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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • senthil1
    03-10 08:09 PM
    Eb2 will be always better positoned as the spill over from Eb1 and other countries happen towards the end of the year. If there is some spillover for Eb3 then waiting time will decrease based on the numbers given.

    QUOTE=ashatara78;325297]The next step should be to reply to the senator mentioning that the data is ambiguous and asking for a more clear response. Is it I-140 or I-485, does it include families etc. etc.

    Also explain to them that based on these numbers, it will take X years for a person to get a GC and that the system needs reform.

    I have worked with a senator's office for a completely different matter and they are very responsive - since you have caught their attention and already have a file open, it will be helpful to respond with a concise letter so that you can get more accurate information.[/QUOTE]

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  • justAnotherFile
    07-18 08:09 PM
    Latest on this on Greg Siskind's blog...
    "Some of you have been concerned about my post regarding the rejection of some applications received on July 2nd. I've been checking and it seems to be true that some cases were sent back that day. Apparently, the number of cases sent back is small, however, so that is good news. And you should have received the case back by now if you're in that group"

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  • sts_seeker
    03-16 12:58 PM
    Hi all,
    I got a RFE for Ability to pay for My I140(EB-3, PD-Ap2003) from USCIS. After consultation I was suggested that I needed an expert opinion letter from an Independent CPA telling that company can pay me the salary stated in the ALC. Now I need a CPA who can analyze the financials of the company and a lawyer who can write the letter to defend this case. I was wondering if anyone here can provide the service for CPA analyzation or sample letter on how to address this issue.

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  • santb1975
    06-02 09:43 PM
    We need to do this now


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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 12:27 PM
    there are 6 sections in 6020...think they are discussing ammendment to the final section (6th) so hoping ours will be next

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  • days_go_by
    07-31 06:23 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Considering that we have all spent enough time stuck in the same job for several years it makes sense to prepare for the time if/when we actually get green card.

    So I was wondering if anyone here has weighed and compared the cost and benefit of PMP vs MBA. Any thoughts would be helpful.

    Take Care
    PMP can take you to Project Management, and with experience higher up in the sr management.
    With MBA from a good school you can start at serious management level.
    It doesn't have to be vs, you can do both.


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  • dr_vroeg
    06-08 09:02 AM
    ben, you still want to wait until the 30th?

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  • Jaime
    12-06 10:55 PM
    Sent my immigration story to Obama, let's all do it!


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  • Berkeleybee
    02-23 08:22 PM
    Hmmm. Immigration issues are conspicuously absent from this (Kennedy Right TRACK) version of the Competitiveness theme. Could be because he has the McCain-Kennedy bill to deal with that.

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  • Oli-G
    06-16 09:29 PM
    Whipped this up last nite.


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  • Ahimsa
    01-30 08:54 AM
    I dont think companies are really geared to file for 140 within 45 days of labor approval...
    The condition is not for "to file 140 within 45 days of labor approval"
    But it is for the company to substitute the LC for some other employee.

    There is no time limit set to file I-140 for the employee for whom the LC was issued.

    AILA opposes this 45 days condition on the premise that they can not find and recruit a person to apply LC substitution within 45 days.

    Anyway it is good to see majority of the "LC-jumpers" will be stopped.

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  • WaldenPond
    03-13 12:12 PM
    I completely disagree with your message here. You dont even know what the personal reason for not participating in a state chapter is. I, for one, am unable to join a state chapter, because , the nearest chapter is 400 miles and 2 states away. What good would it do to me to join something that I can never be part of. I wanted to start a state chapter here in my place, but I couldnt find any useful resources on how to do it. May be eb3_nepa has some reasons like it.

    Like you said, IV is not a top-down organization, which means everyone is responsible for everyone. I dont see anything wrong with eb3_nepa's questions. He wanted to know what is going on. I am sure there are lots of people around here who has the same questions.

    The Admin Fixes letter campaign was a good initiative. But, the target date got moved twice, and now I dont even know when the end date is.

    May be IV should be a top-down organization. Any organization as big as IV would probably be better served with a Top Team. That team could probably elected by the community. I am confident, that most of our members wouldnt even mind spending a few extra bucks to pay a honarary amount to this team for their efforts and time. Then there will be more structure and accountability and action going on around here.

    I came to know about IV pretty late. When I did learn about IV and joined IV, I was a very enthusiastic participant. Of late, I do believe IV is fading away. I dont see so many activities going on around here. Like eb3_nepa and few others said, IV is right now becoming just another Immigration portal. It is starting to lose its identity.

    After doing all the hard work to gather a mass or like minded people, it will be shameful, if IV drifts away from its stated aim. So, may be it is time for every member, including core members like you to refect upon things and come up with ways to make this organization more transparent and more accessible for people like me.

    Like Waldenpond said, it is probably not wise to list all the items going on in the portal. The work around to that would be, we can add another membership type which is more restrictive. This membership group will have only members whose identities have been verified. Once this group is created, IV can post all the happenings accessible to them. This will help people like me who are unable to be part of any state chapter to know what is happening at IV. Keep our sprits high.

