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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • shx
    10-02 11:44 PM
    I wont get into EB2/EB3 fights, but tell you what my opinion about this is.

    The law definitely supports interfiling and priority date porting. However, this is like reserving seats on a bus by throwing your handkerchief in good old India. It is unfair to let people jump ahead in the queue, even though they acquired the eligibility to file in EB2, at a far later date.

    There might be some genuine cases where people could not file in EB2, even though they were eligible. I only support these cases.

    I've a pending EB2 485. However, let me be honest. If I had EB3 to start with, I too would've interfiled in EB2 and would've ported my priority date. Who wouldn't do it if the law allowed them to!

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  • DariusMonsef
    05-31 04:16 AM
    Desert Sunset.

    (I already entered mine, but I was having too much fun so I thought I would just share and inspire the rest of you.)

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  • acruix
    07-16 12:38 PM

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  • akred
    08-25 12:33 PM
    Second the idea of using an ATM card for this purpose. You can get an ATM card for your parents or relatives in India from your local credit union or bank in the US.


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  • stldude
    07-19 09:44 AM
    PD : EB3 , May 2003
    Date Delivered : July 02 8:44 am
    Service Center : NSC
    Rejected: Not yet.. ( I hope not)

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  • jjava100
    04-18 05:03 PM
    Congrats jimytomy !


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  • rsdang
    08-19 01:32 PM
    Enjoy the new found freedom...

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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 11:26 AM
    no audio for me....anyone else have trbl?


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  • bkarnik
    09-17 11:31 AM on to 6020 talking..he is withdrawing hs amendment on 6020. Zoe now on.

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  • little_willy
    03-03 02:32 PM
    Thanks ilikekilo, I'll check out IMG. Even with the rider for pre-existing condition, the coverage is limited to $15000 max, so I decided it isn't worth paying the extra premium for such little coverage.


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  • PresidentO
    05-14 12:45 PM
    bringing bk the discussion to more serious point. We can all agree that on the surface immigration system here is seems unfair towards Indian, Chinese and Mexicans. Whats the reason behind it? why only three countries which suffers from long waits. Its demand and supply. If there were no country caps, all the visa's will be absorbed by these three countries. Even though it has cost me time and money, i think its the right policy. for a moment imagine there was no country limit, can you imagine for few years to come immigration will be from only these three countries. i think its only fair to limit how many people can come from one specific country.
    and one more point, we are never going to get treated with respect and equality, just get used to it. every American knows we left our country to come to his. he is always gonna look down upon us. Immigrants are never treated with love, respect and dignity, no matter which country they go to. Case in point, Bangladeshi and Nepali migrant workers in India. We treat them like dirt back home, so discrimination against immigrants is part of immigration process. hopefully our ABCD offspring's will face less of it :)

    Ehh! Perspective. Do you think you can make a case for that?

    You asked all of those who are making their case with the US Congress or doing some sort of advocacy to get a life. In other words, in one single sentence, your perspective is that all of us who are working towards improving the system do not have a life. Wow! Did I start off by saying that you dont have a life because you chose to go canada and not India after 6 years of stint in US? NO!. Saying "Get a life" or other catchy phrases is easy. F Y I, hear your ears blared" WE DO HAVE A LIFE". We heard your perspective. Now this is not your evangelizing ground for your perspectives. Damn it! Aren't IV's objectives clear? What harm has IV's objectives caused you? You dont believe them fine. Do what ever you want.

    You chose to go to canada because US GC system sucks and you are saying that we are all hypocrites. Got some sense? What are you trying to say? We should all follow your lead and go back to where we came from while you preach one thing and do the quite opposite. Still be a turn coat to your home land and be a boot licker (your own idea of immigrant's not mine ) to canada. Perspective ehh?

