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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • gc_maine2
    03-14 09:39 AM
    I pray your wish come true ....
    Yeah I agree. We should lobby to merge EB2 and EB3. J

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  • ThinkTwice
    07-11 04:59 PM
    Below if the news letter from IV , please use this to forward information.

    Yes, PDF will be helpful.. I was just searching for some such info.. Thanks nraja



    Dear Members:

    Immigration Voice is organizing its first peaceful protest rally in San Jose, CA on July 14th in order to protest the broken system of legal high-skills immigration. This protest march is being organized to oppose the enormous visas backlogs in the employment based immigration system. This protest march is also intended to oppose the recent decision of USCIS to block the adjustment of status petitions in July resulting from an unprecedented out-of-order reversal on the part of DOS and USCIS.

    Please join this rally in huge numbers to create more awareness in the Media, Congress and the Administration. We are already getting attention of Congress and the Administration due to recently published articles on the flower campaign in New York Times and Washington Post on July 11th. If you cannot join but if you know someone who lives in San Jose area and who doesn’t know about this effort, please ask him or her to join this rally. More numbers will get us more media coverage and more attention to this issue.

    This rally has the potential to bring our issue to the attention of everyone, including the Silicon Valley tech employers who have a stake in the morale and productivity of the hi-tech foreign employees in their companies and their backlogged immigration.

    Peaceful protest march by Legal Immigrants in San Jose, CA.

    The New City Hall
    200 E Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95113

    Saturday July 14, 2007

    11:00 am To 2:30 pm

    11:00 AM: Meet at San Jose City Hall at 200 E Santa Clara St.

    PARKING: (Free weekend parking in the 4th St. garage on 44 South Fourth St., & San Fernando St. across from the MLK Jr library; For other free parking areas in downtown San Jose see: )

    1) 11:30 AM: Go to the square in front of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (150 E San Fernando St).
    2) 12:30 PM: Walk towards 635 N 1st St through S 4th St, E San Carlos St, Market Street and N 1st Street.
    3) 1:15 PM: Arrive at 635 N 1st St and stay till 2:00 PM
    4) 2:30 PM: back to City Hall

    1) Abide by the laws.
    2) Stay on sidewalks.
    3) Follow traffic rules, show courtesy to other pedestrians.
    4) Do not block building entrances.
    5) Dress Professionally. No shorts or Bermudas. Wear formal dress clothes, semi-casual or business-casual.

    Plenty of water, snacks and sun block (if needed).

    Do not bring your own signs. We will have banners and signs ready for you.


    GOOGLE MAP FOR THE ROUTE OF THE PEACEFUL MARCH (COPY PASTE URL IN BROWSER):,+San+Jose,+CA&daddr=S+4th+St+%4037.337490,+-121.887320+to%3A150+E+San+Fernando+St,+san+jose,+c a+to%3AS+4th+St+%4037.332980,+-121.883940+to%3AS+Market+St+%4037.331030,+-121.888360+to%3A37.333859,-121.890907+to%3AN+Market+St+%4037.338380,+-121.894240+to%3AW+St+James+St+%4037.339080,+-121.892780+to%3A635+N+1st +St,+San+Jose,+CA+to%3A200+E+Santa+Clara+St+San+Jo se,+CA+95113&mrcr=4,5&mrsp=5&sz=15&mra=dme&sll=37.335736,-121.886315&sspn=0.015764,0.039911&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Event leaders or organizers take no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the posted events. It is your responsibility to abide by law. By joining this event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being.



    Immigration Voice Core Team.

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  • coldcloud
    03-29 10:13 AM
    Shared on my Facebook page.

    Freinds, Its easy to share from Pappu's post. Just use bookmark at the bottom of the post and it will give you options to pick.

    Thanks, this was useful.

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  • NKR
    08-26 09:02 AM
    another common tactic is to bounce checks on pretext that signature on check does not match that on signature card.

    one more is to freeze the accoutn for inactivity > 90 days.

    I have been victim on more than 1 occasion for each of above tactics. Each time its annoyance ( writing letter. nothing gets done online), fees charged and increased blood pressure.

    Unfortunately switching costs are high due to time taken to open new accounts and there is no guarantee that others are any better.

    You are right. I was also a victim of account being frozen. It is really frustrating to see that your account has been frozen when you have to urgently send money. They do not even notify the customers before the account is frozen.

