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Sunday, June 26, 2011

duke nukem forever wallpaper

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  • mirage
    01-29 06:47 PM
    I don't think there's a difference in time for EB-2, EB-3 or EB-1 labors. Its takes anywhere from 1 week to 2-3 months. My company filed 2 labors simultaneously one for me and one for a collegue. My friend's got approved next day(less than 24 hrs) mine took 70-80 days.

    By the way, How long it takes to get EB2 labor these days?

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  • pmb76
    07-14 09:03 PM
    I disagree. His show is widely watched, so this is one more avenue where a small effort can have disproportionate results.

    akred, Thank you for helping to promote this petition. I think that when we have enough signatures we must also release this letter in parallel to media outlets while we send it to CNN execs. This will make the folks at CNN more answerable to this petition. However in order to do this we require the backing of IV core and utilize their contacts with the media. An individual like you and me can only go so far. Backing of IV core will provide us with maximum traction to evince response from CNN.

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  • ksrk
    04-16 08:29 PM
    My attorney received the RFE yesterday (just under a week after the email notification) (and I haven't received anything directly yet).

    They wanted copies of the original I-485 and G325A forms (for both my wife and me), filed in Aug. '07, signed again.
    Nothing changed or updated, just our signatures above the "signatures" the attorney/representative put in the original forms for us, in 2007.

    Hopefully this is all they want and not more once they receive this...fingers crossed, not holding breath! :)

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  • javadeveloper
    08-13 02:36 PM
    Mail Sent...Thanks!

    Do we have their fax numbers.Sending faxes is fast and easy.Correct me if I am wrong.


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  • shirish
    06-19 10:21 AM
    As per my research and talking to customer service of few american and india insurance companies, You are partly right that no one covers pre-existing conditions.

    But indian companies like Icici lombard, Bajaj allianz, tata aig etc cover emergency life saving treatment even if it was due to the pre-existing conditions. Which means if one is diabetic, reguler sugar check and doc vists will not be covered but if say patients develops a critical condition (e.g kideny failure etc) then the treatment is covered.

    But american companies do not cover even the emergency treatment.

    Hope this helps
    I have talked to IMG sales rep, he said they won't cover for pre existing conditions. He also said that as far as his knowledge is concerned there is no company out there that covers pre existing conditions when I asked him about it.

    My final assumption is that any insurance we buy anywhere, just covers illnesses that are developed after the coverage starts.

    Any corrections??

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  • nixstor
    05-23 04:37 PM
    WHY is she backing the bill..what is her motivation? or did she just decide to do a gandhi on us all?

    > i am not berating anyone for that matter!

    When lawmakers support certain bills..its because of the interst groups that back them..not their inner calling!

    "If that is the logic then why do you think that lawmakers will work on "immigration" bills. After all the "immigration" bills only benefit folks who don't vote immediately. "

    HR 5882 and HR5921 not only help alleviate ( I am not saying eliminate) backlogs in EB, but also help reduce (Not eliminate) FB backlogs by doing a recapture and carrying over the wasted visa numbers. Do I need to say more on to whom FB matters the most? Don't you think the members we called have an interest in supporting these bills? If you think that only lobbying using those high tech firms helps us get out of this, you must be dreaming.


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  • mhathi
    06-02 07:29 AM
    Since all the reps are from California, Is this only for California members?

    If not, let me know and I will get on the horn as soon as I can (probably not possible today, maybe tomorrow).

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  • gc_boy
    04-08 01:59 PM
    3- 5 business days


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  • chandlerguy98
    06-14 01:43 PM
    I think there is another issue here. lets say you file for your 485 and you get married later in teh that if PD retregresses again, your spouse wont be able to file for 485, since she gets your PD. so you might get approved sometime next year and you will loose your h1b status, then it gets to be a problem for the spouse since she is still waiting for PD to please talk to a lawyer and get all the facts...

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  • Bokke
    06-09 01:01 PM
    hey sweet :D !


