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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • When485
    04-01 10:17 PM
    I think he means tthat both our PD's are very close to each other (i.e July/Aug 2006)

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  • caliguy
    10-29 02:02 AM
    I got a lot of messages asking for the letter to Sec. Napolatino. I think I have emailed everyone back, if you have not received an email back from me, please send me a message again.

    One of the messages I got, it did not have an email address. I have sent you a message back asking for your email address.

    Good luck!

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  • Ramba
    10-07 02:41 PM
    There is vast difference between US and Indian housing market crash. India RE market will not collapse like here. There may be a melt down or small correction. The simple big reason is demand for housing in middle class due to economic growth. Based on population density, US is 9 times bigger than India. Lot of land in US. But housing land is so limited in India. So there is always demand. Second reason, there is no sub-prime lending in India. Third, in India, housing loan is based on cash worthiness rather than credit worthyness like in US. So we may not see such a massive foreclosure/bankrupcy in India to bring the price down considerably like in US.

    However, now the prices or extremly high, such that it can not be affordabe to people other than NRI or IT folks. 1 crore houses are very common now. Based on US economy it will definitly come down. It will be depend on how hard IT/outsourcing bussiness gets affectd in future.

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  • dealsnet
    06-12 12:03 AM
    You are saying new OBAMA govt. in many of your postings. Are you his election agent?. This forum is not for any party affiliations. Election is yet to start. Democratic party is not officially announced their candidate. All powerful President Bush is tried hard to help immigrants. Then how come a weak person who is still fighting for a ticket can take left and right congress and senete veterans.!!!!!!

    Due to the lot of noice we have done,most of the law makers know theres a community called legal immigrants, and their long waiting periods due to the outdated rules. The new OBAMA government's agenda is to take the immigration reform during his first year tenure in the ffice. Once the immigration reform took place, I am pretty sure there would be significat changes in employment based category, which drastically decrease the backlogs in all EB categories.
    In addtion to that "legals are first than illegals"- OBAMA. This itself is enough for clearing off all the backlogs.


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  • lonedesi
    02-06 12:18 AM
    I completely agree with Logiclife and the goals IV has setforth to solve our problems. There is only so much one can achieve with limited resources under which IV operates.
    We need to have a set of priorities and work on that one step at time. Though I have not been to DC, I can understand what IV is going through to get us some relief. The least I can do is contribute for our cause and thats what I am doing right now.
    I wish people had some common sense and better understanding of the bigger picture(& issues) before they get involved in finger pointing and asking for more.
    Everyone, please be patient and support IV whole heartedly and financially so that we can atleast attempt to fix the broken immigration system. Though I am VERY optimistic that we will achieve our goals in the near future, but I would not regret even once, if we failed. It is better to try and fail than not give it a shot at all.

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  • azharuddinm
    07-20 12:56 PM
    I had mine signed by J.Barrret


    Can you confirm 2 things for me please.
    1. The date you application was received at NSC.(Mine was recived on 2nd jul @ 10 51 am)
    2. I did not use the p.o box as fedex did not accept the po boxes. But later i found out that its better to insert the po box also. I was curious if my reached the proper address at all or not.



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  • NYC-circuit
    12-08 04:28 PM
    Hope there will be CHANGE

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  • belmontboy
    06-11 03:14 PM
    Thanks guys for the moral support and quick responses.

    More details are as follows:

    1. This accident occurred in 18 months back in CA
    2. We were going on high way and suddenly the car infront of me came to a sudden halt and as I didn't had any reaction time, even though I applied brakes I went and rammed into the van in front of me, which in turn hit the car infront (like a ripple effect) and totally 8 cars were involved in that collision.
    3. So at first we thought it is entirely my fault as I was coming at 50s and I rear ended the care which inturn created this ripple effect.
    4. But the actual scenario is, the van infront of me came to halt, as it rear ended the car infront of it and due to which the other car hit the one infront.