    You argue that immigrants are treated like dirt. I tell you what, look at the president of United States and say that one more time. As a kid born here out of the main land and raised in the most populous islamic country in the world, he went on to become the president of united states. You are one of those who do not want to become the change you want to see. you just want others and system to change and you will take that change. Go figure Mr Slime. Oh B T W there is no one such as American, except for the native american. You showed your 10 fingers in your mouth with your basic lack of understanding about the country and how it formed.

    >>> If there were no country caps, all the visa's will be absorbed by these three countries. Even though it has cost me time and money, i think its the right policy. y. for a moment imagine there was no country limit, can you imagine for few years to come immigration will be from only these three countries. i think its only fair to limit how many people can come from one specific country. <<<

    you argue that three countries will dominate immigration. how ever you dont point out the fact or cleverly ignore that all these people were not limited by the system through which they enter but limited by the system only after they enter. Hey we, those from those three countries, are already here. lets implement the country caps through out the high skilled immigration or get rid of them. Enough of your disguise as some one who is logically and rationally for country caps. There is no rationale or logic what so ever in your argument. Perspective. Ehhh! forget that word.

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  • ryan
    04-20 01:59 PM
    I assume you've likely never studied in India though. An bachelor's degree in engineering is not very expensive, if you have good grades.
    10 years back it would cost about $100-200 a year, if you qualified through a state ranking system.

    Tony, I didn't grow up in India. I am oblivious to its education ways. That said, some of the comments expressed here, is not the way to talk to anyone with an education, no matter what school they graduated. Anyway, I'm done here.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-03 08:57 AM the top.

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  • whitecollarslave
    06-10 02:01 PM
    I called them and sent emails to local reps.

    Got a question though .

    We have these 3 bills in House. Thats fine. But what about Senate. There is only 1 bill in Senate. Should we also persuade some senator to place similar bills there ?

    Which bill is in the Senate? Can you please post a link?


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  • reddog
    08-12 12:00 PM
    done. thx for the poll.

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  • jonty_11
    02-01 03:20 PM
    A desi consulting company brought him to the US. When they realized he wasn't going to get a project, they just didn't let go of him. Since he was a reliable guy (1. he can be trusted with monthly grocery payment 2. his labor can be sold later to others 3. he servres as an insider who can get information if other consultants are trying to be sneaky by getting their resumes marketed by another company, etc etc, basically he is an asset even thought he doesn't have a project), they just decided to keep him there. These companies don't have attorneys. They take care of all legal matters themselves. Now, how much is hte USCIS fee to file for labor? How much to file for I-140? Peanuts right? So they continue to keep his application active. How hard do you think it is to get fake references when you can make fake resumes. They have fake pay stubs. Fake experience. Fake this and fake that. Everything they do is fake.

    So to others who have said that this thread has to be dropped, and have said that these desi companies are right in doing what they're doing, or who have blamed the system - I think that you are one of those people who are involved in such a racket. I know that I have touched your nerves by letting the whole world about this (not that some people didn't know this already). Why else would you want this thread dropped?
    Actually I know a guy who lost his job and joined a restaurant as a cook or something and applied GC, then after 1 yr or so got job again and used the EAD to change to the Tech Field again and at a different location.....I hear he is indeed facing some problems now.


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  • pappu
    09-29 01:27 PM
    I have come across some cases where GC aplication I140 was reopened after being approved. So this is no surprise. While I could not find the reasons fully in many cases, why cases were reopened as people tend to hide the true reasons. I think for GC applications the reasons may have included-- suspicion of fraud/complaint against the employer/Ability to pay after seeing more GC applications in the same company and thus reopening past cases/Bona fide intension of the employee to join the company after seeing some irregularity in the immigration applications/too many GC applications or H1B applications from the same company and thus a red flag for an H1B dependent employer.

    The best solution in such cases is to first find out the reasons and weakness in your case. Each case is different and one cannot generalize. So each applicant will know their reasons. If the case is reopened, then don't panic. But if you get an RFE, the immediately contact a good lawyer and answer it.

