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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • sfcwtu
    09-17 01:54 PM
    Why don't our respectful CA gentlewoman gives up on this small issue??

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  • BharatPremi
    08-19 08:13 PM D

    Oath of Allegiance

    The oath of allegiance is:

    "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

    In some cases, USCIS allows the oath to be taken without the clauses:

    ". . .that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by law. . ."

    Question: Once one takes US citizenship s/he promises to renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate or state then how come one confidently say that s/he would still be in love to a home country?

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  • kumar1
    08-25 03:01 PM
    I would like to propose your name for Nobel Prize.

    Well, you can do PD porting :D :D. Adopt a 16-17 year American citizen kid(?), and you will be good to go soon. I guess you cant really adopt people beyond 18 years, but if you can, it will be like PD-porting to EB1 !! ;)

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  • EkAurAaya
    11-04 12:22 PM
    Feb 2003!

    I feel this is too small a specimen to predict anything but so far about 25% are Jun 2003 or older...

    Below is purely my speculation!

    Assuming there are 400k applications pending (may be a bad assumption) > so about 100k with PD's Jun 2003 or less...

    10k per year allotted so 10 years to reach June 2003 :confused:

    I hope my calcs are wrong! God Bless us!


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  • rajenk
    07-18 04:55 PM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: July 2
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 8:00 AM
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Dont Know

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  • Maverick1
    11-09 04:12 PM
    EAD & AP is luxury & aggressive. Keeping H1B active is being conservative and playing with probability and backup. It depends on your nature. Go for it!!

    If you are planning on a big investment like buying a home or something like that. It is better to stay on H1B so you have a backup if something goes wrong with GC.

    I have seen problems with cases using AC21 when they apply it asking for more details and also sometimes ur I-140 is revoked by your sponsoring employer and USCIS may trigger a NOID for you. Ofcoourse you can file MTR and prove that them that it is legitimate to change jobs using AC21, but if you have H1B also then you have a piece of mind.

    Also for the first job change use AC21 and do H1B transfer also and see for 6 months so that USCIS is already aware that you ve changed company. You can address any RFE/NOID. But later on you are on ur own.

    Okay I like the reply.
    Big investments like house is another point to consider. Right. It is not easy to sell off your house and leave in case AOS is rejected.

    I know it goes without saying that it is individual's choice whether to keep H1 or EAD/AP. As I said I want to know what Keeping H1 brings to the table.


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  • fide_champ
    12-11 10:54 AM
    Dont loose heart, usually in December things seem slow. Even I had delay experience few years ago

    Thanks deardar but at this point i need more than just words of encouragement.

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  • PDOCT05
    07-19 09:53 AM
    mine 2 - rwilliams at 7:55 cool ...thanks some one on the same boat..Mine was received on july 3rd at 9:02AM.


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  • javadeveloper
    11-25 12:04 AM
    There are both advantages and disadvantages, but if you haven't consumed full 6 years of H1B, going on EAD has certain advantages.

    Even my company recommends to use EAD to stop utilizing H1B time.As per it's definitely better to switch to EAD.I used 4.5 years of H1B and switched to EAD.

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  • leoindiano
    11-04 12:01 PM
    Congrats Vikki76,

    I am happy for you. As i said, earlier, i called and explained 2 I140's situation, IO verified and told they have already consolidated A numbers and it is current, will send an email to floor. She also confirmed biometrics and Namecheck are cleared as well. I struggled with that part since, they went vermont cause of EAC receipt number....

    This is a complex system for the ability and knowledge they have...


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  • itsokgc
    07-15 03:13 PM
    I came to know, where late about immigrationvoice. I really appreciate you efforts, for all the right causes of the legal immigrants.

    I signed.

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  • bobzibub
    05-25 02:57 PM
    well said... and key point is we are bashing (if that's what you want to call it) the system (we are part of the system) not Americans...

    Lot of people fail or choose not to see that.

