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Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • newuser
    04-28 12:01 PM
    Thanks for the info.

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  • GCAmigo
    07-12 11:27 AM
    I remember long time ago somebody used to say that this Greencard is a SCAM....I am so frustrated..

    was our beloved(?) & much hated "KAKA" !

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  • mxh72c
    10-06 10:31 PM
    We are really now in a global credit/liquidity crisis. Please see the link below to see the cash crunch the major real estate players like DLF are in. This article is from July so you can imagine what September would have been like for them. Prices have already come down in major centres. Currently there is a game of chicken being played between builders and end use buyers. Every indication is that very soon builders will have to cut their losses and sell their flats at deep discounted prices.

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  • sathyaraj
    11-09 04:07 PM
    EAD & AP is luxury & aggressive. Keeping H1B active is being conservative and playing with probability and backup. It depends on your nature. Go for it!!

    If you are planning on a big investment like buying a home or something like that. It is better to stay on H1B so you have a backup if something goes wrong with GC.

    I have seen problems with cases using AC21 when they apply it asking for more details and also sometimes ur I-140 is revoked by your sponsoring employer and USCIS may trigger a NOID for you. Ofcoourse you can file MTR and prove that them that it is legitimate to change jobs using AC21, but if you have H1B also then you have a peace of mind.

    Also for the first job change use AC21 and do H1B transfer also(just being cautious) and wait for 6 months so that USCIS is already aware that you ve changed company. You can address any RFE/NOID during this period. But later on you can be on ur own.


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  • vikramaditya
    03-13 03:00 PM
    hope this will help us understand e1 and ex

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  • arnab221
    03-20 07:03 PM
    I had the same kind of situation . I work for a Fortune 5 company . The prevailing wage some how came to $5000 more than the salary than the company pays me ( I think I am pretty competitively paid ) . Our attorney team told me that this is nothing to worry about . The wage difference actually matters when your I-485 is filed and about to be approved . So you could actually go ahead and file the labor and get the I140 approved and wait for your wage to rise to the levels ( you will have to wait anyhow for a few years ).So if I have to wait for like 3 years for my GC my wage will surely rise to USD 5000 in 3 years . Also remember that the total wage is the sum Salary + Joining bonus + awards + yearly bonus . So you could add these things to give your total wage .


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  • imh1b
    01-11 12:19 PM
    Why dont you organize a rally, we will contribute and be their for the rally. We need to do something ASAP. I humbly request you and other core members to organize a rally and pick one day for sending flowers to either white house or USCIS. Also we can balck out our personal information and send our transcripts as well.

    Please organize a date, how about February14th, we will get more attention. Love for permanent residency, media will like the idea and broadcast it.

    What about hunger strike?
    It is much bigger than rally. You will get more attention and you do not need thousand people to do it. If we can have even a handful of people or even one person to do it, it will be great. The expenses and preparation to do hunger strike will be very less.

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  • rajagopal_04
    12-22 01:53 PM
    My wife went for H4 visa on Dec 19. I booked flight ticket on 28th. So it seems like I need to postpone the date by at least a week.

    Your comments are welcome...Thanks!!


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  • gcseeker2002
    06-23 11:14 AM
    Looks like the insurance rates are much higher even if one person's age just touches 70 , this is with patriot and protection america.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-08 01:12 PM

    I did a quick search and did not find answer to this. Apologise if this is a repost.

    But a co-worker of mine wants to travel on AP. After coming back, he will join my company (right now he is a contractor) as a perm employee on H1. Is it possible and allowed? Can he transfer H1 after using AP?

    Our company attorney confirmed that his H1B will remain valid even after using AP. But she is not sure about transfer. I will post her reply once she gets back to him. But in meantime, if anyone has any idea about this, please share.

    Thats correct. Once you use AP, you loose H1 status and your status is "Adjustment of Status".


