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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • pappu
    12-19 05:03 PM
    Thanks. I am sure with everyone's help we can surely be able to welcome the new year with confidence and make sure new year brings us immigration relief. This money is for yourself, so pls contribute generously. Gift yourself by contributing to IV and this money will work for you.

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  • gk_2000
    04-15 09:03 PM
    Hey belmont Guy and Jet Lee, can you take a crack at my question?

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  • ameryki
    11-11 01:14 PM
    Hello guys,
    Sorry for this non-immigration related post. We have this sudden, tragic situation that I wanted all of your advice on. Thank you for your time in reading this long post.

    We had hired an Indian nanny in NJ who, we learnt after hiring her, is here on a tourist visa. We were paying her $350 per week cash, which is the standard rate around here for nannies (incl. citizens and people on GC). We had liked her when we met her in response to an ad on Sulekha, and we thought an Indian nanny would be good for our first child. She has been with us for about 3 months, and we were intermittently not getting a good feeling with her for some reason. We finally bought a small security camera and installed it yesterday. On the very first day with the camera, we came home and saw the recorded video to find that she is violently hitting the baby on two separate occasions. Needless to say, it has shocked, angered and extremely saddened us. I showed the video to a couple of friends and even they say it is unbearable to watch. This was just the first day of recording and it pains us tremendously to think what all may have happened previously.
    She is of course not going to stay with the baby alone anymore, but I want to know what legal options I have to penalize her to the fullest extent, so that she does not do this to anybody else�s small babies. She it seems had come here last year and taken care of someone else�s baby in Hoboken, and I can imagine that their baby also went through this. (This woman and her husband are a ~ 35 year old couple, who have a multiple entry ten year tourist visa; both come here for 6 months every year and work odd jobs like this. They apparently got a (unsponsored) tourist visa after showing a lot of landed property in India).
    I specifically want to know if I will have potential problems if I go to law enforcement about this- regarding have employed her (both of us are on H1B visas). I know we have made mistakes and should have done better due diligence in this, and there cannot be any more punishment for us than seeing our 8 month old � who cannot tell us about it when we come home- being beaten on the tapes. We saw this yesterday and have not told her yet. We want to weigh all options before we proceed, but from today onwards one of us is home all the time till Friday. Any advice or opinion is sincerely appreciated. Thanks for reading this long post. And, to all who are thinking of nannies or have one, please learn from our mistakes and closely monitor your child�s safety every day.

    As a parent of a 6 month old I can imagine what you are feeling. At the sametime given the circumstances I would not recommend you considering any legal action. Given the fact that you are aware that she is illegally working and that you were paying her cash weekly etc will only create trouble for you. I realize its hard for you to let this go considering its your own little baby but in the long run it will help you and your family. Kick the lady out of the house and tell her if you ever see her around your neighborhood you will have her arrested for assault.

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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 06:42 PM
    Can some one provide me a template that i can send?

    Should briefly cover the actual issue and also the idea of sending flowers.

    Please send me a private message if i missed this in the other threads.


    Hold on... we are still working on the draft. Hopefully we can have one out by the end of the day tomorrow


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  • sbind_77
    08-26 01:25 PM

    My PD is current now and my wife is leaving to India this October and will be back only next Feb 1st week.

    I still haven't got any LUD on my 485.

    In case if I get AOS Interview when my wife is not here, is it possible to change the date? or will I have enough time to bring my wife back for the interview. Basically, how many days before u'll get the Interview Letter before your Interview Date?


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  • KKtexas
    03-06 01:01 PM
    Please provide query details which will be submitted to FOIA and remittance details to everybody.


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-28 05:33 PM
    I just received a letter from the person who took my AOS interview

    The letter reads like this,

    The Priority date for your classification is not current at this time. Your case meets the requirements for abeyance until a visa number is available for your priority date. Please refrain from making status inquiries until 90 days after your priority date is available. To view priority dates go to:

    wow...she screwed us royally..on face she said she is going to approve our petition as it every thing and also PD is CURRENT..Now she sent a letter saying my PD is not current and adding insult to an injury she sent a link to the DOS bulletin which says I am current.

    Only you can Do USCIS..Long live.


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  • k3GC
    04-19 06:52 PM
    My lawyer received the receipt no. - H1+ Masters Cap + regular processing + California SC


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  • Michael chertoff
    08-11 12:28 PM
    I think by this time next year..we all will have greencard... have fun.

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  • shana04
    02-25 12:23 PM
    [SIZE="3"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]
    [COLOR="DarkRed"]�A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.�

    I support your idea. Excellent job !