    We do have a right to request prompt, fair service.
    We do have a right to expect to be treated by the system as we treat the system: with respect.
    If we do not actively seek to change the system for the better, then who will?

    There is no injustice that some justify with "well, he's illegal!" or "He's not American!" It is not acceptable. Not just because it is unfair to us, but because there are no bounds to it.

    If early Americans just accepted how the British treated them, there would be no United States. Not arguing for revolution, but I am saying that any efficiency that exists today exists because of the demand for it. Regardless of citizenship.


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  • aries22
    07-14 10:32 PM
    I tried signing it says petition closed?

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  • eb3_2004
    04-27 07:39 AM


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  • gcdedo
    01-30 09:15 AM
    This is good news..But the Damage is already been the past.....

    I guess DOL had some 300K cases pending when Backlog center started..It adjudicated some 150K till now.( Rough Estimate) and still 150 K left.

    Even if considering 10000 Labors been substituted till now ...Imagine the wait period for rest of us. I wish this law was enacted, when they started Backlog centers..

    Anyway..something is better than nothing....Hope for the Best...for new laws regarding SKIL,CIR Etc..atleast filing 485 when Visa numbers are not available..


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  • voldemar
    02-28 02:05 PM
    Now I understand. This guy PBECiskillingme bought a substituted labor (used illegal means) to get his application to move ahead. He thinks everyone is like him and thus criticized IV on our forums. It is because of people like him and employers that sell LC, we all get a bad name. He should also be reported to DOL and USCIS.Very strange and insulting conclusions. The only thing I was telling is that there is still time to get labor substitution done. Also there is a risk. Till substitution is banned it's not illegal.


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  • gcisadawg
    08-19 02:54 PM
    Total Pending applications :700,000 after Jul-07
    EB3 : 385000 (at 55% of the total)
    EB3-I: 115000 (at 30% of the 385000)
    # of pending apps before Sep-2002: 11500 (at 10% of 115000)

    EB3-I quota per year: 2940 (at 7% of EB-3(42000))
    Years before my priority date becomes current: 3.9:mad::mad:

    Total AOS applications pending as of June-2008 is 740,969.
    What percentage of them is Eb-3? where did you get that 55% from?
    What % of EB3 is from india? Where did you get that 30% from?


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  • sobers
    02-20 02:14 PM
    Sensenbrenner Statement after President Bush's Speech on the State of the Union

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In response to President Bush's speech on the State of the Union, Menomonee Falls Representative Jim Sensenbrenner issued the following statement:

    “President Bush’s speech tonight was a strong and visionary statement that accurately reflected the state of our union. Since his last such address, our nation has gone through waves of lows and highs. From the horrors of Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, to the December elections in Iraq where the Iraqis chose their first representational government under their new constitution, Americans have experienced both great pain and great elation.

    But as the President said, ‘Our work in Iraq is difficult because our enemy is brutal.’ This brutality is continually demonstrated by the actions of terrorists who prey upon innocent men and women to preach their message of hatred. As our nation makes progress in the War on Terror, I hope to see our sons and daughters return home from their tour of duty -- American soldiers will stand down as Iraqi soldiers stand up.

    On the subject of immigration, I was pleased to hear the President discuss the need for orderly and secure borders, and a plan that calls for stronger immigration enforcement that, among other things, rejects amnesty for illegal aliens. There is much work that remains to be done as we try to build consensus. The Border Security bill I introduced and the House passed last year is just the first step towards a comprehensive immigration plan. Currently, our immigration laws rival our nation’s convoluted tax code.

    This highlights our need to hold the line on spending in Congress. In order to maintain America’s competitive edge, a recurring theme through the President’s speech, we must spend our taxpayer dollars wisely. I agree with the President that the federal budget includes too many special projects, better known as “pork.” To that end, I support providing the President with a line item veto.

    Tonight Congress has been challenged to act on many issues. I accept the challenge laid down by President Bush to deliver common sense legislation that will continue to improve our security and quality of life.”

