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Sunday, June 26, 2011

elephant tattoo designs

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  • nitinboston
    05-29 05:05 PM
    Did you guys looked at the latest projections given by USCIS, its on For those who want to wait 10-15 years in limbo, i will pray for you all. For those who want to explore new options, i want to wish you best of luck,

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  • ashishgour
    09-17 11:37 AM
    Guess they are reaching a bi-partisan consent about giving discretion to judges...hopefully this gets done soon..we shud be up next..

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  • lazycis
    06-11 09:10 AM
    You definitely need to defend yourself. If you do not, the default judgment may be entered against you (you'll be automatically guilty and responsible for the payment). Consult with an attorney first. You usually have 30 days to respond to the complaint. Did you get summons? If there are criminal charges against you, you are entitled to free government attorney. No need to ruin your life because of this.

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  • indiadivided
    02-14 10:22 AM
    Before giving an analogy, think twice.

    If black hats were around during the Indian independence movement, here's how it would have been:

    In 1930's
    Black hat: "What the hell, Gandhi! What good did salt satyagraha do? Where are the results? What did you achieve in the last 15 years? Change the leadership."

    In 1940's:
    Black hat: "Yeah. I continue to do nothing. But you suck."

    In 1942:
    Black hat: "Quit India movement! What a stupid waste of time. Gandhi, you should do a cultural show and raise some money."

    Ok. Ideas seem to be always welcome at IV. But crassly worded trashing of volunteer leaders rankles a lot of us.

    I won't be reading that silly sounding de bono hat book you suggest. But I might go to a cultural show by that other Bono and help him raise some money.


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  • mbartosik
    01-15 01:46 AM
    arnab221, I'm still lurking around occasionally, but you are right I'm not her much.

    Still willing to do rally or interviews etc., but I'm putting most of my spare time into energy advocacy -- which I see as a more important issue. If someone/IV needs me for something specific leadership (inc. Pappu) have my contact details, and a private message to me will reach me.

    I have been a IV member since 2006 . I have seen the ups/downs . donated money , sent letters , attended rallies and done whatever has been been proposed . But I see that many senior members who had the drive to motivate people are not sending or being part of any messages or threads at all and that is exactly why the movement seems to be losing steam .

    The standard response that I see to any question is "have you donated money ? " . "Don't ask for anything till you have donated. " this is followed by some some red dots which normally works to silence the questions. People will be willing to donate when they believe in the movement . I remember we collected $ 30,000 in 1 month before the rally there was huge thread with all the donations . People were charged up and the money came up automatically . I am willing to donate but to be brutally honest I do not see the same level of motivation as was there in 2006 / 2007 days .Please use this as a wakeup call and not as reason to vent your frustration on me .

    There are many senior members who I do not even see any more . Members joining in late 2007 or early 2008 will not know any of these guys .

    Aman Kapoor . He is the founder of IV . I have not seen his messages since the past 3 years almost . Where is he ? Is it too much for him to send a greeting in New years eve motivating the members ? It takes just 2 minutes .

    Mark Bartosik :- He was supposed to the spokesperson for IV .The guy with the MasterCard sign for immigration . I have not seen him for quite some time now
    Where are the other senior leaders like
    a) Walden Pond
    b) There was a this British Girl from San Jose ( had a handle which had name like Rose or something )
    c) Niloufer Bustani from Dallas. I see her once in a while but very sparingly .

    The others even I have forgotten completely.

    The only leadership/core that I see is Pappu and no one else . If you have a country where the prime minister shows his face only once in 4 years , how are the people supposed to believe in that movement ? Please don't reply with a message saying what have I done or why can't I contribute money ? I have done that I am looking for leadership to show us the way and motivate us . All campaigns don't need money donations( Letters , calls , faxes etc ) . We could start with that and then drum up support and momentum and then the money will start flowing in automatically . There has to be a synchronized campaign organized by the leadership and all I see is everybody putting their eggs in the basket called spillover.

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  • prioritydate
    07-14 10:54 PM


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  • BostonGCVictim
    07-16 06:53 PM

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  • raghuram
    05-08 10:55 AM
    Between and Atlas America for covering pre-existing condition, what would you all recommend?

    Definitely, Atlas America as it is a comprehensive coverage plan. Where as 's is a fixed coverage plan which only pays a small fraction of the actual expenses.

    Altas America covers $15,000 in acute onset of pre-existing conditions, while claims to cover $50,000 in acute onset of pre-existing conditions for $150,000 coverage.

    Lets take the example: Person is hospitalized for two days due to acute onset of pre-existing conditions. And the hospital charged $5,000 per day, for a total bill of $10,000. How much would you get covered in each case?

