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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • Gravitation
    07-11 06:16 PM
    They either have to reject the application or provide the receipt notice. Cannot hold the applications without any actions for long time.

    You really think they're in any kind of rule-following mood lately?

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  • easygoer
    08-25 12:51 PM
    ICICI is good at advertising false figures (with our money of course) and SBI is little delayed in updating their websites - does that solves the equation :)

    SBI rate is 43.21 for $4001 but i'm sure that's not latest because the website is not updated hour by hour ( like ICICI/R2i/C2i at least do for AD) but I've seen honesty in SBI's dealings when they actually convert $ to Rs. Even if the website shows lower rates they converted my money with higher rates because the market rate was higher during conversion.

    I would trust SBI more than ICICI for customer friendly charges. As far as efficiency concern, ICICI may be better. As a merchant banker in India I have dealt with both of them during 90's.

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  • pmb76
    07-16 12:00 AM
    "You successfully signed Lou Dobbs' show spreading misinformation on Highly Skilled H1-B workers. petition.

    Petition owner will manually approve your signatures."

    ## The above is the return message - who is this Petition Owner ??


    I'm the petition owner.

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  • voldemar
    02-27 03:55 PM
    labor sub is being cancelled.. Don't get into it.. you will loose money and gain nothing..
    Wrong. There is still time to get it done.


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  • gcsomeday
    07-11 12:38 PM
    Guys, For better marketing our plight wearing business suits for rallys will have a significant impact on the perception of the rally on both onlookers and the press. It will immediately convey :
    The professionalism of the crowd
    The difference between previous illegal protestors and legal high skilled protesters
    People will notice crowds of business suits and it will leave an imprint on their mind. Especailly in places like bay area they will just stick outOrganizers may want to think about this.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-25 01:48 PM
    I opened an account with them few years back and had to experience the same crappy service. The funny thing is that they had two phone numbers one for new customers calling to ask them about their services and the other one from existing customers.

    The phone number for the new customers was answered within minutes and the quality of customer service reps was good BUT if you would call the other number if you were an existing customer then you would have to wait for someone to answer the call for hours and the quality of their reps was pathetic. The best part was that if you call the phone number for new cust and tell them you are an existing cust and have an issue then they would tell you too call the other phone number as they do not have access to the info.

    I guess right after my first transaction, I canceled the account. The only way we can teach these people a lesson is by not giving our business to them in the first place.


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  • mirage
    09-17 02:19 PM
    I've been seeing all this cr.ap for 4 years now. My American dream turned out to be a nightmare...

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  • black_logs
    04-18 01:32 PM
    mrajatish, Thanks for taking the initiative, we have thought about such a drive in the past but later on gave up because the transaction fees on 25 dollars comes to about $4-$5, which is almost same for $50. But yes if people can just spare $25 than even $20 which comes to IV is good enough to reach the target.
    How about this - let us have a couple of volunteers call/email people asking for $25 contribution. If we can get 1/2 of 3000 people contributing $25 each, we will get to about 120K. I am ready to take initiative in this - core group, can I get this initiative going?


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  • krishna.ahd
    02-13 02:40 PM
    Logiclife. I know why you are responding to these comments you all are frustrated with such comments. I know it is hard to not respond but please ignore these asinine comments. Please have some of these comments linked to the main page. But believe me "barking dogs seldom bite." Such people will ultimately sap your energy. But, just like how IV is asking people to contribute please also ask them to use their own judgment, they do this at their own risk. There are many people like us who have faith in your group although we know you cannot do miracles. Please have faith and I sincerely request to all members & moderator that once we see these comments let us move this to the some thread called “IV bashing thread” and let the rest of us completely ignore them.
    I completely agree with eager_immi.

    People need to understand that we dont have 'Harry Potter' as our core member, We have set up our goal and we try to achieve the same with united effort.

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  • WillIBLucky
    11-16 02:13 PM
    Oh I was telling in general. You are senior to me though. I was curious watcher for about 4 month before i joined this week. I think its my 3rd day and I am liking it. I would surely contribute as well in coming days.