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  • smisachu
    07-30 11:47 AM
    You can trade commodities like stocks by taking a directional bet on long term price movement. But this is what you need to consider. Stocks always trade in Spot. If you buy MSFT you own shares of Microsoft today. Although single stock futures (SSF) are available now we will not look at derivatives right now.

    Commodities are traded as futures. You can buy Soy futures today for December delivery or lean hogs for dec 2010 delivery.
    Under conditions of No-Arbitrage the price of the future will be the price of the spot plus storage and delivery costs. If for example 3 month LSC (Light Sweet crude) is trading on NYMEX at $60; the cost of storage and delivery is say $20 for 3 months. Then 6 month LSC should be trading at $80. But if you look at the contract it might be trading at $55.

    The reason being fundamentals. The peak driving season or the hurricane season is over and heating oil season is not yet on us or by looking at weather derivatives traders are factoring in milder winter. The leader of Iran has declared he will step down from office and retire to Hawaii, the rebels in Nigeria have turned themselves in and joined a church missionary..stuff like that.

    So you might believe these fundamental assumptions or you might do your own research and say that the traders are wrong and they are discounting critical factors and the price should be more. So you can go long the future and hope for an increase in price and sell the future before delivery for a profit. This is the expensive route but you will never be wiped out for sure. Price of crude may drop but will never go to zero.

    Or you trade options on the futures, for example:
    Borrow money (leverage) buy the call; short delta units of the future contract and invest the proceeds at the risk free rate.
    If you are correct the call will end up in the money, the shorted futures will loose value but since it is “delta” units it is only a portion of the position and the invested money will earn you the risk free rate. So you make some money on the call and loose some on the hedge and net you will profit. (Hopefully to cover the transaction costs and taxes)

    If you are wrong (price falls) your call will expire worth less so you are wiped out there, your short will increase in value and you will still earn the risk free rate. So although net you will loose money it will not be as much as a naked call because of delta hedging.

    This is explained in very very simple terms. Each transaction step will indicate modeling prices to know if the future is priced correctly, if the option is priced correctly and if the leverage you are getting is correct. Plus modeling future price movements and expected rate of returns and the most primary thing in any transaction the “Alpha”. Source of alpha should be very clearly defined. Let me go a bit deep and include some simple math:

    E[R] = Alpha + betaR + epsalon

    Where E[R] is the expected return-(see statists for more on expectation functions.)
    alphais the excess return
    betaR is market return or what the price of the commodity does in the duration chosen. (Market betais 1)
    epsalonis error term or un explained return.

    (Sorry the greek symbols did not display so I wrote words)

    This is a kindergarten model of modeling your alpha. As there are many variables you will use a multi variant model to figure out return. Plus as I said in my previous post you have to model jumps. Jumps are spikes of very short duration which will only be seen in a log normal price distribution. A Gaussian distribution might not be changed much because of a spike of small duration. For example if you are trading electricity and the temperature in NJ hits 110 degrees, there is going to be a spike on that day for electricity prices but this will fall as soon as temperature falls.

    And the core issue of all is you need to have access to products as indicated by puddonhead plus money and leverage capacity and risk bearing capacity. As you see this is not for the faint of heart or for some one to do part time. If you are really sophisticated and can do this with good resources, fine or else my advice is stick to stocks or stock derivatives. Hedge funds have teams of quants and super computers sitting and doing this every day. They will vacuum out even the slightest of alpha out there; they will simply take your money if you enter into a wrong trade. If someone is a quant and does this for a living then if his contract allows it or if his licensing allows it legally he can do it on the side but apart from it definitely not something the retail investor should indulge in. Just invest in some ETF like GLD or USO or some commodity mutual funds at the max.

    Best of luck!!

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  • krupa
    07-15 04:05 PM


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  • arrarrgee
    07-16 10:37 AM

    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

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  • cpolisetti
    04-07 05:57 PM
    Will contribute more soon. What we contributing is nothing when compare to what you IV guys are doing and aiming for. Thanks from bottom of our heart for your efforts.

    Will encourage my friends to do the same.

    Note to IV Members: See if you can update donation amounts everyday, this might motivate few to donate more.


