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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • kevinkris
    12-03 05:49 PM
    I like your idea but the minimum is 50$/ month or 100$/ month.
    Infact i like the idea of 5$/ month.

    If 20,000 people donate 5$/ month = 1.2 million $/ year.
    = 1 million $ (after loosing transaction charges)

    So next step enable 5$/ month to 100$/ month RECURRING contribution arrangements ASAP.

    To avoid transaction charges let users pay quarterly or half-yearly recurring.
    i.e. if one wants to donate 5$/ month so it will be 30$/ 6 months etc.


    I was thinking about this today.

    All great Ideas and we are never short of Ideas on this website. However, we are always short of commited people who are willing to put in time and make their Ideas become a reality. We sure are 25,000 real members and If each of us commit 10$ every month diligently we have a consistent cash flow of $250,000 every month and committing 10$ every month is not hard at all. All of us in here are highly skilled, we all have decent paying jobs and we are definately not cheap labor because we have US Department of Labor (DOL) certifying our salary before we take up any Job in this great land.

    Would you be willing to the lead on making your Ideas become a reality. We have very few highly committed members in here who can provide support and guidance.

    We have already guided a few people on how to donate amounts less than the ones that are posted on this website and it is really simple. Any amount can be sent in as a donation through paypal to

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  • walking_dude
    11-21 09:52 AM
    Don't debate. Send the E-mail NOW!

    We can debate in pleasure later. I have created a poll to keep count of how many have responded to our request. So far it's just a handful. Wish IV members were as dedicated as the anti-immigrants at ALIPAC.

    Folks, your silence is killing our cause. Don't fret and fume later when you get the 'Leave Immediately. You application is cancelled' notice. Remember then, you were responsible for you sorry state due to your silly inexcusable inaction.

    It's useless to discuss with bigots at ALIPAC. They don't want to understand us!. Why do you think they didn't link to our website? There's so much you can do to those who run away from the truth, and hide their heads in the sand like an ostrich.

    When we cannot make the 'Great Egoists' of the anti-IV immigrant crowd to see reason for a cause that benefits them, what chances we have with bigots who have a vested interest in opposing us?

    I am still debating whether to call in or to write - but I will definitely do one of the two. I just read the other thread linked to by 'internet' above & thought I would say a couple of things to the losers at alipac who worship racists like tancredo and lou:

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  • Vysh
    01-05 04:27 PM
    Hi, My husband and I both sent an email at

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  • sameet
    02-12 12:53 PM
    You can keep your PD if your 140 is approved from your current employer. I know of a person who did this succesfully.

    Can you please elaborate on how this can be achieved? I curently have an approved 140 and am stuck in EB3 retrogression.


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  • doknek
    06-10 02:17 PM
    Which bill is in the Senate? Can you please post a link?

    Below is Full Text of Senators Boxer-Gregg Bill, S. 3084 to Exempt EB Numerical Limit for U.S. STEM Advnce Degree Holders

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  • nandakumar
    01-31 09:41 AM
    just voted, currently, the questions are 16 & 24 in the most popular tab.


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  • bugsbunny
    04-17 03:04 PM
    Looks like you are one of the beneficiaries of H1 who does not have good education. You can console yourself with the word 'skill' and all that computer jargon The bottomline is H1B visa is for professionals. However, in the past few years, Indian IT bodyshops have sent underskilled computer operators to the US to enhance their operating margins. This will come to end very soon and has to come to an end very soon. I think the process has already begun. Number of H1b visas rejected at Indian bodyshops have gone up. Operating margins at Infosys has shrunk significantly. Infosys and other bodyshops have seen stock price plummet drastically.

    Companies such as Congizant have stopped bringing people from India on H1. Rather they are trying to hire people in the US who already have H1B visas. The illegals who have gotton their H1B from shady consultants in NJ, CA and elsewhere. Congizant is doing community service by legalizing illegals. The people who sat on the bench during recession while holding their H1B visas without a paycheck. Sorry with paycheck which needs to be refunded to the employer by personal check. Stop the fraud, please stop the fraud.

    Again you have provided no arguments to support why you believe IGNOU or Univ or Phoenix are fraudulent. Just because you believe they are...does not automatically make them so. Please provide proper reasoning.

    Instead you jumped to a different topic of IT bodyshops which is unrelated to the two people who asked if they qualify for EB2

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  • vsrinir
    09-17 11:18 AM
    Let us make real comments in this thread only.

    No unnecessary comments please!!!


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  • ashkam
    08-14 08:36 AM
    Is this a parody post? How exactly is the law favorable to EB3? Just because they are allowed to file in EB2 later? Does this mean the law also favors children because it allows them to grow up? EB2 is in 2006. EB3 is stuck in 2001. "Plight"? Give me a break.

    Quit your sniffles and dam those tears.

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  • delhirocks
    07-14 05:33 PM
    Good to know...good job guys...

    Just got back from the rally, i would say it was a big success. Media coverage on the issue was fantastic. I saw the ABC7 news truck. There were many reporters from SJ Mercury news, SF Chronicle etc. Crowd was good, dont want to speculate on numbers yet but we should have an official word soon.

    Police were very friendly. The crowd was very enthusiastic and also obeyed the rules. All of us stayed on side walks. Logiclife and Frankilin among others were there. Many reporters spread out and spoke to people.

