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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

emma watson vogue july cover

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  • jsb
    08-11 04:34 PM
    If any one can answer this question for me it will help:

    My PD will be current with sept 09 bulletin. I was about to file for AC21. what should i do now:

    1. File for AC21 and then if they raise RFE then chances are i am not be able to respond back to rfe or they delay the process of allocating a visa # for my case. In that case i may loose the sept 09 visa availablity for myself to get GC

    2. Do not file for AC21 and hope i get my GC. In case they raise RFE I will try to respond and then see what happens.

    There is nothing like filing for AC21. If some attorneys do, it is for making some money out of you. Just do nothing at this time. If an RFE comes, get a job offer (if you are already in that job, letter should say that your job will continue upon getting your GC) from your new employer. Job needs to be same/similar to what was described in original LC (there is no clear definition of what is same/similar, but try to have some technical words as in the original LC. IO's are not technical, and they are quite lenient in interpretation of this rule). Anyway, do nothing for now. Just hope for the best.

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  • swamy
    11-28 04:44 PM
    where did the wii post get buried- anyone? or did it go to ebay?

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  • ragz4u
    04-20 11:08 AM
    1) We got a spike in new membership and funds
    2) We now have atleast 2 more NATIONAL publications who have taken notice of our activities and are more sympathetic to our causes. They feel we have a compelling story and they are interested in publishing about our plight...

    In fact two IV members are being interviewed today by a leading publication.

    and the most important
    3) We got additional material to provide to senators and their staff...this really helps as we do not have to establish ourselves....our stories along with newspaper articles help make our case much stronger....

    When we initially started meeting senators, their staff would ask QGA 'Immigration Voice, who or what is that?'

    Lately when we go to meet them, most of the staff have already visited our sites multiple times, know about us because of phone calls and faxes by members and ofcourse the articles that have been published....on top of this when we provide stories of members from their constituency, 50% of our work is already achieved....the liason team and QGA take over from there.

    So to answer your question, yes it helped a lot

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  • chanduv23
    11-11 04:22 PM
    Are you really the father of this child?
    I doubt it.
    Because if you were a father, you would have protected your son and gone to the cops.

    If he goes to cops what happens to his 485? He is worried that's why he is on this forum - I think he was looking for posters with similar experiences and whether complaining to cops worked or not.


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  • paskal
    07-10 10:45 PM
    my reply was only meant to highlight what you have been doing on this thread. i do not care who is in which EB category. and i know exactly how people with masters degrees suffer in EB3. however, for you to argue that all category preference should just disappear, is quite ridiculous and i have explained the reasons to you. that does not mean people in EB3 are not suffering or that all those in EB3 are either holding advanced degrees or 3 year bachelor degrees. that stereotyping is in your head alone. certainly not in mine. you never answered any of my questions though. what would be the effect of YOUR solutions? would people like me EVER get a GC?

    please do not unload your frustrations on all of us and derail what should be important.

    iv has one goal- to end retrogression. period. iv's founder belonged to EB3. so do several core members. you have some funny perception that iv is about EB2. so be it. ironical though, because iv is commonly accused of being an entirely EB3 india organization.

    so let me hear how the following things iv has constantly been fighting for, are somehow not helpful for EB3??

    recapture GC
    exempt families
    remove country quotas

    as for STEM exemption, if EB2 clears up, where do you think the GC numbers will go? what should we ask for? exemption for all??? not to mention that would get YOU a GC as quickly as possible and would LEAVE ME OUT. i still call and lobby for STEM exemption. i don't whine and moan on the forum about how it excludes health care professionals. if i have an issue, i work to resolve it- note the iv-physicians chapter in my signature that works to resolve specific issues. i created it and we have had success in reaching lawmakers with our problems.

    anyway, iv is clearly not about a few leaders. the tone on the forums and the discussions are dictated by its members. iv has more EB3 members than any other category. so now ask yourself, WHY does the forum seem to discuss more EB2 issues (at least to you) ??? whose fault would that be if it were true? who needs to take responsibility to highlight their issues?

    you have the option to change your job sir. if you are so frustrated, find a job that is up to your skill levels. you will not hear me on this forum complaining that EB1 should not get preference- hey i contribute as much or more. so why?

    get with it. we fight the battles we think we can win. ANY GC numbers/exemptions will move everyone ahead in the line. what part of that do you not understand?

    and now again. stop this divisive crap. we have more important issues to deal with.