    So already one accident happened and I caused one more and as mine was a 11 seater and coming at 50s the impact was high and involved in 8 cars.
    All this happened within in mins or secs, I would say

    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
    Myself car1 car2 car3 car4 car5 car6 car7

    In the above pictorial representation,
    a) car 1 hit car2 which in turn hit car3 (1st impact)
    b) Myself hit car1 again which ripple effected all the way upto car7 (2nd one)

    I was the only person injured and and had to be hospitalized with bi-lateral hip fractures and right knee fractures and was out of work for 4 months.Luickly my insurance covered most of the amount thats been charged(around 300K)

    Finally I recovered to a great extent and out of blue gets a lawsuit from the owner of car3 against myself, Car1 and car2.

    BTW, insurance determined that my fault is 80% as I caused the greater collision and they paid the property damages for all the cars involved.

    As per the lawsuit, seems car3 drivers spouse had herniated disc due to this accident and are expecting $200,000 for future treatment

    So they are claiming the following:
    3 milliion for : other damages(emotional etc.....)
    200,0000 for: future treatment
    50,000 for: lost wages

    Thats is what the story of my life :(

    Hope this gives u more details to provide me with more suggestions.

    This lawsuit is ludicrous.
    Mostly u won't be liable as you didnot start the chain reaction.
    if it happens that u need to pay, and you are unable to comeup with that much of money, u can always file for bankruptcy [chapter 7].

    Don't even think of running away, as that will make matters worse.

    Law protects you if you are not able to comeup with that much amount of money.


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  • akp
    05-25 01:53 PM
    guys and gals,

    Cool down. Remember we are foreigners in this country. We need this country more than they need us ( as they say, graveyards are full of indispensable people!). A country is not considered advanced by the cell phone models people use, but rather than how much food they produce, what is the standard of living, how many noble laureates it produces per year, etc.
    Besides, in my 7-8 years living in this country, first as a student and then as H1 worker, never once have I felt being treated differently because I am a foreigner or look different.
    Now compare that to living in Europe (you will be treated as dirt as soon as you enter airport), it is racist, living in past and full of bureaucracy.

    As for India, mera bharat mahan, but I remember a time when I had to pay bribe on the train ticket counter to get a measly 2nd class sleeper ticket, or just to get a electric connection, would dare not get near a policeman, etc. etc.. The list is long and I suppose I everyone here knows what I am talking about.

    So please ask for your rights but remember you are in their country, nobody forced you to come here, and beggars can't be choosers.

    Not for very long. There are bigger, faster markets than US in the world.

    A joke, right? Financially maybe, technologically never. Most European countries are far more technologically advanced than US. I'm sure Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore also are all more advanced than US.
    For example, only US is still using paper checks to transfer money. Using coins to pay for a phone call in phone booth. Still has no control over who lives in the country, or who goes in and out. Still not using computers for processing immigration applications (Why do I have to send in the same papers 10 times, send in tax papers, give my background info, give fingerprint 10 times.... and this all on paper... come on it is 2007 not 1907). Still drive around in cars instead of having a good inter-city connectivity with trains. No high speed trains. Still likes to see rubber stamps on official papers and believes it has any kind of value.
    And so on and on and on.... I could write a book why US is behind most civilized countries. But thats ok. US is what it is.

    But the worrying part is; it is going to get even worse when they kick out all the H1B etc who are here legally and provide free knowledge. And instead keeping the uneducated mass of Mexicans or south americans who run across the border illegally and then given amnesty by some fool in Congress. Good luck with that project.
    Not a country I want to live in or pay tax in.

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  • geesee
    09-18 01:27 PM
    Thanks kubmilegaGC!

    I will call the senators immigration liaison tomorrow. Hopefully she will not tell me that they cannot do anything besides what they have done because that is what they told me in September last year when I got a standard response last year.

    Unfortunately nobody understands the pain and agony we are going through. For them, its just another day at the office, they couldnt care less. Nevertheless, I am going to try tomorrow.....hey, cant give up that easy.

    I will call CS again tomorrow, I dont mind being yelled at and I am gonna tell her this time that I have not opened a SR. Atleast, she will then transfer my call to a IO.