    Thank you

    When you join a state chapter or a group in your area, it is not necessary to conduct face-to-face meetings everyday/every week, although in person meetings wouldn't hurt. The idea is to create a channel to dissipate information through channels other than WWW. Believe it or not, there are lot many folks from anti-groups who lurk around just to keep an eye on us. Participating or becoming part of the group near to you and encourage others to do the same will also help to build/strength a group of like minded folks in the area who could then team-up to meet with local lawmakers from your area/state. We are a grass roots organization and we need to have a stronger grassroots in order to continue to be more effective. As I said earlier, this channel also is very useful to dissipate information which cannot be shared on world wide web.

    Now a days when everybody has presidential election on their mind, immigration issue is not on the list of things to do for most lawmakers. As such, it takes time for the updates and the there are updates that cannot be disclosed on www. We continue to work on our issues in manner we have always worked in the past. And in the absence of Congress not taking up our immigration issues, it some how becomes our fault even though it is ok if some folks would show up from time to time and suggest that they have reasons not to join a google or a yahoo group. And all of a sudden the problem is with organization and the manner in which we work and then there is an urgent to create a “process”. Although you seem to be suggesting that you want all the ducks in the row and world peace issues sorted out before you will start accepting updates in exactly the manner in which you like to receive them. Is that correct? How about the idea of getting actively involved in your area and create an active chapter, which was your idea to begin with, and one I would agree is an excellent idea.

    It is of'course a valid question - “what is going on”. Also it is a very general statement and one which can have a very long answer and one which can be answered in few words. If you become part of a group in your area, you will know what is going on. Please understand that a significant number of members are putting lot of effort, if others are not able to participate actively, is it not fair to ask others to help in organizing in groups in the local area and be regular communication so that action items could be handled effectively?


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  • cool4maverick
    11-09 07:38 PM
    I have checked with my company's lawyer and he said I can maintain H1 status with my current employer and use EAD for part time job. I read murthy chat transcripts and same topic was discussed with two different answers. I have read at many websites different and I read mixed responses from different lawyers....point is nobody knows for sure if you can maintain your H1 status while working part time on EAD...

    In any case, I will be working part time on EAD and I will inform my HR about my status change from H1 to EAD on my I-9 to be on safe side.

    I work for a very big company and I have my LC, I140 and EAD approved. I am hoping for the best that my AOS won't be denied. If my AOS application gets denied then I do not think any other company would be able to get it approved. It is true that I will get some time buffer if I am on H1 and my AOS gets denied but I do not want to be limited by work authorization limitations...

    Thats my oppinion...

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  • snathan
    04-20 05:00 PM
    In any case, why should someone be SO disturbed if some lawyer says "I will try to prove your degree equivalency for trying to get into EB2"?

    Going by folks' behavior here, I am inclined to think, some simply hate such a lawyer for nothing more than personal interests

    We are all here for personal interests...:D


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  • logiclife
    02-05 04:46 PM
    Before this thread takes a turn where supporters and opponents of this idea start another forum war, let me say this clearly:

    IV is not going to adopt this as an agenda item. The reason is quite simple: H4s not being able to work is low on priority of problems that need to be fixed in order to mitigate retrogression or other consequences of retrogression.

    And frankly, we do not have extra kind of support to add new agenda items on our list.

    A whopping 200 people signed up for recurring contributions of $20 per month. Out of 8000 people who registered here and got emails about it. However, almost every week, there is no shortage of new ideas and no shortage of opinions on those new ideas from people.

    We get $20 deposits each month from 200 people. But as far as opinions are concerned, we get hundreds of them each week. How nice? I wish we had some machine to convert those opinions into dollars.

    If you dont agree:

    Now, if someone feels offended by this, and feels that H4 issues are orphan issues, or if this organization does not represent them anymore since IV does not want to adopt H4 related issues on its agenda, and if that someone wants to leave, then please leave without any threats and feel free to start your own organization.

    And this thread has all the features and ingredients neccesary to become a forum war. If that happens this thread will be deleted.

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  • spdy_mn
    06-13 06:34 PM
    you mean your future wife... :)....

    Yes boss, but do you have any pointers to my question :D


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  • DariusMonsef
    05-31 04:16 AM
    Desert Sunset.

    (I already entered mine, but I was having too much fun so I thought I would just share and inspire the rest of you.)

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  • sbeyyala
    04-28 07:02 PM
    Made $100 today, All the Best !

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  • absaarkhan
    10-08 03:08 PM
    Hi ssa,
    Thanks for your response.
    Its good to know that you were able to do a H1B Transfer
    even after entering US on Advance Parole.

    Followup questions:

    1. Is the I-94 # on your New H1B Approval same as the I-94 which you got
    when you entered US on Advance Parole?
    2. I am sure that your Attorney might have mentioned that last manner of
    Entry into US is "Paroled" when he filed for your H1B transfer.
    Please confirm this.
    3. Finally, did u get any RFE for your H1B Transfer?

    10-24 03:45 PM

    I think he is one of those lucky ones ..whose I-485 was approved by USICS just before the July 2 fiasco....Remember they exhausted 60,000 visa numbers by burning mid-night oil ?? ring a bell...

    Then why is he worried that USCIS reopened his H1 when he's got his GC already?

    09-14 11:45 PM
    where is the poll at?

    We were approved on 9/2.
    Had opened an SR on 8/25 and had sent an email to TSC streamline on 9/1

    What is this email to TSC streamline ? How send email to TSC?

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