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Sunday, June 26, 2011

kate bosworth 2011

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  • reddy2cool
    10-02 11:07 PM
    Well, I don't think gctest is against EB3. He is against consultants from sleazy bodyshopping companies, which is right.

    A career based on lies and deception is criminal in my humble opinion. There are people who actually came to US with valid experience and education, but still end up applying in EB-3 because the employer did not oblige. Sad for them, but it again boils down to the fact that if the job description qualified them for EB-2, then they got cheated. Otherwise, it is just.

    I would like to clear the stand that I am a MS holder from an American university and I work as a Sr. Engineer in one of the top internet firms. I left an offer from that crappy operating system maker because that job did not require MS or even BS+5. It was BS+3. I chose a job where I get to apply in EB2.

    People who crib about not getting a chance, even though their job description did not support it are wrong, IMO. NO ONE forced you in to that job. This is not slavery and US is not the only place where you can get a job.

    Sorry but i dont agree if you call the consultants sleazy or any other thing. Everybody fights to survive here and they are taking a risk at their own cost hence they are benefitting. I donno whether you would not take a eb1 if uscis itself offers u one ? Anyways may be you arent lying but check your company ..all the big companies do creative accounting tell lies to share holders and what not ..does it make them any inferior or superior the end behind every success there are things that are right. So even people who applied in eb2 did somethings right which enabled them to get qualified under it. Dont be a crybaby a man ...u american graduate take risk or show ability to qualify under eb1.

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  • mbartosik
    07-19 09:52 AM
    it need not just a few very good core team members,
    what is needed is a weight of slightly good, active and contributing, masses.

    It is bad to rely on a few doing a lot, more need to do just a little more.

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  • willigetagc
    08-19 02:04 PM
    I understand your frustration. Believe me I have gone thru the same.

    When I filed for my I-485 in 2000, the PD was current for me for 23 months in row when it got approved. Can you believe this? PD was current for whole 23 months while I-485 was pending.

    One of my goals is to help my future legal immigrants. Being a US citizen gives me vote voice and power. I am open to suggestions. I would like to help my fellow legal immigrants.

    I know, the wait time is long, but it is worth it every bit.

    Good Luck to everyone.

    Hmmm so you have been a victim of random processing too? The situation is a mess no doubt. But this random processing really hits where it hurts the most...

    IF ONLY everyone who gets a GC approval or citizenship could work at the CIS for a year... a sort of community service.... All of the problems wrt the random processing will go away...

    I am sure most people on this board can hit the ground running and don't require extensive training... unlike the present day IOs.

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  • wikipedia_fan
    06-01 10:34 PM

    How does one go about writing to the senator's office for an individual's case?
    Can you share how you went about this?


    Go to their website and look for consitutent services. Utilize their services ONLY if your's is a genuine problem and follow their instructions - write clearly what your problem is and what kind of help you are expecting. Spome of them are very helpful - they stay on top of the case till they get you a written decision


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  • gumpena
    09-15 06:42 PM
    Our only hope is HR5882. Please start calling congressmen..

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  • knnmbd
    06-07 12:58 PM
    I am married too, but i only said that there are other easier paths aswell.

    Regarding working late, i am a fulltime employee with H1-B and never came to office before 10:00AM and stayed after 6:00PM and never ever worked weekends. Mine can be an exceptional case, but what iam saying is, your relationship with your manager is important. This can make a lot of difference in your lives.
    As long as you deliver what is expected of you, you can even work 4 days a week and get paid for 40 hrs per week.

    I don't know, if we are deviating from our main discussion agenda started by LogicLife.

    I disagree with Logiclife on immigration to the U.S( or to any other country for that matter) being a right. All that would have made sense when the "new world" was discovered and does not hold any water in today's context.
    Also, we get paid for getting the job done not working hard. So just a claim of being the most hardworking "class" of prospective immigrants will not cut it.


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  • gsc999
    05-24 05:08 PM
    Clinton and Obama voted for it.

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  • bkam
    06-07 02:48 PM
    A lot was said above but some basic things still need clarification.

    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to get my LCA adjudicated in 2-3 months time (OK, make it 6 months, having in mind you are dealing with an inefficient administration).
    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to know in short term (2-3 months, not 3-4 years !) if I am eligible for permanent residency.
    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to know how long (if approved) will take the I-485 process.

    These are clear, simple questions that require clear, simple answers. Getting these answers (NO is also an answer) in a reasonable period of time is a right, not a privilege...


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  • vsrinir
    09-17 12:21 PM
    H.R. 6020 : would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who are family members of armed forces personnel.

