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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • vparam
    09-08 10:15 AM

    Sorry but do not want to be a damper... But this thread does not give me the right feeling. I have been a member of IV i think from dec 2005 and contributed quite a few hundered dollars and just like this organization as a simplistic, good non-profit orgnization with good intentions....

    But in this thread we see a taunt... which is more like we will not have numbers in DC and then some triades...

    So far whenever such type of hate comments are posted, I have noticed that the IV core/ Super moderators either close the threads or blacklist the user....

    But in this case we see periodically (i think a couple of times) that super moderators are only making comments that we need to prove numbers so join the rally....

    Sorry to say this but i feel either this stage managed ( the triades) or super moderators/ IV core are taking advantage of this thread.... Both I feel are inappropriate....

    If I am wrong in what i have stated - My apologies to Supermoderators / IV Core.... But If I am right then I think personally it is a sad day since it lowered the image of IV in front of a great admirer.

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  • ragz4u
    04-20 09:14 AM
    Even during the recess, we were talking to the staff of a ton of senators. Most of the time the senators' staff are interested only if someone from 'their constituency' is also affected. We always say we have a ton of folks from each state, but nothing works like a real example.

    For example, when we speak to say Senator Kennedy, it helps us to present the story of folks affected by retrogression and living in say Boston, MA. That way, the staff has some incentive to look into this and get hooked immediately.

    Since time is short this time, we need all the stories from each state to make our case.

    As promised, we will not reveal your story to media if you do not want to.
    Though there is no harm to reveal one's name in media as can be noticed by the folks featured in the Roll Call article, Philly Inquirer and News Observer.

    We will just concentrate on the crux how you are suffering because of delays such that even if your boss reads this story, he will not be offended or put off (Read our members stories in the three articles I have mentioned, none of it can get the IV members in any trouble at all).

    At the same time we understand that you might have reasons to remain out of media and we will fully respect that.

    But please send in your stories so we have a convincing story to make our case.....

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  • Macaca
    02-02 02:37 PM
    What does it mean to say EB2 ROW? What is the reference point of Rest of World? Thanks.

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  • Ahimsa
    12-19 08:05 AM
    Just contributed my second $100


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  • pappu
    12-19 10:10 AM
    As per this $20 drive, I tried to contribute thru my Visa Card & it was "repeatedly" prompting card# enter is invalid...I checked/ensured expire date/secure code & info which I entered is correct but repeatedlly it was prompting same message...Anybody from IV can help whats wrong with the web page?

    I tried to submit request my request 3 times, does it mean that I have contributed 3 times?
    system is working. I sent you a PM

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  • willwin
    07-10 04:00 PM
    Hello All,
    i concur with the aspect of filling a lawsuit, as it will create more visibility and put more pressure on congress. As it is congress is under the gun for failing to act on a lot of bills. Even though if it does not create instant results, it will definitely lead to some type of change in coming months. I am sure if we all pitch in 50$ each, we can accumulate good amount of money. Also we can use Murthy Law firm to file a lawsuit. Lets not forget the amount of visibility Murthy law firm is getting from IV. If there is a law suite filed through them, then they also get to share the limelight.

    The point here is, we can get a discounted price on the service, also Murthy law firm is aware of our situation. Administrator what do you think?

    All EB3 guys, stop complaining about EB2-EB3, it is about EB community. IF EB2 get some direct benefit, then it will be rolled down to EB3 as well. Please let us not discuss issues which separate us. Right now we should focus on unity and creating a mass number of high skilled workers who can SHOW up on rally's.


    Sorry but I don't agree with your point that if EB2 benefits today EB3 would benefit tomorrow. It looks plain and simple but it's not so in reality. Unless all EB2 categories become current and EB3 ROW get the overflow and become current, EB3 I (or China or Mexico) is not going to be benefitted from EB2 getting a VISA! You are basically saying to EB3 filers to wait for another 10 years so that the EB2 queue may reduce so that EB3 queue would start moving. That's not a practical solution.

    I think once there is an overflow (from EB1), then it should:

    1. go to the category that's retrogressed more or
    2. split the overflow among retrogressed categories and
    3. go to EB2 if both EB2 and EB3 have the same cut off date.

    Does US need more EB2 (than EB3) or need them sooner (than EB3)? If they need more EB2, then EB2 can get more numbers (but the restriction should happen at H1/L1 level). If they need them sooner, then they can be on a fast track. But by approving a EB3 or EB2 I140, the Govt. is saying that they need that particular applicant. A vast difference between these two categories at the last queue (485) does not make sense.

    It is insane to ask a EB3 I 2001 filer to wait forever just because he filed under EB3 and grant a VISA to EB2 2004 filer! It is not different from granting a VISA to a EB3 2007 ROW filer and making EB3 I 2001 wait. EB2 is taking all the overflow which, in my view, is not correct. EB2 is benefitting at the cost of EB3 I (China and Mexico). EB3 ROW is benefitting at the cost of EB3 I (China and Mexico). Just my opinion.


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  • ruchigup
    08-11 12:44 PM
    Dear Lord please listen to dwhuser. I have the same concern

    dwhuser, did you see any LUD in recent month or any RFE

    Please dear god..... let them consider priority date instead of the notice date. Mine is Oct 15th 2007. Our priority dates were current for three times and our application never touched, all our friends March 2006 to Jun 2006 filers got their cards a couple of years ago....:rolleyes:
    I am so sorry for the EB3 filers...hope their dates will pick up the wind.....