    Atlas America: All $10,000 minus the deductible (deductible choices from $0 to $2,500).
    KV Rao: $0 That is because the plan covers at $1,900/day for hospitalization. Therefore, the total coverage is $3,800 but you have a $5,000 deductible. Therefore, you get nothing. Tricky, isn't it? It is not what it seems.

    Lets say, even for the new condition. You need a surgery that costs $40,000 (not an unrealistic amount). How much would you be covered in case?
    Atlas America: All $40,000 minus the deductible that varies from $0 to $2,500.
    KV Rao: Even with $150,000 coverage, they cover only $6,000 for surgery. You have to pay $34,000 out of your pocket.

    The list goes on regarding how Atlas America is better than KV Rao's.


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  • vsoni
    07-19 06:51 AM
    Great Job.

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  • Legal
    08-14 09:39 AM
    It took me around 4 years. EB2 India, started as a scientist later physician and endless headaches ...... but its over now. Got my card yesterday. Its an amazing stress relief and confidence booster.

    I could have tried EB1 too but wasnt sure how it would turn out hence stuck to EB2.

    PD Dec 2005, EB2, RD for 485 Sept 2007. Welcome notice August 5 2008.

    For some odd reason I got a red on this forum. I dont know who did that and why. But I dont care.....

    For those who are waiting: Keep pushing and thinking of new ways of making this work. if you are EB3 try to become EB2 and even EB1. In the end all that matters is getting the card.

    As regards this forum. I never contributed but found this to a good source of information.

    bye bye:)

    while announcing your green card? sigh.


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  • desi3933
    08-20 12:35 PM
    Nope, if you think that the wait time is what makes a GC worth, then would you have liked to wait for another 10 years to make it more worthy?, on the other hand if you had got the GC the very next day you applied for it, would it have been worthless?.

    The point I am trying to make is that no one can justify the wait time. it is torture.

    NKR - Sorry, I wasn't very clear and it got misunderstood.

    What I am trying to say is that whether GC takes 1 years or 5years, it is worth the wait IMHO. If I have to do all over again knowing it could take 5-6 years, I will do it. But that's just my personal opinion.

    How are things going on your side, NKR? Good Luck.

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  • sriramkalyan
    12-01 05:59 PM
    Here is a idea :

    To start any New Thread , we should check whether post is from monthly recurring payer, if so he gets to start new thread else for each new thread charge $1.

    Similarly ...Non paying member/Paying member posts has to be identified with specific tags.

    We got to do this change ASAP ..This will be a small change to Code..


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  • jackrabbit
    07-17 03:00 PM
    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

    I agree with some of the posters above that suing will bring attention of the individual as well as general publicity as people will analyze our arguments carefully.
    This is one area the IV Core should look at, IMHO

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  • natrajs
    09-17 04:50 PM
    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS...this morning 10:00AM CST we got the CPO emails for both of us...

    I just can not thank Aall of you enough and the IV community for the support they have provided over the last few years - especially since Sept 1.


    I will be around - not going anywhere and will support IV efforts!

    BEST OF LUCK FOR THOSE WHO ARE WAITING...Believe me "appka bhi number aayega" I was loosing hopes - since Sept 1 when saw number of approvals after my PD/RD/ND etc..but there is really nothing that can predict this system.

    Here is my journey - encapsulated:

    PD- June 04
    I485 files on July 2nd 2007 - NSC
    RD 8/4/2207
    SR #1: 9/4/2209
    SR #2" 9/11/2209
    Senator contact: 9/10/2009 and 9/11/2009
    Infopass: 9/15/2009
    CPO emails: 9/17/2009

    Hang in there - open SRs and contact your senators!!!

    Congrats and Best Wishes kubmilegaGC, Finally the pain is over

    Take care


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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-05 04:19 PM
    What happens if H4 spouse is working and the primary applicant on approved I140 is laid off ?

    Seriously how long do you think you have the patience to stay in a limbo with I-485 pending. At the current rate you will be in that state for 10-15 years, think about it.

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  • kumar1
    11-10 11:21 AM
    This is how I used my EAD. I filed 485/EAD/AP in July 2007. I did not do anything till Feb-2008. I made a call to my employer in Feb-2008 (6 months after I-485) and asked him to give me a raise. He was aware of the fact that I can use AC-21 and leave anytime. We renegotiated everything, this time heavily in my favor (for a change). I got 20% salary hike effective from that very day. I kept same employer, same job, same client but used EAD and AC-21 to put pressure on my employer. Needless to say, in the past, I have been on the receiving side of the pressure from employers because of H1-B too.

