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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • srikondoji
    10-07 01:09 PM
    Hi BECsufferer,
    This time i completely disagree with you.
    There has been asset bubble in Indian properties due to cheap money.

    Read the following excerpt from March 2008.
    "� The yen carry trade is a �cheap money� gambit that exploits the extraordinarily low borrowing rates available in Japan. It is notoriously hard to quantify but is understood to have supported a series of the asset bubbles around the world in the past few years, from Indian property to fine wine and art

    � Japan's low interest rates, an anomaly in the financial world, result from Japanese central bank monetary policy, which has, Richard Jerram, the Macquarie economist, said, �defied orthodox economic thinking for more than 20 years�

    Not just realtors, but banks, Tatats, birlas and to some extent Reliance will fall prey to the folly they made between 2005 and 2007.
    They borrowed Billions of dollars for their oversees acquisitions which are yen denominated.
    NO wonder why INdian markets are collapsing even though the Indian market is de-coupled.
    Hope this explains why there won't be any property value appreciation for next few years in India as well as anywhere on this planet earth.


    As i said in my note, my comments are strictly directed towards markets in North India such as Greater Mohali or Ludhiana. Their had been some instances of mega-builders pulling out of mega-commercial projects such as Mohali inter-State Bus Terminal. But on same note, recent auction of commercial land by GMADA saw prices not fore-seen by general public. As rarely does anyone in north India believes on financial or non-financial promisary notes, as we do here in USA. So for individual buyers, it all boils down to cash transaction.

    My suggestion, as someone noted their is 25% appreciation of USD, is to invest in india preferbly in partnership with someone you know and can trust.

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  • jthomas
    12-03 03:39 PM
    I don't think the legal immigrant community has a problem of contributing 20 dollars or 50 dollars to IV. We are sure we all can afford it. Then why do u think members are not contributing?
    I think we need to start contribution setup from state level and then the total amount should be be given to the core. If certain state groups organize meetings, email call their members and ask every member for some contribution they will contribute.
    The only way is to go approach each member, talk to them, answer their problems and ask for contributions.

    this is just my idea. Maybe i am wrong....

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  • ssa
    08-13 08:11 PM
    Chanakya, whatever your arguments may be but calling the current state of EB2-I a "plight" is a little crazy. We are seeing one of the biggest advancements in PD dates for EB2-I. I can understand if an EB3-I feels outraged after reading your post.
    I'm EB2 myself but a little empathy would be a good thing... :)

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  • santb1975
    06-17 03:17 PM
    We really need to call


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  • days_go_by
    01-29 04:58 PM
    01/29/2007: Special Alert: DOL Submitted "Final" Regulation of Substitution Elimination Rule to OMB on 01/26/2007

    * Since this is a final rule, upon approval by OMB, the elimination of substitution and 45-day validity of certified labor certification will be triggered. Take this message as a very special alert! This rule will not only eliminate substitutition on the OMB approval and release in the Federal Register but also kill the certified labor certification unless it is used within 45 days from the date of certification! Please stay tuned to this web site reporting.
    * The planned implementation day appears to be April 2007. But it can be earlier!

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  • kc_p21
    12-15 10:13 AM
    with bill by Zoe.



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  • needhelp!
    11-27 06:52 PM

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  • bugsbunny
    04-17 12:04 AM

    I have Bachelor's computer's 3 years and MCA 2 years from IGNOU. I have over 7 years of Exp excluding frm my current company. Is EB2 possible in my case. My employer says its not cause of my education, can anybody let me know if they have done EB2 with this scenario. Appreciate your time. Thanks

    you have the education and experience to qualify but as others have mentioned your job should also require a EB2 level of skill...then you can apply in EB2


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  • lvinaykumar
    07-14 01:37 PM
    Any updates here..

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  • Refugee_New
    08-26 10:41 AM
    ICICI can not predict rather no one can predict what will be the exchange rate tomorrow. The minimum forex transaction at dealer level is for $1 mil. So, they can't promise you some rate the moment you hit the submit button. They will pool all the transactions like yours and then do a big contract together. ICICI provides lot of other services which SBI will not in terms of convenience. And ICICI deals big time in forex transactions. In this market the guy with biggest transactions will have lowest cost and depending on competition will have incentive to pass it on to you as an end user. They might time it within a particular time frame but that is something unavoidable.

    Oh really? do you think so? RBI controls the exchange rate. You know who control RBI? Banks like ICICI and big corporate companies like RIL etc and other biggies and also big IT comps.


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  • vidhya_srini
    01-01 09:09 AM
    i attended interview on dec 20th.. i havn' t recd my passport yet.. i had to cancel my tickets bcos of this..:mad:

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  • gimme Green!!
    01-22 12:07 PM
    My wife and I had our interviews on Jan 3rd. Consulate handed the passport to VFS on Jan 4th. DHL (i think) delivered at home on Jan 5th.


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  • belmontboy
    04-20 05:39 PM
    It seems that some of us want to fight, but don't have a dedicated thread. Instead we have been hijacking other useful threads.

