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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-13 05:42 PM
    Please dont BS for the sake of BS'ing.
    Think before you type. The core team mentions $$ and ground work. Most are not interested in doing anything besides reading these forums. Realize the enormity of the task, the efforts required, then look in the mirror and ask yourself what you did besides BS'ing

    As mentioned In Logiclifes first post in this forum,
    Organizations who have Millions of dollar In budget for pushing and lobbying their Issues failed also for whatever reason ( He did not mention reasons ).
    Does that mean that having a fat budget does not Impact the outcome ?
    What It proves Is Its really the Politics, election, People's focus on the Issue which matters and NOT the lobbying with big fat budget.
    And If its the case then our issue will be taken care of on its own merit when all above factors are in our favour, regardless of lobbying.

    Just a thought, I hope I am not upsetting the general trend of praising efforts.

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  • TomPlate
    07-11 11:36 PM
    I am sure this is going to happen within this week or next week.

    1. They are going to take the revised visa bulletin and flip flop out from the website.
    2. They will accept application as Visa Bulletin said on Jun 9th.
    3. Because of this mess, they are going to give grace period till Aug 2007 for filing.

    And in addition they will say that they will keep it in the backlog and when Visa number gets available they will process.

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  • jetflyer
    06-11 10:54 AM
    Sorry to hear your accident case.
    Folks here have already given best suited solutions.

    These days law suits after car accidents are increasing, I have heard of so many in last 2 years or so, so it nots something alien to justice system, attorney, or insurance provider.
    In most cases that I have heard the amount is between $500k-1M, the good thing is that in your case amount is humongous, that could the most appealing reason for denial itself (remember DC Laundry case for $54M).

    For worst case scenario, start trasnfering money to India (western union - cash) in smaller chunk, so you will be left the minimal to run your daily life (one of my friend did so while dealing with IRS tax fraud by desi consulting company). Good that you don't have any asset, they can't ask for asset in India, if you have not used that asset for US-tax, might be better not to mention from yourside. So if you loose the case you can show you have no money to pay (even outside the court) and can legaly leave US and go to any other country Singapore/Australia etc or back home... endless possibilities.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-28 07:27 AM
    Nice compilation.

    With my very best wishes to those of you waiting for your GC, this thread is created for the lucky among us who received it recently. I am


    Okay, this is all I can think of for now. More when I come up with something new.

    Stuck(no more)InTheMuck


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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-15 10:54 PM
    Recd the CPO E mail today @ 7 PM EDT - 9/15 from TSC

    EB2- June 04

    Attorney Sent a Letter to AILA liason on 8/20
    Called TSC on 8/27/ - Opened a SR
    Called TSC again on 9/3 - CSR told me that they sent a reply for the SR opened on 8/27
    Recd the SR - reply on 9/4/09 stating that " your Application processing is pending/delayed"
    Called Senator office on 9/9/09 and sent fax
    Called Senator office on 9/14/09 - Liason officer told me that it will take 30 to 60 days to get the response.
    Called other Senator office on 9/14/09 , Sent the fax
    Called again to II Senator office on 9/15/09, I was told to call back after 15 days to get the respose
    Called TSC again on 9/15/09 around 4.45 PM EDT, Talked CSR , So nice , she eve discussed about the weather , summer time events etc, I told her about the letter I have recd for my SR ( 8/29), she asked if it mentioned any time frame, And i told her "No", then she said it is very unusaul and tranferred my call to the officer,

    1st he told me the current processing time is 9/07/07 and my ND is 9/28/07 so my application has a 21 days lag, Then I told him that my application has mailed on 8/7/09, I also mentioned about the letter i received for SR, then he started asking questions about the receipt # and case details

    The the officer verified following details

    My first name,
    Last name,
    Address, Zip code, Door #,
    fathers first name
    mothers first name,
    4 Digit SSN

    and then told me that your case is under review with an officer from 8/29/08( Then I realized both of us had a Soft LUD on our application on 8/29/08) , I told him about that, the he said yes it is , it is related to the interal process. Then I asked him that What can i do now, He said, Keep your faith and finger crossed asked to me keep on calling USCIS TSC office every week to check about my case.