    Let's see what tomorrow has in store for me!!

    Request the CSR to transfer the call to an IO.. thats what I did today... IO seemed knowledgeable than all CSRs I talked to...

    Opened SR for my wife.. it seems opening SR for wife's case did a trick to few cases...

    Keeping fingers crossed.....


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  • akv123
    07-14 11:40 PM
    We may be angry, but let us not use bad word for him. He is doing his job and earning his bread and butter! I have heard him using very strong language against government and administration - I don't think he is against anything but he has to do certain things to maintain the popularity of his show among middle class Americans (after all it is all business!).

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  • alapkd
    08-26 10:37 AM
    Banking service is still way behind in comparison to US institutions. ICICI has to compete with nationalized banks in terms of competency and customer service so they surely do better but it is highly openly discriminatory depending on how valuable they think you are to them. Something that exists here but is very transparent. But I am sure ICICI has engaged in many questionable practices from marketing to collection, there have been some lawsuits as well against them.


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  • snathan
    04-20 05:00 PM
    In any case, why should someone be SO disturbed if some lawyer says "I will try to prove your degree equivalency for trying to get into EB2"?

    Going by folks' behavior here, I am inclined to think, some simply hate such a lawyer for nothing more than personal interests

    We are all here for personal interests...:D

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  • rongha_2000
    11-02 04:00 PM
    Why isnt supporting and contributing to IV an option on the table here? People like such are "all talk and no action" types..!!

    World strongest person (US President) support relief for high skilled but failed!
    World richest person (Bill Gates) not only support but desperately want relief for high skilled but failed.
    Now only one option left that is to follow century's strongest person (Mahatma Gandhi) or keep quite.


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  • walking_dude
    11-14 04:31 PM
    Why do you jump the gun and reach conclusions??!!!

    All that was asked - was to write to the Radio station using their website. Who asked anyone to picket?!!! Re-read my post. I asked members to call up and ask hard questions challenging his credibility. We have nothing to lose by doing so. If we make him fumble, he stands to lose a good following.

    I'm part of that 10% that you're speaking about. Are you? Have you joined your state chapter? Did you march in DC? Are you a regular contributor?

    What's wrong in using Gandhi's name? Are you allergic to the great man?

    Any day a Gandhi quote is better than the - 'This can't be done. That can't be done. It's all in vain' statements, which are highly negative, demoralising and triter than the usage of Gandhi. At least Gandhi quotations are positive and uplifting. And we need that here to balance the pile of the negative statements that get posted.

    It's a promise. Until you guys don't get tired of posting your negative and demoralizing posts, we won't be tired of invoking the Great man's name. We know it's vain to invoke Gandhi to you guys. But still hoping against odds that it may affect you in a positive way. :)

    Well then why dont you picket against NumbersUSA, programmers guild et al too, i can name 20 conservative radio shows try emailing/talking them to change their opinion. I say this because i have emailed to a few and even tho they understand my point of view they will not change something that gets them ratings and propagates their cause.

    IV has 25k members, i guess 10% out of those are really motivated to participate and ready do something, if you start diverting your resources towards such issues your team will not have much motivation or people remaining when you really need them to do something. IMO

    Quoting Gandhi left and right is becoming pass� now, its like desi politicians, invoking Gandhi for everything. Try not to take his name in vain. (this is not directed at your post, i have been following your well written posts for a while. It a general comment after reading the forums.)

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  • freedom_fighter
    10-31 01:48 AM
    can someone explain to me how to get to a service center ? what is this POJ technique?



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  • tonyHK12
    04-08 03:00 PM

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  • bigboy007
    07-18 05:40 AM
    Dude, You might be a new entry in to the ball of Immigration now. As said earlier , every one is free to judge and post the queries. If IV is shutting door of any questions you wouldnt have seen forum threads. There is enough discussion and direction taken on information being released to ALL members. Why one should complain IV not doing anything ?

    here are some atleast, immaterial you agree or not:

    1. If ppl are reaping benefits of EAD for multiple years , its becoz of IV.
    2. whole of July fiasco was a win becoz of IV , not sure whether you are in the boat, but i can see the pain and how IV helped all of us.
    3. all the admin fixes were co-ordinated by IV ,
    4. The list goes on.. those 3 above are just enough to prove the help an ORGANIZATION did with minimal resources. Also please note none of the core are full time IV , they are also ppl like you and me.