    Dear Mr. pascal,
    Given that you are the super moderator, how can you even hint that EB3 vs EB2 reflect skill level of employee - don't you know by now that category is determined by "job's Requirement"?!!!!!!

    Also your stereotyping of all EB3s as 3 year Indian degree holder is the most unfortunate - I only hope that rest of the IV leadership is not made up of that crappy idea.

    For the record, I hold US Master's degree and am really offended by your comment and your view point.

    For the rest of the members reading this topic, this is exactly why being EB3 on IV is becoming more frustrating by the day... especially when the super mods posses such views...

    I am sorry forthis is wandering away from topic, but everyone including super mod mr. pascal has done that on this thread.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

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  • prajwal123
    07-17 07:04 PM
    Just Made A Contribution $100: -- 7m453434km946341h. Will Do More..later..


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  • lellah
    03-15 01:03 AM
    Hi currently I am doing my Master's and i will graduate on 2th april 2008. My OPT starts from june 15th 2008 and ends on 14 june 2008.

    I am planning to file H1 this year on april 1 2008. I have a letter from chair of graduate studies stating that i will complete all the requirements for masters and graduate at the end of april 2008. Will I qualify for master's quota? If not, if I apply in general quota is that a good Idea or If I skip my H1 this year what should I do.

    Instead of Chair of graduate studies can I have letter from any other person in the University coz my chair refused to give me a letter stating that I completed all the requirements for masters.

    Whose letter would be valid apart from Chair of graduate studies

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  • n2b
    03-09 01:51 PM
    Sent my $25 pledge as well!


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  • madhuvj
    09-18 12:07 PM
    Understood dude, but the fact, Iam not questioning anyone's contributions here. Please understand one thing, I did not even question other members in this forum. It all started when i asked Admin2, What post accused admins in the "If i could be little blunt" thread. I did not even utter a single word or question him ? If you want you can ask Admin2. It is only after he said MadhuVJ and GCStatus are the same. I started this argument. Because to me, it was rubbish. Eversince, Iam only trying to clear this thing up. Even after that, I did not bad mouth him. Iam giving all my details just to make it clear to him that Iam not GCStatus. Hope you got my point. Infact, if you want to go to page 3 and start reading all my posts. Tell me, If i crossed my line in any of my posts.
    GCStatus and MadhuVJ:

    Looks like you guys have decided to fight with Admin2.

    To some extent, Admin2 deserves this punishment. He spent just little 60,000 US dollars to fight for all of us. Yes, it is Sixty Thousand dollars. Whenever he goes to DC to meet lawmakers and/or Lobbyists, he spends money from his own pocket for stay and car rental. He desrevs so much beating from us for spending so much time, money and enegry for the community.

    Even Pappu should be punished for spending too much time on this site wihtout concentrating on his day job.

    If you both are logging from SAME company, though you are using different laptop/desktop, the IP address polled will be same for external though you have different IP internally.

    If you guys have worked on DC rally, you would have come to know the great spirits of Admin2. One day he called me at 10.30 PM when I was almost sleeping to request me if I can attend an immigration meeting in Princeton University, NJ. I was sleeping and he was making calls. Who would have been benefitted? YOU and ME and NOT Admin2.

    There are already several threads with EB3/EB2. All of us have our own day time jobs. Let us knot focus on fighting among ourselves. Let us not even fight with USCIS. What we want is that lawmakers and USCIS should understand our problems and make them realize that US will benefit by giving us GC's and not vice versa.

    In the past 2 years, I have just 50 postings. All of them are either confirming calls to law makers or contributions. This I am writing to plead you stop these fightings. We have had enough in the past 2 years.

    Thanks for understanding.

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  • aadimanav
    03-06 11:04 AM
    Voted "yes".

    Thanks for this drive.



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  • rameshvaid
    03-07 05:26 PM
    I pledged $ 100.00. Pls. let me know how and where to send..GOOD LUCK...


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  • needhelp!
    11-16 04:34 PM
    Many thanks to you Santhi. Are you French by any chance?
    Let's keep this Initiative going


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  • dixie
    12-18 07:50 PM
    sent mine.