    I really don't know whether he is playing with me or what.

    what ever it is I got the CPO e mail @ 7 PM EDT

    10 Yr wait is over.

    Thank you all, I am not going away, Tristate leadership knows me very well, and I will be involved all the effort of the IV
    @natraj - YOU ARE THERE. I remember my afternoon emails and our exchange ...How life can change in few hours :) GREAT NEWS - Congratulations on getting GREEN there is still hope for June 04...:)

    Back to counting hours for my ongoing torture...:) USCIS willing!

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  • anuraj
    04-26 01:16 PM
    Accept my $50 contribution now. More on the way...
    My other contribution is forwarding the message to all my friends.

    Best of Luck for your work.


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  • seahawks
    07-17 11:00 PM

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  • anilsal
    11-13 12:01 AM
    Waiting for CIR bill for EB relif is not worthy. It will unlikley be passed in lame-duck congress, as t needs heavy conference. It may be the good idea to push SkIL bill or somesort of EB relief provison (like budget reconcilation bill last year) in other bills to be passed in lame duck period.
    Agreed, smaller ticket items while the big ones are being debated/reported in the media.


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  • vbkris77
    03-10 05:04 PM
    EB2I last year got 25K visas. This year, I am thinking we will get double that. Because 1. There are not many ROW labor approvals (Thanks to Atlanta process center) 2. Name check backlog cleared.

    Sorry I am not looking at EB3. No news is good for that.. Sorry..

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  • spdy_mn
    06-13 06:34 PM
    you mean your future wife... :)....

    Yes boss, but do you have any pointers to my question :D


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  • GC08
    02-07 07:45 PM
    Unfortunately, country of birth for PD determination is one thing that cannot change. It is ridiculous that a country like the US that promotes itself as a meritocracy and a country of second chances ties the fate of EB applicants to such an immutable parameter.

    I used to believe in and respect the so-called the American Dream. The more I stay here, the more I see its hypocrosy. ;)

    Whenever I hear someone (esp. those politians) talking about something like no matter who you are, you can always achieve your potential, I just laugh. What a disguise ... what a joke! :D

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  • greenmonster
    08-04 09:58 PM
    I am a July 2007 filer, so far i have never got finger prints on my EAD. First time i did not get a FP notice. I scheduled an info pass appointment and got my FP notice.. gave FP in Feb 2008. I got my first EAD in Oct 2007.

    My latest EAD ( approved Jul 2010) does not have the finger prints on it. Last time I gave my FP was in June 2009 ( Notice sent by USICS ). Is that something to worry? Is it related to NC ?


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  • clove
    05-24 06:50 PM
    This bill seems to be completely anti-Legal Immigrants (H1B/EB).This is so depressing ..prominent media like CNN,ABC,FOX are not even discussing the effect of this on legal immigrants.We seem to be most-hated here :confused: WHY?????

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  • mk26
    01-21 09:57 AM
    How a consulting firm will control the work for 3 years for a client in advance, this is called subcontracting of work not consulting.


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  • signin241
    07-26 07:35 PM
    // 2006 PD filers dont worry abt spouse 485. Your PD would become available only after couple of years. My PD is Sept 2005 and I dont anticipate to get my GC within 2yrs. For reference look at the PERM data that is published, you would get a good idea. //

    So, we (who are not married and PD 2006/2007 EB2) file 485 now and wait for our PD to come CURRENT again to file our spouse 485. We'll maintain our
    H1B and bring her here on H4 and then wait for the PD to become CURRENT.
    If she decides to go on H1 or F1, then we'll be able to invoke our EAD and change employers if needed, else what's the use even applying for 485 alone if we don't want to use the EAD at all ??

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  • pcs
    07-19 09:32 AM
    I know Aman has made a no. of trips to DC & these are not cheap.

    Let us all contribute to pay back all his trips .

    I am serious about it as people have no idea what people like Aman & others have done / sacrificed. If fact, we should authorize the Money Manager of IV to immediately release the entire amount Aman & others have spent since 19th December 2005.

    I am sure IV must have funds to handle this... if not, atleast start a part payment each month immediately

    I do not know, what is IV's internal procedure for these situations.


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  • Macaca
    03-14 10:53 AM
    IV forums do not have much info about IV activities because it is not possible to mention IV activities on anonymous forums. On the other hand, forums have ignorant and irritating posts. Forum post quality is a reflection on members and NOT a reflection on core.