    Lot of members from another groups called Immigration Rights also joined us.

    We got lot of honks. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Great JOB IV and everyone.



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  • willwin
    08-11 05:08 PM

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  • karmika
    12-12 11:05 PM
    my application on , ask questions on immigrationportal.

    I still wonder why there are so many guests and members on this website. There must be something good in IV. I need to look for that.


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  • bach007
    07-25 11:03 PM
    u can keep renewing your H-1 as long as your 485 has been pending for more then 180 days.(someone corect me if i am wrong).Once u get ure recipt number ure status changes to "485 pending" and can be on h-1 as long as ure GC is approved.No matter when u get married your wife will not be out of status-so its a good decision that u applied.

    Hi Priti, thanks for the reply. However my fear is that what you say is not true. I am on my 7th yr extension of H1B and my lawyer has told me that once I apply for 485, I can NOT keep renewing my H1B. That is why he insisted on applying for AP.

    Is this information correct? Can someone PLEASE clarify??? :confused:

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  • ashishgour
    09-17 02:31 PM
    Finally voting on this amendment now..I hope no other amendments...PlZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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  • asterix
    01-30 08:58 PM
    I am a LEGAL immigrant how has waited in the line for Green Card for 10 years. I've paid my taxes, social security, medicare and followed the law. Immigration bureaucracy and inefficiency at USCIS has meant more than 250K of Green Cards within legal limits have gone waste leading to a very long wait for legal immigrants.
    Please tell me what I should do - Wait another 10 years? Go back to home country? or jump the fence?

    Guys I added one more question, a little succinct. Please vote for this along with others hopefully one of these will be picked. Thanks

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  • prince_waiting
    09-13 01:27 PM
    The company I work in is a medium sized business organization. My boss is a staunch republican. I hope to make him aware of these 2 bills and request him to write to the locol congressman and the senator. If we can all do the same then we can buil substantial momentum towards getting these 2 bills passed. Since most of the businesses have republican leanings and at some time have contributed towards the GOP in some way, their endorsements can have a major impact.


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  • extra_mint
    04-24 01:12 PM
    I totally support banishing country quota. It is totally unfair specially to folks from India/China/Mexico and others (in EB category).

    However if we analyze the current mess. Following are some of the things that led to it
    First of all 65K is the number of H1-B's that are issued every year. Lets assume all of 65K applies for GC >> then we get 65 K * 2.2 (dependents) = 143K GC's.

    Then how come we have such a big backlog.

    1. H1b visa ceiling was increased to 195K during the tech boom of 2000's but they never increased the EB based green card (it remained 140K)

    2. Wastage of EB visa by USCIS. Some estimates are in range of 500K. But let's say they wasted half of it (250K). This should be sufficient to clear the backlog.

    3. Third of last few years with rise in economies of India and china and ROW, we have seen an increase in the L1's (globalization). I totally agree with this and have no issues with L1's. And many of L1's decide to stay in US. And of course GC comes from EB category.

    Simple logic is H1-B non-immigrant visa has been recognized as dual intent, which means holders of H1B can legally apply for GC.
    On the other hand Congress and US govt have failed to provide adequate GC for EB. The system is a total chaos now for all the above reasons.

    This is what we need to communicate to congress/us govt and if required challenge in court.

    Can't agree less with you pappu:)

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  • micofrost
    06-13 01:52 PM
    I can understand your feelings.
    As of now, the only solution is to support IV to push for getting wasted numbers back and removing per country quota.


    Had it been the year like 1999 with all the efforts from IV, I am defintely sure the CIR reforms would have passed by now.

    Issue here is the economy, recession looming large on our face, unemployment level rising, and no one knows whats going to happen in the next two-three years becuase of credit crisis and oil price going above the roof. If this continues for another year, we will be in deep s***.
    Thats why no will dare to increase the workforce by issuing more grren cards. Atleast we should feel happy that they havent stopped issuing the cards.
    I know its painful to be waiting for years to get a GC. But you do not know how green that card will stay if the current financial crisis continues for 2-3 years.
    Fact is, this country is going thru a difficult period of uncertainty. Because of election year rhetoric, no one is going to accept it. But clearly, its not in their interest to get more workforce into this country. They know we have been waiting, and will continue to wait. Look at 2002/2003/2004, when they issued only 20K visas for the entire year. So just hope that things will get bright for this country soon else, we are in for an another hell ride.

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  • hasil
    05-08 10:59 PM
    My father always take ICICI lombard insurance when he plans his trip to visit us. The key advantage is that you can get your premium back if you come back early. I hope that helps. :)

    06-12 01:09 PM
    My impression from the description of the original poster, , which could be incorrect, is that the first 5 cars were at a stand-still or barely moving (due to traffic jam or red light); the OP or the 6th car hit the line from the behind. It is not about tailgating.

    I am sorry, I should have worded it properly. My message was for people tailgating too close. On a rainy day, one of my friends skidded and hit a vehicle in front of him when it stopped suddenly, but he was the one given the ticket.

    01-09 04:46 PM
    Make monthly monetary contribution for IV as a start.......

    I wasn't the lucky July filer, I am sure their are others like me waiting.

    DO a rally and I will be there with contributions, do something big, I am sure more like will join the cause. Not a free rider but at the same time don't like to be taken for a free ride!

    Thanks for your smart comment, however it does not serve the purpose.

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