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  • vsrinir
    09-17 10:46 AM
    Why C-SPAN???


    I was checking the and couldn't find this.

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  • pappu
    10-11 10:28 AM

    IV will be soon posting some updates on this. We have done some ground work on this issue in the recent past and have got positive response. Stronger support from our members, will definitely help us push this agenda item. IV feels that this issue is going to be a big roadblock for a lot of us now, after people have filed their I485s. It is possible to get a much wider bi-partisan support on this issue by us and we are already pursuing it.

    Pls. stay tuned on this issue.
    Oct 22. 2007


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  • dankusam
    12-04 11:08 PM
    Hi I've been a NC victim for almost 3 years. I have heard all kinds of speculations on the real reason behind USCIS/FBI decision,like the amount of the tax you pay, your political view, your education level,etc. all influence the result. Could that be true or it's just purely a bureaucratic backlog? Something interesting to think about I guess.

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  • kasanski33
    06-13 08:02 PM
    Anybody got any idea on my situation?

    Deba I am in the same boat as you.....Did not get very clear information till date. But what I have heard is you can travel on AP, get married as long as you have "a" H1-B stamp even if its expired in your passport it should be OK for your wife to apply for H-4 using the latest I 797 approval notice.

    To be on the safe side though I am personally considering going for stamping as I dont have much time to wait for an AP as my PD is July 02 and I feel I might get my GC real soon :-)


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  • H1B-GC
    01-31 09:46 AM
    Justed Voted!! Everybody please do it.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-30 11:14 PM
    Does the deadline have to be so farking close!?


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  • hopefulgc
    08-19 05:07 PM
    Mr. desi####,

    Your excitement is understandable, and so is your need to be here and let everyone know about your fulfillment.

    Unfortunately, this situation is analogous to riding into a starving town and waving your loaf of cake (bread = GC, cake = USCzip) at the hungry and the poor.

    How do you think it is going to make an EB3 feel who has been here just about as much time as you have been but is still waiting for his date to get current so he can expect some action?

    When people here report their GC approval they do it because it helps others who are waiting know what their filing dates, PD, etc was.

    Moderation requested.


    Finally I am a US citizen after being 10+ years in this country. This is one of my biggest fulfillments and it means everything to me. US is just not home anymore for me, it is my country.

    I wish everyone the best and hope they get GC very soon.

    Proud to be an indian-american and legal immigrant.

    Good Luck!

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  • mogli
    07-15 09:31 PM

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  • leoindiano
    10-29 11:28 AM

    i sent you a PM for letter.


    my case is similar to yours. RD august 3rd 2007. PD Nov 19th 2004.

    I recently found that my case is pending review again. It was assigned to IO on sept 17th, got a FP notice, then it went back to storage again.

    I called last week and opened SR. today called POJ twice and asked them to send a request to assign to IO, both times IO said, will do it. Not sure, if they are really doing it. Because, they dont give you any tracking number. I will keep calling them.

    11-03 11:11 AM
    I have tried to put my career goals ahead of the dollar conversion rate (not always easy). Because i took up new roles and salary , i have had to restart the GC process a couple of times. As a result i am still without GC despite being here for more than 10 years and having two masters degrees from US. I am sure this is a common story here.

    I am heading towards a another change and now have very little patience for restarting the process. I am glad many people on this forum have volunteered to help pack. I will be getting in touch with you in a few months.

    That there are frustrated people with opportunities outside the US, and they will leave. This is a great example. However this is still a silly poll. It does not ask questions that will bring that out. It talks about leaving to prove something to someone. People did not come here to prove things to the US and will not leave for that reason.

    On another note I heard this was an activist organization. A peek at the threads shows a lot of whining and complaining about being asked to be active. maybe I heard wrong.

    01-30 07:53 AM
    awesome news...for the first time in months there is a little positive news...kudos to DOL

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