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Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • RandyK
    11-05 10:28 PM
    I did not catch the whole speech but he was talking on the Senate floor about abuse in the H1B system, at the end he did say that he is not against increasing the cap for H1B's but he wanted that done with provisions to make sure the abuse of the system is prevented. He also said that he is willing to work with other Senators to fix this broken H1 system before the year end.

    Do we anything more about this?

    It looked like that he was introducing and amendment to a bill.

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  • arunmohan
    06-12 01:59 PM

    I don't see any improvement since 2005 except June/July 2007 fisaco. But people are still waiting since long time.

    I will request all EB3-India/EB3 ROW filers to join this thread. We need help from IV.

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  • snhn
    11-06 11:54 AM
    I highly doubt that the White called Mr. Bradman abou this name check. white house has other things to worry about that then simply getting ones name check cleared. White has nothing to do with name checks. If it did, my mothers case would have been cleard a long time ago. She is stuck for the past 3 years. She is over 60. i contacted the white house last year. Not even a Thanks for writing form them.

    So if it is true, then Bradman congrats, but if you are just pulling our leg, then not a good thing.

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  • swamy
    12-12 08:42 PM
    I dont think it's a good idea. The fundraising thread demonstrates that we do have people who understand the stakes and are willing to do something about it. Ofcourse we need a lot more money but we should be able to persuade people to contribute voluntarily. I don't like exclusive clubs


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  • jayram123
    07-12 07:34 AM
    If PD is not current, they cannot accept the application, the just have to return the applications citing the same reason. If they accept the application they have to receipt it and if they reject, then they need to have qualified reasons for it... Not having available visas is not an acceptable reason to reject the receipted applications. It goes to shelves untill visa number becomes available... Note. if they receipt, they need to process EAD/AP and work on the application like any other.

    This is my understanding..

    based on the CIS SOP, mail room receiving is different than initial processing. Just because they accepted in mail room does not mean it is accepted. The validity of the filing is determined in the initial processing; and initial processing is complete only if you receive a receipt notice or you get your packet back. If you get your packet back, this is not denial; this is rejection. Denial is when you get yor receipt notice but your 485 is denied.

    Currently, June Filers who filed mid-month are getting their receipts which means we will know our fate only probably by the end of month or even later. keep your fingers crossed.

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  • msp1976
    03-10 07:57 PM
    Friend of mine (to whom I contacted regarding IV) is in USA for 7 years and knows how lobbying & party funds are raised (including Watergate) and also very much aware of "Retrogression" and problems of being "Legal".

    Also, he is aware of cause of IV and appreciate that but he is un-comfortable because whenever he login to IV, he noticed that:
    - more than 40-50% respondents are talking about money/contributions & signatures showing how much they have contributed as of today,
    - 10-15% are talking about blocking non-contributors(calling by Free Lunchers etc..),
    - 5 % are Pseudo intellectuals (talking BIG but dont know immigration basics like - PD, issues of I-140/I485)
    - 5% are always trying to shutdown others, accusing/calling by names to other forum members (he says "Highly skilled" in accusing!!)
    - and remaining are "Positive" contributors for IVs retrogression cause (talking about - I spoke to senators office, can we arrange rallies, when to Fax/fliers, when State chapters are going to meet, posting excerpts from senate/CSPAN/News etc..)

    Is our audience is so? Can we focus on our cause? pl be together like.. Like-Minded!!!

    First of all We are not into any 'gate' here...We are not creating any 'watergate' or 'immigrationgate'...
    All activities we do are legal and you would eventually get the expenditure report too...

    Now If you try to build any organization that is non paid completely volunteer...basis, all kinds of things do creep in...
    There is no avoiding that....
    Your 'friend' has a very idealized version of public organization in his mind....
    But the fact is that all public volunteer based organization(especially the ones so heavily populated by 'high skilled' ones) are going to be chaotic....

    The only public organizations that are not chaotic are either the Chinese communist party or paramilitary organization like fire fighters and police departments..All other organizations are going to be how you described...the different %ges..

