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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • srikondoji
    10-13 02:41 PM
    Nicely said.
    Don't know if it was Roman or greek, but they kept on diluting their currency (gold coins) with copper to support their spending and populist schemes. They kept on diluting to the extent that even India stopped exporting spices becuase their coins were not worth as much as they use to once upon a time.
    This is what is happening to dollar.

    America is loosing their grips pn global financial system. Even though it will be remembered as the founder of free maket, it has rushed too fast and forced other countries to open up their financial system. HOwever, three essential ingedients of free market theory have not been handled well.
    Price discovey, Capital allocation and Flow of liquidity.

    We are at a point, where all countries can reject free market as a failed attempt or pick it up from here and strengthen it going foward. Regulation is a must or else we will hit the bump again in future.

    Without a proper trading system and regulator price discovey is vey hard and bubbles keep occuring.
    This is vey true in case of real estate poperties. There are many localities in Hyderabad where propeties have not been priced appropriately.
    In a matter of 1 year, property prices in some localities have gone up multi fold just because of 1 or 2 transactions by desparate buyers.

    There is no price differential between 100 sq yards propety or 1000 sq yards property on a per sq yard price basis.
    ROE is far greater on investments made on proportionate basis on 1000 sq yard plot compared to 100 sq yard plot. Without regards fo town planning, return on investments every piece of land was priced with the same yard stick.

    I think it is best to follow the quotes below
    "When eveybody is buying, something is definitely wrong."
    "When everybody is selling, again something is wrong".

    I don't know much about buying house/property in India. Maybe you want to have a close family member keep an eye on your property otherwise a land graber/local gunda in the area may take possession of your property while you are here/away.

    But I find some of the discussion in this thread extremely intriguing. There were specific conditions in 1930s, 1960s, 1990s that caused recovery in those times. Leadership & American generation were ready to sacrifice and do hard work. Contrary to the hard work done during those times, large percentage of the current population is indifferent and does not care to know about the current crisis, not knowing the gravity of the situation. Majority of the population was, still is, opposed to $700 billion bailout/rescue not knowing what is going on. The ups and downs in the stock market is just the beginning. Coming year is going to be very tough, specially on folks are in the situation that require them to visit this forum every now and then.

    Every great and prosperous nation is just one generation away from losing its greatness. History teaches us that Great nations lost their greatness/cease to exist because the larger populations ignored the times of crisis. Most people say that America has always come out of crisis in the past and just like those times, America will again come out of the current crisis. That's what everybody expect and wants to see happen, as if there will be a miracle and everything will get fixed. Everybody including media/leadership are taking things for granted, as if things will turn around by itself just because things have turned around in the past. But this apathy is very dangerous. Here is why - we can say with fair bit of certainty that Romans must have also said during their time of crisis that things will be fine, they have always gotten fine because we are the Romans, the empire of Gods, or whatever. Likewise, this time around, media/leaders are guided by similar rhetoric. I find this behavior very dangerous. In 1930s/60s/90s there was able leadership and American generations during those times were ready to do their share. It doesn't appear such this time, atleast not right now. Maybe we have sometime to come out of the crisis and things will change in the near future. But without change in the direction, things don't look very good right now.

    Rome was not built in one day and it did not perish in one day. If leadership and population continue to ignore the gravity of the crisis, there is only one possible outcome.

    The positive aspect this time around is, due to globalization, other nations have stake in American economy and are willing to come to the rescue. Even nations like China and Russia are willing to step-up. This would have been unthinkable in an un-globalized world. But other nations can only do so much. Ultimately, the larger population in America will have to step up, and that includes us, there is no other way. Now G-7 is working together to come up with a comprehensive plan. A lot of people beat down on globalization, but till now it is working as was designed, which is good, and other friendlier/unfriendlier nations are willing to step-up.

    Another foreseeable opportunity to fight the current situation is, world energy crisis. America can use the world energy crisis to turn things around, not necessarily subscribing to ideas from businessmen like T Bone Pickens/natural gas to promote their business and blah bhah blah, but something else, which makes America - a leader to solve the energy requirements of over 6 billion people, when estimated 20% of the world population consumes 95% of the world energy.

    I don't know if you should buy property in India or if you should buy gold. But in the grand scheme of things, if I were you, I would hang on to the "cash" very close to my chest. Things are really bad, a lot more than what meets the eye or what is apparent.


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  • black_logs
    04-14 08:16 PM
    You shouldn't feel sorry at all. We all admire the spirit and appreciate the faith you are keeping in IV.
    I just sent in my third $50 thru paypal. I wish I could contribute more. I am likely to come to bench soon and not in a position to do so. I feel bad...sorry guys.