    Reason one has donor forum is becoz they are trusted sources. How can one know that you are pro-immigrant or anti-immigrant.

    You would see dialy or minutes updates on sites of anti-immigrants becoz they have dedicated members and number base is too high.

    Again , no one is shutting door against you, looking at your post i see you are shutting door against yourself just becoz your idea of Fax through AILA is not acceptable as an IV agenda.

    Do you know first of all what provisions in CIR 2007 were in there which would have broke the back of ppl on H1 and potential immigrants? Can you confirm which provisions of CIR 2009 if there be one will help you ? will you support CIR even if it says you have to go back to india in no time ? AILA never mentioned in first place whether it would support EB community.

    Plain simple, we pay Dollars even to newspaper ... You dont want to contribute for your own cause but get info for free and prove that will raise for your own cause. Those newsletters are for your benefit and collectively for the whole community.

    Still IV is posting info to non-paying members , IV Never shuts its door but with limited resources they are doing what they can. Before complaining on IV you do your part. :cool:

    Hope this helps you to rethink differently...

    Also , FYI... AILA doesnt post all messages to free members .. all the critical info is circulated via PAID members of AILA.. this is part of any organization ... Can you complain against AILA, becoz if you are FREE member of AILA you still get emails like the one reg. Fax to CIR... There is a lot going in background for CIR than many of us even know...

    Paskal, You are right - I do not understand. But mostly I cannot understand because as an organisation - you do not explain. Frankly, all I can do is register my disappointment at both your response and your attitude.While I get it that IV is actively involved in doing things over the years aimed at resolving this issue, I might feel that I could respect and maybe even understand these efforts better if IV kept its website up to date and all members who sign in updated on what's happening.

    I have often seen threads on this site that have members complaining that IV is not doing anything - to which invariably the response is that one should join the donor forum. On the other hand we get newsletters from admin that ask up to tighten our belts etc. - and get more involved. Well, that cannot happen unless IV provides more updated information on what IV is actually doing, veiled references to behind the scenes activity and years of hard work are not enough to involve all those who have signed up here to become 'more involved'.

    As for this discussion going nowhere I could not agree more - you see to have an open discussion or indeed debate - there must be at least 2 willing participants. And since you have already decided that you do not have time for the Qs of a mere non-paying member of this forum, I do not expect any better.

    By the way, the way ahead is not to close doors, but to welcome questions and encourge those on this forum with curiosity to be more active. More often than not, I have seen that those who Q on this forum, are mocked, ignored, and treated as if they are wasting CORE's time. Sad for a forum that hopes to involve a wider audience in this issue.


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  • chanduv23
    03-13 12:16 PM
    That is correct, 9 months and then I will return to my country for good.
    I am waiting for the day when we get the GC , we will tear it into pieces and throw in front of consulate.


    It is not easy to tear apart a Green card - u need a sharp instrument - and be careful because u may hurt urself if u do it with the levels of frustration :) :)

    07-20 01:25 PM
    Ok, so here are some more thoughts ... obviously we are all stuck in our current positions and we are worried about the future. Unless, we do something to be prepared we won't be better off when we get our GC's? Given where most of us are I think we have two options:
    1. Advance your education (MBA/PM/certifications etc.)
    2. Start a business.

    I would like to hear from everyone who has or wants to start a business.
    1. Have you thought of starting a business?
    2. What does it take to start a business while on H1B
    3. Is it worth the effort not knowing if/when you will get the green card. Remember starting a business is not a short-term goal.
    4. Are there businesses that cross borders i.e. we can continue to run the business even if we have to leave the US?

    06-05 08:24 PM
    hey B3NKobe, have you submitted something yet?
    Nope - I will, the deadline is 1st July, iv got plenty of time.

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