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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Powersa
    07-17 07:29 PM
    Thank you all!!!

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  • ps57002
    09-08 05:46 AM
    Whatever/whoever it is, it does work in stiring people up. Has me all worked up. Going to go put up flyers. Going to join thread contributing $ to help someone else attend the rally....

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  • deecha
    08-10 09:57 AM
    I applied for my 2nd visa extension (1-year extension) after completion of 6 years in the middle of March 2007 (before I-94 expiry). My I-94 expired in the middle of March. I didn't hear from USCIS until the middle of July when they sent a huge list of request for evidence regarding my case (although I've been working on the same company's H1s for last many years now).
    Meanwhile, I applied for adjustment of status on July 2nd as a beneficiary on my wife's application. If my H-1B gets rejected after sending the request for evidence for some reason now will I be out of status? Since my 180 days from my last valid I-94 will expire in the middle of September, is it a good idea to go on H4 before the middle of September and reenter the country?
    In worst case, what will be my status if USCIS gets back to me, say in October, and says my H-1B extension application has been rejected?
    Any input from UN or other gurus is appreciated.

    Since you're a beneficiary of you're wife's AOS, you're in "pending status of authorized stay". Therefore you *are* authorized to stay here as of that day until a decision on the 485 is made (the unlawful stay clock stops ticking). If you get rejected on your H1 extension, you can still stay in the country and possibly work on the EAD (a derivative benefit of the 485). If you think your wife's 485 is airtight, and there's a problem later you can use the 245(k) provision since you were in unlawful stay for less than 180 days.

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  • Slowhand
    07-22 09:59 AM
    I am eligible to file for 485 under the current (July) visa bulletin. My wife is transitioning from L1B(expired in May) to H4(Awaiting receipt) and is therefore out of status. I am wondering if she should apply with me (claiming that her status is H4) or should she wait till she gets her H4 (which could be in August).

    My questions are:
    1. Is it necessary that one's spouse should apply concurrently?

    2. Can one's spouse (H4) apply for 485 as a follow up to her husband's application in July even if the visa numbers are not available (i.e in August when the visa bulletin says Unavailable)?

    please help.


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  • camarasa
    07-09 12:02 AM
    Thats wrong. This is not being posted by private people. It is being delivered and packaged by FTD/1800 flowers and such known company.
    What u are saying would be true if people are sending envelopes with a 33cent stamp on it
    All of this will be delivered to the building for sure

    I'm just saying make sure they are accepting them - can't you call FTD/1800 flowers and check if your flowers were delivered? It's a government building and they get really strict at times - I know because I work at one.

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  • asanghi
    07-17 07:11 PM
    i know we desis.. once our work is done .. we will not turn back to IV again...

    PLEASE do not do that..

    It is time to strengthen IV for next big fight.


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  • ssreenu
    04-14 12:00 PM
    Can we rope in organizations like those mentioned in the subject line for our cause?

    Single most important reason I have not bought a house yet is that I do not have a GC and thus can be kicked out anytime. Most of my savings have been invested in Real Estate in India not because I think investment there is more profitable but because I do not have confidence that I will get GC here for sure. All of my friends who own a house waited till they got GC and those who do not own one, are those waiting for GC. In short, more GCs to Desis generally would mean increased housing demand, at least that is what the initial look at numbers indicate. Thoughts?

    I am in the same boat, I have seen many people who are also in the same situation. I don't like investing here at all for the very fact that my future is uncertain.

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  • Better_Days
    11-11 05:16 PM
    Hello guys,
    Sorry for this non-immigration related post. We have this sudden, tragic
    ..... one, please learn from our mistakes and closely monitor your child�s safety every day.

    For the love of God, there are things that you go and post on the Internet to get people's opinion and there are things that you don't! Unlike some others here, I don't want to too judgmental (something we, as a people, excel at) as everyones situation and experiences in life are different. But here is what you need to do ASAP. I mean right now and today: get out of your office if you have to but go out and do it right now.

    1. Go talk to an immigrant attorney immediately. You need to assess your liabilities in this situation. If you are at fault, you need to improvise a defense strategy and IMMIGRATION VOICE IS NOT THE FORUM FOR THIS!!!!

    2. Immediately talk to a criminal defense attorney. The fact that you know about child abuse and have not reported it yet is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS, SERIOUS,....., SERIOUS issue. It varies from state to state but not reporting child abuse may or may not be a crime IF you an establish that you took immediate steps to protect the child from the abuser. Again, this depends on how zealous the prosecutor and child protection services are.

    Depending on how your attorney advises you, proceed to inform the authorities.

