree. it makes no sense to invest in India now.

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  • arrarrgee
    07-17 02:53 PM
    I agree with you immi...I would love to have that but i believe its not practical...coz as per existing laws there are 140k employement visas alloted per year...if you are gonna use uncaptured visas from the previous years then this number would be >140k.. which would require a change in the law...with the current govt in power (inspite of the President being pro immigration),Iraq war,elections,Anti immigration sentiments before elections,etc..i donot foresee it happeneing anytime soon... my $0.02

    Lets ask Core not to just go with the temporary fix of July visa bulliten.
    We might apply for EAD and AP but what if they throw our papers some where and repeat the same thing.
    This time they will be very careful in issuing visa bulliten

    In future very slow progression in visa dates...adjudicating cases very slowly always stating that due to july visa bulliten we have lots of cases ...we will not be able to do anything until we sort ou...blah blah...

    This is not the fix
    We should be firm with our goals...

    Lets come up with some ideas....
    Lets not ask what to do...lets think and come up with an idea...and then we shall decide if it works or not...
    When some one first suggested flower campaign everyone took it as a was not implemented before some one sent the flowers and showed the receipt number...

    I was following core for a long time...this the biggest response i have ever seen from the members...

    Lets continue it...

    My idea ...lets not just accept the temporary fix...we should fight the congress until they come up with a plan of fixing the GC issue.

    The congress talks about fixing illegal immigration..Lets ask them to fix the legal immigration first.

    Unless we are really strong about it...nothing can be accomplished..

    They cant fix the existing legal system but they are ready with the plans of fixing illegal immigration...of course it failed but still they had big impact...


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  • paskal
    03-13 10:22 AM
    Don't worry - IV core will appear out of the blue when:
    1)- there is a good news - to claim the responsibility (regardless whos efforts)
    2)- when they are in urgent need of funds (don't ask just give)

    Local chapter is a joke for most of the states, in my state there were only 2 meetings in 6 months and in second no one came including organizer :D
    So basically by not joining local chapter you are not missing anything! trust me :)

    Read/Write => Enjoy IV, Don't compain

    yup it would serve your purpose better if the "core members" sat around at your service to answer your daily that would be great right?
    btw if people did not come to chapter meetings who is responsible? the leadership is voluntary and does what it can along with their regular jobs and life committments. those like you that perpetually whine and won't lift a finger need to ask some hard questions of yourself though. either this is a grassroots effort or it will certainly fail. fortunately there are members more committed than you who are actually doing things to help themselves even as i speak. there are meetings on with lawmakers and the admin changes campaign is moving. one state chapter has held a lobby day in DC this month and others are all set to hold their own efforts. if your chapter is defunct, help to give it life. or you could slink back into your hole of course...after complaining about others...

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  • gk_2000
    04-18 03:57 PM
    Hearty congratulations! Your story is most heart warming

    Mind mentioning your degree/qualifications? I am looking out for people like me who have successfully ported ...



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  • qasleuth
    05-14 12:08 PM
    Finally, Thank you for your smart and intelligent attempt to dilute the members' focus. First you start off by saying that we have no allegiance to our home land and finally you deduce that country caps are OK.

    Inference: You are some psycho who is concerned that the glass ceiling of country caps in employment based system will be shattered sooner or later.

    I strongly disagree. He is no psycho, just a juvenile displaying 4th grade logic to exhort the masses. Comes back and 'moderates' his thread by 'channeling', thanking and asking for more brilliant ideas.
    nitinboston, do not brush this off as some kind of personal attack and you have bigger fish to fry...I urge you to read and reflect.

    This might come as a surprise to some of you, but someone needs to say it out loud. GET A LIFE FOLKS!!!! there is more to life then EB, GC and all. it seem all we desi's can think of is how to get a green card so we can live here with peace and never have to worry bout getting laid off or anything.

    Comes as a surprise to your fellow elementary schoolers ? Who are you to generalize ? That is what your immediate buddies or people YOU associate may be thinking.

    Few points:

    1) having gc is a privilege not a right.
    2) US has every right to choose whom they want to have in their country.

    Thanks for the breaking news !