    Now you have 2 choices.....
    Choice 1. Try to work with the chaos and have some voice in the legislative process...
    Choice 2. Shut your self out and not have a voice at all and mind you one less voice makes our collective voice weaker....

    The choice is yours to make.........


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  • wizpal
    03-14 05:01 PM
    My mistake.. I was under the impression that my contact info is visible. I have already met with my local congressman and submitted a memo. I have got a reply saying they would address this issue as part of impending CIR bill. I was not sure what to make of it, whether he is pro and anti retrogression..

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  • reddymjm
    09-24 08:59 AM
    The best way to respond this kind of people is to ignore them....
    If you are successful, certain people will complain and make up stories how you became successful.
    If you fail, the same people will makeup stories how dumb you are etc...

    The best way, in my opinion, is to ignore these fools.

    Those who are writing negative about IV and their leaders, do not have slightest idea on how much sacrifices they have made (family time, financially, physically, mentally etc) so that most of us could be benefited out of it. If these people think they are not benefited or does not like the idea, please don't read those post or just ignore them and move on, go to the posts that you would be benefited from and logout, I personally would like these people to share their experience and answer questions by others with their best of their knowledge, but if you can’t do that, please don't demoralize others.

    And yes, I don't care about RED dots, so bring them on.

    Well said Sanju and gccovet. I liked the vedios too Sanju.


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  • desi3933
    08-20 09:47 AM
    The oath of allegiance is:

    "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;

    Question: Once one takes US citizenship s/he promises to renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate or state then how come one confidently say that s/he would still be in love to a home country?

    Exactly my thoughts. However, that does not mean that I am not proud of heritage and culture of my country-of-origin.

    The vast majority of people are here on these forums for getting their GC and USC.

    I appreciate everyone who has congratulated me. Thank you so much. Please note that I sill belong to legal immigrant community and nothing can change that.

    Good Luck to everyone (and that includes people who have given me red dots with comments) and I hope you get your GC soon.

    Proud to be an Indian-American and legal immigrant.

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  • invincibleasian
    01-29 05:18 PM
    Do you have a link to this news/alert?


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  • WaldenPond
    03-13 07:55 AM
    I am an IV old timer and I was wondering where the IV old timers were?

    black_logs, ragz4u. logiclife, waldenpond, berkleybee, shilpa?

    How many core IV members have already received their GCs besides Aman, just curious?

    Of late is there anything of note even happening on the lobbying front? IV seems to have become another Immigration Portal kinda website where people are now posting all sorts of info, some of it not even immigration related.

    It would be nice if someone in the core team updated the rest of us, who cannot join the state chapters due to personal reasons on the website.


    Logiclife and Pappu are attending a personal matter of utmost importance at this time. WaldenPond (that is me) is here to answer your question and continue to actively participate in the activities of IV along with Logiclife and Pappu. Others names in your list have not been working in IV since long time � 2006. So don't know how to respond to your question about any of the other names.

    Advocacy is a long drawn process and we do not think it is the best interest of our effort to declare on-going advocacy efforts on the forum even when it means that we will not be able to quench the curiosity of some of the members. It will hurt our cause if we continue to announce advocacy effort details on the forum.

    Periodically communicating with members stuck in green card backlog in your community/state takes just couple of minutes in a week and is not demanding at all. This channel takes extremely less time to update yourself with what is going on. So that is the channel we are following at this time to share information. As such we request you to please join the group/team in your local area and use that channel to get the updates. When there is an update that can be shared on the forum, we do post the update for all the members.

    I received my green card in June-07 and shared this information on the forum earlier. There is one other member who received green card in past few months but for the purpose of privacy it is better for the member to have the choice if/when to announce on forum. I hope you understand and appreciate if someone decides not to announce a specific personal information on the public forum. No other member of core team have received their green card and regardless of the fact whether we have received the green card or not, we continue to do everything possible to work on fixing EB green card delays/backlogs.

    Hope this answers your questions.


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  • imh1b
    01-10 05:22 PM
    Sending letters is a waste of time. I did many in the past and nothing happened. We will only make post office richer and lose money on postage. Nobody reads or replies to letters.

