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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • pathiren
    01-30 10:30 PM
    Still 24, 27

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  • InTheMoment
    11-05 10:32 AM
    Very happy for you Bradman !! Enjoy :p

    ...but remember it can be pure coincidence that your letter to 1600 Pennslyvania made any difference. Moreso when the namecheck and the approval..all happened within 2 weeks of the letter !

    Anyways no harm trying any and all legal ways !

    The President George W Bush,

    The White House

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

    Washington, DC 20500

    Mention in the subject line: FBI Name Check pending.

    Also send it by a regular post as I have seen and it worked for me, whether it was the FL, State Senator or the Local Congressman !

    Also make it a point to write at the top of the envelop (Immigration Assistance). Let the letter be very personalized and write your traumatic experience.

    All the best !!!

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  • hope4gc
    01-21 08:39 PM
    What exactly do you mean when you say starting this business? Do you want to open a trading account on your own and trade? Join a day trading firm? Or open a Fund? Each one will have different implications on H1. You can open your own investment account with a brokerage firm and trade your own money, no problem with H1 what so ever.
    If you join a day trading firm you will have to be on H1 with them. Very few ones do but I know of a couple who will do it. In fact a classmate of mine is working as a Trader/Analyst with a small trading firm in NYC. They have sponsored his H1.
    Starting a fund, (if you can get the seed money :D), you open a LLC and sponsor yourself. You will be an employee of the company and draw a salary. You tell me what you have in mind and I will tell you what to do or what I did.
    Thanks for that Info, here is my requirement
    I am on H1B and plan to have my own company as a trader to trade stocks.
    I will be the owner and wish to draw profits, may not have employee in my company for now(please advice, if i need to)
    I need inputs to know what type of company should that be (LLC, S Corporation.. e.t.c.)?
    Is it advisable to have a GC holder/citizen as partner?
    What form of income should i withdraw(salary/profits/dividends/Interest..) How is the income considered when i file my taxes?
    I am not aware of anyone who can sponsor my H1 as a trader atleast for now, if i get the right opportunity, i am open for that
    Thanks again

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  • jonty_11
    02-01 03:20 PM
    A desi consulting company brought him to the US. When they realized he wasn't going to get a project, they just didn't let go of him. Since he was a reliable guy (1. he can be trusted with monthly grocery payment 2. his labor can be sold later to others 3. he servres as an insider who can get information if other consultants are trying to be sneaky by getting their resumes marketed by another company, etc etc, basically he is an asset even thought he doesn't have a project), they just decided to keep him there. These companies don't have attorneys. They take care of all legal matters themselves. Now, how much is hte USCIS fee to file for labor? How much to file for I-140? Peanuts right? So they continue to keep his application active. How hard do you think it is to get fake references when you can make fake resumes. They have fake pay stubs. Fake experience. Fake this and fake that. Everything they do is fake.

    So to others who have said that this thread has to be dropped, and have said that these desi companies are right in doing what they're doing, or who have blamed the system - I think that you are one of those people who are involved in such a racket. I know that I have touched your nerves by letting the whole world about this (not that some people didn't know this already). Why else would you want this thread dropped?
    Actually I know a guy who lost his job and joined a restaurant as a cook or something and applied GC, then after 1 yr or so got job again and used the EAD to change to the Tech Field again and at a different location.....I hear he is indeed facing some problems now.


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  • chanukya
    02-06 11:11 AM
    Yes--Universties--come under non-profit as per INS, hence exempted from quota, but not Elem/Middle/High schools.

    I got my H1B from a University starting Aug. As far as I understand, there is no H1B quota for non-profit. I also have a US degree. There is a separate H1B quota for US educated.

    I don't know where I was plugged in. I don't remember any details.

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  • arkrish68
    03-10 11:49 PM
    As per the link there are around 620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status. Here is the link. y09.pdf

    Here is the actual verbage from the document.

    Major volumes of pending applications at the end of January 2009 include: 1,417,978 I-130 immediate/all other petitions; 620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status; 286,701 I-765 employment authorizations; 190,238 I-90 green card renewals/replacements; 163,015 I-821 temporary protected status; 147,951 I-751 remove conditions spouse jointly/waiver.

    Footnote: �Initial Receipts data only reflects the number of applications that USCIS was able to fee receipt and/or data enter into a case processing system. Applications currently held in USCIS mailroom facilities but not processed to the point of recognition as Initial Receipts are deemed frontlog cases. These frontlog cases are also not reflected in Pending figures.�


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  • adobe howm
    08-26 12:04 PM
    I dunno about which bank is the best but I guarantee this ICICI does sucks! they act like as if they are ruling NRI. and of course like anyone else we had a very bad experience talking with their home loan dept too. Honestly - If I may say something about this....I can say this with 100% confidence that sooner or later we all will witness their demise. count on it.

