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Thursday, June 30, 2011

goldfish plant pictures

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  • Goldfish Plant

  • JimmyJolly
    04-17 03:33 PM
    This is one of the more reasonable proposals heard here. To give it more credibility, I think we should add an earnings threshold to it. Something like 500K to 1 million in cumulative W-2 earnings. No matter what your country of birth or your educational qualification is, If you contributed significantly to this country and you are law abiding then you deserve a little respect so that you can do more of the same.

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  • Goldfish Plant (Columnea

  • rgshah80
    07-17 08:20 PM
    Thank you IV team, this has been a great relief.

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  • Goldfish Plant or Nematanthus

  • thomachan72
    12-09 04:39 PM
    I'd say fuck the majority. You think we are going to believe something as stupid? If you believe so much in humanity, why don't you distribute all the dollars you earned in the US among the poor in India.
    That you won't do. But you'll preach lessons of humanity to others.

    Ooops, sorry about that Master/Miss a1b2c3d4e6. Its completely my fault. I appologize for that. I actually forgot to inform you........the dollar distribution was done last week. I tried to reach you but I guess you were busy supporting the sheriff? Now can I preach humanity to you?????:D:D

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  • quot;Goldfish Plant.quot;

  • pcs
    04-05 09:30 PM
    Please spread the word about the issues & in student community to help fight our cause



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  • (I have seen this plant before

  • nashim
    11-20 01:38 PM
    1) Write N/A
    2) NYC sends new and old passports to USA address.

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  • gloriosa : goldfish plant

  • trueguy
    08-22 10:47 AM
    at some point the visa numbers are going to be all used up. The lucky ones would get their GC by then and the others will have to wait for a few months.

    Why worry over it? The line only gets shorter and shorter and everybody will get their turn sooner than later.

    As long as they don't waste any visa numbers, there is no need for any worry. Even their random processing order does not bother me that much, because demand for EB2 will be less than supply next year. Its time for EB3 to fasten the seat belts....

    You are the first person who said that demand for EB2 will be less in coming year. Any basis for that?


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  • another quot;Goldfish Plantquot;

  • maheshmail
    02-25 11:58 AM
    This is Fantastic Idea

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  • The plant is very glossy and

  • gctest
    09-16 01:36 PM
    IV is an open forum.. where immigrants like me can join and express views.

    IV is not paid for by just IV admins.. it is paid for by members and then members should be able to express views.

    What is wrong about stopping something that is unlawful and illegal?
    IF we are going to suppress free speech.. .. how are we different from a totalitarian regime?
    Infact, how are we better than a suppressive and divisive organization like numbersusa?

    It may take a masters/phd to be in EB2, but it does not take a masters/phd to understand what i am saying.... or does it?

    this is not a free speech issue, please dont trivialize the 1st amendment.
    You are allowed to express your views without fear of persecution, but the IV forum is maintained by IV admins and they have the right to delete whatever they want.
    Free speech means you can go start your own: and no one will stop you. It does not mean that you can post whatever you want on any forum and people must leave it as-is.


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  • Plants consume ammonia

  • saibaba
    11-28 06:58 PM
    contributed $100...

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 11:39 PM
    In that case make it 10,000 + 11,724 , as we all will be directly or indirectly watching you.
    Make that 10,001 ( the 1 is you). You will be present to watch the numbers. Right?


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  • Goldfish Plant #39;Early

  • vin13
    02-25 08:29 AM
    This is a brilliant idea. We are not asking a lot here. Even if they want to call it Pre-adjudicated, It should be fine.

    Good Job, 'Realzeit'

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  • goldfish plant, indoor

  • vphope
    03-08 02:24 PM
    Please provide the link please..

    Just curious, within how much time is the FOIA info expected? :)


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  • plant as quot;goldfish plantquot;.

  • needhelp!
    11-16 04:34 PM
    Many thanks to you Santhi. Are you French by any chance?
    Let's keep this Initiative going

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  • Goldfish and Plants

  • GCNirvana007
    08-18 12:43 PM

    Yes...I am aware of the facts that you mention...but now that data entry is made since long, the ND has no value.

    Last year when the EB2 PD's were current for 28 days in August, only those RD's whose data was entered in TSC had chance of getting GC's. In other words, receipts are now generated for all '07 fiasco filers and hence the ND has no value!

    That said if a Service Center rep says about the ND replacing the RD in their system, then it is time for corrective action. With these small windows of PD being current, why take chances!

    What are the odds for RD - Aug 16th 2007 and ND - Oct 11th 2007

    InTheMoment - Based on what you are saying, its RD?


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  • ilikekilo
    09-08 10:21 AM
    r u serious

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  • zoooom
    07-17 07:23 PM
    Thanks a lot to all members for being with us in this struggle. We have tasted our first big success this year. Credit goes to each and every IV member. We were all affected by the visa bulletin fiasco and this is our victory. This is a victory for all our members and we must rejoice.

    IV had worked very hard and had been pushing for this in the background. Our flower campaign, rally and other advocacy efforts all came together and helped us at a crunch time. We thank members that sent flowers and also walked in the San Jose heat for 4 hours. All that really shows our commitment to this cause.

    We are happy that our efforts are successful and IV has been able to make a difference. Please also know that during this effort, IV was extremely active and decision makers heard our voice. We cannot give out all the details but what IV members should know is that these efforts should make each one of us proud and what we can do if we have a firm resolve. We were also the first to break this news even before anyone else or media could, and continued to update our members as time passed.

    IV also thanks its contributing members and it is because of their contributions we were able to continue this effort. Many thanks to the members that are contributing now after this good news.

    Please continue your support for this organization and be an integral member of this ever growing community, so that this journey can continue and we can end retrogression and have immigrationvoice as our voice.