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  • jitnair
    08-21 04:29 PM
    We have been fooled so many times in the past with the predictions of the visa allocation being over etc. I would take this with a grain of salt.

    Whenever someone starts the thread with a line "A friendly IO told me blah blah blah" response is *YAWN*

    Hard to believe as the very same DOS moved EB2 dates "Forward" for September bulletin. So make be some fake.

    Anyone had a chance to talk to NSC today? Did they have anything to say?

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-14 10:09 AM
    Whats your PD?

    I filed my I-485 last July (PD March 2005). It was transferred from the TSC to the NSC and since Dec 2007 it has been untouched too.

    This is really depressing. My hopes were raised so high when the cut-off dates for EB2-I jumped forward over two years .. only to be dashed when they moved back to 2003!!

    Thats when I decided to write to these incompetents.


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  • arrarrgee
    07-05 12:33 PM


    Name: Emilio T. Gonzalez
    Company: US Citizenship and Immigration Service
    Address: 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20529
    Card Message: I pray to GOD to give you the strength to get
    the EB Visa Predictions right in the
    A July EB applicant

    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:

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  • amsgc
    08-22 01:41 PM
    Of all the people in the world, you chose to quote Hannity? I am worried about you dude.

    This Guy Oh is just like one of us.......gossip mongers!!! Guys...take it easy.....worry about things u have control over and like Sean Hannity says "Let not your heart be troubled"!!!


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  • belmontboy
    04-15 12:28 PM
    Well IV support to this bill does not have my support.
    But IV will do what it has to do.
    So i cannot wish you all the best because i disagree with the approach

    Let us see how things will pan out

    we don't have to agree and support everything. IV does what benefits majority of the people (directly or indirectly)

    No worries with the luck, If I was lucky, I would have had my GC by now.

    BTW, many thanks for a civilized discussion.

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  • cs.0
    08-10 11:21 AM

    My company is located in CA state. Currenlty i am working in Client place i.e in Oregon state.

    My labor and I140 got approved in my old residence CA address.Now i applied I485 for me and my wife by showing Oregon state address thorugh my same employer which is located in CA state.

    Pls clarify, wheather this new address will make any impact on my I485 process(approval).Becoz some ppl in forums are mentioning that, if we don't have LCA for new state then I485 maybe denied becoz of "out of status".

    pls help in this regard.:)



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  • malibuguy007
    03-09 10:18 AM
    If we do end up setting a separate PayPal account, I would suggest getting the data and sending it via PM to members who contribute. Not sure why the information needs to be shared with people who never contribute.

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  • gc28262
    03-09 11:33 AM
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: gc28262)
    $25.00 USD for one month
    Effective Date: Mar. 9, 2009 $25.00 USD

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 03:01 PM
    Bump ^^^

    09-18 12:05 PM
    GCStatus and MadhuVJ:

    Looks like you guys have decided to fight with Admin2.

    To some extent, Admin2 deserves this punishment. He spent just little 60,000 US dollars to fight for all of us. Yes, it is Sixty Thousand dollars. Whenever he goes to DC to meet lawmakers and/or Lobbyists, he spends money from his own pocket for stay and car rental. He desrevs so much beating from us for spending so much time, money and enegry for the community.

    Even Pappu should be punished for spending too much time on this site wihtout concentrating on his day job.

    If you both are logging from SAME company, though you are using different laptop/desktop, the IP address polled will be same for external though you have different IP internally.

    If you guys have worked on DC rally, you would have come to know the great spirits of Admin2. One day he called me at 10.30 PM when I was almost sleeping to request me if I can attend an immigration meeting in Princeton University, NJ. I was sleeping and he was making calls. Who would have been benefitted? YOU and ME and NOT Admin2.

    There are already several threads with EB3/EB2. All of us have our own day time jobs. Let us knot focus on fighting among ourselves. Let us not even fight with USCIS. What we want is that lawmakers and USCIS should understand our problems and make them realize that US will benefit by giving us GC's and not vice versa.

    In the past 2 years, I have just 50 postings. All of them are either confirming calls to law makers or contributions. This I am writing to plead you stop these fightings. We have had enough in the past 2 years.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Please try to understand. We are not fighting. He just thinks we are same when we arent. We are here for the same cause. We want to be united. I dont know what these red and green dots mean but all i know is from 4 green it has turned into 4 reds. Its unfortunte.

    05-11 05:28 PM
    FYI more than 60% of the 2007 July fiasco were substitutes

    Would you mind sharing how did you get that number?


    US citizen of Indian origin

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