    The point is that they cannot JUST do this to us(NRI) or I can say it is we who made their success if they are really. but by the sheer power of community like this - we can definitely teach them a good lesson by just quit banking with ICICI. guess what you will be proud of what you did in the very near future. SBI still IS doing reasonably well and you still can get better rates though.


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    10-18 09:01 PM
    We are victims as well. From 2001 to 2005 were waiting for Labor, they processed applications from April 2001 for three years (!?) and started from April 2005 we are in FBI name check . Coworkers applying in 2007 getting GC. If there any action in NY, I will be happy to participate.


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  • chapper
    07-11 08:31 PM
    Aghast......:mad: Can this happen? I think they have to return the application filing fees. Has any one else heard about this. This is what my law firm says:

    Please also note that in proceeding with filing the I-485 for the purposes of the lawsuit, you would be waiving your right to any refund of the filing fees for your case, as there is no guarantee that the USCIS will return filing fees. Should you have any questions about billing/pricing/credits, please contact our Customer Support department at 1-888XXXXX ext. 2, or

    They specifically talk about the USCIS filing fees and not their fees. they have assured me that they will only charge once for filing.

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 10:50 AM
    Customize it! Don't use it word to word. This will make it lose it's personal touch, which is very important for WWJ to consider our requests. Otherwise it will be dismissed as orchestrated propoganda


    Dear News Editor(s),

    As a WWJ 950 listener and an immigrant living in Michigan, I am concerned about the negative impacts on immigrants by the airing of your show "WWJ Business Breakfast" with Mr. LOU DOBBS, which is scheduled to air on Nov 29 between 8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

    Mr. Dobbs is known for his strong views against immigrants, including considering immigrants to be responsible for the spread of incurable diseases such as Drug-resistant Tuberculosis, Leprosy etc. From past experience on CNN, he is also highly likely to blame the current crisis in Auto Industry to the so-called "importation of cheap labor from third world countries".

    In the interests of fairness, you should also air the counter-views while providing coverage to such strong one-sided views. This would provide a balanced coverage to your viewers.

    In the absence of such unbiased coverage, Mr. Dobbs verbal attacks may provoke physical attacks against foreigners as well as any foreign-looking persons by misguided elements provoked by your show. If such incidents do happen, please understand that your network will be indirectly responsible and liable to the foreigners affected.

    As a concerned party I would like to know -

    1) What action your network is taking to provide coverage of the other point of view, in the interests of fairness?

    2) What action is your network taking to ensure that Lou Dobbs verbal attacks on foreigners do not translate into physical attacks on foreigners living in Michigan?

    Appreciate hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,
    Phone: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
    E-mail :



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  • waitin_toolong
    12-11 02:09 PM
    it has not been a whole week yet so have a heart. Did you try to track the passprt from the vfs site

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  • Macaca
    03-10 06:25 PM
    I beg the max because I don't think we can do anything without the lobbying firm and other lobbying activities by core, and the contributions are < 20% of the money required. Please convince me that I should stop begging because !@#$%& or explain how to beg when we have < 3% contributing members in 45 days. In other words, please resolve the begging issue (by possibly explaing that we don't need the lobbying firm and/or other things). This is question 1.

    The following will be neglible if there is an implementable answer to question 1.

    He is un-comfortable because whenever he login to IV, he noticed that:
    - more than 40-50% respondents are talking about money/contributions & signatures showing how much they have contributed as of today,
    - 10-15% are talking about blocking non-contributors(calling by Free Lunchers etc..),

    The numbers in the following are low and the list is not complete. Lets assume the complete laundary list with higher numbers.

    - 5 % are Pseudo intellectuals (talking BIG but dont know immigration basics like - PD, issues of I-140/I485)
    - 5% are always trying to shutdown others, accusing/calling by names to other forum members (he says "Highly skilled" in accusing!!)

    Consider a retrogressed member X that uses the following quote to decide that Hill (with lobbying firm) and grassroot lobbying is important.

    Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven't paid the price to decide what is really important to them.

    X again uses the above quote to decide the following. What are the arguments against this decision? This is question 2.

    Contribute financially and help in financial contributions from others so that we can lobby on the Hill, and
    Help with grass root lobbying (legislators + media), and
    Ignore the laundary list rather then expect everyone to meet X's requirements.

    The two questions are for everyone. Some members have gone over these issues a couple of times in the last 2 months. Please respond ONLY if you have an argument for question 1 and/or an argument for question 2.


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  • msp1976
    02-08 05:31 AM
    We always thought that there is 360k application in BEC and since those LC have PD from 2000 to 2005 there are no chances of fast movement of PD in year 2007 especially for EB3 and EB2(Indian , China).

    After reading this news it seems employer withdrew many cases, which they filled for employee who no longer work for company, so certified case is going to be only 100k, much lesser then 360 k. How many more years it will take to clear these 100k LC? I don't think it should take more then 2 years...

