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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • anil_gc
    07-15 06:13 AM

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  • gc28262
    04-28 10:51 AM
    I would strongly suggest everyone to acquaint himself/herself with the legislative process and how a bill moves through different phases / steps before it becomes a law. You can find many postings documenting the process.

    Right now it is just introduced in the senate. The problem for us is that Sen Durbin is Democratic Whip (i.e. Assistant Majority Leader) which gives him tremendous influence over garnering votes and referring which legislation to consider to the Majority Leader (Harry Reid in the Senate). Ultimately Reid decides which legislation get priority consideration. The fact that Grassley is a Republican and is close to the Minority Leader (I think) does not help us either. We will monitor the progress of the bill.

    Question to IV core.
    Can't we turn Mr Durbin to our side since IL has a large Indian community ?

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  • pa_arora
    01-31 02:02 PM
    i had 25 of my friends voted for it and now its on number 3 and 11 respectively.


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  • GCard_Dream
    07-19 03:10 PM
    While we all appreciate the contribution Aman has made for this noble cause and we are thanking him left and right on this forum, that is not the real appreciation of his sacrifice. Just saying thank you Aman; good job is not a real appreciation of his sacrifice by any stretch. If you guys really appreciate what Aman has done for us, please show your appreciation by making contribution. If Aman spent $64000, the least you can do is spend $64 on this noble cause which Aman has been fighting for all along.

    What do you guys say... $64 contribution to thank Aman for his efforts and to show that we are behind him. I already contributed 100 this morning.


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  • virald
    01-31 08:10 PM
    this particular question has not been selected. If you go to and select the live, it bring up a pop-up which has questions to choose from, this question has not shown up there.
    BTW i voted five times (different machines)

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  • sureshn22
    12-28 02:23 AM
    My wife attended interview on dec 6th..we are calling consulate everyday to find out the status but only got scolding from them for our calls. I have decided to travel alone because of this. please plan leaving some gap. block tickets with your airlines instead of confirmed reservation.

    I am still waiting for the passport.:( I contacted both VFS and US consulate for status. Hope i will get it soon.:confused: Please someone who also waited long, could you post your waiting days, this would give me an estimate days i may need to wait. Thanks for your help.


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  • GCard_Dream
    01-31 11:29 AM
    I haven't read anywhere about what would happen to existing approved labors but since they can no longer be substituted, my understanding is that they can only be used for the original beneficiary. If that person has left the company then that labor is just trash.

    This should help because lot of people who have moved to other companies after the labor was approved, those labors will just be useless and taken out of circulation.

    If this law does not apply to existing labors, we will still be in the same situation. BTW, what is a desi company. How come it can sell labors? Is selling labor legal?

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  • reddy2cool
    10-03 11:31 AM
    Read again. I did not call the consultants sleazy. Also, I did not generalize them. My support is followed in the second line.

    To me, this statement does not really deliver anything substantial or meaningful. Can you please reiterate?

    Again, this statement does not serve as a counter-argument because this is a fictional scenario and does not hold importance here.

    This is not an argument about accounting principles. Even if I tie your statement to my points, it does not compute. I am against labeling and generalizing EB-3 and I said that in my post. Please read my post again.

    What's the message here, man? I mean seriously. Are you supporting malpractices or are you just confused?

    Thanks for encouraging criminal acts in a very desperate manner.

    Yes you called sleazy consultants..check your stmnt.

    Everybody is trying to survive in this world ..diff people react differently to same situation..lying on resume/achievements is not illegal(reason y no body is prosecuted because of this fact..they are simply denied that benefit) however its unethical ..but iam not here to preach ethics.

    A fictional scenario to check whether you are ready to take advantage of a loop hole if its in your favour.( A nice quote on this -Everybody likes discrimination when its in their favour and they dont raise their voice then)

    My point to say all companies lie/manipulate things to certain consultants atleast dont deprive lives like other BIG companies where shareholders are kept in dark until they realize that company is no more worth anything.

    Iam not supporting any malpractises are anything anyways this is not a criminal thing its just immoral ..however if theres a loop hole and people want to chance it its upto them. They will be appropriately denied if they are caught, However its not like they are killing anybody.

    Finally what do you think when even govt is planning to make illegals legals ..its respecting peoples wishes against legal things(ofcourse they get benifitted)Humanity/compassion is number one..rules are for our well being ..they are not hard and fast. Check for your reputation here i think it says some thing.


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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    04-02 09:53 PM
    I hardly believe your story. Your written english doesn't seem like you are a H1-B guy form the other counrty unless you are from Canada. Why the f'ng game, what do you need? Now tell us another story that you are from Canada.