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  • andy garcia
    02-05 08:19 AM
    No cap would be the best solution... but that is very tough to sell in Washington....That's why all this complications of asking to take dependents out of the cap and allowing overflow to go to China/India...

    As I understand, IV already made these arguments to senators and even the senators who are sympathetic to immigration are not willing to remove the cap..The only thing they would accept is that the overflow would go to India/China/oversubscribed countries....I wonder if one of the core members would comment on this.....You do not need to name names....Just a request give a description of your interactions with law makers in this regard...That would put this issue to rest.....

    theortically what longg says is correct.The system is not fair......but not many are listening to us at this point...So we have to find some way out of the situation.....

    We need both alisa and longg as members because we need more to get traction in Washington.....the only common solution for these would be to get the numbers increased somehow....Otherwise EB3-EB3-India-China-ROW keep fighting each would have nothing....

    If the DOS says this is because this what the law establishes:

    "The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.

    How do you like if people from a certain country go to India to take all your jobs?


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  • pappu
    06-07 02:09 PM - News : Why Bill Gates cares about immigration (

    Why Bill Gates cares about immigration
    Foreign workers have a stake in fight to change laws.

    Activists on both sides of the immigration debate tend to focus on the millions of illegal immigrants whose fate rests on whether Congress passed a law.

    But foreigners here legally also have a stake in this fight.

    The U.S. issues temporary worker visas, called H-1B after their official classification, to thousands of non-residents each year. Often, they hold college degrees and have technical skills.

    Microsoft and other technology companies hire many workers this way. They often have to prove they can't hire skilled U.S. citizens to fill those jobs first.

    Bill Gates wrote in the Washington Post several years back that there is an employment gap that H-1B visas help fill:

    This issue has reached a crisis point. Computer science employment is growing by nearly 100,000 jobs annually. But at the same time studies show that there is a dramatic decline in the number of students graduating with computer science degrees.

    The United States provides 65,000 temporary H-1B visas each year to make up this shortfall -- not nearly enough to fill open technical positions.

    H-1B workers, who have united under grassroots groups like Immigration Voice , want more than just an increase in visas. They want the government to streamline the rules.

    Currently, the workers have to apply for green cards through their employers, often a lengthy and cumbersome process. They can't switch jobs easily and sometimes have to reapply for a visa even if they move jobs within the same company. They have to leave the country every few years before they can reapply for a visa.

    The workers can also apply for a spouse to come to the U.S., but their partners are not allowed to work under the H-4 status granted to them. The activists argue that those individuals represent a skilled base of workers who could contribute to the U.S. economy and help pay for household expenses.

    Powerful corporations back the H-1 B workers in their demands, since it would make it easier for them to hire skilled workers. But groups like Numbers USA argue that those companies shouldn't hire non-residents at a time when many Americans are jobless.

    -- Ambreen Ali,

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  • gcdreamer05
    03-09 02:17 PM
    Thanks just now i contributed 25$ .... Go IV...


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  • ksurjan
    07-17 09:22 PM
    great job guys. Can't thank enough.

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  • pappu
    03-09 01:10 PM
    I made the contribution before I logged into IV. I guess thats the reason my status doesnt show up as 'donor'. Any way to fix it?
    We have your email from paypal .
    Later we will cross reference by matching your email id and assign your id to the donor list.

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  • paskal
    12-20 12:33 PM contribution is humble.
    Thank you for adding your might to the cause.

    08-25 05:42 PM
    That validates my reply previously to a posting by a guy who said that he had called up TSC and they said they go by RD...I had asked him to call back after a day and he'd get totally opposite info.

    My situation is the same.....I was TSC-CSC-TSC....but I had received an RFE last year.....dunno why will they preadjudicate and then go by ND which is totally non-sense...logic should be that if a case is preadjudicated it should be put on based on PD..

    Again USCIS don't follow any logic...

    As I said b4 very few transfer cases will ever get approved.....just bid your time...or apply thru EB1 chances are better that way..


    04-25 09:43 AM
    I am from Texas with NIW- EB2, non IT. If needed you can contact me or send me a PM.

    I will try to write my story and send it to you.

    Also, just for everyone's knowledge we have received stories from citizens of the following countries

    1) UK
    2) Russia
    3) New Zealand
    4) Canada
    5) India
    6) China

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