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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • mallu
    11-17 10:37 AM
    I filed 485 in Sep 2003.
    First Finger Print is done in Aug 2004.
    Second Finger Print is done in April 2007.
    Took Infopass on Sep 11th 2007 and I was told by Officer that everything looks good but still pending and asked me to check after 2 months.
    Took Infopass again on Nov 13th 2007 and came to know that FBI Name Check is Pending on my and my wife's cases.

    How do I know how long FBI Name Check is Pending on my case ?

    You filed in Sep 2003, right ? So name check is pending for 4+ years. Why didn't file WOM on them ?

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 06:34 PM
    You really think they're in any kind of rule-following mood lately?
    Exactly....who the heck are they answerable expect anything...

    Has AILA filed the damn lawsuit yet...what the heck are they doing...playing Tom and Jerry....

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  • illusions
    07-15 10:36 AM

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  • sri1309
    10-06 07:17 PM
    pls post in property related forums..


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  • jitnair
    12-28 08:34 AM
    My H1b (Revalidation for 7th yr) was on Dec 13th 1:45PM...Still hasnt receive my passport...Called the consulate ...they mentioned PIMS check is needed in order to stamp the passport...My travel date is Jan 9th..and I am also getting anxious...When asked about how long I will have to wait..they said to call back on Jan 5th (!!!????)...

    Consulate apparently was on vacation from Dec 21st thru US also until 2nd is pretty much 'holiday season' (lot of folks on vacation) (I hear this PIMS check is done by some system in Okalahoma)..

    I hope I wont have to postpone my tickets...Looks like this system got kicked in Late Nov,Dec (Per Murthy)..May be we are the gini pigs..

    I echoed my concern to the US consulate that delays will cause significant financial loss (extra vacation days, loss of pay, travel plan changes etc)...I dont think they are bothered..but it will be good if who ever is affected can send emails/call consulate and echo these concerns..('May be' all of us together will have a bigger voice)

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  • snathan
    03-28 11:48 PM
    Came to USA on H1B, paid for the H1B fees(at that time didn't know it was illegal to do so)
    however after coming here , Paid for my own ticket and landed here on start of january 2011.

    Confirmed my arrival to the employer too. Since my leaving the home country there has not been any mail correspondence from the employer , though i have been writing many. Talked to him over the phone and he said he wasn't responsible for my arrival as he doesn't have any project for me. Waited to get another job as a H1B TXFR but stuck with trnsfrs issues due to non availablity of paystubs from him.

    I never reported to work as he said dont come to office, dont have any paystubs, but have all my H1B papers , I97 and Employment offer from that consultant. I have decided to leave back to my home country but not before reporting this blood sucker to DOL.

    I need to clarify a few things before i nail these blood suckers

    1. How long before i board my flight back home , should i send the documents to DOL

    2. I have the originals of H1B filing and LCA and I94, are they rquired in originals
    or copy to send to DOL

    3. What other documents should i send alongwith

    4. Do you think my case will get weaker if iam not here ? As i am flying back to my home country.

    5. I dont want these suckers to go scott free, so how to build my case here , can i ask the DOL to recover my wages for 4 months i wasnt getting paid.

    I do not care if i get any wages or not from them , but i really wanna see the locks on the gates of this company. They shouldn't take H1B and its applicant for scapegoats.

    Any advices are welcome to help me bring these guys to justice.

    It seems like you are at fault here...why did you come here without your employer calling you. There is no strong case...what wages you are talking about when you were not reported to work.


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  • Hassan11
    03-13 04:12 PM
    this must be a change in USCIS policy since in the past the spill over from EB2 ROW went to EB3 ROW and then to India and China EB2.

    USCIS must have changed their policy to help established the cutoff date for EB2 India. so now the spill over from EB2 ROW goes to China and India EB2

    No, EB3 ROW can use all the available EB3 ROW numbers. But the unused EB2 (ROW/Mex/Phil) have been distributed to the oversubscribed countries.

    That's how I interpret that.

    The popular belief was that the unused EB2 ROW would first go EB3 ROW but according to this they actually go to the oversubscribed countries in the same category (EB2)

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  • sc3
    08-11 02:52 PM
    I am wondering the same for 2002 applicants. I wonder if many people were approved in 2007 fiasco and if yes, then why PD is stuck at Nov 2001?

    I am also thinking the same that many might have been approved in 2007, because most of these applicants had a chance to apply before the gates were closed in 2005, and would have been approved in 2007. But 0 responses is still odd.