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  • deletedUser459
    06-16 11:11 AM
    normally iPod skins don't change the appearence of your surroundings....


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  • Hassan11
    07-18 10:58 AM

    Can you make what you wrote here in your reply in a form of a letter and create a petition to be signed by IV members ( just like this petition fighting Lou Dobbs). then your petition will be mailed to all media outlets. I really like what you wrote and I think if baked by IV we can sign it as a petition and send it to explain our cause to the media and the American people that might not be aware of our situation.

    the revised version is more pointed.

    Here are a few other points to consider and highlight:
    - That the woes of legal high skilled immigrants are completely forgotten
    - Despite the fact that they pay taxes, social security etc
    - They represent a continued American heritage of immigrants chasing the Great American Dream

    While H1B workers might appear to 'displace US workers', the crux of the issue is that in order for US companies to remain innovative and competitive they cannot afford to take a hoary protectionist policy in talent management.

    High skilled talent finds level ground, wherever it might be.

    While the old world order was about national boundaries and international competition amongst countries, the new world order is about a flat world where transnational collaboration and commerce can enable wealth and job creation in any part of the world!

    The presence of high skilled foreign workers INSIDE the US
    - ensures that jobs remain in the US
    - ensures that resultant taxes remain in the US
    - ensures that resultant investments target the US economy
    - apart from ensuring US competitive and commercial advantage

    The oft repeated arguments about 'local talent being available but not tapped' is borne out of a sense of elitist entitlement; something that runs counter to the great American Dream and the quest for constant innovation, creation, improvement and execution.

    The need of the hour should be on how to enable successful assimilation of high skilled labor and talent into the US economy such that the economic engines of efficient productivity are not hampered by artificial tarrifs and barriers borne out of a broken immigration system.

    The quest for a color-blind, talent-oriented, country-agnostic immigration system has a long and sometimes troubling, history.

    While the old world afforded the luxury of years to rectify imblances and imperfections in policy constructs, the new world leaves little room for inefficient alignment of policies.

    The need to fix a broken legal immigration system is as much an economic reality as it is to address detrimental effects in womens' rights (spouses' rights), labor rights and free markets.

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  • go_guy123
    02-02 01:50 PM
    excpet for Directors and above.

    They don't pay taxes, etc etc. It is being mis-utilized by all companies.

    IBM brings people on L1 @ 60K


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  • axp817
    06-03 11:06 AM
    "On March 27, 2009, you filed a motion to reopen. You indicated the use of the applicant's ability to "port" under section 106(c) of the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21). The requirements were met and the motion to reopen was approved.

    CONCLUSION: It is concluded that the grounds stated for denial have been overcome.

    ORDER: It is ordered that the motion to reopen be approved. The Form I-485 is "pre-adjudicated" awaiting visa availability."

    Congratulations, and that is probably the most 'relieving' MTR approval message ever.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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  • ras
    07-02 01:01 AM
    As IV is willing to help those having issues with employers by providing a platform and interfacing with DOS, USCIS, DOL, Media, lawyers and support in any form - nothing stops people from standing up for themselves and report an abusive employer.
    If your causes are genuine, please do not be afraid to stand up for yourselves, IV is there to support you

    If IV can outline how it is going to help, that would really make many people come out of the shelves. However, though we talk so much, people are still scared to identify themselves against the employer. However, they may be ready to outline everything against the specific employer as an anonymous person. we got to deal with a situation where people are ready but anonymously. How can we handle this.


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  • franklin
    07-11 05:05 PM
    Is anyone make PDF about this rally? So, that we can circulate this by mail.

    Please use the email that was sent by the core team to every member to circulate to your friends.

    This is an ideal time to remind people to update their personal information in the profile.

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  • B3NKobe
    06-13 11:00 PM
    mlk: Very Nice Design Mate!! One of the best jobs!!


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  • jkays94
    05-25 02:35 PM
    So please ask for your rights but remember you are in their country, nobody forced you to come here, and beggars can't be choosers.

    Not everyone is an economic refugee and it should never be assumed to be the case or status quo. We pay taxes just like everyone else while some invest here and have a right to be represented by whomever makes decisions in congress besides we do pay taxes that goes towards their salaries and maintaining congressional offices. What would the US be like if the founders of immigrant founded or co-founded companies had decided to found their companies in other countries ? What if Google, Ebay, Intel were Russian, French or Hungarian companies instead ? Your point is not lost though, immigration is a priviledge not a right. If they deny us this priviledge we shall reluctantly leave but it should not assumed that we shall be the one's to suffer instead this economy will feel that impact. This is a global economy with many opportunities out there.

