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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • hur11
    03-16 10:20 PM

    I have Bachelor's computer's 3 years and MCA 2 years from IGNOU. I have over 7 years of Exp excluding frm my current company. Is EB2 possible in my case. My employer says its not cause of my education, can anybody let me know if they have done EB2 with this scenario. Appreciate your time. Thanks

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  • meg_z
    02-02 03:40 PM

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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    03-14 07:32 AM

    I get 404 error when clicked on the above url. Did they remove it ? is it again the same July 2007 fiasco ?

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    04-09 03:26 PM
    Can you guys drown me in red please. more reds.
    Thanks for everybody's hard work on giving me reds


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  • punjabi77
    08-11 12:09 PM
    EB3I- PD Sep-2006
    EAD stuck in name check :-(

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  • immi_twinges
    07-12 07:53 AM
    Hey Sam.....
    The word is out to Santa Clara University Int'nl Students. One concern.... Im getting responses from guys from other nationalities... do we need to worry ?

    Its for all nationals . Its not just the fight of a few backlogged countries like China or India or Mexico


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  • no538
    07-11 10:45 PM
    story/rumor was that only Texas center was holding off Nebraska doing that too?

    My attorney said that he received my I-485 application back from Nebraska service center on the 9th statting that priority date is not current.

    My application is I-140 PP(EB3 to EB2 (Nov 2003)PD transfer)+I-485.
    I've got the receipt for I-140 and my application was received by USCIS on June 29th.

    I think my case is different and they would have got confused with everything going on and just returned the application.

    My attorney sent the packet back to USCIS saying that my PD is current in June with the PD Transfer and that they should accept it.

    I'll update with whatever happens.


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  • cygent
    01-31 07:44 PM
    Hey Guys,

    I don't know why they are saying it is is TOP 10, remember it is not just the heading "Immigration" we are voting for!!! Please do not make that mistake, you cannot take back your vote!!

    The 1st Immigration question is for illegals at #4, looks like everybody thought wrong & voted for that!!



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  • 2ndJuly
    09-17 02:21 PM
    you mean LEGAL aliens...:)

    well there is nothing like Illegal Aliens. Aliens need to have I-94 or paroled to land in US

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  • gaz
    09-17 02:17 PM
    more like swapping old stories about their personal lives..:(:mad:

    yeah..they are discussing another amendment..Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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  • B3NKobe
    05-30 11:29 PM
    OOps my bad.... i read it as June for some reason. Still dont know if i want to do this or not.
    lol, I as going to say!!

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  • Green Card Aspirant
    03-16 11:28 PM
    Applying GC in EB2 is appropriate with your education. As long as you have a valid computer science degree ( U R MCA) .. with solid 7 years of experience should be good.
    But, it is wise to consult an immigration lawyer because of the current scenario..
    Considering earlier days , you would qualify for EB2 with your exp and Masters.
    Dont know what exactly , is the case now..

    Given a opportunity , do not miss EB2.


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  • belmontboy
    07-18 09:33 PM
    The reason why Asia has less is that people from India and China are not eligible to participate in GC lottery.

    So to be fair, they should remove 7% cap per country from EB based.

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  • justAnotherFile
    07-18 08:09 PM
    Latest on this on Greg Siskind's blog...
    "Some of you have been concerned about my post regarding the rejection of some applications received on July 2nd. I've been checking and it seems to be true that some cases were sent back that day. Apparently, the number of cases sent back is small, however, so that is good news. And you should have received the case back by now if you're in that group"


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  • kandhu
    02-03 11:22 AM
    I posted this in a different thread. But Posting it again to get some thoughts from the people who already went through the stamping experiece...
    Good luck to everyone. Hope you get your passports soon.

    It looks like not ALL applicants are having a delay in receiving their passport after Visa stamping.
    I know couple of my friends received their passport the next day.
    (H1 extension - stamping in Chennai)
    But I understand from the forum that many people are experiencing delays.

    Any thoughts on what kind of applicants are experiencing delays ?
    (or) in other words.... What kind of approval information (H1/L1) are delayed in getting into the PIMS system

    Example: People renewing the H1-Visa in passport after 1 year of expiry (or)
    Time between the H1 approval (in US) and the actual Stamping date in India is less than 1 or 2 months ?

    Sorry if the questions are weired. I am trying to see if there is a trend/logic we can identify with these delays. This might help people who are planning to go for stamping in India.

    I am planning to go to India in March. I am certainly worried on the delays. I need to take a decision to go for stamping or use AP.


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  • Raju
    04-07 12:17 PM
    If IV can do this much now, imagine how much they can do with more contributions and support. Please contribute as much as you can and ask your friends to register and contribute.

    I am going to send another contribution today and urge my friends to do the same


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  • klpd
    01-30 06:45 PM
    it is question #35 now

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  • gkebiz
    01-14 05:41 PM
    I was invited to post directly to the President-elect on his site change-gov and you can see my post here...

    I request you publicize this as much as possible through your FORUM and ask them to VOTE UP on this issue on the Presidents site so that this is taken as a charter and presented to the President.