    The reasons for Nov 2001 PD could be due to backlog processing centers that held sway over these applicants (non-RIR cases), but by same yardstick, there still should be some cases in early 2002. Odd indeed (though a good kind of "odd", as we will get a welcome jump in dates once they ball starts rolling).


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  • Macaca
    11-07 12:32 PM
    I want to give some fraud and abuse examples. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples in the H-1B visa program.
    From The Grassley Visa Tax ( The Wall Street Journal Editorial, November 2, 2007

    Department of Labor investigations reveal that some 90% of violations are paperwork offenses and good-faith misunderstandings.

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  • amslonewolf
    11-11 01:36 PM
    Very well said.. How many EB- 485 applications have been rejected after following all the app requirements (like PD is current before applying, correct fees etc)..

    I-485 is mostly about the eligibility of the individual (like medical, illegal presence, fraud etc.) and so getting rejected at I-485 stage is not that common (especially after the approval of the underlying immigration petition). And if it does get rejected, more often than not, the individual may never be eligible for permanent residence due to the same reason. So usefulness of H1-B as back-up is of very limited narure.


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  • getgreensoon1
    04-19 11:26 AM
    Just a 3 years in USA, getting a GC by porting into EB2 with a B.Com and some online degree!!!!!! What a pathetic situation for us!!!!!!!!!. Wake up USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fully agree with each word you said. Many people with legit US education (not TVU kind that many not so educated people on this forum are taking shelter under the umbra of) who have been in the US for more than 10 years are still lawfully waiting in the line. And this idiot with a BCOM and MCA ( correspondence course from IGNOU) is dreaming of porting into EB2 and screw us up. Shame on USCIS and Shame on DOL. I am really concerned that if legit EB2 applicants don't talk to lawmakers and send emails to USCIS, we will be stuck here for years due to these fradulent porting.

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 11:20 AM
    Voting is completed in the house, soon everyone should be here


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  • gman
    06-15 09:35 PM
    Has any of you guys heard of "Follow to Join". I believe that if you are "legaly married" before filing I-485 then you should be able to bring your spouse in whenever your GC is approved. If your GC is not approved by the time you get married i think she should be able to come in under H4.

    I'm in a similar situation but more complex. My fiancee was in the US on J-1 visa and had to go back because of 2 year Home residency requirement. I have e-mailed my attorney but she's on vacation until next week. I have my 140 approved and am not sure what next step is as my fiancee's j1 2 year HRR is not up until Jan 2008.

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  • waitingGC
    02-07 02:06 PM
    It is just speculation that it will take 10 years or 15 years. Actually past 3 years atleast 50% h1 were used by TCS,WIPRO and similar companies. So those who are processing gc is less. But it may take some time to clear current backlog as we had 195k H1 cap till 2003. If 65k h1 cap is there then it will be 3 year waiting period for EB2 and 4 to 5 year for Eb3. People will speculate based on number of H1s. But their calculation is not including the number of people who are giving up and also many people are going back. But if they increase H1 then the situation may become worse. I think one time releif will be enough to resolve the issue for
    next 5 years. But Skil bill is asking too much(May be for permanent resolution of
    gc issue) and opposition is more as anti immigrants are quoting the numbers. Remember in 2000 the relief of recapturing previous few years did not attract
    large opposition and passed easily. Simlarly if H1 increase also limited for 2 or 3 years that can be passed easily as we can convince Senators like Sessions.
    But if we keep on asking so many numbers of H1 and Gc and also exemptions
    for Master degree then we have to wait for CIR as this will have lesser impact
    in numbers compared to illegal immigrants.

    Yes, you made a very good point. I totally agree with you. Most people here do not really care about the fundamental immigration reform as long as they can get their GCs. Maybe instead of asking for SKIL which is very controversial, we should just ask for visa number increase for a specific period, for example, 5 years. That will solve our problem and is less controversial. After 5 years, all of us here should have had our GCs. The rest of the problem can be left to other people.


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  • trueguy
    11-04 12:59 PM
    Feb 2003!

    I feel this is too small a specimen to predict anything but so far about 25% are Jun 2003 or older...

    Below is purely my speculation!

    Assuming there are 400k applications pending (may be a bad assumption) > so about 100k with PD's Jun 2003 or less...

    10k per year allotted so 10 years to reach June 2003 :confused:

    I hope my calcs are wrong! God Bless us!

    Guys: This is just for EB3-India category.

