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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • jnraajan
    03-14 10:42 AM
    Do you belong to a state chapter?
    if you don't can you please join a state chapter?
    I sent a request to Kansas City Chapter to join. No response yet.
    If a state chapter does not exist in your area can you form one?
    I am trying to start a chapter here. I have already enlisted the help of few friends.
    Can you recruit new members to be part of state chapters?
    I have been doing that for quite some time. I dont know the success rate yet. My wife is part of a group which organizes Potlucks every other week. I take that opportunity to educate people about IV and the need to join it.
    Can you motivate newbies to be active?
    I can try.
    Can you meet your Local Lawmakers and talk about your issues?
    I have already met with NE Senator on a couple of occasions including for the admin fixes campaign.
    Can you make a contribution to IV?
    I have
    Can you motivate other IV'ans to contribute?
    I will
    Please put ome thoughts on the above and come up with Ideas?. If you need help please PM any of us and we will be happy to help you.

    Regarding conributions, I know it is probably going to meet with some resistance from other members, but we can organize a membership drive week. Any current member signing up most members during that week can be rewarded in some way. The reward need not me monetary, because people are not here for money. So, the reward can be some sort of memento.

    As far as contributions are concerned, there are many ways to raise money in this country like Raffles, Fund raising by selling some products. (See how Boys and Girls Scouts sells cookies.) and so on.

    None of these is impossible. Remember, there is no such thing called IMPOSSIBLE, because the word itself says, I'MPOSSIBLE.

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  • addsf345
    11-10 05:46 PM
    I would keep it simple. H1 is a very solid backup in current market. I just don't want to close any options.

    I respect your opinion. I myself a layman, and like your signature says gathered or rather trying to gather information from various online forums, chats and discussions.

    As I mentioned in one my earlier reply, here is that URL I found. This is on mr.gotcher's website.

    While I can not comment on it with my limited exposure on this subject, reading thru' it will surely help you to develop better understanding on this topic. There are some interesting arguments & counter arguments.

    One more thing: As I promised to my fellow IVians, I have prepared my letters for IV letter campaign for AC21 issue. These should be in mail by tonight.

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  • nb_des
    01-30 04:49 PM
    done, voted for Q11.

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  • kavita
    09-17 02:04 PM
    Next they are going to work on the HORSE SLAUGHTER bill !!!!! :( :(

    I heard the Chair mention this

    And the republicans are going to oppose that too, which means there will be no time for HR 5882...



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  • gsc999
    07-21 12:57 AM
    gimmi green - Don't you see green around you. Let me tell you how to get green

    1) Use your credit history to purchase additional home in Florida. House purchase in 150000 will be 250000 in year. The market was like that a year back. It takes 8 months to get a house. There is a big line.

    2) Open your own e-business. File E visa. 1/4 million should be easy money if you have stayed here for 10 years.

    3) House listing in only done by realtor. Give option to customer. For fun open a site for people to list their house for sale. Give them free service then charge. Live American way.

    4) Make school in Village. I have made one. I enjoy supporting the school. Grow India.

    5) Don't worry about GC. Do something. Registering a site takes some $35 or 40. Built you site. Use American brain.

    Am I doing it? Yes.. Did I make money? Yes.

    The current housing market condition are totally opposite to what you say about housing markets, especially in states like Florida, California etc. American economy is slowing because of cooling ( eventual bubble burst?) in the housing markets and because of high inflationery pressure. Most economists agree with this view only people still propogating the myth of house ownership as an investment are Realtors and "Flippers" looking to unload their houses on ignorant suckers. People made money, yes, but that was upto mid that is when housing market peaked. It has been on sequential monthly decline since than. Buying house as an investment in current economic conditions is bad advise. Save money and wait till late 2007 or early 2008.

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  • smisachu
    07-31 02:31 PM
    Very well said!!

    [QUOTE=puddonhead;577704]For all the non-financial enginners who are trying to make sense of financial jargons (like myself - no financial enginnering degree for me but I have worked as a quant for some time in between):

    Again sorry for the jargon but the topic is such that it requires some technical terms. Although I dont think these are jargons; they are in fact the only terms out there. Jargon is what BA's use. :D

    Any time you are trading something - you are betting on the direction of "something". Smisachu - with his statistical arbitrage background - would probably like to vehemently disagree at this point. But please hear me out first.

    I wandered into stat-arb by chance, not married to the concept. I think high frequency stat arb is high tech front running. This will be the next biggest blow out according to me.

    If you become even more of a pro option trader - and you think that the market always undervalues out of money options (because human brain is not capable of anticipating the "black swan" events) - then you will buy out of the money options for pennies and will hope that you "poo like a chicken and eat like an elephant". The directional bet you are taking in this case is again on the vol increasing over a longer period of time.

    I read Nassim Taleb here. His hedge fund bled for 20 years buying deep out of the money options and finally in 2008 made 156% or so.

    If you are into statistical arbitrage - you have your own gold standard, usually some mathematical model, of how a specific market should be priced. If the market price differs from this - then you enter into a trade to make money when eventually this anomaly reverses.

    If anyone can withstand the terminology I can post some stat arb ideas. I gave it to another member who had PM'd me.

    Nice post


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  • gsc999
    07-19 04:17 PM
    The donations that we make to IV will be part of the general corpus which will be used for lobbying. As one core member pointed out 99% of that fund is utilized for lobbying, I am guessing remaining 1% is spent on hosting IV website.

    If you guys want to help Aman we could write a personal check favoring Aman. What do you guys think?

