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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • simplequestion
    03-15 09:18 AM
    I am trying set up an appointment for the last week of April (Apr 27-May 1) in Matamoros, Mexico and came across the following website about their wait times:

    For Matamoros, it says

    Typical Wait Time (Calendar Days*) for a Nonimmigrant Visa Interview Appointment

    Visitors Visas: 15 Days
    Student/Exchange Visitors Visas *** (Excludes: A, G, K, and V): 15 Days
    All Other Nonimmigrant Visas: 15 Days

    Typical Wait Time (Workdays**) for a Nonimmigrant Visa To Be Processed****: 28 Days

    1) Does it mean that I can setup my H1-B Visa Appointment only before 15 days of Apr 27th?
    2) What does Typical Wait Time (Workdays**) for a Nonimmigrant Visa To Be Processed****: 28 Days mean? Does it mean that it will typically take 28 days to get Visa stamping after your interview?


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  • kkt_tkk
    07-12 10:46 AM

    Ist case:
    I applied GC for me and my spouse thro' EB3, AOS in July 2007, with Priority date 2005.
    Currently I am in H1B and my spouse uses EAD to work.

    2nd case:
    My spouse applied the labor process and planning to apply I-140 in EB2 and choose CP process , once Labor approved.


    For Spouse:
    Is it possible to use EAD (1st case, as benificiary) to work and go for CP in 2nd case (Primary)?.

    For me:
    Can I add my name in CP (as Benificiary), with out effecting the my process AOS/H1B (1st case)

    Thank you for your time, please reply.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-06 03:10 PM
    How much time does it take for 485 to get approved with a visa number available. I applied for 485 after my i-140 was approved. Does the priority date have anything to do with processing for 485?

    Nobody know how long it takes to adjudicate I485 once your PD becomes current. A conservative guesstimate would be 6-8 months. The whole processing of I485 is driven by the PD.

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  • carbon
    12-21 08:02 PM
    Hello IVians,

    I am not fully aware of all the benefits of having EAD after filing 485. If you have the knowledge about it could you please list down it in this thread.



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  • boldm28
    10-02 12:10 AM
    LCA for people who work from home

    I work from home and one week a month i go to my consulting company office
    I live in Texas and company is in NJ .
    my question is should the lca be filed from nj where the company is
    or should it be filed from Tx where I live and work from home

    Thanks in Advance

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  • kart2007
    01-12 10:28 AM
    Sorry, couldn't locate old one! Now I see it.


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  • GotGC??
    07-17 03:38 PM

    I need your inputs on a rather strange situation I'm in.

    I have an approved EB3 140 based on a substitue labor, while waiting for my (EB2) labor. If I apply for a 3-year H1 extension based on my approved 140, can I subsequently use my labor (when it is approved) to file another 140 in EB2?

    Secondly, if I get a raise - with everything else remaining the same - will it affect any of the above?

    Really appreciate your comments!

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-13 02:05 PM
    By clicking the below link please send emails to your senators, all you need is to give your contact info and the email will be sent to the corresponding senators in your area.

    I called NJ senators. Their staff just listened, didn't give any remarks from them ;)


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  • ssksubash
    03-13 11:04 AM

    My 6 yr H1B is expiring within 4 months, my company will be filing for the 7th yr extension. Will there be any problem if I send my inlaws for visitor visa now.

    Can any one please advice.

    Thank you for your time

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  • veni001
    10-29 05:07 PM
    Any one had luck refiling I140 in EB3 for denied EB2 I140 (for same labor)?

    Also is it possible to request USCIS to change an EB2 I140 denied partition to EB3 during an appeal?

    It depends on several factors...
    Example PERM Job requirements, reason for 140 denial...etc


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  • kdprasad
    07-09 07:16 PM
    Ya, I read this too. More details soon.. Hope some good news...

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  • aa_697
    07-20 08:28 PM

    Its ok to have permanent address on 485 application and different address on AR-11.
    You can submit AR-11 for your change of address and don�t change address on 485 application.

    I am saying so because I did call USCIS and confirmed this. But you better call them and ask one more time for your satisfaction



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  • ashishgour
    10-25 06:07 PM
    Hope this bill helps us !!!:confused:

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  • jai_immigration
    04-28 10:53 AM
    I am planning to switch job, looking for a good attorney in New Jersey near Edison to help me with AC21, if any of you can refer a good economical lawyer, appreciate it.

    Also let me know how much does AC21 filing cost on a average (for both myself and spouse)



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  • userz
    09-03 07:45 AM
    i have made a sphere and i want to apply a special texture on it, i have my texture on .jpg. how can i do plz ?

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  • jsb
    09-21 11:43 AM
    i got ead(secondary person) yestesday.and also i applied H1 B which got approved 1 week back and i want to take SSN. so my question is with
    what(H1B or EAD) i should apply for SSN). Do i need to apply SSN with EAD or H1 B? which one will be better ? please let me know.

    You can use either. SS office needs anything to prove that you are authorized to work in the US, which needs a SS


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-07 12:40 PM
    The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week in Las Vegas. This is the gadget wonderland I've attended for the last several years. Due to my father's illness, I decided to skip this year's show. But I'm avidly watching online for announcements of the year's best new innovations. The show is put on by the Consumer Electronics Association and they've recently launched "The Innovation Movement" which seeks to encourage public policies that foster innovation and promote prosperity. The movement embraces a lot of issues and I'm pleased to see liberalizing immigration policies in the technology sector among the issues...

    More... (

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  • martinvisalaw
    11-04 05:49 PM
    You can have 2 485s pending at the same time - this happens fairly often. Once CIS is ready to approve one, they will ask if you want to withdraw the other. You may not get approved for a second EAD and AP, however, while you have valid versions of these.

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  • pansworld
    07-08 02:16 PM
    Does IV have any contacts with tech lobby so that messages can be sent out as soon as possible?

    01-17 07:08 PM
    Hi ujjvalkoul

    Thank you :)

    07-09 05:00 PM

    I am transfering my H1b to my friends company. And I have to bear all fees. As such my case is simple, no complications. I have good education credentials and 10+ years of exp. Got education evaluation also with me.

    I just went thru USCIS site and it looks like to me that filing H1 transfer by myself (or by my friend) is a fair simple job.

    Can anybody give me advice or have some experiece in filing H1 or transfer H1?


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