    @snathan, sorry pal i thought you must those fake identities in disguise who could pull you back from filing a complaint since they were one from the run, anyways with your suggestion the consular processing i understand there is a chance to come back, but to be true these 3 months have set me back by 3 years, with the consultant not picking my call when i want to ask him about the situation, running from company to company to attend an interview, they all taking a 5-6 hour interview and then then getting back 2 months later only to tell you that
    they had another senior in line from the company for promotion , they gave him the job and no outside candidates are being considered, other companies also making a mockery of the process of hiring. I would be better going to australia and working from within there, yes i did pay for my H1B but to be so true as i want to be i though it was a procedure at the companies and only realized after i had handed it over by reading this forum that i had also become in cohoots with this consultant. I am not a cry baby here , just that people flying in from all parts of the world , India, Australia, Canada and god knows from where, should be made aware that such things could happen to you and beware, for me the beware sign a little late as i believed at first started my research later.

    @uma thanks for the support but i have already decided to fly back, i appreciate this forum and the people who are willing to help

    @roseball well got no breath left to do another set of visa interview at the US consulate and answer those questions

    @poorslumdog when i started to research i found that this company has done this to many Indian guys, many Canadians by charging visa fees and charging some extra dough and sat on it like a vulture, did nothing to call them to the country and some have never reported to work after 3 years of visa filing, now why is this whole tantrum of filing then, they have been expanding with offices in various areas in US and it acts a good mark on
    their company in terms of view from a outside and successful visa filing with candidate money with no responsibility of placing then is a goldmine, they are like half hits in terms of placing and calling people here, i met with an Indian guy who had come here on his own and changed the company finally as he went thru the same scum of this company.
    Seems like there are victims falling for this modus operandi time after time.

    @HRPRO thanks for the suggestion

    @GCvivek thanks for the analysis of my situation, i feel that its tough to put him to trial but somebody is going to have to do that someday, let it be me, atleast if only a black mark
    it will add to his database and track record of black marks and i am sure many more would have tried but never complained against him, makes him immune everytime someone passes without doing it as i agree they want to be safe, but i want to blow the whistle.

    I need help on the procedure of documents to be submitted , please help me on that as well.

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  • garamchai2go
    12-18 08:54 AM
    Is this situation only in Chennai consulate or in all consulates in general? I have not heard of any trouble at other consulates. I am taking an appointment this week and will choose a consulate that may work faster (Delhi or Cal).

    Any feed back will be appreciated.

    vfs received my passport today i.e., Dec 18th. Dec 6th 1400 hrs was the H1b appointment.

    Here's an extract from Mr.Aytes
    PIMS (Petition Information Management System)

    Under PIMS, every consul must see information of an I-129 petition on the system before issuing a visa. As background information, we reproduce the following from an advisory on AILA Infonet:

    �Under PIMS, I-129 petitions requesting consular notification as the procedural benefit are sent to KCC (Kentucky Consular Center) after approval. KCC enters key data from the petition into PIMS and scans in key documents such as I-129 form, employer support letter, and identification documents of beneficiary. KCC also performs some database checks looking for evidence of fraud, violations, or other adverse history and records (including from SEVIS) and records its findings in PIMS. When a post is ready to grant a visa based on a petition (and apparently this includes derivatives), it must confirm the petition in PIMS before issuance. DOS knows that USCIS has not been sending change of status or extension of stay petitions to KCC at all, and we expect that interagency discussions are underway about changing that. We know also that even some consular notification petitions have not been sent to KCC. Any petition not sent to KCC will not show up in PIMS, and there may be other reasons why a petition sent to KCC does not show up in PIMS. When a post does not find a petition in PIMS, it must email to KCC, which unlike posts has direct access to USCIS' CLAIMS3 system where USCIS records petition approvals. KCC will record the fact of the petition approval and any other information it chooses, and when posts check PIMS they can find the information on which visa approval can be based. But until the post sees the petition in PIMS, the visa cannot be granted.�

    Mr. Aytes acknowledged that PIMS caught consuls by surprise. Every client must be warned of a wait of 2-4 working days before being issued a visa at an overseas consular post. It is likely that an I-129 petition filed as a change or extension of status will result in further delays as USCIS does not send information on those petitions to the KCC.


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  • maristella61
    02-27 08:02 PM
    I have a labor certification approved in my name. Does all this mean that if this new law gets approved and I have not yet filed for I-140 I lose my labor and the possibility to file for I-140? Or would I still be able to file ? I am confused.:confused:

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  • fanaah
    01-17 12:02 PM
    COunt me in ....


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  • krishmunn
    11-22 10:30 AM
    I have earlier contacted Atlas to verify if they are registered with any state's Department of Insurance. They did not even reply.
    IMO, it is better to buy an Indian Insurance. For American insurance, the only way to make them pay is go to court against them but with Indian Insurance, you can lodge claim with Insurance Ombudsman in India which is fast and effective. The only flip side is, US medical facilities might not recognize Indian insurance (though most Indian insurance collaborate with US insurance for claim processing)

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  • gvenkat
    05-14 04:07 PM
    Well ... I could partially agree to your rant. While I understand your point of view it is not justified on your part to generalize all posters into one category. You should have been more specific about what kind of posts (and even posters if you wish) frustrate you.

    In my view your words "Get a life" certainly applies to the following set of people (in that particular order):

    Those who say they are awaiting their GC to plan their lives (get married, have kids, buy a house etc.) I am married with a kid and bought a house and all I have is a I-140 approval (Not applied for I-485 yet). So what happens if I loose my job? I will make an honest effort to find one and if I fail I'll sell my house and go back to India. I am prepared both mentally and somewhat financially too. As much as I want to live in the USA it is common sense that I always have a solid back up plan to go back if need be.