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  • dcrtrv27
    07-30 01:28 PM
    Did you enquired about Namecheck via email?
    Why you got the email form USCIS mentioning all about pending namecheck?
    I am also stuck in Name Check.
    Please let me know how you can get status by email on namecheck.

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  • vikki76
    02-01 04:14 PM
    There are lot of people from different countries who have exploited asylum system as well.
    I actually admire indian graduates of different streams who are able to transfer to computer science so easily.Maybe it is education in basic sciences and Maths earlier.
    Sure, there are not Nobel prize winners within our community, but generally, some how, people are able to deliver what is expected of them.If consultants are not of high quality,Hiring companies fire them easily.As it is,there is strong anti H1-B propanganda going on,so if anything we discuss here,can be picked up external groups.


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-13 06:35 PM
    you can add your spouses before an I-485 is approved. Once its approved, then you are in trouble. These dates are current only temporarily, and retrogression ("severe" as per the bulletin) is expected again soon. So go ahead and file your I-485 right now if your PD is 'late' (2006 or so) you will probably be on EAD/AP for a while.

    if your PD is 2003/2004/2005, then as soon as 485 filing is done, start looking for your life partner :)

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  • logiclife
    04-07 11:14 AM
    So we have an amendment that deals with Immigration Voice's goals - Now what?

    The Brownback amendment that benefits all of us in one way or other is on the table for the immigration bill(Specter’s, Frist’s whichever). Thanks to Senator Brownback, his staff, our counsel QGA, our friends in AZ and PA(not in core IV team) who played a key role in convincing the staff and Senator about our problems and solutions and MOST IMPORTANTLY - YOU - the volunteers and members who supported this operation financially and morally.

    Friends, the game has just begun. The fun part, the challenging part comes now. Those who are familiar with S 1932 know that the real deal is the house-senate conference committee IF the immigration bill gets any traction in Senate post recess. In a rare event that immigration bill is ignored this year, we need to focus on getting these amendments in other bills like PACE act, TALENT bill etc. Immigration Voice’s morale is like DURACELL – IT NEVER DIES. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

    So , before we open that Champagne bottle let's make sure that we are ready for the next stages in this effort:

    1. Getting majority of Senators to vote "Yes" on our amendment.
    2. Getting the opposing amendments to defeat the good stuff out of the senate bill.
    3. Protecting this amendment in the House-Senate Conference Committee.
    4. Defeating the harmful provisions that may be injected by more creative minds in the House during House-Senate Conf.
    5. Continued efforts to find another bill for our provisions if the immigration bill fails. (Unlikely because of millions of undocumented workers holding rallies. Something WILL HAPPEN).

    All this is going to take lobbying, grass-roots efforts and a lot of work.

    So now, we regroup. We gain strength. Lend a hand to the fence-sitters to join us. Convince the NAYSAYERS that this works. And we raise more funds.

    Today, IV Core group sincerely requests members to whole-heartedly contribute just like you contributed before. Let's give this movement a momentum so strong and powerful that its invincible. Let us get all hands on deck.


    The goal is to raise another 75,000 in 25 days. That will bring the total contributions to around 150,000 by the first of May.

    We have always asked people to contribute whole-heartedly as this is a non-profit operation, no core member or volunteer makes any money on this and we are accountable to IRS due to our non-profit tax status. We have always done EVERYTHING LEGALLY and will continue to do things legally. If in doubt, please visit the menu "Lobbying and the Law" on the homepage. Remember, the core members want their greencards too and they wouldnt be doing things that are illegal and risk their own greencard applications.

    Conribute and be a part of most successful organized effort ever done by a bunch of high-skills legal immigrants. Be a part of movement that will make you proud for the rest of your life. Something to tell your children about. A few hundred dollars saved by not contributing will not make you happier. I can guarantee you that. The money I contributed to IV has been the most well-spent amount in 6 years of my time in US. And dont ever rely on "Others will do it and I can evade this as one person wont make difference" will NEVER WORK. It never does. If you think that there are friends that are affected by retrogression then call them, show them the amendment and tell them to stand up and support this.