    I wonder if the bashers of the H1-B program knew that :

    More than 82,000 U.S. workers and professionals have completed training through programs funded by the H-1B fees as of December 31, 2005, according to the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. In addition, the Bush Administration recently has used the H-1B fees to provide multi-year grants to communities for training and economic revitalization. Through the WIRED (Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development) initiative, the U.S. Department of Labor is providing $195 million in grants to thirteen regional economies.

    or that :

    The H-1B fees paid by companies have funded more than 40,000 scholarships for U.S. students in math and science through the National Science Foundation. The fees obtained from employers have also funded hands-on science programs for 80,000 middle and high school students and 3,700 teachers. In addition, more than 55,000 U.S. workers and professionals have received training through the H-1B fees paid by companies.

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  • anilsal
    11-15 02:28 PM
    Many of us are waiting to file I485. Think about them who have filed and are stuck in namecheck for 2 years plus or waiting for visa numbers to get current- they are renewing their EAD every few months (and guess what, they are paying extra money).

    Now that the atmosphere looks good for businesses (via increased H1Bs), people who either voted red or did not vote at all, are getting scared of possible democratic party actions.

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  • Be_Pragmatic
    07-19 06:59 PM
    Good job in starting this thread. I got frustrated like this a few months ago for the same reasons that you & the other members have mentioned here; it definitely resonates with mine. So, recently I have decided to move to Australia by applying for a PR and plan to be there for a few years before eventually moving back home.

    This is what I'm doing right now:

    [1] Working on my PMP cert. [2] Will be starting a business outfit in Chennai shortly, by the end of this year.

    Come on fellas, all of us in this thread are so capable of achieving great things. Please don�t let something like this stop you from achieving what you are truly capable of. I�m not suggesting anything, but look at whatever options that is available in front of you and I�m sure you will find a way out!

    Hello All,

    I just wanted to start a new thread to discuss career options for those who have been on H1b for 6+ years.
    1. Being on H1 more than 6 years and waiting for GC means you have been stuck in the same job for several years.
    2. You can't start a masters because you are not sure if you will ever be able to complete it
    3. You have kids who are already growing up.
    4. Your wife has been waiting to start working for years now.

    So feel free to discuss anything related to these issues here. Let's exchange ideas and everyone can make informed decisions for long term :)

    05-24 05:08 PM
    Clinton and Obama voted for it.

    05-25 01:53 PM
    guys and gals,

    Cool down. Remember we are foreigners in this country. We need this country more than they need us ( as they say, graveyards are full of indispensable people!). A country is not considered advanced by the cell phone models people use, but rather than how much food they produce, what is the standard of living, how many noble laureates it produces per year, etc.
    Besides, in my 7-8 years living in this country, first as a student and then as H1 worker, never once have I felt being treated differently because I am a foreigner or look different.
    Now compare that to living in Europe (you will be treated as dirt as soon as you enter airport), it is racist, living in past and full of bureaucracy.

    As for India, mera bharat mahan, but I remember a time when I had to pay bribe on the train ticket counter to get a measly 2nd class sleeper ticket, or just to get a electric connection, would dare not get near a policeman, etc. etc.. The list is long and I suppose I everyone here knows what I am talking about.

    So please ask for your rights but remember you are in their country, nobody forced you to come here, and beggars can't be choosers.

    Not for very long. There are bigger, faster markets than US in the world.

    A joke, right? Financially maybe, technologically never. Most European countries are far more technologically advanced than US. I'm sure Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore also are all more advanced than US.
    For example, only US is still using paper checks to transfer money. Using coins to pay for a phone call in phone booth. Still has no control over who lives in the country, or who goes in and out. Still not using computers for processing immigration applications (Why do I have to send in the same papers 10 times, send in tax papers, give my background info, give fingerprint 10 times.... and this all on paper... come on it is 2007 not 1907). Still drive around in cars instead of having a good inter-city connectivity with trains. No high speed trains. Still likes to see rubber stamps on official papers and believes it has any kind of value.
    And so on and on and on.... I could write a book why US is behind most civilized countries. But thats ok. US is what it is.

    But the worrying part is; it is going to get even worse when they kick out all the H1B etc who are here legally and provide free knowledge. And instead keeping the uneducated mass of Mexicans or south americans who run across the border illegally and then given amnesty by some fool in Congress. Good luck with that project.
    Not a country I want to live in or pay tax in.

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