    But you know logic doesn�t work with US immigration system and we also don�t know how many people are applying through EB1 and EB2-ROW, which are current, we also don't know how many people are already sitting in 485 stage�

    Let's go by the published percentages.....
    21% closed + 11% withdrawn + 2% denied... = 33% fell off the wagon..
    Let's assume that the same trend holds.....
    At the end BEC ....out of 360K approx.....240K certification would come out....Margin of error let's bring the number down to 200K.......
    Assume 1.1 spouse+child each principal....
    That make total 410 K in the line just from BECs.....This is a conservative estimate...

    The main problem is that 7% country quota hits too quickly for India/China...Then ROW remains current and USCIS would keep processing ROW as they keep coming...Where as we India/China keep waiting for the overflow to occur.....

    There is no solution but to increase the total numbers...

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  • gcpain
    11-12 04:23 PM
    This is perfect time, IV core team members has to concentrate to push this bill in all its possible means. I am sure political climate is in favor of CIR bil in capito hill. Infact most of americans want this to be done to collect lot of taxes.


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  • add78
    04-27 08:45 PM
    Can somebody please post a link to the 'original' H-1B Employer Application Requirements document from USICS (not interim docs) ?

    A google search of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1990 should land you what you seek.

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  • ilikekilo
    04-04 12:34 PM
    Does USCIS send RFE for both primary & dependent applications, if it is related to Employment?

    Gurus, any advise.

    as fasr as i know there are no hard and fast depends on who is looking at ur file...


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  • god_bless_you
    03-13 01:22 PM
    This my copyright and very much pertain to our situation:
    I left my world in search of prosperity
    The prosperity is taking an eternity
    My struggle is long and daunting
    Making it more and more frustrating

    Life at times seems uncontrollable
    Flowing with the time unstoppable
    Graying hairs testify for the feeling
    Fat belly making me further unappealing

    Sometimes I think of going back
    Try to gather the courage that I lack
    But the world I left is not the same any more.
    And the world I am in, has lost its lure.

    I am on the crossroad of my life
    One is forward, one is left and other is right.
    I don�t like the choices shown
    May be I would have to create a world of my own


    Good one, Thats what we are now .:)

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  • helens_64
    07-15 03:50 PM
    Lou is talking about H1 badly. Does he know how schools are facing problems without H1. Thousands of schools have no math and science teachers in rural areas. Why cant he make the americans to work in that area. Most of the schools are using teachers over 75 to 80 years old. Most of them didnt know how to use computers. Then how they teach good to students. Principals are struggling to run the schools with out teachers. Parents are disappointed without proper teachers. With this level, how can America make best future.My kids are struggling without proper teachers. When we ask the schools, they are saying they couldnt get proper teachers. If Lou's grand kids face this trouble, then he wont talk. With this situation, how schools can make AYP(adequate Yearly Progress) according to No Child Left Behind Law. First the Govenment must take necessary steps to solve this issue

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  • vikram2101
    08-22 03:24 PM
    Most immigrants apply for citizenship in developed countries for the sheer luxury of visa free travel to most countries and to bring their spouse/families closer to them without any immigration hassles. It has got nothing to do with renouncing all the ties with their home countries.

    I know a friend who recently became a Canadian citizen and he said that he was murmuring a Hindi film song when the Canadian national anthem was played during the oath ceremony. The only reason he immigrated to Canada was to get a Canadian passport so that he can work in US and travel around the world without visa hassles.

    I also have a friend who�s a US citizen and he was able to get his newly wed wife into US in 3 months. He visits India regularly to take care of his property investments, watches cricket/desi movies, loves eating food at the road side eateries and by all means he�s still an Indian at heart.

    Citizenship is like getting an unlimited credit our existing credit card (GC). The more the limit the more flexibility we get. So let�s avoid bringing patriotic fervor into such posts.

    I like your response, really -- I think it's frank and hits upon what it means to be Indian at heart.

    BUT, when one makes a decision to immigrate - he/she's not just making that decision for himself - but also for his/her spawns and the future generations to come. Is it fair for us to rob them of (well, i know most american born desi kids don't care a rats ass about going/being in India) - what it feels to be an Indian at Heart? what it 'Really' feels like to be watching/talking cricket/movies on 'em gullies, what it's like to be eating gaadi chaat, what a festival should really feel/look like .. and a bunch of other stuff- -that happens only in India.

    not trying to discount anyone's opinions .. it's just the internal dilemma that needs addressing

    09-17 11:53 AM
    It seems there is now lunch recess at this time

    01-10 11:55 AM
    I have been a IV member since 2006 . I have seen the ups/downs . .

    A sad truth that we all want to do hero worship. We all want someone to do something for us while we can watch and comment on it. But this is a good thing because even though we are not doing anything at least we are saying something. I wonder why Indians are doing so much complaining.

    Where are China and ROW people? Are they not in pain? I have not seen them on the forums.

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