    Thanks, and make this another successful round of donations. Here is a link to our contributions page -


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  • kumarc123
    01-11 02:54 PM
    thank u thank u thank u..... please pray for me..... it might work where dos has has failed since sep-09, just 19 days away..... i promise to not bother u after i get my gc.... did i rub u the wrong way in the past

    Thank you, you just proved how much of a team player you are.

    Their is fine line between dreaming and reality, I wish you the best for your day dreams
    P.S. -- Enjoy your medication

    06-22 07:30 PM

    07-11 04:59 PM
    Below if the news letter from IV , please use this to forward information.

    Yes, PDF will be helpful.. I was just searching for some such info.. Thanks nraja



    Dear Members:

    Immigration Voice is organizing its first peaceful protest rally in San Jose, CA on July 14th in order to protest the broken system of legal high-skills immigration. This protest march is being organized to oppose the enormous visas backlogs in the employment based immigration system. This protest march is also intended to oppose the recent decision of USCIS to block the adjustment of status petitions in July resulting from an unprecedented out-of-order reversal on the part of DOS and USCIS.

    Please join this rally in huge numbers to create more awareness in the Media, Congress and the Administration. We are already getting attention of Congress and the Administration due to recently published articles on the flower campaign in New York Times and Washington Post on July 11th. If you cannot join but if you know someone who lives in San Jose area and who doesn’t know about this effort, please ask him or her to join this rally. More numbers will get us more media coverage and more attention to this issue.

    This rally has the potential to bring our issue to the attention of everyone, including the Silicon Valley tech employers who have a stake in the morale and productivity of the hi-tech foreign employees in their companies and their backlogged immigration.

    Peaceful protest march by Legal Immigrants in San Jose, CA.

    The New City Hall
    200 E Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95113

    Saturday July 14, 2007

    11:00 am To 2:30 pm

    11:00 AM: Meet at San Jose City Hall at 200 E Santa Clara St.

    PARKING: (Free weekend parking in the 4th St. garage on 44 South Fourth St., & San Fernando St. across from the MLK Jr library; For other free parking areas in downtown San Jose see: )

    1) 11:30 AM: Go to the square in front of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (150 E San Fernando St).
    2) 12:30 PM: Walk towards 635 N 1st St through S 4th St, E San Carlos St, Market Street and N 1st Street.
    3) 1:15 PM: Arrive at 635 N 1st St and stay till 2:00 PM
    4) 2:30 PM: back to City Hall

    1) Abide by the laws.
    2) Stay on sidewalks.
    3) Follow traffic rules, show courtesy to other pedestrians.
    4) Do not block building entrances.
    5) Dress Professionally. No shorts or Bermudas. Wear formal dress clothes, semi-casual or business-casual.

    Plenty of water, snacks and sun block (if needed).

    Do not bring your own signs. We will have banners and signs ready for you.


    GOOGLE MAP FOR THE ROUTE OF THE PEACEFUL MARCH (COPY PASTE URL IN BROWSER):,+San+Jose,+CA&daddr=S+4th+St+%4037.337490,+-121.887320+to%3A150+E+San+Fernando+St,+san+jose,+c a+to%3AS+4th+St+%4037.332980,+-121.883940+to%3AS+Market+St+%4037.331030,+-121.888360+to%3A37.333859,-121.890907+to%3AN+Market+St+%4037.338380,+-121.894240+to%3AW+St+James+St+%4037.339080,+-121.892780+to%3A635+N+1st +St,+San+Jose,+CA+to%3A200+E+Santa+Clara+St+San+Jo se,+CA+95113&mrcr=4,5&mrsp=5&sz=15&mra=dme&sll=37.335736,-121.886315&sspn=0.015764,0.039911&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Event leaders or organizers take no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the posted events. It is your responsibility to abide by law. By joining this event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being.



    Immigration Voice Core Team.

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