    Anyone willing to do hunger strike?


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  • whitetiger0811
    01-08 04:43 PM

    My I140 was denied on Ability to company 2006 profit is in negative...but company is saying that the have a lot in Accounts Receivable which was not considered by USCIS....

    any cases similar to this???

    input will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Znan
    04-07 01:42 PM
    Hi, once my friend has shared with me a website that gives the stats about any US based company regarding, total no of GCs filed, rejected, approved, etc., etc., I do not remember the site name. If anyone knows please let me know.



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  • dr_vroeg
    06-07 10:06 AM
    Hope this isn't too late (even though I have a whole month still). Love the other entries so far. Go Holland! :tb:

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  • desi3933
    03-22 10:43 AM
    One has to remember that the famous "AC21" is also a memo!


    AILA wants to fight this on the grounds that such directives cannot be mandated in the form of a memo, but laws have to be passed. What if USCIS retracts the AC21 memo on the same grounds?


    Get a hammering fact!
    AC-21 is law (S. 2045) signed by then president Bill Clinton on October 17th, 2000. (Read again, AC-21 is law)

    S. 2045 AC-21 law (
    next page (

    President's Statement on Signing AC-21 law (

    Not a legal advice.


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  • smartboy75
    09-17 02:33 PM
    Thats all he does !

    One more Amendement by Mr King....after the vote

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  • jthomas
    05-29 07:11 PM
    Foreign laborers break the law by collecting unemployment

    the other person is also a IV member on the post. Anti-immigrants have been comming to our site and collecting information about your discussion. I am not at all worried about anything.

    Please do not fight with conflicting topics which is of no use.

    Did you guys looked at the latest projections given by USCIS, its on For those who want to wait 10-15 years in limbo, i will pray for you all. For those who want to explore new options, i want to wish you best of luck,

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  • amsgc
    12-13 12:55 AM
    Just wondering how we can make this a paid site which works and where everyone wins. Here are some thoughts in the wee hours:
    0) Read for Free

    1) Monthly paid subscription (recurring contributors):
    a) can post without restriction.
    b) get important updates

    2) If you don't have a monthly contribution -
    a) Your first 5 posts are free
    b) After that you can buy "points" to post on IV (say minimum chunk of 25 points for $50 bucks).

    To post a message, it costs you a point. If you have a question, then a couple of bucks is a small amount to have your questions answered. However, without incentive people will not answer questions (because it would also cost to post responses/experiences). So, lets say I post a response to your question, then if you (or any member who posted before me) thinks that my response was useful, and adds value to that thread, can give me a "+" which adds to my chunk of points.

    This way, only people who have serious queries will post their questions, and those who are confident about their answers will post a response. It will reduce noise on the website and will become a better resource of information. Unfortunately a lot of good stuff gets lost between people venting their frustration and providing incorrect advice.

    Ofcourse, we can make certain threads free to post - such as the funding drive, media drive, state chapters etc.
    If you really really want lots of responses to your questions, you could also sponsor a thread - say $25 bucks where anybody can post a response for free, for a limited time.
    Also certain threads can be made free to post on popular demand.


    09-24 07:40 PM
    If possible taken an infopass appt. They might be able to tell you the correct status of your appln.
    BTW: Does any one know how long does it take for a decision to be made on an application once it has been pre-adjudicated and assiged to an IO?:confused:

    9/11 - assigned to IO
    9/17 - CPO

    Hope this helps!

    01-09 12:06 AM
    I believe it will be the same old story. They will wait till last quarter and then will waste thousands of visa numbers because of their darn slow processing hands and we people will again start talking optimism from Oct 2010.
    What happened to the IV's talk with USCICS on spillover policies? Does anybody know?
    my thoughts exactly - they are just relaxing till summer season !! and maybe they will make the dates current in last quarter too - this means more mess but more $$$$ for them.
    time to make plan B = plan A. and plan C = plan B.
    my plan C -- make more money, save more and buy less with eventual return to home country if needed !!

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