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Monday, June 20, 2011

hearts and love poems

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  • franklin
    07-11 01:55 AM
    Yes, and we will make sure flowers are yellow or white. Isn't that the color of friendship.

    Great idea. Since our recent flowers also ended up at the veteran's hospital, maybe we should wear yellow ribbons in support of troops?

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  • pd_recapturing
    04-06 09:49 PM
    TSC is down so no online status update. A lot of people are having this issue.

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  • samcam
    10-17 03:23 PM
    Yes. I have sent money to IDBI through SBI. You have to give it a week. And I got better rate than promised because the day they credited to the IDBI account the exchage rate was better than the day I sent it. So I guess the reverse is possible too.

    Lots of people use SBI for transfer but nobody answered my earlier question? DOES SBI allows electronic transfer to NON SBI accounts?

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-28 11:10 AM
    Define which Indian community?
    Gujratis who own motels and shops and will want more family immigration vs H1B


    Indians who are now citizens. They will want less Indians to reduce competition for their jobs or for their children.


    Desi consulting owners : less said the better

    Desi H1b, students EAD etc...
    They are a scared lot anyways and only worry about their immigration status and making dollars. Go tell them about IV if you can?

    So tell which Indian community you are talking about?

    Gangu ???

    Didnot understand ur first two points... Are Gujaratis not indian ? Can you be little more specific ?


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  • nb_des
    01-30 04:49 PM
    done, voted for Q11.

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  • gctex
    02-11 05:06 PM
    I did paid consultation to find answer to this question with murthy office. As per them, one can do transfer and extension of H1B even after using AP as long as the current I-797 is still valid.

    You mean a future employer can transfer and extend my H1 even after I entered on AP, right ?

    That would be great news. But on this very forum I did read some posts which mentioned this wasn't possible.


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  • shree19772000
    02-06 01:08 PM
    I think core should ignore some of the comments from people who have no trust in IV. I know how it feels when someone undermines your genuine effort. People who cannot help can atleast support and encourage the core team by just being positive. I do not mean to offend anyone.

    Please be united and do whatever you can, towards this common cause.

    Thanks everyone....

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  • GCstuck
    08-28 09:06 AM
    On Aug 11, 2007 - I 140 Denied Due to Ability To Pay issues

    Description for denial ( I have also attached the denial notice)->

    They looked at years 2003 to 2006 history for I140 since PD is JAN 03.

    * Reason 1 - Lower salary than specified in labor
    Preferred Wage in labor - 78,750
    W2(2003) - $76,850; W2(2004) - $75,638; W2(2005) - $31,652;
    W2 for 2005 is less due to company merger. I have another W2 from new company for 2005. I moved to another company due to merger but lawyer continued GC throgh old employer since the both companies exists after the merger.

    * Reason 2 - negative net income of the petitioner
    2003 (-$537,841); 2004(-$445,493); 2005(-$527,298); 2006(Not Submitted);

    * Reason 3 - 2003 and 2004 OK but net current assets are -ve in 2005
    and my lawyer did not provide 2006 information

    Acceptable Assets Aceptable Liabilities Net Current Assets
    2003 $4,272,733 $3,789,359 $483,374
    2004 $4,871,615 $4,660,879 $210,736
    2005 $5,047,775 $6,494,111 ($1,446,336)
    2006 ---- Not submitted [ Company has not filed taxes yet]
    For 2006 they will be filing big loss.

    Does anyone know any way out of this.


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  • njdude26
    04-08 11:21 AM
    Can someone see if they can get some air-time with NPR ??

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  • GCBy3000
    11-16 09:33 AM
    I appreciate your enthusiasm. IV has directed all its members in the past to do what and when? They have also established a webfax mechanism and also asked IV members to contact the senators / congressmen. They have gone into the level of seperating statewise members and asking only certain state members to contact.

    Once again I appreciate your thoughts. But the members should follow one direction and it should come from core IV. Do not do certain things without the consent from IV as it may back fire.

    NOTE: What do you mean by contact woman? :D

    Man/Woman, I see so much energy here or could be just shouting. It would be in the best interest to use the energy to contact respective congressman/woman/senator of their area, ask them / request them to bring/pass legislation like SKIL and PACE. Tell them why this bill is needed. Tell them your problem. If everyone of us call congressman and woman and follow up with them on the progress that would be great. Am I doing it? Yep..Not joking IV members are involved.

    IV guys can you develop questionnaire which we should ask the operator. What I did is I asked to operator to connect me someone who can help me in bringing immigration legislation. That is how I approached the operator. IV associates what I am getting at is how should people reach right person? As IV people have interacted with many senator office they have better idea what are different staffer there and how they are addressed, and how to reach them.