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  • alisa
    02-11 03:56 PM
    By doing what you are suggesting

    a) you take numbers away from EB-3 ROW and hurt them
    b) you don't do any benefit whatsoever to EB-3 India/China
    c) you only benefit EB-2 India/China (at the expense of EB-3 ROW)

    So, you make no difference whatsoever to huge number of EB-applicants (b), and you benefit (c) at the expense of (a).

    I hope you see that this is not a good solution for the majority of EB-applicants. With this kind of cannibalization, the only people who have any incentive to stay with IV would be EB-2 India/China.

    We have to work to increase the size of the pie here, and not engage in a zero sum game.

    It says "not required by other classes". In this case it is required but could not be applied to EB2 due to per country numerical limits. Therefore it should go to unused pool of visas followed by AC21. Also why will USCIS prefer EB3 instead of EB2 people? It does not make sense.

    As far as suing the govt is concerned we all know what happened to doctors in the UK.. so this is will be a futile exercise.

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  • diptam
    07-16 12:02 PM
    Need more signature and comments...



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  • Bytes4Lunch
    08-20 01:01 PM
    Good job laying out all usecases "add78".

    In my case, I travelled back on AP as my visa extension stamping went pending in Mumbai consulate. Came back here with my I-94 indicating "Parolee" as my new status.
    Within 2 weeks, I changed employer as per AC21, they filed for my H1 transfer(premium processing) via Murthy Law Firm. I received a new I94 which put me back in the H1B status. During this 2-3 weeks I was in the US as a parolee I did NOT use the EAD, because you don't have to.
    Interestingly after 3 months of my visa application at Mumbai consulate (2 months after I reached US) I received an email from them asking me to submit my passport for stamping. Its unbelievable that they think applicants would still be waiting in India for 3 months and that their employers would still be interested in keeping them, but I guess after all this ordeal I realised, they just don't care.

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  • Caliber
    04-26 09:22 AM
    Not a bit. If you want I can give you a plenty... L1 is for intercompany transfer. But So far I have seen companies put people only at the client place and their salary is starting at 32K and they are put up at extended staty, asked to share the cab or car. So let me know if you want and I can directly let you talk to those guys.

    Yes, you can work for $8 but there is something called law. I have personelly checked their labor which states 55K. But they are paid only 32K.

    So our common goal is to fix the broken system, remove the employer's undue advantage over the employee. No matter if they are MNC or desi consulting companies. Why the employee is tied to the employer when there is the need/demand for the skill set. Thats the only thing which is driving down the wages.

    I fully agree with this. L1's being placed at Client's place is ILLEGAL. I have several proof's of this. TCS, Infy, CTS and LT do FAVOR their employees with a gift of filing in EB1 because these guys WOULD not complain to any one what they are paid and their benefits.

    Any one want proof's?


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  • ChainReaction
    07-18 11:22 AM
    You mean EAD, not AP, right? AP can be used in conjunction with EAD.

    Also, you can file for both EAD and AP and not use it. Just having the two will not force you to have 1 year extenstions. You can still get 3 year extensions if you don't use EAD and AP.

    Am I right, friends?

    Based on my understanding once 485 is filed, one can only get one year H1b extension it does not matter if one uses EAD/AP.

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  • sss9i
    07-16 11:10 AM


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  • lucas
    07-14 05:52 PM
    Signed, well deserved for the antipathetic old man.

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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 12:13 PM
    Does voting "Aye" mean yes? And the silent means "Pass"?


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  • snathan
    03-29 01:56 PM
    In my opinion you are doing the right thing by reporting against your employer to DOL. DOL take their own time. But I have known a case where the employer had to shut-shop coz of complaints from former employees.

    As some others have mentioned, look out for transfers with consular processing and get back here.

    Good luck with everthing.

    Yes...its true if the employer is at fault. Means, after inviting you here and does not pay on bench.

    But here, it seems the OP has come here after getting the visa stamp without his employer's invitation and didnt report to job. I already have heard from attorney on a smilar case and also seems like the employer can easily defend himself.

    At worst it will have black mark on the employer and nothing more than that.

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  • hopelessGC
    04-15 01:39 PM
    Is it correct to say only nebraska Service center is issuing the rfe because they are pre adjudicating while Texas service center is not issuing rfe because they are not pre adjudicating 485. A vast majority of people getting rfe on 485 (95% or more) are from nebraska Service center.

    My application is pending with the Texas Service Center. It appears that TSC is also pre-adjudicating.


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  • sanju
    09-24 12:30 AM
    I did not use to word wrong, so dont try to setup strawman arguments. I used the word unfair. And using the reverse argument that you use. It ain't "right" just become you support it.