    It is easy to conclude that IV has no direction and there is no leadership. However, if you read core posts carefully, analyze core decisions (choosing lobbying firm, ...) and follow media reported facts, you will conclude that core is in the right direction.

    I called (without blocking my ID) Aman (first time) on 2nd March 2007. The only reason for my call was to check IV's survival in the continued absence of financial contributions. I did not ask anything else. However, he gave me some info about IV activities that I verified. I can assure you that

    you are in very good hands (much better then I thought) as long as IV exists, and
    Aman (and core) are very decent persons (once again, much better then I thought).

    Thus, I very strongly endorse the following. That is, IV forums do not reflect IV activities. Also, core knows the worth of member posts that include info reported by media, lawyers, blog sites, ...; verify the validity of this statement based on the outcome of such events reported in the past.

    I would request you and your like-minded friend not to confuse the organization with the website. The website is only a tool.

    ImmigrationVoice Organization on the other hand, consists of some influential core members who have been working on EB-based issues for more than a year.

    The continuing response of financially non-contributing (non-) members is self-destructive ONLY.

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  • gveerab
    11-01 11:59 AM
    For all of you who have send me a pvt. message asking me how to reach IO @ TSC, here are the steps:

    1) Call Customer Service @ 1 800 375 5283
    2) Continue in english, hit 1
    3) To check the status, hit 2
    4) Know your receipt number, hit 1
    5) Enter Receipt number, and then for SRC, hit 1
    6) Confirm Receipt Number, hit 1
    7) You will now hear the status of your case. At this point, hit 3 to "Report a problem".

    Here is the trick - now you will hear 4 options. I believe # 3 is "If your case is outside the processing time..." and # 4 is for "If you have filed several cases and have received a decision on....". You want to hit # 4 and you will be connected to an IO at TSC.

    Just a word of caution: You will be talking to an Immigration Officer @ TSC so please be very polite. Some officers will tell you that they cannot give you any information, or you should be calling Customer Service number, simply say 'Thank You' and hang up. It might take days/weeks before you reach an IO who would be willing to help.

    Again, the sequence is:
    Call the customer service number.
    Press 1, 2, 1, Enter Receipt Number, Hit 1 for SRC, Hit 1 to confirm RN, 3 to report a problem, 4 to connect to an officer @ TSC.

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  • dixie
    02-01 03:16 PM
    You raise a very valid point.It is not as if these consulting companies are subsidised by the US govt to provide welfare to poorly qualified aliens - these companies are surviving and thriving in a free economy.This tells me that either (a) these consulting companies do a good job for their customers, despite the "cooks", "maids" and "servants" posing as software engineers or (b) There is a large enough demand for these skills that the clients cannot find enough qualified locals to hire on a full-time basis; hence go in for these "body shops".

    Now, the unfair practises that these consulting companies indulge in are legendary - I am not here to defend them. All I am saying is there is an economic vacuum somewhere that is being filled by these body shops - something that Dobbs-ian minded folks will not acknowledge. Ands lets face it, a lot of our spouses on H4 would not have been able to work if not for these desi companies willing to sponsor an H1. Now whose fault is it that in 21st century america there are laws that condemn these people to staying indoors ?

    It is obvious that the article is overblown and made to sound like all immigrants are surviving on the munficence of the american welfare state -typical anti-immigrant stump speech. Whatever their pros and cons of these desi companies, lets leave the drum-beating to these anti-immigrants. Because their solution - stopping all immigration - does not work for us, to say the least.

    There is one more thing that not many people are aware of.

    Let me ask eveybody. Even after all this, why are these Desi consulting companys successful in the market? They have poor quality product (People with forged Resume), they are not charging lower rates, but still they are able to put there people in Projects?

    09-17 11:27 AM
    anything on c-span???

    05-24 08:50 PM
    Is it passed already?

    senthil it passed arunf 5:00 pm today
    The Senate concluded its first round of CIR debate on Thursday evening. Most recently, after passing the Sanders Amendment, which would increase H-1B fees, the Senate voted 29-66 to reject the Vitter Amendment to eliminate the earned legalization program. Find more information on the CIR Featured Topics page. No more votes are expected until the Senate resumes debate during the week of June 4.

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