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  • hpandey
    01-19 09:33 AM
    I will contribute to this fight. I wonder why they are going after us few legal people who follow all the rules and regulations and pay taxes and contribute to the economy and the society rather than going after the 12 million of undocumented workers :mad:


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  • dr_vroeg
    06-16 09:58 AM
    mette...just read your post...your mean :p

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  • brij523
    11-15 09:38 PM
    Man/Woman, I see so much energy here or could be just shouting. It would be in the best interest to use the energy to contact respective congressman/woman/senator of their area, ask them / request them to bring/pass legislation like SKIL and PACE. Tell them why this bill is needed. Tell them your problem. If everyone of us call congressman and woman and follow up with them on the progress that would be great. Am I doing it? Yep..Not joking IV members are involved.

    IV guys can you develop questionnaire which we should ask the operator. What I did is I asked to operator to connect me someone who can help me in bringing immigration legislation. That is how I approached the operator. IV associates what I am getting at is how should people reach right person? As IV people have interacted with many senator office they have better idea what are different staffer there and how they are addressed, and how to reach them.

    Let me know what are people thought? I think instead of wasting time, lets get to work. Help yourself by calling senator/congressman/woman. And this is oppurtune time.


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  • logiclife
    05-01 05:05 PM
    So what happens now? Does this affect QGA's involvement with us?

    No, not right away.

    But we will need to have more fund-raising drives and initiatives again to meet the ultimate target of 200K.

    Please pitch in ideas for local fund-raising events and organize local events to collect checks from your friends and colleagues.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-10 05:50 PM
    I saw somewhere on other site clearly mentioned that once 485 is rejected, H1B extension based on pending 485 also becomes invalid. If a person keeps working, it it considered as illegal. I do not have link right now, but I guess I found it on some lawyers website, posted link on IV in some other thread.

    I don't think this is true. But you put a seed of doubt in my mind, I will confirm with my attorney :)


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  • learning01
    02-01 02:39 PM
    In all areas, it is still honors based system - it is expected companies follow rules and laws. In each area, income-tax, police - law & order, business taxes, the way is less governance and more self regulation.

    Most companies follow it in letter and sprit; some don't. It is natural and it is discounted. You are working for success not perfection in government. And this is a free country. If you can (one day), make a better small and medium consulting company. That's what it makes the country great.

    Esp the Mom Pop Desi consultancy shops whose main objective is to prey on H1Bs...They should be banned.
    I agree that its the lopoholes or worse - Loose enforncement that encourages these consultancy firms to keep exploiting the system.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-10 09:05 AM

    July bulletin is OUT and NO more significant movement. Please call Lawmakers ASAP. Unless we take action USCIS is not going to do anything. Situation can be worse once we head towards election season. Still we have 1-2 months to get things done or we will be waiting for years to get green card OR EAD ( For some folks ).

    It is just 10-15 minutes need to spend to call. Let them know WHO WE ARE AND WHAT ARE OUR ISSUES .

    Please I request all of you to call , if you already call then ask your friends and family members to call.

    Now its time to act. If we dont take action CHC will not allow to move ahead our 3 bills.

    CALL NOW .... and Spread this message to everyone.


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  • wa_Saiprasad
    07-15 08:33 PM

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  • nb_des
    08-01 04:32 PM
    Can anyone provide some useful insight based on personal experienceas to how valuable is Part Time MBA for oppurtunities in India?

    I am IT professional with lot of experience and currently pursuing Part time MBA from a business school which is ranked in top 25 and not in top 10.

    The way I see it that it will take me around 4 years to complete it and I have to invest atleast $30,000 even if I get employer to pay a part of it.

    In the end if it fetches me a top notch management position it will be well worth it. However I see limited chances of getting into management positions in US just based on MBA degree however I am not sure about India.

    Any thoughts?


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  • gjoe
    10-27 09:25 AM

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  • Leo07
    11-06 12:26 PM
    Thanks for the post.

    I see no good intentions from the text...he's just disappointed that his bill did not pass and want to piggy back on a bill that has good chances.

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  • ssa
    10-07 11:12 AM
    Indian markets are in fact more controlled (by the government) than US ones. Last few years were like "wild wild west" on the Wall street under the cloak of "free markets" theory with practically no oversight or regulation of any kind which ultimately landed us all in this hole!!

    It's not a wise decision to invest in India for another few years. If a controlled market like the US experiences such short comings, you cant even imagine how things will get in India. It's going to be extremely volatile and the armageddon is just about to begin. Stay away from there.

    04-30 09:05 AM
    almost 1735 days away from N400.the form looks very long. is there again a long line for it?
    My wait time is as long as yours, so I am not thinking about getting ready for citizenship just yet (lot can happen in 5 years). If the USCIS processing times are to be believed, they are supposed to take between 12 and 15 months to decide on a currently filed application (the server seems to be down now, so couldn't verify the latest status). There may be additional time differences depending on where you are located. And knowing how USCIS operates, backlogs are not unheard of (

    Here is a comforting thought - and someone correct me if I am wrong - but unlike the hectic GC process with all the "inequalities" among various EB categories, naturalization process is a level-playing field where your specific skills do not matter. Everyone is considered equal here, whether you have got your GC via EB, FB or even amnesty route. This makes sense too, considering that your value (to this country) as a citizen rests primarily in your voting right, and someone who can cook is just as good to vote as another who writes smart computer codes (no knock on the cook, my wife is a fantastic cook herself). This is why the "priority date" for your citizenship application is set at 5 years (of continuous residency) from the date printed on your PR card, irrespective of your GC category (the wait is 3 years for those with USC spouse). The only condition that permits some arbitrariness in the evaluation process is in establishing a "good moral character", which makes point #6 in my original list important.

    04-18 04:50 PM
    Hearty congratulations...

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