    4) Considering the number of fraud's committed by Indian body shoppers and people who use them, i am not surprised USCIS is extra careful when it comes to Indian applications. Anyone who got his wife with no exp with software dev an h1b visa from some cheat in Jersey knows what i am talking bout . My freind got his wife an H1 after showing she knew software testing even though her major was fine arts and all she was good at was web surfing

    Does your friend or his wife know what kind of a backstabbing 'best and brightest' you are ? Just because your so called friend's wife got a job cheating (if I take your word for it), it does not give you the right to brush the whole category with the same color. Who are you trying to impress by pissing on everybody ?

    5) have a back up. i came here in 2001 as student and have seen it all. I am on h1b since 2004. i knew we have too many people whose sole aim in life is a American GC. to avoid becoming one of those who check processing dates first thing in morning, i applied for Canadian PR, got it in 8 months and i am not even gonna bother applying for labor, i-140 and all those precious life controlling documents.
    Wake up friends, you have options. Don't let your life depend on you application status.

    Again, thanks for the breaking news and brilliant suggestions. First off, stop generalizing and look beyond your pathetic 'immediate circle'. AND here is some breaking news for you: You have not seen it all, as I can clearly see by the quality of your arguments. Don't come onto a forum, hide behind the curtain of anonymity and shoot your mouth off giving 'plain' 'straight from your heart' BS.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    07-02 03:22 PM
    It works:

    Just in FY 2007 they collected $220 million


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  • rama0083
    07-18 10:26 AM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: July-02-2007
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 10:34 AM
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Don't Know
    Checks cashed: No
    Priority Date: May-24-2004
    Category: EB-2

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  • sgorla
    01-29 05:04 PM
    Well, this should eliminate selling/misuse of labor certifications.

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  • newuser
    07-14 07:59 AM
    Digged it twice.

    02-07 12:55 PM
    I predict the movement of PD for april'07 will be significant for EB2 India, EB3 ROW for sure. They would not hold up everyone in EB2 India, EB3 ROW at the current priority dates.

    10-09 04:46 PM
    You are right on - most of conversations/analysis on RE market in India (especially Hyderabad which I am familiar with) center around how NRI/IT employee money has spurred the prices. its a big urban legend. Majority of these "investments" were with black money - corrupt govt employees, local businessmen, and politicians of all parties, and ultra rich actors. They saw a chance in converting their black money into white and pumped up into RE projects as "investments". I saw a report somewhere which said that these black-money transactions can account for atleast 33% of RE transactions in hyderabad (with another 1/3 coming from companies/FII's and only the other 1/3 from NRI's + local rich professionals like IT employees/doctors/lawyers etc). In the apartment and SF homes market most of the projects are in the mid-way thru completion -with majority of apartment projects scheduled to complete in 2009-11. During that time there will be abundant apartments with not many people living in them - expect to see rental prices go down even more.

    Of course these investors would eventually try to cash their assets - and deman vs supply equations change dramatically to drag down prices. In addition to this - the current global economic conditions are bad (to put it very mildly) - the argument that it will not touch India may not be correct. Our economy is a lot smaller than other economies like US/europe and depend a lot on those economies - more financial companies bankruptsies would affect IT companies revenues. Also there were direct investments from some of the failed companies in India - for example Lehman Bros had a investment in one of apartment project in Hyderabad. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc. all have tie ups with RE companies with huge "promised" investments. Now that they themselves are in trouble - dont think that they would venture into indian RE market anymore - this can also potentially drag down prices.

    I could be wrong (was saying that this would happen for last one year - it didnt happen so far ;)) - but I think buying an apartment/house in Hyderabad/Bangalore/Chennai now in 2008 as an "investment" is not a great idea. If the buy is to live there - then its another matter (I never look at my home as an investment - its more of a life style choice whether in India or in US).

    On the same note.... On my last trip to India, Hyd specifically...I went around and asked some people I knew for an estimate on a property...I saw people just pulled the numbers out of thin air. I donno how they came to the number, there was nothing to track the real value, like revenue records etc.

    I think this also causes the bubble we are seeing, as some people who have cash and are willing to pay may buy it at that price and that will cause people to think that its actually worth that much.

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