    And yes, it is unfair, because it is unfair for all those promised the current system, not because I think it is unfair.

    Well, I could read out for you what you wrote. You wrote that - "I am EB3-India, yet I dont support the removal of per country limits, as there is a reason for the diversity rule, Indians and Chinese are currently on the wrong side of the equation so it seems "fair" to remove the quota."

    Does that ring any bell?

    And, if everybody was promised the current system, then there should never be any change, ever, because whenever you make any change, it will be unfair to the people who are waiting at that time, right? Even the increase in numbers or recapture is unfair because when we applied, we did not know if recapture will happen, right? So why change. There should be absolutely no change because my galactically stupid friend sc3 thinks he was "promised" something. Open your eye, there was no promise made to you or to anybody else, the system has evolved and will continue to evolve while we continue to wait for approval. Its ok if you don't believe in evolution theory, maybe that evolution thing is also "unfair" and "wrong". You see as we all continue to learn, we all continue to improve ourselves and our surroundings from that process of learning, but there are some who do not want to improve anything, inspite of learning. Here you can argue that learning process is at different level/speed for different people. So that would be quite understandable.... you know what I mean

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  • girijas
    06-19 03:30 PM

    Check out the above website. 6039 is the one relating to STEM and it has 26 co-sponsors


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  • voldemar
    01-30 01:23 PM
    Does someone have the (official) link to this news that DOL has submitted this rule to OMB. I edited my previous posting, there is a link to proposed rule.

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  • jnraajan
    03-13 05:10 PM
    jnrajaan: Thank you for your critical feedback, it is useful.
    Just a quick clarification. The time line extension for Admin fix letter campaigned was requested by various state chapter volunteers including myself, abhijit and others. The reason was the traction they were gaining after volunteering on the ground for few weeks. The idea was to leverage that instead of just ending the admin fix letter campaign on a fixed date.

    I agree with the reasons behind it, now that I know it.

    Just so, everyone understand, I am not trying to find fault with IV or its members. I am trying to do, what you can call, soul searching.

    We have around 25000 members. Why only 25000, when we know there are millions out there in the same boat. What is stopping them from joining IV and contributing? Of all these 25000 or so members, we only have around 4000 letters sent for Admin fixes.(May be I am wrong about this number, but I believe it is around that range.) What is preventing the others from doing so?

    I strongly believe, that the answers to these questions might help IV in the long run, with more members and possibly more active members. Once we get to that point, IV will no longer be an organization, but it will be a MOVEMENT. Chances of success for a movement is always better than that of an organization. That is what I believe we should try to achieve. I hope everyone agress with that.



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  • crazyAbtUS
    12-24 03:36 PM

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  • eb1485wait
    04-09 10:30 AM
    I Just Contributed $100 To Show My Support For The Iv Efforts. I Will Do More Soon.
    Whatever May Be The Outcome Of This Bill, I Have This Feeling That There Will Be A Bright Future For The Nri In Poltics In The Usa (which Is Lacking Now) If Some Of These Iv Members Decide To Use Their Skills In That Field.
    Good Luck And Great Job

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  • lazycis
    10-16 08:52 PM
    NC has been pending since April 2004. Currently in process of suing the government.

    08-19 04:28 PM
    And that's never gonna happen. All Green Card seekers have stopped filing in EB-3, they are somehow managing to file in EB-2 by hook or by crook. So until congress changes any Law, every single spill over visa will be consumed by EB-2s and EB-3 India is not going to get a single spill over Visa...
    1. I don't see any chances of getting any spill overs in the next two years.

    2. There are only 3000 visas available for EB3-I in any given year (7% of EB3 quota). EB3-I will get few more if and when EB3-ROW gets current.

    07-02 06:13 PM
    [QUOTE=Humhongekamyab;259619]Buddy when I was talking about illegals I was not talking about IT jobs or desi employers though I know desi's run lots of other businesses like grocery store, resturants, which required non-professional workers.

    Glad you reminded me of this one guy I knew once... Sorry for the digression... This person was well settled in India...he had his own business(non IT) in India...then the US bug bit him... He spent his money and got his H1(he belongs to a particular Indian state)...came to US with his family...ofcourse he did not have any IT skills... so after coming here he was working as a Grocery shop manager owned by a Desi guy... still on H1B.

    Again sorry for the digression but sometimes the relationship between Grocery stores and EB Immigrants may not be that far ;)

    Can't your friend sue his employer who
    1] forced him to falsify his credentials,
    2] made him spend money for H1,
    3] reduced him to a stage where he has to now work in a grocery store?

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