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Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • gsc999
    07-19 05:33 PM
    Zoom, thanks for the initiative. Just wanted to make sure if there are any legality issues behind core accessing the IV funds for administrative costs. Because once we donate it to IV funds(unless there is a provision for them to access that money as reimbursement administrative cost) it may not serve the intended purpose.


    Or maybe, a member who is a CPA, probably can answer this question?

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  • trueguy
    08-12 09:09 PM
    It won't help, if everyone starts porting, EB-2 queue will face a similar situation. Porting doesn't happen soon either. With delays in I-140 processing, it may be close to 2 years before you could file for a fresh I-485 with a request to port the EB-3 priority date. Note, this is a grey area and doesn't guarantee you the old PD. If the company is willing to foot the bill, go for it or else IMO it is not worth spending your own money.

    Legislative or Administrative fix is our best option. We should focus on the recapture bill and other initiatives by IV, contribute and participate in the action items. We, as a community should raise enough money for lobbying etc.,

    If you stay in EB3-I then you are the last one to get the VISA. If you port it to EB2-I then you put EB3-ROW behind and you get in line first in EB2-I bcoz you will have older PD.

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:34 AM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    First of all, there is no typo, never he will say something not real.
    Come on, it's not you and me stood up, spent personal time, sacrificed so much.

    If you can not contribute for obvious reasons, no one is demanding you. I hope and sincerely wish that 'Aman' doesn't have to sell his house.
    It's heart breaking to see such statements

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  • arunkotte
    07-29 03:46 PM
    Company tax returns can only show the NET INCOME . You need an Audited Financial Statement prepared by a CPA to show NET ASSETS

    Schedule L on 1120S lists all the assets, Liabilities and Shareholders equity. Can this not be used to figure out the net current assets?? I got an RFE specifically instructing us to submit W2 and tax returns for 2006.


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  • dilber
    01-08 05:54 PM
    Did any one else notice they took out the section "D" where they usually give explanation about future movements or lack of current Movements.

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  • tcsonly
    07-19 03:38 PM
    Just a suggestion, sooner or later that's the way it should be. No offense taken.

    For confidentiality reasons, I don't think IV core can disclose their spending on various lobbying efforts they are doing.



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  • 53885
    05-24 01:06 PM

    "...impose a new $8,500 surcharge on employers for each H-1B petition filed...."

    I wonder how many companies would sponsor H1B instead of outsourcing work if the USCIS/Legal fees of one H1B would be $15,000.

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  • Bokke
    06-05 11:49 AM
    haha. yeah, it asks for a username and pas when you go to this page now

    i can't see it

    he he sorry its fixed :P


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  • InTheMoment
    05-07 09:13 PM
    And...can you please tell where you got this translation and what verse are you referring to ?!!!

    I totally understand the emotional point of someone being want to be a Indian Citizen but I have to stress there is no other country in the world like U.S.A. This is the country where every human being is treated with utmost respect (don't try to show me exceptions - U.S. is a country where most of things are close to being perfect imaginatively), have freedom to say anything they want without getting intimidated and U.S is a country I believe will be the last bastion for humanity when terrosists/fundamentalists spread their tentancles and take over the world by force or other means (if not now probabbly in the next 100-150 years). Hypocrisy is relatively less. We Indians live in a dream world nurtured by the Indian politicians, who try to inject doses of patriotic non-sense into the masses while they themselves stove away million of dollars in Swiss banks. 70% of Indian population lives below poverty line and the educated masses of India think that their country will become a super power by 2020. Politicians like Mayawati play caste politics and dream of taking the top most post while our liberal media, without a wee-bit of shame, extends its highest support for them. Corruption is part of our daily life and we are part of the everyday corruption but we still find no fault in our society. Our population growth is beyond control while not a single politician is concerned about the stress it is going to create on our natural resources in the future. Our education system is in shambles but our great politicians fight for increasing the reservation system to different castes just for the sake of garnering more votes. And the list goes on. Alas���God help India.

    FYI: I am a Indian and haven't even started my greencard process, for the same emotional reasons you mentioned, intending to R2I soon. Given a choice and circumstances, I would have opted for U.S.C as "I have no hope for this world neither do I wish for it" - quoting Bhagawan Krishna from Bhagavad Gita.

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  • gunsnkars
    11-02 12:15 PM
    Couldn't agree more. The problem lies here in the US..Just pure politics...The cost of education is just too high for an american to get a degree whereas a foreign born is able to get it for cheap. Politicians know it and they want to keep it that way. America will just do fine with or without you.


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  • vin13
    09-17 10:26 AM
    Does anyone have an update yet..Please post.

    Thank you

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  • carbon
    09-13 03:34 PM
    This might sound weired..but I think we can get some support from Housing Market !
    The housing market is slowing down significantly and there are millions of unsold homes out there.

    More than 1/2 million people are stuck in the green card process. I am sure
    most are waiting for green card before they buy their house and make longtime commitment.

    I think we are a "Frozen" pool of customers for the Housing Market.