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  • rajesh4
    01-09 06:15 PM
    I started visiting this forum only recently. From what I have seen briefly, I can say that the actual contributions in terms of effort seem to be coming from members like Pappu. And I really appreciate that. I see people here and there saying that IV isn't doing anything useful etc.
    My point to such people would be - no one is stopping you from organizing a rally or doing a hunger strike or whatever it is you have in mind. Lead, and we shall follow. These efforts that are being led by IV core leadership doesnt detract from whatever you want to do.
    Dont take this the wrong way. From what I have seen in my very brief history of following these forums, this is one of the few immigration forums out there that is not driven by ulterior motives - lawyers' interests etc. Please, please, as a favor, do not drag this effort down. I understand many of us are frustrated, but let not the frustration drag us down deeper into the hole. For people who don't agree with the policies here, put forth some constructive suggestions and see how that works. If it doesn't work, well you have realized how tough it is to get a group of people follow your conviction :) And then you might develop an appreciation for the work being done here.
    And if your approach works, hey..excellent for all of us. But please don't put forth only negative criticism.
    All the best to all of us.

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  • DariusMonsef
    05-31 04:14 AM
    America Loves You.


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  • awenger
    07-30 03:28 PM
    Hello IVians,
    As we all await our GCs, I thot we can explore some investment vehicles.

    Does anyone here have experience with commodity trading?
    Can we trade in commodities on H1 or L1 status?
    Is it too risky like forex trading?
    Who are the online brokers offer commodity trading?
    Is there a minimum account balance / trade required every month or so?

    Pls share your experience. Thanks!

    Why / How is this relevant in an immigration forum?

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  • swamy
    11-28 01:47 PM


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  • chetanjumani
    03-14 01:16 AM
    Ok. I agree with everything you say but you still haven't explained why EB-2 China hasn't moved. They never were Unavailable, which means they haven't used their quota but are still retrogressed. Why absolutely no relief for them? Not even a month forward movement?

    To be honest, I have no way to know why absolutely no change for China. There have been times earlier where India and China had similar cut out dates, then they changed dramatically, then India became unavailable, and now they are same again. With so much happening, I would say its very difficuilt to have a logical reason with no real data.

    All I can come up is that perhaps China might had a little higher demand than India in the last few months, or just that in case of spill overs, most visas might be consumed by countries most retrogressed, or perhaps DHS believes that the number of visas spill over would be only enough to cover EB2 Inida + EB2 china up to a certain date and China was already at that date, so if the demand is less than expected, then we will see movement in both India and China.

    Wish best for all Employment based filers. Hopefully some law change comes and justice is done to every one.

    I would hate to see different immigrant groups worrying about which group is getting ahead.

    Keep contributing to IV effort and hope no one need to go through extended wait times..........

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  • titanicman
    10-17 09:12 PM
    i have been sending money 2 india for past 20 months .and they remit money with in 5 working days and ihave received the exchange rates prevailed on tht day. i have tried other remittance but feel icici isthe best. [my personal opinion.]


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  • misanthrope
    10-05 12:45 PM
    Ok, someone left a red saying "So you mean finding a loophole in the law makes you superior, even though you lie about your intention at your F1 stamping?".

    NONE of these statements are true. I NEVER made a statement about superiority or abasing any category. My posts are directed towards individuals, I couldn't care any less about their categories.

    Go read all my posts and do post here your deductions. I expect them to be logical, please.

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  • reddymjm
    09-25 01:52 PM
    Its all right.

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  • GC_1000Watt
    01-10 05:45 PM
    Sending letters is a waste of time. I did many in the past and nothing happened. We will only make post office richer and lose money on postage. Nobody reads or replies to letters.

    Anyone willing to do hunger strike?

    I am willing to do hunger strike.

    04-28 09:56 AM
    I dont generalize the L1 abuse. This is how it works L1 is meant for company transfer and not to work on consulting positions across United states. Please read the law completely before you know what you are talking about. These L1 people come through intra company transfer and work on $10/ hr jobs undermining the folks on H1-b and L1's too. I dont know about your case and i dont want to comment on it too but do see my point. Please just dont oppose because you have to.

    L1's working for consulting should be stopped , it should be meant as intra company transfer for learning and implementation of company projects and not to work at client sites. Thats the law my friend.

    Fake profile alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More reds to you

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    07-11 11:42 AM
    HLG has confirmed that the CIS is not returning I-485 Applications back to those who filed I-485 during the first week of July. This is leading many to speculate that the CIS may reverse course and re-re-amend the July Visa Bulletin; whether the Visa Bulletin actually reopens remains to be seen. HLG normally refrains from commenting on rumors, but we have talked to several Washington insiders and believe that this is seriously being considered.

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