    The complete text of the article under the TITLE: IMMIGRATION REFORM ALLOWING H4 VISA SPOUSE TO WORK is posted below for your immediate reference:

    "The time to fix our broken immigration system is now� We need stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace� But for reform to work, we also must respond to what pulls people to America� Where we can reunite families, we should. Where we can bring in more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we should." -- Barack Obama, Statement on U.S. Senate Floor, May 23, 2007

    Well said Sir, and now as President-elect, we hope to see some action on above.

    This issue I bring to your attention may seem trivial, but throws light on darker side of the life of dependent H4 visa holders, who are mostly women. And since you endorse women empowerment, I believe you will give a serious look at this idea.

    Theres a strong lobby support for increasing H-1B visa cap to address the shortage of skilled workers. Theres also a strong lobby opposing it. This idea will satisfy both the lobbies. A very simple way to literally double the number of already available skilled workers in the USA without having to increase the visa cap. Allow me to explain....

    Currently the spouse of H-1B holders, the H4 visa holders are not allowed to work. Most of these H4 Visa holders are qualified, skilled and experienced. In one stroke of the pen, by amending this tiny rule allowing H4 visa holders to work, you will facilitate thousands, if not millions of already legal & available skilled workers in the US, to work. Please note that spouse on L2 Spouse/Dependent visas for L1 visa holders (intra company transferee's), ARE allowed to work through an amendment in 2001. And this can be used as a precedent. Even J and E Visa spouses (J2, E2) are allowed to work.

    Good For the Economy: While its now a norm to have a dual-income family where the husband and wife both work, its become all the more necessary for a family to just survive through these unprecedented economic times. H1-B visa workers typically stay on for at least 3 years continuously if not extend it for the next available 3 years. All this while, the poor H1B and his family have to get along with just one income. Moreover, the law also forces the skilled and experienced spouse on H4 to idle at home. This I believe is a loss of national productivity. Your statistics will prove how many H-4's are currently idling away in the US.

    Good for the Community & Social standing of Women:
    To keep the family together, H1 visa holders bring in their spouse on H4 visa. And then, they get locked in the house. Ninety percent of H4 visa holders are women. Women being, more susceptible to domestic violence by the partner, becomes even more prone to violence due to her complete dependence on the spouse. They become prisoners in USA due to spousal abuse and immigration policies that give their husbands complete control over their lives. Yes, the immigration system is broken. The immigrant women get protection under VAWA but non-immigrants are not covered. Even if a law to let the non-immigrant battered women to obtain work permit is introduced, it might not protect women whose cases are dismissed as non-critical. The abuser can further exert his control over the victim and convince her that he has changed so that the victim might not press charges. Thus the abuser gets encouraged to continue violence. Divorce is not an option because most non-immigrants come from third world countries where a divorced women has to bear the social stigma of divorce and will not be protected in her own home country. Because of the long queues for Labor certification application and retrogression of visa numbers, getting an EAD and Green Card takes longer.

    Way Forward:

    You plan to legalize people living illegally in USA (and working illegally), you plan to give them a low skilled requirement job visa, similar to the H-1B or L-1, only that skills required are low, and you will let their spouses work too. This will mean that the only resident visa holder NOT AUTHORIZED TO WORK will be the H-4 visa holders.

    As a tech-savvy President, you may also want to browse this issue on Google groups and hear the voices of depressed, frustrated and more often abused women, here... Oops. I am unable to provide you the link as it appears to violate the comment policy (?). The group title is misc.immigration.usa and title is Why USA should issue the dependant visa holders work-authorization? Theres another forum under you may wish to look up. Thanks.

    When people who have come to the US illegally will be able to work legally � the poor H4 souls (mostly skilled women) who have come legally and followed all the rules should be given a fair chance to contribute to the economy and better their quality of life. By a simple amendment, allowing the H4 visa holders to work, you will make a brilliant move, without upsetting those who oppose the move to INCREASE the current H1B cap. Please think about it. May God Bless America!

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  • kpartha
    04-02 05:07 PM
    I never got any LUDs but got a denial on my 485 after going through the AC21/NOID stuff way back in August, 2008.

    There could be some background processing going on.

    Is there are pattern to these LUDs?

    I am in a situation that the company where I am working is offering a permanent position and my employer is also willing to support me. But I am afraid of doing AC21 after reading about the pitfalls of AC21. Any suggestions??

    02-23 07:11 AM

    To quickly answer your question, QGA has already begun working for us. More information will be coming up shortly.

    03-16 02:41 PM
    I am also in same situation and looking for some help....

    Hi all,
    I got a RFE for Ability to pay for My I140(EB-3, PD-Ap2003) from USCIS. After consultation I was suggested that I needed an expert opinion letter from an Independent CPA telling that company can pay me the salary stated in the ALC. Now I need a CPA who can analyze the financials of the company and a lawyer who can write the letter to defend this case. I was wondering if anyone here can provide the service for CPA analyzation or sample letter on how to address this issue.

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