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  • Raju
    07-19 04:14 PM
    Did it occur to anyone that we are only talking about compensating Aman the $64k he spent already. Imagine if he had made use of that $64k as an investment(let us say a safe investment with minimum returns) of that amount it should have exceeded that $64k value by now.

    The least we can do at this moment is to immediately refund Aman and other core team members the amount they have spent towards the administrative costs of IV. Pappu / Logic Life / Other core team members, please let us know what kind of legal/administrative action is required to get this done.

    We will immediately start a funding drive towards filling in this shortage from the total IV funds. IMHO on the longer run the smaller funds ($10, $20 etc) should not be neglected.

    Let us figure out the required amount and have a new thread started about this. This settlement should be treated with high priority before any other funding drive. Pledging my $200 towards this.

    Yes this is not a typo. This is true. Aman has made more financial sacrifices and time sacrifices than anyone else. Not a single penny has been reimbursed to him for his trips to DC, food and stay in DC or car rental in DC. He even risked his job and went to DC on unpaid leave at critical times because lobbying was important for getting our work done. We in the core team know this and when we see the kind of contributions we get from members, we feel disappointed that our efforts are not valued. When we started the $20 contributions people felt $20 was too high and wanted $10 per month or less. The kind of work and effort that is needed to push a single provision is phenomenal and needs lot of capital. The more the better. Sometimes reading posts that say IV core is selfish also disappoints us. People do not know the effort that goes in getting anything done. This website is simply a tool for us to communicate to everyone. The big effort is the lobbying work. We hope the Buisnessweek article helps people realize our hard work and people value it by contributing to it and helping us in all action items.[/QUOTE]

    If this fund is setup to refund IV core I pledge at least $200.

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  • orangutan
    10-03 08:36 PM
    Hey, you lied to the American Immigration that you will return to the home country after Ph.d. And now you are talking about who should port and who not. Relax and think.

    sure I am .. and guess what my dependents were already approved few weeks back on my EB2.

    and yesterday my EB1 I-140 was approved :D:D:D:D

    But my fight for what is fair is distinct from my own case and i am gonna keep going.

    03-29 04:50 PM
    @vj i would surely unmask him here , gimme another 10-15 days i will reveal everything about him pal , dont worry.

    @bugsbunny i paid about $4200 for the process , he said some attorney fees and stuff

    Does someone have an experience of application process, so that i send in the right papers, before leaving here. i mean the set of documents to send to DOL, so that i do not miss out on something important which could nail him to the maximum

    Do you have a copy of the H1B application?
    It should show a lot of details about the employer and also as to who prepared the forms(attorney info if there is one)

    As i said if the company itself has done the work themselves with a full time attorney...then the company is fully liable...if the company has hired outside attorney...the company is still liable...but the outside attorney would also be liable for building fake cases.

    There is also a law that if the H1B employer has terminated your services before the estimated time your service was required then the employer has to pay you the transportation costs for your return home.

    Please read the following articles for information on the H1B process

    MurthyDotCom : Overview : H1B Visas for Temporary Professional Workers (

    MurthyDotCom : Overview : H1B Visas (Part II) � Wage and Record Keeping Reqs (

    MurthyDotCom : Overview : H1B Visas (Part III) � 6-year Limit, Portability, Etc (

    05-23 03:45 PM
    WHY is she backing the bill..what is her motivation? or did she just decide to do a gandhi on us all?

    > i am not berating anyone for that matter!

    When lawmakers support certain bills..its because of the interst groups that back them..not their inner calling!

    "If that is the logic then why do you think that lawmakers will work on "immigration" bills. After all the "immigration" bills only benefit folks who don't vote immediately. "

    this bill is a great example. iv is the only organization that ahs pushed for it. a bunch of "non voters". our constant pushing has helped bring lawmakers to our side and even corporations taht never cared about thsi before now have it on their agenda.

    our voices count.
    we use them in many ways. each way is important in this system.

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