    Contact: Raj Bharwani, (202) 225-5101
    Sensenbrenner Press Office

    Much work remains to be we try build consensus. This (Sensenbrenner Bill) is just the first step...toward Comprehensive immigration.

    My reading is that sensenbrenner seems to be open to consensus...and amenable to comprehensive reform (which in other words is tougher border security and interior enforcement + guest worker program similar to Coryn-Kyls'). Despite public rhetoric, if there is enough time we may see such legislation come to pass in the 109th Congress. We need to see how we can bring about meaningful EB visa relief in such a scenario.

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  • misanthrope
    10-03 02:24 PM
    Well, you supported gctest by saying that EB3 consultants work for sleazy, body-shopping companies which clearly implied that EB3 consultants are third class and sleazy. Why don't you just retract the original post of yours and the reds will disappear?

    Here is what I wrote.
    Well, I don't think gctest is against EB3. He is against consultants from sleazy bodyshopping companies, which is right.

    Tell me how did you deduce that I am saying that EB3 consultants work for sleazy, body-shopping companies and IMPLIED that they are third-class.
    There is NO logical connection. It is actually YOU who is telling me that those consultants are third-class and that is visible in the quoted post above.
    After this financial sector meltdown, many big brains may end up working for these sleazy firms to save their H1B, which is NOT wrong. It's again, the choices that you make. I am sure most of them would have other options too.

    I am sorry, I can live with reds but I will not be a conformist.:)

    08-13 05:41 PM
    Yes, that is right, I said �plight of EB2-India�.

    I am a passive observer of these forums. But some of the ridiculous notions floating around here have motivated me to vent. First and foremost, the law as written is highly favorable to people in EB3 categories, even from India. Here is how...

    Take my example (and there are thousands like myself)....came to the US 8 years ago, spent 5 years working day and night to earn a PhD on a low (barely sustainable) stipend, got FIRST job saw decent money for the first time 6 years after I came.

    Now, compare this to a person working an EB3-job for the last 8 years. Not only does this person do a real job that hopefully provides a respectable income but this person also has the option of moving to EB2 after 5 years of experience. So, at the end of the day in 2008; this person comes out ahead of me in terms of money, in terms of priority date (if ported) and most likely in terms of GC.

    There are complaints all over the forum which have the stink of pretentiousness such as �oh..i am a poor EB3 waiting for n number of years� etc etc. What you guys seem to forget is that YOU are NOT an EB3, it is your JOB that is EB3. You have all the opportunities that were/are available to a person who sweated it out in the university system here to gain more qualifications and get an EB2 job. You CHOSE not to. The general discussion seems to center around cribbing about the US immigration system (Immigration by the way is a privilege defined by laws, not a birthright) and then blaming the EB2 crowd when they finally see the system implement the law as intended in the first place (horizontal spillover rules).

    All these posts that refer to �my career is over because my gc is delayed� are nothing but a pathetic excuse. Law of supply and demand....if you have a skillset that is valuable, you will be fine with or without GC anywhere in the world. It takes a bunch of documents to remain here legally, all you need is a passport to go back if the system here seems so bad.

    For all the attacks that are bound to happen, here is the fodder.....this is probably my first and last post, I haven�t contributed a dime to IV, will work here as long as I like it and if not, India is a great country and provides enough opportunities for any skillset !!

    09-24 10:18 AM
    I am EB3-India, yet I dont support the removal of per country limits, as there is a reason for the diversity rule, Indians and Chinese are currently on the wrong side of the equation so it seems "fair" to remove the quota.


    The diversity rule originated to preserve racial purity and keep down Chinese immigrant population, in the 19th century. You want to preserve it?

    If rules weren't meant to change, why have the fricking senates, parliaments and elected officials?? All we need is one court to run the whole country.

    These EB country limits might look OK to you now, but in the future they'll be no doubt condemned and scrapped. The sooner the better.

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