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  • gccovet
    09-24 08:32 AM :mad::mad:


    The best way to respond this kind of people is to ignore them....
    If you are successful, certain people will complain and make up stories how you became successful.
    If you fail, the same people will makeup stories how dumb you are etc...

    The best way, in my opinion, is to ignore these fools.

    Those who are writing negative about IV and their leaders, do not have slightest idea on how much sacrifices they have made (family time, financially, physically, mentally etc) so that most of us could be benefited out of it. If these people think they are not benefited or does not like the idea, please don't read those post or just ignore them and move on, go to the posts that you would be benefited from and logout, I personally would like these people to share their experience and answer questions by others with their best of their knowledge, but if you can�t do that, please don't demoralize others.

    And yes, I don't care about RED dots, so bring them on.



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  • SK2007
    11-02 02:07 PM

    I have come across at least one-colleague in every client place who left U.S.A - after being here for more than 7 years. And they do have children, houses and handsome salaries. And I know of number of people who have plans to eventually go back. But it's just matter of time and money. If property prices were not crazy in India, I am sure more people would have left by now.


    I thought people came here for economic reasons(mostly), now it looks like we cannot afford good property inn India and are not going back.

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  • wandmaker
    06-02 12:17 PM
    called all of them, updated the poll.

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  • gcisadawg
    03-11 02:03 AM
    Why do you bring Malice with you, everywhere, seriosly how does your family stand you ?
    I have seen your posts earlier, they are full of abuses, unjust full of most useless comments, let me tell you one thing, it is a very well known truth people who are most abusive on cyber space, are most fattoo & have been beaten up kind of people because they spend their life in threat but on cyberspace they become Lion. You are a typical Cyber Sher... But in real life I can guess....

    I second you...Kunju has a history....

    11-06 01:59 PM
    Sen Grassley makes sense to me. It looks like he has thorughly studied the program. If he is really concerned to stop the abuse in H1B program then

    a. H1B visa should be decreased
    b. EB visas should be doubled
    c. Current backlog should be cleared by recapturing visas.

    If we are all on the same level playing field, then there will not be a chance of lower wages & the employers will only recruit based on true skills.

    In either case, Americans need to be more competitive, rather than just crying that I am replaced by a H1-B. Why would any employer sponsor an H1B visa when he has equally qualified US citizen.

    Hope the senator understands both the sides of the same coin, just reforming H1B will not help much. It will result in outsourcing. EB visas should be doubled.

    12-18 08:54 AM
    Is this situation only in Chennai consulate or in all consulates in general? I have not heard of any trouble at other consulates. I am taking an appointment this week and will choose a consulate that may work faster (Delhi or Cal).

    Any feed back will be appreciated.

    vfs received my passport today i.e., Dec 18th. Dec 6th 1400 hrs was the H1b appointment.

    Here's an extract from Mr.Aytes
    PIMS (Petition Information Management System)

    Under PIMS, every consul must see information of an I-129 petition on the system before issuing a visa. As background information, we reproduce the following from an advisory on AILA Infonet:

    �Under PIMS, I-129 petitions requesting consular notification as the procedural benefit are sent to KCC (Kentucky Consular Center) after approval. KCC enters key data from the petition into PIMS and scans in key documents such as I-129 form, employer support letter, and identification documents of beneficiary. KCC also performs some database checks looking for evidence of fraud, violations, or other adverse history and records (including from SEVIS) and records its findings in PIMS. When a post is ready to grant a visa based on a petition (and apparently this includes derivatives), it must confirm the petition in PIMS before issuance. DOS knows that USCIS has not been sending change of status or extension of stay petitions to KCC at all, and we expect that interagency discussions are underway about changing that. We know also that even some consular notification petitions have not been sent to KCC. Any petition not sent to KCC will not show up in PIMS, and there may be other reasons why a petition sent to KCC does not show up in PIMS. When a post does not find a petition in PIMS, it must email to KCC, which unlike posts has direct access to USCIS' CLAIMS3 system where USCIS records petition approvals. KCC will record the fact of the petition approval and any other information it chooses, and when posts check PIMS they can find the information on which visa approval can be based. But until the post sees the petition in PIMS, the visa cannot be granted.�

    Mr. Aytes acknowledged that PIMS caught consuls by surprise. Every client must be warned of a wait of 2-4 working days before being issued a visa at an overseas consular post. It is likely that an I-129 petition filed as a change or extension of status will result in further delays as USCIS does not send information on those petitions to the KCC.

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