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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • santb1975
    12-02 11:00 PM

    One quick and dirty one is to...people who want to 'Add to Reputation' of posts...need to buy:)

    I can't believe...I got few red dots....for this post. These Red dots that many of our IVers donate so generously need to be purchased in order to give it to anybody next time.

    Just kidding, don't take this seriously. Some people found this post 'illogical' :)

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  • arunkotte
    08-06 12:26 PM
    On the tax return 1120S Schedule L we have about 170,000 in the retained earnings line. Can this be used as part of the net current assets?

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  • adobe howm
    08-26 04:12 PM

    This is not a financial help/grievance forum to discuss about funds transfer problems, or bank reputation. There are many more places for that purpose. If you cannot find one, start one for yourself.

    This forum is meant for discussing US employment based immigration related matters.

    If you still have any doubts, click on the "About us" link on top of the web page and dispel your doubts.

    Admins: Please close this thread.

    I understand that you are trying to be smart but you not quite sounds so. sorry

    of course - this is off topic but the whole point is WE are suffering from it and DOES affects us - may be you are not nor you have any clue about what this means to you.

    the goal of our community is to drive out the common enemy, share our experience to benefit others- may be sometimes it does sounds off topic but that does matters to us, the same way how $$$ matters to you. I would recommend you just think about bit before start comment on it.

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  • ps57002
    12-01 04:22 PM
    How about a lottery someone donates something (like the WII that was on the holiday post) and everyone buys a lottery to try to win a lottery through $10 each....and then a random lottery to see who wins it???

    I'm too out of it today to make sense...


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  • sodh
    07-12 02:40 PM
    All right go for CHAI after the rally !
    What about vadapav.

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  • FraudGultee
    04-17 05:18 PM
    though hesitant, but, i agree to that

    me too !


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  • factoryman
    02-07 03:02 PM
    .. and quit day dreaming.

    Go here (, search for 'To make unused EB3 visas available to bring nurses to the United States through Department of State procedures' , which law makers were instrumental in inserting provisions to benefit Sch.A workers and then go to this page (, put in your Zip Code. Act now and let's write to your law makers. Be brief. Say you are a productive tax paying worker, or something like that. Act in your individual capacity. I did. For 45236.

    Do you know, :confused: , how a strong, financially huge group had already written to these congressmen ( and these senators ( RECAPTURE of 90,000 unused visas, AGAIN for Sch. A workers.

    I know there was a long discussion about this a while ago. My PD is in 2005 in EB2 category.

    Any guesses as to how long it will take without any reform? Is there a good guess on the total number of pending LCs in the queue? I would like to take that number and divide by 1400 (2800 for EB2/2).

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  • days_go_by
    07-31 06:43 PM
    What you guys think about On-line MBA ? Is it worth doing ? Any recommendations for on-line MBA or on-line M.S.?

    Your inputs are appreciated !
    On line MBAs don't have much value, they still cost a lot.
    Why not do a part time or full time that has some value.
    I know of a friend who did from Univ of Phoenix, but not much in return.


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  • aviko21
    09-29 02:05 AM
    They might have found some irregularity or discrepancy in your current petition! Never heard of something like this before though!
    Please consult a lawyer Your question is better answered by him!
    Good Luck

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  • smodekurti
    10-19 09:04 PM
    Has anybody received the letter from USCIS yet ?


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  • vga_1977
    04-18 01:15 PM
    not all HR depts are helpful or even knowledgeable about the immigration process.

    "geo-locate" ??? what are you talking about?

    i myself was quite clueless about the immigration process when i started out and got stuck in EB3 unnecessarily. Even though my company is one of the best in the industry they had never done H1 or GC before i came along and were quite clueless about it.

    This forum is meant for asking immigration questions...lets be helpful rather than speculate on the person's circumstances or acumen.

    Thank you very much, you are right.

    same thing happened to me, my HR dept. not sure what to process they left option to me. they have mixed result with Madurai Kamaraj open university. Right now we are working with attorney to do the education evaluation.
    - vga

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  • AabTuAgaGC
    06-15 05:46 PM
    Damn! Is there anything straightforward and easy in this GC process. :mad: :mad:


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  • misanthrope
    10-02 11:38 PM
    This is not EB3 vs EB2, this is about filthy, demeaning language being used on public forums to put a class of skilled workers down.

    You call consultants "sleazy and body-shopped".
    You call EB3 third class.
    You call EB3 dumb.

    If EB3 were to leave today, you EB2s will have no jobs left. EB3s will take away all the jobs with them overseas and take your too! After that you can preach this swinging philosophy of yours!

    You say EB3 is only a notch above "illegals"?
    How can legals even be compared with illegals?

    This is a baseless post and ironically you are quoting a post that does NOT say a single of the statements above.
    Please note that I did not compare EB2 vs EB3.
    Hypothetical scenarios hold no meaning or place in an educated debate/argument. Try to understand that, please.