    The replies that you get for your questions are standard replies or something which does not answer your questions. You have to go back and forth a couple of times to get your job done.

    Glad to know that they are not a monopoly now and customers have more choices.


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  • kavita
    12-11 04:16 PM
    I sent my message last month.
    I tried to focus on the economy and made my case of how giving me the green card early could benefit US economy in a small way.

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  • arunkotte
    07-30 01:48 PM
    Please read page 2 of Yates memo (Refer link). The Initial evidence "Annual report", "Tax return", and "Audited financial statement" map to "Employment of the beneficiary", "Net income" and "Net current assets" respectively.

    How can an Annual report prove "Employment of beneficiary" and he/she is been or currently is paid the proffered wage??


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  • gcbikari
    06-18 11:08 AM
    Where can I find medical insurance for my parents with reasonable coverage with reasonable premium. Their age is between 55 to 60. Obviously they are with some medical conditions like blood pressure, diabetic... like usual stuff like typical parents would have...Can somebody suggest good one... thanks in advance.

    I have used AIG for my in-laws visit and didn't had to use it. Why can't we add them to our insurance as dependants? Did anyone tried this?

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  • jthomas
    03-13 12:41 PM
    you had waited for such a long time. I would suggest to take a big break and visit india and come back. In fact you can do the same in EAD. Think forward don't get your emotions in the way.

    That is correct, 9 months and then I will return to my country for good.
    I am waiting for the day when we get the GC , we will tear it into pieces and throw in front of consulate.



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  • willwin
    09-17 10:24 AM

    I guess the markup session starts at 10:15 am. Whoever is watching this live, please post the update here in this thread.


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  • GCVictim
    07-12 02:35 PM
    why do we request Zoe Lofgren to come Peaceful protest march?. Please send her email or call her.

    Tell her about your rally and ask her to contribute. This will help us to more support.


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  • geesee
    08-14 09:26 AM
    As regards this forum. I never contributed but found this to a good source of information.
    bye bye:)

    pathetic.. what a way of saying goodbye instead of thanking IV for their efforts. You should be thankful more than anyone as you never contributed to IV and got GC with 2005 PD when 2001, 2002 people are still waiting...

    anyways.. all the best.. you really need it with the kind of attitude you have..

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  • cool_desi_gc
    11-03 11:41 PM


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  • trueguy
    08-12 05:48 PM
    Based on this poll, anybody with PD of Jun2002 onwards should consider Porting to EB2.

    Any thoughts?

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  • pappu
    11-02 01:01 PM
    POJ method-


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  • ujjwal_p
    08-19 02:55 PM
    Congrats man! Happy for you and your biggest fulfillment.

    By any chance, are you originally from INDIA? If so, we're pleased to strike off one more suckup from our list of billion people.


    lol.. nice one.. anyway, congrats dude.. biggest fulfillment.. hmm.. sounds like gollum and "the precious".. this is further proof that the first stop after attaining gc/usc needs to be a shrink..atleast for some of us..

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    04-28 12:28 PM
    Just a note( i am not trying to deter anybody or argue against your compilation) that by law all foreigners are required to carry their passport, how many of us follow that, on that note, I will not carry original with me at all. just my 0.02 cents.

    True, we do not carry passports every time we step out of our house (for example, when going to pick up Bud Lite from my neighboring grocery store). But I would think that passports, unlike the PR card, are not designed to be tucked into your wallet for carrying around. Also, for PR cards the always-carry-it-on-your-person law is explicitly stated ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD), whereas, stray cases notwithstanding (, I am not aware of a similar law for passports (except maybe when you do not have your usual ID, such as DL).


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  • pappu
    03-29 10:06 AM
    Thanks. Everyone, please share on your facebook and post on other site. Lets also keep this thred up. All advocacy day threads should be on homepage until advocacy days.

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  • Karthik Thambidurai
    07-14 06:46 PM

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  • kc_p21
    12-09 09:29 AM

    07-10 02:55 PM
    talked to my attorney and he did get 1 or 2 applications back from USCIS. but he is not sure whether it is from July 2nd filers or after that.

    obviously they are returning applications.

    Were they send back after the delivery acceptance from USCIS? Or were they send back because USCIS refused to accept the package from fedex/ups/usps?

    02-16 03:22 PM
    CPO mail for both of us.
    Thanks everybody for all the wishes.

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