    Team IV

    Thanks Pappu...Kudos to you and the whole team....
    Man this Pappu name is funny :)


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  • Live Plants

  • BharatPremi
    11-19 08:31 PM
    I remember you came forward to donate 50$. I thought of a couple of ways to do it. Can you do that through signing up for a 50$ recurring contribution and stop that the follwoing month or you can find a partner to donate the other 50$. We need funds as well to reach our goals

    I never claimed any amount for this holiday gift on this thread yet but what if I want to donate $31 or per say $ 81 one time, I do not have that option now and so I will end up not donating now and wait and donate when I feel comfortable with $ 100/- or its multiplications. That is called turning away and if you guys do not see any danger into it I do not have any further words.

    Fund raising is an art and I believe our current startegy is lacking that art. If you guys see the base of any major successful fund raising (Grass root level not Political ones, mind well we claim ourselves grass root level organization)you will always find donors with $ 1 to donors with $1 million donatiing as per their will. Grass root level fund raisings can not afford constraints which normally goes successful in political and/or industrial fund raisings.

    Some of the strong supporters of current policy, in their argument, automatically assume that willing donor always used to spend $ 100/- frequently for drinks or food and may be living lavish life style. But they are partly wrong in their assumption...I myself never eat outside frequently. Even on a travel trip I cook my food by myself and I normally do not drink sodas or alcohol so what abhijitp has given a example at least does not remain valid for me but I can not say that it is completely out of proportion, as it has some valid logic but it can not be true for everyone.

    Point is if we make a wrong based fund raising policy, we may hurt ourselves only. I know my option, if I want to donate odd figure now, I will not be able to donate it now, and I will have to wait till I feel comfortable donating $ 100/- and/or single digit multiplications of $ 100/- but would that be considered a good and wise option?

    For an example, I am emotionally charged today and I want to donate $ 61/-(As I may plan that much only..for whatever reasons) but I am not able to donate so I will not donate and say after 4 months I will be able to plan $ 100/- but what if at that time I may not be emotionally charged to donate all together? So end effect would be I will end up donating nothing ( This is just an example..:))

    And for the sake of argument if you enrolled yourself $50/- recurring, you did it willingly and so would you change to $ 25/- recurring if $ 25/-option is available to you? (Note: I think most people on this board fear that with having a minimum amount option, most people will turn to that only but that may not be 100% true. and even if it may become true it will end up having more donation flow) For most people answer is no, I believe, They will stick to $ 50/- recurring option as they can afford and they did it willingly. But with current policy we are completely turning away the people who may otherwise donate, for an example $ 20/- monthly-recurring policy may turn 40 new commited donors in whereas $50/- recurring option is creating only 10 donors and thus we may be ending up $ 300/- confirmed donation loss per month. This is just an example and based on assumption that less amount would attract more commited donors.

    Having said all this, if majority memebrs and core still feel that this will be the only future standard for accepting donations then as I mentioned above, I will have only one option left and that is to wait till I become comfortable for donating $ 100/- ( I will remain emotionally charged...:))

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  • indyanguy
    08-12 07:30 PM
    Also I am trying to start my own IT training firm there so with gods on my side in 4-5 years that company can grow to a mid size firm.

    Can you elaborate on your decision to start your own IT training firm (as opposed to a IT service provider)? I grew up in bangalore and there were a large number of training institutes back in the day. I am curious to know how your training firm is going to be different from others.


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  • ruchigup
    08-20 01:42 PM
    InfoPass. (
    select language
    Click Make your appointment button
    After inputting zip code
    I select the 4th checkbox "You need information or other services "

    I suspect you must be selecting the first checkbox that sounds like more logical choice, but I have taken appointment using the above procedure last year, it works.

    Are you folks opening a Service request before taking an Infopass appointment? When I visit the site, it says that it needs an SR number. Am I missing something?

    04-14 02:50 PM
    Looks like this idea has come out of mere frustration. Do you know how many people want to immigrate to the USA? Do you know how many people are waiting in line? Do you think it is correct that only EB-immigrants should be given preference? Why because USA needs all of them? While I have used "you" in the previous sentences, I don't mean just you....rather "we".
    If you have time-bound path to immigration, then right now, the whole Federal Govt. and all employees will have to work only on getting the immigration files cleared. Under current circumstances, I think the current system will get you a GC faster than if they switched to "time bound" today. Do you realize, how many people will suddenly be suing the Govt. for delays? There is no country which guarantees time-bound path to PR.
    While I forcefully oppose the DREAM ACT and CIR, these did not give time bound GCs but only allowed illegals to convert to legals and in time APPLY for GC if they become eligible.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I honestly do not understand why you seem to be opposed to this approach to alleviate the sufferings of so mant EB3 (esp) and EB2 friends. Discussion and debate are always good.

    Here are a few facts:

    1. Most of the advanced countries in the world - UK, Australia, NZ, Switzerland, Singapore and some Scandinavian countries offer a time based path to residency and citizenship for the educated class of people who come through the proper channel to work

    2. In Canada, Australia, NZ (there could be other countries, but I am not sure) people can apply for a PR based on their OWN education and experience. They are not held hostage by their employers and harassed for ages. It is happening here because the lobbies are very powerful and are supported financially by the corporations to serve their interests. The system has been craftily designed to ensure long term indentured labour

    3. In the entire scheme of things the real beneficiaries are the employers and the law firms

    4. The system would be streamlined and the work of the government would become much simpler and faster. This is the way governments works in several western countries who offer a time bound programme

    5. Every month our EB friends need not stare at the bulletin with great expectations and waste their time

    6.Everyone can plan their future better. (I do not think I need to explain this)

    Best wishes and thanks for your post..

    07-06 12:51 PM
    Dugg it

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