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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • gc_check
    01-30 04:44 AM
    This is indeed very good news, if the final rule to eliminate the Labor Cert substitution is approved by OMB and made into a rule and enacted ASAP.

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  • vin13
    09-17 10:45 AM
    Any progress did they start?

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  • RandyK
    11-06 11:52 AM
    Our bill would require every employer to attest that it is not displacing a U.S. worker by hiring an H-1B visa holder and that the employer has taken good-faith steps to recruit U.S. workers for the jobs in which an H-1B visa holder is being sought. Why would anyone oppose this measure? Our bill also gives more oversight and investigative authority to the Department of Labor. Right now the Department may only review labor certification for ``clear indication of fraud and misrepresentation.'' The Secretary of Labor is unable to review applications for anything but what the law calls incompleteness and cannot initiate an investigation unless requested. This means the Labor Department in effect is required to turn a blind eye to information that is suspicious. To remedy this problem, our bill provides the Department of Labor the ability to initiate an investigation on its own and gives the Department of Labor more time to review applications. The Department could also do random audits of any company that uses the program. Aside from these measures, our bill would prohibit employers to only advertise available jobs to H-1B visa holders. It would encourage information sharing between the Department of Labor and the Department of Homeland Security. It would double the penalties for employer noncompliance with the H-1B program requirements. I am happy to report that most of these commonsense solutions were included in the immigration bill. I challenge any of my colleagues to oppose these needed reforms before we talk about increasing the number of H-1B visas or at the very least in conjunction with that process. Today I take the floor to tell my colleagues that I am willing to work on this issue before the end of the year. I know businesses want more visas. I know groups that represent workers and visa holders want reforms. I know the American people want a sensible system in place that gives their children a chance at these highly skilled jobs. Some of my colleagues think the solution is increasing the annual cap on H-1B visas and doing nothing else. Before we agree to import more foreign workers, let's restore integrity in this H-1B program. The system needs a makeover. I am willing to consider an increase in the H-1B visa supply, but only if reforms are included. We must fix the loopholes before we just allow more foreign workers to come in and take jobs that Americans want to do. I would think my colleagues would want this program to work as it was intended by its original authors. My colleagues should want to protect the jobs of our various constituencies and help our businesses find the workers they truly need.

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  • VersusMG
    06-14 12:28 PM
    Go Van Halen!

    U2 Blows!


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  • Macaca
    11-07 01:17 PM
    There are companies with H-1B workers who are so-called ``on the bench,'' meaning they are ready to be deployed to a project. Hundreds of foreign workers are standing by waiting for work.

    ... for they know that they don't have to pay people on bench, even though by law they are supposed to ...

    Must an H-1B alien be working at all times? ( D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    As long as the employer/employee relationship exists, an H-1B alien is still in status. An H-1B alien may work in full or part-time employment and remain in status. An H-1B alien may also be on vacation, sick/maternity/paternity leave, on strike, or otherwise inactive without affecting his or her status.

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  • webm
    02-22 01:32 PM
    I dont think they will stamp like that...If you show only AP they stamp I-94 based on its expiry says AOS pending or If you show only H1-B visa on PP they stamp I-94 based on Visa expire date..

    But showing both at POE doesn't not give any value and also it might confuses IO..



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  • nonimmi
    05-24 01:36 PM
    See you all in Bangalore and Shanghai.

    I'm sure people here dont have that agility and adaptability to adjust in India and China. Though I heard lots of gora are in Hyderabad and other cities that wont be for long term. And without people from India/China IT can't survive here. Much bigger market (than Internet) will be fighting global warming. These guys won't screw their future by doing all these nonsense laws. Let us "C" what happens.

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  • gsc999
    11-15 06:28 PM
    People will find list of US companies supporting SKILL bill and also trash talk from many citizens. Hope you will enjoy it. Do read the comments, that is where the fun is.
    Thanks for pointing out. I counted 16 posts correcting the error about H1-B not paying taxes.


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  • admesystems
    01-09 04:09 PM
    On USCIS website I-130 is also pending along with I-485.
    At I-485 interview IO said only thing keeping my freedom (GC) away from me is NC.
    Does that mean I-130 is going to clear automatically once the NC is cleared ? or do I have to be worried about that separately?

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  • FinalGC
    06-13 07:53 PM
    I am getting married in Jan 2008. can i go ahead and apply now? How to include the wife? will that be a problem.



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  • sammyb
    01-30 05:19 PM
    it is now Q26 ....

    good find man ...

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  • trueguy
    06-12 02:32 PM
    EB3-I is the worst affected category and nobody even wants to talk about it.

    I have been separated from my wife for 2 years and now I am going back and work in India.

    I hope Media knows about this reverse brain drain that is reality and actually happening around here.

    PD Oct2002


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  • another one
    07-17 04:48 PM
    As always, thanks to IV leadership for their work and inspiration. I am curious to know IV's opinion on possibilities of legislative changes this year. I was more optimistic last December (2006), than I am today. Immigration reform is dead, and based on what I am hearing from some of the blogs, the chances for any legislation this year for skilled immigrants are bleak. After a lot of work in last two years, I have some opportunities to get into an alternative field of interest. The I-485 process (switched job and applied again in Nov 2006) now limits me from changing into a different field. After being in US for near 10 yrs, I have lost the appetite to continue putting everything at stake. My pessimism may be arising from my paticular situation, but I don't see any point in continuing to be in this country if I cannot switch to my field of interest for another 2-10 yrs.

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  • The Director
    06-14 05:39 PM
    Here I give you The Coffee Pod...Hope you like it! and please comment.


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  • gumpena
    07-17 05:40 PM
    Our next struggle must be to capture lost visa numbers...

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  • snathan
    04-27 11:47 PM
    Agreed that this will throw out all the crappy body shoppers. This is what we need in future not to make it difficult for future h1-b or other people. We should infact support this bill as this will weed out many Indian Body shoppers and benefit everyone.

    This is nothing new but most of it is just implementing what is already in low. Thats my take on it.

    Throw your GC and become H1...then you will understand the meaning of this bill


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  • sc3
    08-20 02:29 PM
    AP i94 valid upto Mar 2009(After returning on AP)
    H1 i94 valid upto June 2011

    Can I still work on existing H1?
    Which i94 valid(AP or H1)?

    How is that possible? Did you apply for H1 before you left this country and got the approval after you came? If so you have a problem because leaving the country when H1 is pending invalidates the application.

    If you had H1-i94 before you left the country. Why did you not turn it in when you at POE(xit)? You are required to do so. If you have not, you are supposed to send your old i94's to some place (I dont know where, check the web).

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  • gc_boy
    04-08 01:59 PM
    3- 5 business days

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  • eb3_nepa
    03-12 10:33 PM
    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    In response to some responses, i am not "overly concerned" I was just wondering what their status was.

    If the older core members who have received their GCs are indeed enjoying the fruits of their hard work, God bless them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. My intent was never to start a hot debate. God knows we have tons of drama on the forums daily!! ;). (Soon the April VB will be released and more drama)

    04-28 04:26 PM
    Its a law and if one follows it, there is nothing wrong in it.

    As Chandu has mentioned, lets not interpret it the way we want. Its a law, and it gives us the option to have some kind of liberty. If you have not done anything wrong, and have followed the law, eventually everything will fall in place. Although during this journey we will have to face some tough challenges but in the end we will win it.

    So, lets all get together in getting ourselves heard.

    07-18 10:17 AM
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