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  • cbpds
    06-09 01:36 PM
    We can also ask some big companies like Microsoft who back legal immigration extensively to help us financially right?

    just my 2 cents

    Our Goal for this event was $50000 and so far we did not even raise 20k. We are approximately 60% under target. We won't be able to have another event like this if we go down this path. The last thing we want to happen is our efforts to stall due to lack of dollars. it would undo everything we have done in the past 4.5 years


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-17 11:03 PM

    Now I think some major clarifications are needed here. The Receipt Date (RD) that is printed on the I-485 receipt is the date whenever queuing according to RD is needed. This is THE date wherever a FIFO is required and is as assigned as soon as the envelope containing the I-485 is received.

    The ND only represents the date data-entry is made. This is the date which is mentioned erroneously as "received date" on the USCIS online system. Now this thing has been mentioned at USCIS liaison meetings by center directors and thro' AILA several times (I will post the reference as soon as I find it).

    That said whenever I talked to NSC officers (not the National Customer SC non-officers or regional call center IIO's or Infopass ignoramuses) ..officers who personally were aware of the going on's at the service center they said the Notice date does not carry any value for case adjudication priorities and the CLAIMS 3 systems only sequences (or sweeps as they call it) as per the PD and RD (when needed).

    Further, since I see all the notes made for my approved I-485 (thro' FOIA) including the worksheet completed by contractors. I clearly do not see any notations mentioned with reference to the ND on it...

    That said, for the OP, since your RD is very close to the "official" processing date there are all chances that your application might have already gone under the eyes of a CAO (Center Adjudication Officer). Call NSC directly and ask since you are so close and especially since your date is going current next want to make sure that your file is either pre-adjudicated OR assigned to an officer.

    RD - August 16th 2007 - TSC processing - August 30th 2007
    PD - Dec 2004 EB2

    Hopefully 3rd time lucky eh

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  • amitjoey
    12-19 01:55 PM
    Lets contribute


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  • GCard_Dream
    07-17 07:06 PM
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for all the work core team has done so far and continues to do. This was not a small victory and couldn't have been achieved without the leadership of core team. Thank you core team and know that we are standing by you.

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  • abhijitp
    11-28 03:46 PM
    Contributed 100$ today through google checkout

    Thank you!


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  • rnanchal
    02-04 01:54 PM
    I did not pass judgement about what is right or wrong, just stated a fact. Dont get riled up. My intention was not to point fingers

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  • english_august
    07-04 01:28 PM
    Can the owner of this thread please have just the following:
    1. A single post containing the basic information about delivery name, address, message, occassion, and delivery date.
    2. Just the poll to track the number of people who've sent flowers.

    Then we should just start sending emails to friends with the link to that thread.

    Please let us make this work. I will try and see if I can alert some media people about this. We need at least 100+ bouquets to make this work. Lets move fast.


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  • rajuseattle
    04-11 07:02 PM
    USCIS do have some checks and balances for the subst labor cases, so its not a staright approvals for the lab subst cases. their might be a possibility few lucky ones get off the hook, but overall USCIS can weed out the dubious/fraudulent employer petitions.

    Sub labor is not the only reason guys, its just the country cap which is limiting india EB-3 and EB-2. Most of the H1Bs like us coming to us ends up applying for GC, now look at the number of H1Bs coming each year from india and the total number of GCs available for india. Their is a huge gap in these numbers, so unless they remove the country cap or recaptured unused VISA numbers from the past years, we dont see any relief.

    Please donate to IV and help lobbying for the admin fixes or the laws which going to help us in the long run.

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  • waitnwatch
    04-26 10:42 AM
    I was only trying to help out. I am always there with my full support. I used to be involved in student politics and I very well understand the importance of organizational strategy and planning. Keep up the great work. It's obvious that you guys are on top of things and I absolutely defer to your judgement.;)


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  • elfreda80
    07-21 11:15 AM
    I am married and my husband is working in US on H1B visa. I came into the country with an L1 visa in Dec '06. The I 94 is valid till Oct 2009.
    In Apr 2007, I applied for my H1B and it was approved with a start date of October 2007.
    I quit my company by end of May 2007. Since the H1B was NOT applied with COS, I applied for my H4 last week but I have not got the approval notice for H4 yet. :(

    Is it still possible for my husband to file my 485 along with his? What do I enter for questions regarding my current status?? Can I say that my current status is H4 and give the "valid till" date as the end date of my husband's H1B date?
    Please help!!!

    Thanks Elfreda

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  • amsgc
    08-21 05:49 PM
    I just saw this post and I would like to understand a bit more about what you read. So, I have two questions for you:

    1. What is your EB category?
    2. What exactly did the memo say? Now be careful and think hard before you post.
    For instance, you may cover the following in your post:
    - Who was it addressed to?
    - What was the subject?
    - Was it about about EB or FB?
    - Did it mention any dates?
    - Did it mention any country names?
    - Was there anything about what the adjudicators are supposed to do?
    - Which city/state was this?

    Your response will be very helpful.


    She then said, we just received this memo and let me read it and said this supersedes everything and even everything is clear for you nothing will happen, asking me if I was from India/China hesitantly as she could fingure out I was from India, untill new visas are allocated in October. .


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  • chintu25
    08-21 04:01 PM
    As per one of the patrons on another thread an IO showed him a memo recieved by USCIS suggesting that all Visa numbers for EB2 India/China were exhausted

    09-13 11:36 PM
    1) Since the letter refers to "we" (the legal immigrants), should we be individually signing the letter?

    2) Are we going to provide our mailing address as well as email IN THE EVENT that there will be a response to our questions?

    3) What happens if there is no response?

    4) In the letter, I said action must be taken in the remaining 15 days .. BUT HOW CAN ANYTHING BE DONE AS THE STANDARD RESPONSE IS "the annual quota is exhausted" ??? i.e., there are no more visas to allocate!!

    08-20 12:38 PM
    I saw a couple of cases from 2003 updating their status yesterday in EB2 India Texas..... in

    Just sharing info...

    Does it say when they filed their 485?

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