    Those who come here whining about their I-485 getting rejected and don't have a back up plan. Seriously, how many times must you get jacked before you realize that USCIS is not dependable? How the heck can one plan their life around it? One must realize that GC is just a small part of your life and not your life itself. Get your priorities straight.

    Those who say that laws are racist. Hilarious! BTW racism is not one way (like the Whites out here want you to think) so beware of what you say unless you don't mind getting sued.

    Those who build up their hopes with predictions on the next visa bulletin and go emotionally crazy when the hopes crash with the release of that bulletin. I mean c'mon ... flower campaigns? hunger strikes? Are you that naive to think it worked the first time? This ain't a factory in India and we aren't a group of union workers.

    The above form a very small group of people on this website and that is where the problem lies with your post. You are basically stereotyping all of us into a category formed by a small group of people.

    Anyway, good to know of your Canadian PR success ... good luck!

    To those who fall in the above 4 categories take the time to realize that its all in your head. Be strong and prepared mentally. You've done all you can in an honest way. If things don't work out then so be it. Sometime in the future you will realize that it was all for your own good. Move on in style to your next adventure ... it's waiting for you.

    A very sensible post. You dont need to have ur life around the GC and Priority dates. You need to do what u want to as much as within ur limits.. But one thing is USCIS can be staright forward and say EB-I wont move for such and such time and people can still plan better... :)


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  • gc_dega_gandhigiri
    07-18 06:03 PM
    "USCIS�s announcement today allows anyone who was eligible to apply under Visa Bulletin No.107 a full month�s time to do so. Applications already properly filed with USCIS will also be accepted."

    This clearly says applications already filed will also be accepted. So this means anyone who filed between July 2nd and 17th will not be rejected.

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  • GoneSouth
    07-12 12:17 PM
    This is pure speculation on my part, but if CIS is returning visa numbers and there are now some visas available, it seems like it would make more sense for DOS to just make the returned visas available in the August bulletin, rather than flip flop on July once again.


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  • anai
    02-14 09:03 AM
    Oh wait. I get it now. We're probably mistaken in thinking anand26's idea is to improve IV; looks like the idea is to promote "yelling at people" as a way of life.

    The plan is to do nothing oneself but make a random to-do list for other people; so we should also respond in the same spirit.

    Here are some things you should do, anand26; now do it quickly and report back to this forum by tomorrw:
    Eat more broccoli.
    Raise money for IV.
    Do not use "zapata" in a sentence ever again

    See. Anyone can do this. Pretty easy. Thanks Anand26 for sharing this idea.

    Ok, if advertising is too far-fetched, then hold some cultural events and make money on those. Brainstorm with members to find other ways to make money. People are not going to contribute. That is the writing on the wall. There is lack of trust and lack of faith in IV. IV will have to figure out ways to generate cash from other things than member contributions. If I remember correctly, people contributed nearly $200K and have got nothing to show for that.

    These suggestions are because you think money is the issue. I don't think it is. It's the lack of good leadership. That is my opinion and it was point of my original posting. Lack of money is being blamed wrongly. But may be I am wrong.

    Attack my ideas and not me. Then we can have a debate conducive to achieving our goals.

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  • simple1
    05-07 04:12 PM
    congrads desi3933. Great achievement. Thanks for wishing the same for us.

    * Technically and Legally US is a corporation and federal-union not a country (union like UK, ussr, future-EU-federal-state etc). Even india is a union. not a country.
    * Your state/UT (DC, PR etc) will be your actual country. All states have their own state-constitution.

    Before commenting on the above two points, please take time to watch a great youtube video out there that explains the whole thing based on federal constitution. Search for “citizen 14th amendment” in youtube. When I get home, I will post the link.

    Some personal thoughts (not legal technically etc),
    * Your loyalty must be concentrated and focused on the state/UT (technically your country) you live. There was a great question asked to Kalam in his recent Seattle visit and his recent speech in WU campus kane hall. He says more than india, even NRI’s (indian citizens) must have loyalty primarily towards the local place they work and live (I assumed, specific to city/region, state/UT).
    * be a proud Californian, Texan Etc (ineffect state citizen first before federal or ancestral, ethnical, etc). In effect not indian-american.

    Finally I am a US citizen after being 10+ years in this country. This is one of my biggest fulfillments and it means everything to me. US is just not home anymore for me, it is my country.

    I wish everyone the best and hope they get GC very soon.

    Proud to be an indian-american and legal immigrant.

    Good Luck!

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  • masti_Gai
    09-13 02:48 PM
    well skill bill will help ppl with MS???
    what about the ppl with BS and having umptin years of experience???
    should we still be in soup:eek:

    04-20 02:28 PM
    plainspeak saying this.....

    dude, ignore her.

    Why waste your energy arguing with her?

    08-15 08:15 PM

    You can also see this separate thread if things move forward slightly.

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