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  • BharatPremi
    12-13 10:11 PM
    anyone can start a thread, if you need help doing it, you may wish to ask politely and someone will tell you.

    why so? ask yourself. read your own comments. and let us all know how you have helped the process of ending YOUR retrogression.

    i have reviewed every post you ever put on iv. i don't see any deleted post.
    so you may want to think again. hardly anything is deleted around here. otherwise a lot of intemperate stuff that's posted would disappear.

    ultimately it comes to this: if 25,000 members show no interest in contributing in a fund drive (barring the minuscule 500 who did), what's the point in being "friendly". hey- iv is you and me. there is nothing else. no building, assets, stocks. I or aman or pappu or logiclife and every other core member and iv leader are just like you. we have jobs and families to take care of. we are afflicted by immigration retrogression- like you.
    we have put in time, money and effort at great cost to our personal lives. i wish i could "like you" to that one too.

    if "members" are willing to make this their organization their own- if there is to be this sense of involvement and ownership, then we will succeed. if not, if the attitude for the most is going to be "why should i" and "nope i am not contributing" and "how dare you ask" and "i have free speech" and "why doesn't iv do xyz for me" and "why should logiclife use this and that tenor" and "why did abc say def to me" and "i demand respect" and the best "these are my 2c but don't ask me to lift a finger to do this- iv should do this" then forget it. won't happen. because that IV you are imagining doing wonders and making miracles is YOU.

    let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that participated in the fund drive, joined state chapters, met lawmakers, took initiatives to start state groups, ran the funding threads and contributed in any other way.
    you are guys are true assets to iv- in fact you are the true iv. kudos to you!


    First time I am seeing you angry.:)


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  • B3NKobe
    06-11 02:57 AM
    Guys: Feel free to make new entries, but let me know what one u choose for the polls :D:D

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  • seekerofpeace
    09-15 09:28 PM
    No what I meant was that they don't even have the PD in front of them and no personal I guess I can take a chance....they have limited information anyway...



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  • vjkypally
    03-14 09:27 AM
    HAHAHA, YOU WISH:)Yeah I agree. We should lobby to merge EB2 and EB3. J

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  • JulyFiler
    08-14 07:23 PM
    I agree completely with the OP. Education should be rewarded. People with higher education should be rewarded likewise. PhD > MS > B.XXX. If you have done masters and possess higher qualifications but had to apply in a lower EB category it is your problem or the job you applied for does not require higher qualifications. Either way, it is not USCIS prob.

    I also agree with the fact the OP mentioned that MS folks and PhD folks who sweat out eventually end up losing more financially. This is the first time I am seeing some relief/reward for higher qualified people. I have seen people (have friends too) who came in 2000 straight on H1 and have been making big bucks since then and stuck in EB3. I have seen my friends port to EB2 and get GC. All this makes me feel like I have wasted 2-3 yrs in getting a masters. It is time we got rewarded. This does not mean I want others to be punished. I am saying people with higher qualifications need to be rewarded.

    Chanakya has posted very balanced views. Good job man. Lot of folks are bitter and have misconstrued your arguments and jumped right in to attack without even thinking.

    You are also right that very very rarely do you see a mature discussion in these forums. which is why I just keep away. I just laugh at the sillines that is often displayed here. People dont want to see what they dont want to see. Just few minutes back I saw a post where the OP claims to have entered the country in 1999, applied in 2004 and got his GC. He says he "has been waiting for 8.5 years". thats silly. he applied in 2004. so the wait is only 4.5 yrs. If that was the case I came to this country in 1999. I should have gotten the GC before his. should I crib about it now?

    Btw, I am in EB2. I made a choice to do my masters expecting some benefits. What use is the degree if it doesnt benefit me? No one would be going for MS and PhD if they are all same.

    Welcome reddots.. :)

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  • prince_waiting
    12-12 11:22 PM
    IV managed to fight its way through the July visa bulleting fiasco and compelled the USCIS to honor the original bulletin. Even after witnessing such a huge achievement if some people are making comments like they would like to weigh IV's worth before deciding to make contributions then they can be classified as perennial skeptics.

    Visa bulletin after visa bulletin is putting us into a spiraling depressive state. IV is the only organization which is interested in solving this retrogression mess affecting highly skilled immigrants.

    Make IV a paid subscription organization at $50 membership fees per annum. It is better to have 10000 members who can surely generate half a million dollars in revenue, rather than 25000 members who take about 8 days to generate 30000 in funds.

    08-09 06:42 PM
    Thanks for the wishes pncool01.

    Second level I/O ->Trick is to first call the USCIS customer service and talk to the first level I/O. Once he/she has given you the information on the case (same as what you see online), try to convince him/her to transfer you to second level I/O. It has always worked for me ... just need to show a bit of emotion and tell them how you've been stuck for so long.

    Congressman -> Talk to your congressman's staff and figure out the best way to get an immigration inquiry. In my case, they had a immigration privacy release form available online and I just filled the form, signed and faxed it.

    Hope this helps !

    07-31 10:42 AM
    smisachu and all other gurus above -
    how do you guys manage to do options/commodities/fx trading without missing prod release? :) you all seem to have lot of knowledge about all this stuff and its good to learn something new (although one like me need to google to understand what smisachu is saying :D)
    I invest in stocks and etfs but am very impatient when it comes to maximize profits.. i like to take small small profits (5% to 7%) instead of one big kill.. btw, can someone suggest good REIT etfs? (sorry, not related to original commodities topic)

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