    500000 H1B X 300000 (average house price) = 150 billion dollar market is just
    inaccessible just because of retrogression.

    I think we should convince them to help us FINANCIALY


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  • KanME
    07-19 10:26 AM
    First of all, there is no typo, never he will say something not real.
    Come on, it's not you and me stood up, spent personal time, sacrificed so much.

    If you can not contribute for obvious reasons, no one is demanding you. I hope and sincerely wish that 'Aman' doesn't have to sell his house.
    It's heart breaking to see such statements

    Please dont post your own interpretation of the post that you read here..
    I never suggested nor can even think that Aman would say something you know the defination of "typo"..its a error in typing on the part of the writer not the subject fyi..

    Please dont take text out of context...

    Why have we started jumping at each other ! Can some members learn to show some tolerence and understand the context of the posts before joining the bandwagon of criticising.

    but I am glad that because of the initial poster's message we came to know from Pappu about Aman's selfless act and what he has done for the organisation..Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  • senthil1
    02-13 11:55 PM
    Leadership or Money is not issue for getting results. Why there is so much oppositon to H1b and GC increase? There is a fear in certain american people that they may lose job to the low wage H1b people. Is anyone either corportions or Pro-immigrants trying to remove the fear? Is skill bill has any protection to american workers? We want to increase to h1b or gc without botherng the impact. Now USA really need more h1bs and gcs. But are we suggesting anything when job growth stops or recession happens? Rememember so many people were laid off between 2000 to 2003 including H1b people and Americans but that time also most of 195k h1b was used. I knew lot of people
    those who lost the job because of outsourcing and H1b. They struggled for couple of years and and now most of them are in good positon because job market improved. Bold decison will be H1 increase or Gc increase with complete protection to American people and adjustment when demand decreases. Otherwise even h1b or gc is increased by lobbying or politics hatred may increase that is not good for immigration.


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  • Ramba
    10-09 05:24 PM
    Hi All

    I have been following this thread for the last few days and wanted to share some info. Hoping it would be useful.

    I entered the country in Jan 08 using the AP while I was still working for my GC sponsoring employer. Then in June 08 I joined another employer by transferring my H1B to the new employer. I did have the option of using EAD but I wasn't sure if the renewal will come before the expiry of current EAD. So decided to transfer H1 and my new employer graciously agreed to it.

    We did a premium transfer so got the approval in 2 weeks. Money does wonders (Almost like the proverbial paper weight with files). I confirm that the I94# number on I797 approval notice is same as the I94# number I got when entering the country in Jan 08.

    So this should be a good news for folks who are trying to do the same. I am in a different boat right now. I have to travel to India this November. I plan to return using AP. But now my employer is different from my GC sponsoring employer. Another issue is that I am going only for two weeks while my wife will be in India till Mid Jan. So we will enter US separately using AP. Please share your thoughts if you have been in this situation.

    Does your new I-94 (after H1 transfer) shows H1B or parolee? If you have time get H1B visa based on your recent H1B approval notice and enter on that. Otherwise you can very well enter on AP, though you work for different employer. As long as 485 is pending and if you have valid AP in hand, admission will not be an issue. Keep your H1B approval notice and AC21 letter (if you have it) in hand, in case if they dig you more.

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  • Tito_ortiz
    01-15 07:20 PM
    Bush tried really hard. I believe there is no complaint about Bush when it comes to immigration. He earned that credit.

    I have just seen this in CNN, is Bush talking about legal immigration?


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  • annsheila79
    04-20 04:47 PM
    No cursing, name calling please.. You could have just ignored. You have done no favour to yourself by replying.

    I fully agree with FraudGultee I shouldnt have called snathan a moron, i am sorry about that. but on the hindsight his reply sort of proves it... :D

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  • meghanap2000
    10-30 05:18 PM
    I can unload a whole dictionary of the choicest words on you, however my advice to you is to open another thread where I am sure you will get your question answered.

    then in the first ..why did not you put your reply to the question asked. what is the need tofor you to be sarcastic..gootle....
    Looks like you dont ahve any business other than commenting others...

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  • snowshoe
    04-26 02:06 PM
    I heard about IV from the Washington Post article. Used the webfax service and then came across this forum. Just contibuted $40, and spread the word to my friends waiting for labor.

    Good luck and good bye.

    09-11 02:18 PM
    Just a correction SBI charges Rs. 25 for every transaction whether < 1000 or more.

    Service charge of Rs.25/- (inclusive of Service Tax @ 12.36%) will be levied on every transaction where foreign currency conversion is carried out w.e.f. 16 May 2008.

    As per experience, they will not charge if you transfer money directlty into SBI branch in India and if it is Greater than 1000 USD into other than SBI branch, they will not charge even that 25 rupees service charge... It was my experience till last can check with customer support specailist on this.....

    12-15 03:58 PM
    Techy wont bother us again. Say TA-TA to techy2468.

    Sorry this thread took an ugly turn with techy's profanity and inflammatory comments.

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