    My suggestion - You can not play safe your whole life.


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  • msyedy
    02-14 11:12 AM
    Anand's post
    Ok, if advertising is too far-fetched, then hold some cultural events and make money on those. Brainstorm with members to find other ways to make money. People are not going to contribute. That is the writing on the wall. There is lack of trust and lack of faith in IV. IV will have to figure out ways to generate cash from other things than member contributions. If I remember correctly, people contributed nearly $200K and have got nothing to show for that.

    Attack my ideas and not me. Then we can have a debate conducive to achieving our goals.

    Good man, true... people who have contributed and have not seen any results. I was searching for Logiclifes post where he mentioned
    "It is time that IV shows some results", I will search and put it on my another post.

    Anai mentions about Gandhi giri. He/she claims fighting for GC is the same as Independence.
    "Waik up". You can't go on the streets and say this is our right (get GC) and fight for it. India was and is our country that is why we did it.

    People will curse me now, would say why I am still hear if I am against.
    I am against the policy, the strategy being used. IV said asking for 90000 unused visa numbers will add more controversy and It will be difficult to pass in the approp bill.
    Lot of members did not agree, we went for I-485 because IV mentioned
    this is the only thing that can be pushed easily.

    Now when they see a chance to push for Schedule A worker visa increase, we start pushhing for visa numbers.(1-485 gone now)

    Think for a while that there might be so many organizations supporting illegal immigrants that has plenty of money and are unable to pass anything.
    They protested on the streets..president pushed for a reform and what happened. Most lawmakers do not have any Idea about legal issues,
    so these law makers can and will only attach our reforms to the comprehensive bill.

    Why can't people think in a broader prespective.

    So why we bother now and say we are pushing for this ... that ... and when we could not get any results we hear from IV that the text of the bill is decided way in advanced.

    Anand's post -- True
    These suggestions are because you think money is the issue. I don't think it is. It's the lack of good leadership.

    When leaders change their stand often then it is a problem

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-31 10:54 AM
    From what I understand, once the law comes in to affect, labor substitution will no longer be allowed so desi companies can't sell labors anymore. But the 2nd part of the puzzle was that approved labor will only be valid for X number of days (like 45 days as originally proposed) and I am not sure if this impacts the existing labors or not. 45 days expiration may only apply to new labors but no details has emerged yet so we'll have wait and see when the details come out. If it also applies to existing labors then we are home free because after the expiry date, all labors will automatically be canceled. Well, let's wait the for the fine details to come out first.

    As for you, it appears that as long as your substitution is approved before the law comes in to effect, there won't be any problem. If not approved by that date then it's kind of fuzzy as to what will happen. If you haven't filed already, just file premium and I am sure you'll have your 140 approved before the law takes effect.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not using substitution labor. I do not condone any one who does it for monetary reasons.

    So the rule hasn't taken affect yet huh! I will definitely send my application out in premium processing this week. Just worried that I have passed the 45-day time period :( . Does my I-140 have to be approved before this rule is implemented, or just that my application needs to be filed ?

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  • rockstart
    01-31 10:38 AM
    Voted on all immigration questions posted

    08-05 02:23 AM

    I received a sms saying that my case status has been updated (weird they sent it @ 9:25 pm PT). I was like here comes another biometrics appointment... but still let's check the status online. To my surprise and by god's grace, case status was changed to "Card/Document Production" (still cannot believe it). I dunno what triggered this but i did contact my Congressman yesterday. My wife's status has also changed to "decision" - should move to "Card production" soon.

    My suggestion to all of you - please don't lose patience and do whatever you can from your end to expedite your case. It's your GC and you've to make sure you get it. Contact I/O, infopass and congressman/senator. Don't expect anything from your lawyers as they only care about money and it is in their best interest to see your case pending (more RFEs, EADs, APs, etc).

    Thanks and all the best to all of you out there still waiting for your GC.

    01-31 10:56 PM
    I do not believe that fixing the immigration issue is high on the presidential agenda - especially since the effort is to tie the illegal immigration with legal immigration package!!! We've spent all the money and time in doing the right thing and unfortunately, it looks like we'll be spending more money and make USCIS and Immigration lawyers' bank account fatter!!!

    However, the take away from the debate is Obama seems to realize that immigration isn't responsible for all econonomic doldrums - atleast they realize that!!! And there are many legal immigrants who ended up being illegal for things out their control and lack of funds!!! In a way its good, but the bad news is legal immigrants have a long long way to go - and there is no telling when the tide will turn against us!!!

    And in this slow economy, its hard to maintain the EAD status - given the dreaded USCIS policies on job changes!!!

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