    Let me know what are people thought? I think instead of wasting time, lets get to work. Help yourself by calling senator/congressman/woman. And this is oppurtune time.


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  • satishku_2000
    05-24 01:17 PM
    I am not surprised if Z1 visa people are also eligible for these scholarships they create out of H1 money.

    We India call this socialist ideas. Any way Bernie Sanders is a self declared socialist.

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  • bskrishna
    06-19 05:39 PM

    Check out the above website. 6039 is the one relating to STEM and it has 26 co-sponsors

    If you're looking for a "hot" bill or a controversial issue that's been in the news recently, but you're not sure of its exact title, our page of Hot Bills by issue area is a great starting point for your search. There you can find groups of the most newsworthy bills, and in some cases the most contentious bills in Congress, as compiled by the editors of OpenCongress. It's a handy cheat-sheet of buzzworthy bills and their official titles. The OpenCongress Blog might have written about it recently too and may offer a helpful plain-language summary


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  • maddipati1
    12-11 10:24 PM
    sent my story just now.


    - wasted visas in 140K quota in last 5 years and requesting them to recapture.

    - decision to hold on buying house due to uncertainity in GC.

    keep up the good work guys.

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  • annsheila79
    04-21 07:06 AM
    Why do you bother so much...?

    need more proof ? :D


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  • Hassan11
    03-14 12:46 PM
    please vote on poll here
    Thank you

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  • nitinboston
    05-14 10:39 AM
    I know some here just cant hear/consider another point of view, but by calling me names and being so upset, they only convince me further. GC pursuit has taken over lives of some. I so wish one had better pursuits in life.
    And bout calls for kicking me out, this section for analysis/discussion. If you want to throw everyone out whom you dont agree with, rename it to 'agree with me' section.


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  • rajagopal_04
    12-27 07:50 AM
    My wife went for H4 visa on Dec 19. I booked flight ticket on 28th. So it seems like I need to postpone the date by at least a week.

    Your comments are welcome...Thanks!!

    I am still waiting for the passport.:( I contacted both VFS and US consulate for status. Hope i will get it soon.:confused: Please someone who also waited long, could you post your waiting days, this would give me an estimate days i may need to wait. Thanks for your help.

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  • smartboy75
    10-17 03:53 PM
    Today 10/16/2007 there is another update. Why is USCIS looking at my old H1B approved in August 2003 for an employer I left in 2004? I am perplexed!
    Can you find out from your old employer ??

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  • breddy2000
    07-19 10:17 AM
    mine 2 - rwilliams at 7:55

    It was signed by R. Williams for me.Delivered on July 12th at 9:35am

    Also there is a 4 digit reference : Case #xxxx on the shipment signature copy . Do you have that? Is it anything to do with our 485 or is it just the FEDEX reference number?


    03-31 10:29 AM
    Here is my case trail

    worked with employer A from June 2005 on h1b visa.
    Employer A applied for GC under PERM EB2 with PD - March, 2nd 2006 - labor approved in a couple of weeks
    Employer A applied for i 140 in June 2006 and got approved in July 2006
    Filed for i 485 in July 2008 never received FP notices
    Project got over in last week of February 2008 and unable to find new project.
    I switched jobs in last week of April 2008 using EAD - using AC21
    Sent AC21 letter to USCIS in July 2008 about job change.
    Employer A requested 140 revoke in August 2008.
    Spouse got FP notice in August 2008 whereas I (primary) got NOID asking for new employment details.
    Responded to NOID in a timely manner and on August 25th, 2008 - my status changed to "Response received - case processing resumed"
    In Jan 2009 I got my FP notice.
    In Jan 2009 - I travelled using AP and got back fine.
    In March 2009 - I got a denial notice saying "485 is denied because 140 was revoked on August 2008. No appeal only MTR" - thisletter comes from a different officer id than the one who sent the NOID.

    My question to UN and other gurus. Does it have anything to do with a changed interpretation? My lawyer says "This is a training issue - the new officer did not know about AC21 and as soon as he/she saw 140 as revoked - just ignored your other details on the case and issued a denial notice. This is very common and can be resolved using MTR"

    Your lawyer is probably correct. This has to do with IO who are not aware of AC21 laws. But make sure your employer did not have any issues with DOL, USCIS in responding to RFEs related to other employees like H1 RFE, ability to pay , etc which may be used against your application.

    01-30 09:41 AM
    DOL should not have given this advance notice, I am sure that all Desi consulting companies now aware of this rule will try to sell of their approved labors before April and approved labors will be available even in vegetable market.

    There is lot of chance they would do this, and unfortunately we cannot avoid that, lets counter this by creating awareness among our members and GC seeker's community of how much risk involved in buying an approved labor at this time.

    Contributed 300$ TO IV.

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