    What I propose here is a FIGHT THREAD.
    Yes, this is a copycat idea from FIGHT CLUB

    How we go about:
    1.) Establish a dedicated thread - just for fighting.
    2.) At a pre-determined time (of day or night), fighters login.
    3.) They start fighting and all posts/fights will be restricted to FIGHT THREAD only.
    4.) Fight ends at a specificed time.
    5.) Fighters take a break until the next schedule (may be daily or thrice a week)
    6.) Fighters donot desecrate other threads, if they do, they will be banned from FIGHT THREAD.

    how's the idea :D?

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  • pansworld
    12-03 04:50 PM
    One of the approaches can be for state chapters to be involved and solicit donations from local members. I liked the idea for donations from immigrants who have already obtained green cards and online ADS from google as long as we do not overdo it. I am leaning more towards funding drives. For reasons that people in the process understand better than I do, I agree that the amounts cannot be disclosed. Hence it would be nice to have offline discussions or discussions on PMs on targets between state chapter members.

    I for one am not for monthly payments or memberships. That just makes for exclusive organization and we want to be more inclusive.

    I also had another important question we need to ask ourselves. Do we want to solicit funding or donations or participation? They are two very different things. Participation is not limited to monetary involvement but can include time and ability (designing banners, websites, writing letters et al.) donation.



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  • pmb76
    07-15 11:01 PM
    Folks -

    Two pronged approach to fix Lou's bigotry:

    1. Mail an empty trashbag to Lou Dobbs, to reach by July 31
    Let us each mail an empty trashbag with a covering note highlighting how biased and untrue his 'reporting' is.

    Mail to:
    Trashbags for Lou Dobbs Senseless Bigotry
    1 CNN Ctr
    NW Atlanta,
    GA 30303

    Trashbags for Lou Dobbs Senseless Bigotry
    One CNN Center, Box 105366, Atlanta GA 30303

    Imagine, what THOUSANDS OF TRASH BAGS would do in terms of media coverage and buzz!

    Trashbag = $0.05
    Mailing = $0.39
    Opportunity to remedy the bigotry = PRICELESS

    2. File online complaints at following direct links!

    Report Errors on CNN TV
    Send an online report NOW (

    Send a story idea (on high skill legal immigration)
    Link here (

    Lou Dobbs Tonight - Comment on the show
    Link here (
    "] (

    These will be more effective than trying to boycott Toyota, or other advertisers. Let us get direct and rebuke CNN for their shameless attacks on high skilled hardworking immigrants who continue the tradition of working towards the Great American Dream.


    That is a wonderful idea. You are a genius. I'm totally for it. Can you please start another thread for this campaign ? Do you think IV core will endorse this ? Say if we decide to send trash bags on a particular day and do a press release. If all IV members send them and CNN is deluged with trash bags ? Man imagine the media coverage !!!

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 11:44 AM
    Smith is now talking on 6020


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  • mbartosik
    12-14 12:01 AM
    Guys, I'm not sure how useful this poll will be, since I suspect that those answering it will not be a statistically representative sample of IV membership, or it is at least hard to demonstrate that it is.

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  • glus
    03-26 03:35 PM
    I got 2 of them recently too. PD not current. Probably pre-processing the applications but not approving them due to PD not current :-(

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  • vsrinir
    09-17 11:31 AM
    they are mentioning abt bill 6020???

    06-13 10:01 AM
    EB3 India is in a bad shape because of lot of backlog. I do not see relief for people with latter PD in many years to come.
    EB2 India is also not expected to have good movement for the next few months.

    So people who spend time on sites to track are wasting their time in my opinion.

    IV is people affected and not just core members. Core members , chapter leaders also have their own jobs that pays salary and life and each one of us can only devote so much time to IV. The best strategy for all of us is to work on resolving the problem and not leave it for others to deal with it.

    What each member can do:

    1- Take part in IV action items. We currently have a couple of bills. There is a slim chance with this bills if only we can get more cosponsors and get CHC support.

    2- Raise awareness of IV. More members will mean more people will take part in our campaigns.

    3- Contribute to IV. We have a funding drive that is currently begging for attention. With meager funds we cannot even afford to do our limited lobbying.

    4- Be an active IV member: If nothing at else, be regular on IV. More visitors on IV means more revenue for IV from banner ads. This revenue is used towards lobbying and website maintenance expenses. Other sites with banner ads use that money for their own, but IV uses that money for lobbying. Several thousand visitors everyday means a good amount of money generated via ad revenue ( I could not believe it when I heard it the first time). If you like tracking, then use IV tracker and help make it successful. PLEASE Put your real dates in your profile.Money from ads on it will be used for our lobbying .

    5- Develop state chapters furthers. members can get active and build their state chapters further themselves. It can be great for making friends and networking too. We want to develop this further and need member's help.

    6- Do not leave IV when you get your greencard. IV is a community and be a part of it. Help others who are suffering like you yourself suffered once. When we have lot of greencard holder members, we can even expand the scope of our work and include items like 'I140 approval date should be counted as a date for 5 year citizenship eligibility' etc...

    7- Consider IV as your home and join the effort in whichever way you can. Bring in new ideas and take leadership to implement them.

    09-17 11:23 AM
    main person Zoe Lofgren is seated

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