    Trust me man, I have done projects with state and county level agencies and this is serious stuff and you need to act now to get in the driving seat. Inaction is NOT an option.

    Best of luck and may God protect every child out there.



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  • sirinme
    12-20 12:37 PM
    I just made my contribution thru PayPal.

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  • santb1975
    11-21 11:59 PM
    I was thinking of typing up an email and sending it to the state chapter leaders to post on their Forums. It would be nice to type instructions on how to donate less than 100$..


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-14 11:40 AM
    Instead of allowing US STEM graduates to get GC based on US job offer it would be beneficial to instead allow US STEM graduates to apply and get H1B without any quota. Tht way they will get into the system and don't need to go back to home country. Giving GC to STEM graduates directly is wrong by law because it bypasses labour and 140 conditions which state that a company is willing to sponser GC for a person based on current market conditions.

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  • johnggberg
    07-17 11:03 PM
    congradulations IV core team, you did it.

    congradulation to all the members,

    special thank to participents of flower campaign and san jose rally.

    keep up the good work long way to go

    congradulations once again



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  • vparam
    09-08 11:21 AM
    Got few clarifications on this thread... Thanks for the same... Really good to know that my apprehensions were proved false....

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  • Leo07
    12-03 12:57 PM


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  • sugaur
    12-04 09:28 AM
    No, we want ALL pregnant women every where to come to US to give birth so we can get to pay for there care.

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  • thomachan72
    12-06 08:31 AM
    1. I am not anti immigration, I am anti illegal immigration. You may not see a difference between the two but I assure you there is one. And no one can make me leave 'in a wink". Why? Because I am not illegal.
    2. You are wrong in beliveing that majority of Americans want some amnesty for illegals. They dont, although some policticians have clearly made political calculations and believe that the demography of illegal immigrants will favour them in the polls.
    3. You may believe that you are a temporary visitor here. This is home for me.
    4. I just side with what I believe is right. That may sound being righteous to you.
    5. Your sympathy is misguided again when directed towards condemend criminals. It should be directed towards there victims. I am curious, will you have sympathy for Kasab if he is hanged?

    I am certainly not discouraging you in considering this your home but that does not preclude you from seeing the truth.
    some politicians? Including the president, right? what does that mean? it clearly means that they are against deporting all those ilegal immigrants who are present here. some sort of amnesty is the only solution accepted by the majority. Now when this will become a law, nobody knows but atleast we have had several weeks of delibrations last year and sooner or later they will get back to it. If it were not for the economic woes and the wars they would be considering the health care and immigration simultaneously.


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    04-26 07:38 AM
    I think you should consider accepting stories of those you have yet to start their GC process. This gives another perspective, to tell people that even those who are highly qualified and experienced are in two minds whether to file for GC or not. Why this thought? this is because the delays and long wait acts as a deterent. End of the day, if these people are already frustrated at the onset, then they may decide to leave US and seek opportunities elsewhere, leading to loss of such valuable talent to the US. This was explicitly highlighted in yesterday's Judiciary Committee presentations by the four Economists.

    While accepting stories from those waiting for GC, please also accept stories from those who are apprehensive of filing due to the delays, hence conveying a reason that US risks losing highly skilled workers should these circumstances continue.

    These are my thoughts!

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  • hmo
    07-17 08:21 PM
    excellent work!

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  • praveen_maru
    12-19 05:39 PM
    Contributed $20 for the first time....Via Paypal

    05-10 11:12 PM
    I just want to generate enough internet chatter so that the issue of substitute labor will come on CIS radar. I know for sure that a huge fraud was perpetrated during July 07 fiasco by some unscrupulous consulting companies who sold pre-approvevd labors like frozen pizzas. Just heat and eat.

    And I also know for sure that IV has gained enough publicity that CIS folks might be tempted to check it now and then. May be they will take notice of this thread and start investigation of all the subst labors.

    I surely am pissed as hell on somebody who came to this country in 2007, and got his/her GC by paying money for some 1999 pre approved labor. I will fight on.

    Please complete your profile and then talk.

    07-17 07:21 PM
    Hey IV guys ,

    It`s great news for all the people who can file & who have already filed on july2nd.
    Thanks IV for being so persistant. You guys have my support.

    Not to undermine the current development , it is good news for tons of people including me, but the true victory will be when retrogression ends & all the backlog centers are cleared. All skilled workers (& sometimes their stay at home spouses)don`t have to wait for yearsssssss to get a GC.
    & no before I get brickbats thrown at me I am not being pessimistic or a spoilt sport, I just feel that this gc mess should stop & skilled ppl shouldn`t be harressed by having to put their lives on hold for such long periods.

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